tagLoving WivesControlled then Cuckold Ch. 06

Controlled then Cuckold Ch. 06


This is a true story. The names have been changed to prevent embarrassment of the people involved. We were all just young people in our twenties.


The bachelor party was a major event in the life of Rosemarie. To her family she was known as Marie, my church going wife. To the ten or twelve guys from the party she was known as, "Rose the whore" and they passed her name around to their friends. Her boss, Warren, had cuckold me and now he turned my young, innocent and naive bride into a prostitute.

That weekend Marty was married. He went off on his honey moon but he couldn't wait to get back and be with my wife. She fell in love with him. She loved him like I had loved her and there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for him. He was a salesman and he used her as an incentive for his clients. He became her pimp. Everyone called him Marty except my wife. She referred to him as Martin.

A couple of weeks after the bachelor party she found herself pregnant. After trying for about five years, it finally happened. It took ten or twelve guys to do it and she was now pregnant. She was excited and yet, she could not say anything to anyone. She had me, her husband, to deal with first.

Over the past three years she had gradually denied me sexual intercourse and for the past five months, leading up to the bachelor party, she would not allow me to fuck her at all. The only times I climaxed were either in her hand or in my own.

Suddenly, night or day she would say to me, "Lie down with me. Put it in me." For the next two or three weeks I was now fucking her all the time. It was now safe for her to announce that she had missed her period and I would think that it was me who made her pregnant.

She could now go back to denying me sex. She would use the excuse that she was pregnant. Once again, my cock was returned to it's status of being her trophy ornament. She would only use it in controlling me.

At first, her breasts became very large and she attracted a lot of men. On the weekends she would have me take her to places, like a diner or a coffee shop. It seemed like she was on a schedule because the whole time she would be looking at her watch. We would enter an establishment and I would notice a man sitting by himself. Even though they did not speak to one another, there seemed to be a recognition between them. It was like they were there to look each other over. I would think to myself that she was turning tricks and she was using me as her protector. I gave her legitimacy, after all, she was a young, attractive, married woman. Her husband kept her home at night. She was very desirable and she was safe.

For me, going with out sex made me very aware of our environment and the people around us.

After a few months, her belly began to show. Sometimes we would run into some of her boss's friends. The ones who had attended the bachelor party. Looking at her they would laugh and poke each other. My wife's face would get red and she would turn and look at me to see if I knew what was going on. I pretended not to notice anything. People always relax when they think you're deaf, dumb and blind.

It was the bank's policy that when a woman was six months pregnant, she was required to resign, which my wife did. I was still earning minimum wage and we needed money for our house payments. She told me she was earning money by typing at home. I often came home and met a business man who was just dropping off or picking up his typing work. The other days she would go off with her friend Martin.

Pornography was illegal at the time but she and Martin starred in XXX movies or stag films as they were called. The films were produced by the Mafia. I know to this day that if I had divorced her, she would never have lived to be a mature woman.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were not going to be a childless couple.

Let me now race ahead with my story to the present. I've just turned sixty years old. All of my children are college graduates and doing well. One son is named Martin.

It's a Saturday morning. We have just finished making love. Well, maybe not love, I should say, "that I just finished fucking my boring house-keeper." As always, we fucked with her laying on her stomach and we did it in silence. We are old now and we have grown to accommodate one another. I was horny and she was the only one in the bed.

After we climaxed she became very remorseful. "Jack, there's something I must tell you," she said in a low voice. She was sitting up leaning against the headboard with a pillow behind her and this is the story she related to me in her own words:

"When we were first married, I tried to stay faithful to you and I was for that first year and a half. Then things changed. I was working for Warren and you remember the bank moved our offices down the street. It was just Warren and me working in that second floor suite of offices. Sometimes Tom Dolin was there but most of the time he was out on the road and we were alone."

She continued, "Well, one morning during the second week we were alone something happened. Warren had a small conference table in his office and we were sitting at it side by side. I was reading from a list of numbers to him and he was checking them off on his list. Our thighs were touching and I didn't think anything of it. Then he said to me to hold on a minute and he stood up. I was sitting there looking up at him waiting for him to say something."

She took a deep breath and continued,"He was looking down into my eyes and then his eyes shifted over to the front of his pants. I looked to where he was looking and I saw this large bulge and he slowly turned it to me. It was at my eye level and only inches from my face. He kept alternating, looking at me then looking at his bulge. I reached over and started feeling it. He said to wait a moment and he went over and closed his office door. I thought that this was it. He is going to fuck me. My heart was pounding and I was so excited. I wanted him so bad and I was ready. As he came over to me I stood up expecting him to kiss me but he didn't. He was taller than me and he just pulled me in close to him. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I started feeling and rubbing it with my hand. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Then he pushed his boxers down. Now I had his bare cock in my hand and I was going to stroke it like I do to you.

