tagLoving WivesControlled then Cuckold Ch. 04

Controlled then Cuckold Ch. 04


Getting up she said, "I've got to get going or I'm going to be late." Rinsing her hands in the sink and then drying them, she asked. "You'll make the bed, clean up the dishes? Help me out, maybe vacuum this room and the living room?"

"Yes, I will" and then she was out the door. I thought to myself," I just lost another confrontation to her. I'm so poor at arguments, I love her and I always give in to her. Our marriage is so one sided."

Monday to Friday, she belongs to her boss. On those days or nights, she will only let me kiss her, caress and feel her up. If she starts to feel amorous she will end it. Saying, "hey, not so far." For the same reason, she will not let me suck her nipples or touch her pussy. Only on Saturdays and Sundays can I have all of her. And then, it's me making love to her. She never makes love to me except those times when she wants something. Then she will jerk me off while she tells me what she wants.

One Saturday morning I was trying to get her aroused. She was laying on her stomach, with a pillow under her hips. I was laying on her trying to tease her with my cock. It seemed that I could never get her excited for me any more. She had gotten into a pattern of just wanting me to put it in and get it over with. I felt so alone, so abandoned.

To try and get her aroused, I put my mouth to her ear and I whispered, "Rose, I love you."

"Don't call me that."

"Oh, Rose, I love pushing my cock into you."


While saying that, she twisted out from under me and started pulling my hair and punching me.

I got out of bed and got dressed. She asked me where I was going and I told her I just had to get away from her. She pleaded with me not to leave, to come back to bed, to let her hold me.

I drove to the diner and ordered a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. I had to think this through. As a couple we got along like best friends. I could make her laugh and she could make me laugh. We shared the same interests, we had the same goals. We wanted to have a family but after all this time, it looked like we were going to be childless. Between us, we had made an unspoken agreement that her boss, Warren, would impregnate her. She would never put on a sexy negligee for me, saying that it made her feel like a tramp. For the same reason she would never suck my cock. My calling her Rose must have made her feel like a tramp. Maybe, she did not want to bring Rose into Marie's bed.

Whenever we were within a group who knew her as Marie, she treated me with respect. I was her man Jack. She was the loving, devoted, faithful wife. She would cater to me. "Honey? Can I get you another drink?"

But when we were out with a group who knew her as Rose then I referred to her as Rose. Within this group, she treated me differently. I was her boy Jackie. "Jackie, my glass is empty. Light my cigarette." She always tried to express to those people her domination over me.

There was a secretary who she became friendly with. Her name was Judy and about the time we were married, Judy married Jim. Jim was a friend of Warren's. They played cards with a group of guys one night a month.

That winter we went with Jim and Judy and Judy's cousin and her husband for a weeks vacation to Florida. We stayed at a hotel.

One afternoon after lounging around the pool we all decided to return to our rooms to rest. We would meet at five and go out to dinner.

Once in our room my wife showered, put on her robe and settled into a chair with her book. I then showered, dried off and laid across the bed in the nude. I was laying on my stomach and the cool air felt good on my body. I drifted off to sleep.

I was later awakened by a soft knock on the door and before I could stir, I heard my wife moving across the floor. I laid still listening to her open it. Then I heard Jim's voice,"Oh Rose! I'm sorry. Looks like I've interrupted something."

In a hushed voice my wife replied, "no! Don't be silly. He's sleeping."

"Judy wanted me to return this lotion she borrowed."

"Thank you."

"Wow! He looks like he got a bad sunburn."

"No. I think you're looking at his tan line. His back is just darker."

"Oh, maybe you're right. I better be going before he wakes up. See ya later."

I laid there the whole time pretending to be asleep. I was so embarrassed. How could she have another man standing over my naked body discussing my tan lines like I was her pet. After a while I pretended to wake up. She never mentioned that Jim had been there and he never mentioned it.

Six months later I observed Jim feeling up my wife's ass. She had on a summer dress of light material. They did not know that I could see them. I watched as he rubbed his hand up and down her buttock, pressing his fingers into her crack. The expression on her face was of pleasure as she pressed back against his hand. I did nothing and said nothing.