"I wanted to turn around and lean over the table so he could fuck me but no, he didn't want to. He told me to kiss it, so I bent down and kissed the head of his cock. Then he commanded me to kiss it again and to lick it. I didn't think I could do it but I got down on my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and I sucked him off. Then with out warning, he shot his cum. Some of it got into my mouth, on the side of my face and some into my hair. He stood there holding his cock and shooting his semen all over the floor.

"When he finished cumming, I excused myself and went to the lady's room. I rinsed out my mouth and washed his cum off my face and hair. When I returned to his office, it was like it never happened. Everything was clean and he was sitting at the table. We just went back to work and nothing was ever mentioned about what had just happened.

"The following day was uneventful. He said nothing about it. It was like it just never happened and I thought it would never happen again.

"Then the following morning, he was in his office and I was at my desk. He called me, saying,"Rose. I need you." I walked into his office and he was sitting at his desk. He said, "Close the door." I walked back to the door and closed it. When I turned around, he was standing next to his desk undoing his pants. I slowly walked over to him as he let his pants and under-ware fall to the floor. He lifted and held his shirt tails up, exposing his hard on. Nothing was said, I just got down on my knees and sucked him off again. This time he came in his handkerchief.

"It was like every other day, he would say, "Rose, I need you." It became his code for a blow job. I wanted him to fuck me but he refused. He just wanted his dick sucked. While I was sucking him off he would never say anything. He would never say please or tell me when he was going to cum. He never complimented me or said thank you.

"Over the next couple of weeks, he became more aggressive. He made me keep the head of his cock in my mouth while he was ejaculating. It didn't matter to him that I was choking and gagging on his cum. He would fill my mouth with his semen and when he was done, I could then spit it out into a tissue. He kept a box of tissues on the edge of his desk for me. His cum was so slimy that I had to go to the lady's room and rinse out my mouth.

"Some days he would get back from lunch when he had a few drinks and he would have me suck him off. I dreaded those days because it would take so long to get him to cum. My back would hurt from kneeling there so long.

"After a month or so it began to grate on me. I started telling him that I could not do it anymore. That it was bothering me and I felt guilty about cheating on my husband. And I did feel so guilty. Every time you picked me up from work, I would kiss you and think that his cock had been in my mouth just hours before.

"One morning I was setting at my desk and I heard that dreadful call, "Rose, I need you." I entered his office and closed the door. He was not standing at his place. He was sitting at his desk reading something. He pointed to the place where I always kneel, so I knelt down and waited for him. After a while he got up and stood in front of me and lowered his pants.

"While I was sucking him off, I started to think that this is not what I wanted. I didn't want it to be like this. Then I lost it. I burst into tears. I was crying and he bent down to comfort me. He said," Rose, you're right. This is wrong of me. I should not have you doing this. This is the last time. I promise. Just finish this and it will be the last time you ever have to do it." He was right. It stopped but only for two weeks.

"We had a small office where we stored our office supplies. This one morning I was in there on my knees taking inventory. Warren walked into the room and he closed the door. I heard him latch the lock. I got up off my knees as fast as I could as he said, "Rose, I need you." I got sick in my stomach. I pleaded with him," No. No, Warren. Please, no. You said we wouldn't do this any more. Oh please no. I can't do this to my husband."

"Your husband will never know, I need you now," he replied firmly. He knew we had just bought a house and I needed the job. He placed his hands on the tops of my shoulders and applied a slight pressure for me to go down as he said," Listen! You are here to attend to my needs and I have some real needs. If you can't do it then I'll have to get someone who will."

"I thought to myself, what's the use. I got down on my knees and helped him undo his pants. Then I pulled down his boxers revealing his hard cock and large hanging balls. His cock was pointing straight at me like it was demanding that I open my mouth, so I did. Without saying another word my boss pushed his cock into my mouth only stopping when he heard me gag. Sucking him off was now one of my duties.

"While I was sucking him in and out of my mouth he spoke to me. He said," Rose, just take it all the way into your mouth and hold it there. Get it as far down your throat as you can. That's it, now start swallowing. Keep swallowing. Try to swallow it down your throat. Swallow some more."

"I did as he instructed me. I was kneeling there with his cock deep in my throat and I kept swallowing it just like he said. As I was swallowing, I was looking into his pubic hair which was inches from my face. His cock was large and I couldn't get it all the way down my throat like he wanted me to.