That night when we were getting into bed I confronted her. She denied it at first and then said, "what am I supposed to do? Make a seen every time a man feels my ass? So he felt me up. It's no big deal. He's harmless and I've got to get some sleep. Good night."

One evening we were invited to my wife's coworker's home for a gathering. Maybe five or six couples were there. Later in the night the girls started talking about Todd Wright. Todd was the manager of the tellers and he had been transferred to the main office when my wife's offices were moved down the street. Funny, my wife always told me what was going on at her job but she never mentioned Todd.

The girls went on about how tall and handsome he was. That he was single and always so well dressed. He was a close friend of Warren, my wife's boss. Some of the conversation seemed to be above me, like there was something that I was not privy too.

As the girls talked, my wife made the comment, "he could put his shoes under my bed anytime." The girls giggled and one of the husbands who I had just met, said to my wife, "yeah but what will you do about Jack?" My wife looked at him and said,"I'll put Jackie on the couch."

"I don't think Jack would go along with that." He was challenging her and she took up the challenge. The room got quiet. She looked at him and said, "Jackie will do whatever I say." Looking at me she continued, "isn't that true Jackie?" I sat in silence not knowing what to say. Then she said, "Watch out boy. If you don't tell me what I want to hear, you may end up on the couch tonight." Everyone laughed and I said,"in that case, yes Rose. Whatever you want."

It must have been about six weeks later that I picked my wife up after work. She came out and said that she had some papers that she had to drop off at the bank. I decided to take a walk with her.

We entered the bank and she left me, walking up the open stair case. There was a bench nearby and as I walked over to it a tall man came walking out of his office. We made eye contact and when he saw me, he turned around and quickly went back into his office. Then I noticed the name plate on the wall near the door, "Todd Wright".

I started to sit down when a guy came over to me and introduced himself. He said his name was David Kline and he was a teller. He knew I was Rose's husband. He wanted to meet me as he heard so much about me from Rose when she worked here in the main building. We talked about my job in construction and so forth. Then my wife came down the stairs and we left.

That night we got into bed and she snuggled up to me. It was a week day night and I didn't expect anything but she began to fondle my cock. It got hard. She lightly and slowly began to dry stroke it.

In a soft voice she said,"this afternoon in the bank, I saw you talking to David. It looked like you two were in a deep conversation. What was that all about?"

"Nothing. He just introduced himself and said that he missed you when you worked there."

"There must have been more. What else did he say?"

"He asked me about my work. You know what do I do. That kind of stuff."

"There must have been more? You two were talking a long time."

"No. Not really. Why are you giving me the third degree?"

"David is a homosexual and a gossiper. I don't like seeing you talking to him. The next time he comes up to you, just excuse yourself and walk away. Do you understand?"

"Look! Nothing is going to happen with me and David. If that's what you mean."

She continued stroking my cock and then she said,"this little peter of yours is all mine. I don't want anyone, male or female touching it and you can understand that. Now, would you like to put it in me?"

"Oh, very much."

"OK. Climb on me."

"Don't you want to roll over on your tummy?"

"No. I want to look into your eyes when we cum. Just climb on me. That's it. Now don't do anything, just let me guide it in. First, I need to wet it."

"No! It doesn't need to be wet." She brought her hand up to her mouth.

"I like it wet, all wet. I want the head to be nice and slippery like this. The shaft needs to be slippery too. Now let me guide it in."

"Oh no! No! Oh my God. Oh God no. I'm cumming. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm cumming. Oh, I came."

"That's OK. It's OK. Just get a towel and clean off my stomach."

After I cleaned the mess I made on her she said,"Now I've got to sleep."

"Oh baby, in a minute I'll be hard again."

"No, that's OK. You missed your chance. Now get some sleep."

I lay there in the darkness thinking of our conversation. She does not want me and yet, she does not want anyone else to have me.

Shortly there after, David took a job with another company and I never saw him again.

End Chapter 4

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