"He continued," Don't stop, keep swallowing. That's it. One more swallow. Oh yeah, that was so good." He slowly withdrew his softening cock. It was all clean. There was no mess. The mess was all in my belly. I didn't even know that he came. I didn't taste his cum and I didn't gag or choke. He taught me how to suck him off with out making a mess. After that I would suck him off whenever he wanted it. He never fucked me.

When my wife finished her story, I said,"I'm sorry he never fucked you. If I had known, maybe I could have helped you seduce him. Now you're telling me that for the next four years that you worked for him, you gave him a blow job whenever he wanted it? That's like two or three times a week?"

She looked up at me and shook her head, "Yes."

Then I asked her,"You never sucked my cock. Why?"

Sounding remorseful she replied,"I know. I felt that if I sucked you off, then you would always want that."

I said to her,"Do you see the Shakespearian Tragedy here? Forget about me. You denied yourself the joy of giving your husband, the man you supposedly loved, the ultimate pleasure. I feel sorry for you," and I did. I also had an erection from all her talk. I could not keep my hands off of her. We made love again. This time the love making was long and intense. We fucked face to face and we talked. We must have mentioned Warren's name a hundred times.

All that day and night I felt so close to her. She was sharing her deep intimate secrets with me. She was sharing her life with me. That night I fell asleep with her in my arms.

The following morning we made love again and then we talked some more. I asked her,"You said that Warren never fucked you. If he never fucked you, then who did?"

"They all did. Everyone fucked me," was her answer.

"Who was the first?" I asked.

"Tom Dolan," she replied.

"Tom Dolan! He had to be fifty." I was surprised.

"Yeah, I know and I was twenty. He had a wife and teenage kids. I felt bad about that but it just happened."

I asked her,"How did it happen?"

She began another story: "I guess it began on the morning that I was sucking off Warren and I started crying. After Warren was done with me, I came out of his office and Mr. Dolan was standing there at my desk. He saw that I had been crying and asked if I was alright. I told him yes that I just needed to go to the lady's room.

"After a while he came back to my desk with some typing for me to do. He asked me if he could take me to lunch and I accepted. We went down to the coffee shop. He was very kind to me and we talked about his family, you and Warren. During the conversation he placed his hand on mine. It was so warm and he was so comforting. He was so considerate and understanding. Only an older man can be so sensitive like that.

"It was a couple of days later when Warren was out of the office. I was filing some folders. The filing cabinet was in the hall and with the draws open you have to squeeze by. Tom came out of his office to make some copies on the copy machine and he had to squeeze by me. I was bent over and when he did, I felt his hands on my hips and his pelvis brush against my ass. After he made his copies I felt the same motion as he returned to his office.

"After a moment he came out of his office and began to squeeze by me again. This time he held my hips and ground his pelvis into me, like he was giving me a long sensual hump. I straighten up, turned into his arms and kissed him long on his lips. He then kissed me back and I felt his tongue come into my mouth. I sucked his tongue and then we broke the kiss. We were standing outside the conference room, so I stepped inside it and I backed against the conference table. He followed me and closed the door. We were standing there about four feet apart. He was looking at me not knowing what to do.

Looking into his eyes, I reached under my skirt at the sides and hooked my thumbs into my pantyhose. I rolled them down my legs and stepped out of them. Turning around, I laid over the conference table with my upper body and my feet on the floor. I laid there listening to the rustle of his clothes. I was so nervous and excited. I could feel my heart pounding through the table.

"I felt him step up to me. Then I felt the cool air on my bare buttocks and pussy as he folded my skirt up onto my back. I spread my legs for him. Then I felt the head of his peter against the opening of my pussy. It was so hot. God was it hot. He held my hips with his hands as if to steady me and then I felt the head of his cock enter me. Slowly he pushed his hot cock all the way up into me and I pushed back into him. In that position he could get it all the way in. His cock was so hot that I began to get perspiration on my fore head. He fucked me so completely. It was the first time I had been fucked by someone other than you.

The next morning he gave me a single rose which I put in a vase on my desk.

"In our suite of offices, the lady's room was next to a kitchenette. I was the only one who used the lady's room so we use to go in there. It had a large counter and he would fuck me on it.

"He was built the same as you. What I mean is that his penis was the same size as yours so you never noticed anything. The times that you saw my pantyhose rolled up in my pocket book were the days that he fucked me."

It was at this point that I had to have my wife again. Her stories were making me so horny. I had to fuck her while she was bent over the dresser, just the way Tom Dolan had fucked her, over a conference table so many years before.

End Chapter 6

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