tagLoving WivesControlled then Cuckold Ch. 07

Controlled then Cuckold Ch. 07


This true story began at a time before there were sexual harassment or discrimination laws. Only the names have been changed.


My wife's revelations had the effect of a long term aphrodisiac on me. She became so exciting, so alluring and so interesting. She was now sharing her most intimate secrets with me. I felt so close to her, like when we were first married.

I wanted to be with her twenty four hours a day but I had my job to go to. During the week there wasn't enough time to be intimate with her. I had to wait for the following Saturday morning. Then we would have the time to lie in bed, make love, talk and finally, after all of these years, she would share her secret life with me.

Saturday morning came and at my probing, she began another story:

"When our offices were moved, Todd Wright was transferred to the main office and he was made manager of the tellers. He and Warren were friends. They had gone to high school together. He would often come by Warren's office or they would go out to lunch.

"Whenever he saw me, he could never keep his eyes off of my breasts and would always make little sexual jokes or innuendos. I would laugh and flirt back. He asked me to lunch a few times but I always declined. I mean, I didn't think it would be right, as Warren was my manager. I didn't want to get in the middle of something. With Mr. Dolan, it was different, he was my manager too.

"Then one Friday afternoon, Todd and Warren were standing by my desk talking. Looking at me, Todd said to Warren, "Look at this girl. I've asked her out to dinner on Friday nights and she refuses me." Warren looked at me and said, "Rose, the guy only wants to take you out to dinner. He's a nice guy and it's a free dinner."

"I told them that I can't tonight. Maybe next week. They both smiled at each other and shook hands. Warren was going to share me and I felt a flash of excitement.

"That week I asked you if I could go out to dinner with the people from work and you said that I could.

"The following Friday night I went with Todd. That stupid David Kline saw me in Todd's car and he told the girls at work. When I got in Todd's car he said that he needed to stop at his place to get his check book. It was a five minute drive to his apartment building. He parked and asked me if I wanted to see his apartment. I didn't want to sit out in the parking lot so I said,"sure."

"In his apartment we started to caress and kiss. Very quickly he had my clothes off and devoured my tits, like he was a starving dog. I had to keep telling him to please don't make any marks on my body. He was so rough. He didn't make love to me. It was more like he was attacking me. He was so unlike Mr. Dolan who was so tender and gentle.

"In no time he had me nude and spread out on his bed. He was squeezing my tits and sucking my nipples so hard. First one then the other. "Please, please, don't make any marks," is all I could say. He was in a fury. He kicked off his shoes, pulled his pants and shorts off. He left his shirt and tie on.

"Kneeling between my spread legs, he lifted my leg up and placed it on his shoulder. Then he did the same with my other leg.

"I was laying there on my back with my legs draped over his shoulders. He pushed forward so that my knees were almost touching my shoulders. He had a look of anger in his face and it scared me. I couldn't see his cock because of his shirt but I reached down to place it in my pussy. When I felt it, I really got scared. It was huge. It was fatter than my rolling pin and maybe longer. If I knew his cock was that big, I would never have gone with him but now it was too late.

"He was in a frenzy and I knew I couldn't stop him. All I could do was to plead with him not to hurt me. That he had to go slower. He assured me that he would not hurt me as he pushed the head of it against my opening. He slowly worked it in and then with little fucking motions, he worked it all the way up into me.

"With his cock completely in me, I felt so full and I couldn't breathe. Just the way I felt the first time you fucked me. With my legs over his shoulders and my knees almost touching my shoulders he fucked me furiously. Looking and acting like he was angry, he pounded away at me. The bed was bouncing and his balls were slapping against my ass. He was calling me a cunt and a whore. He was so violent until he finally shot his load in me.

"After he came he rolled off of me and laid on his back beside me. We were both spent. He apologized for his behavior, saying that he hadn't been with a woman in a long time. He was so handsome that I found that hard to believe.

"After about two years of seeing him, I came to realize that he was using David like Warren was using me.

"I laid there on my side playing with his soft cock. I was so fascinated with it. I never saw such a big cock in all of my life. Even with it being soft, I could hardly get my hand around it.

"He fucked me twice that night. When I left his apartment my legs were shaky. My pussy and my insides were hurting. I felt so open. Back at work, I kept going into the bathroom and checking myself for blood. It felt like he ripped me up. My nipples were red and raw and they were hurting me.

"That night you picked me up and I told you that I felt sick and I was. I just needed to rest and sleep. You were good to me. You didn't deserve a wife who was doing to you what I was doing.

"I didn't think I could ever let him fuck me again but by that Monday, he wanted me to go back to his apartment at lunch. By that time I was longing to feel his cock in me again, so I went with him.

"You were right when you discovered his semen in my panties only you thought it was Warren's. He would fuck me on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch time and on Friday nights.

"There were days that I would suck off Warren and then go to the ladies room. Mr. Dolan would be in the kitchenette getting a cup of coffee. He would slip into the bathroom and fuck me on the counter. Then at lunch time it was Todd's turn.

"Whenever you became suspicious, I would jerk you off and that seemed to satisfy you. Looks like you need it now. My little story gave you another hard on.

"Yeah." I replied, "I find your stories very arousing. So over the years, you fucked whoever you wanted?"

Taking my cock in her hand and in a soft sensual voice she said, "Yes I did and do you want to know something scary?"

"Yeah. What?" I asked.

She was now stroking my peter and she went on. "On the day we were married, I saw you standing at the alter. You were so handsome in your tuxedo. I could not believe that you were going to be my husband. It was right there and then that I made a vow to myself. I vowed, that if you ever cheated on me, I would get you when you are sleeping and I would cut your balls off. You could only cheat on me once and then I would fix you."

I thought to myself, "She would do it. She's nuts."

She continued softly stroking my peter as she said, "And that still goes even today. You start running around with some young girl and zip. Your balls are gone."

My cock felt so good in her hand. She had me fully aroused again and I said to her, "So you can run around all you want and I can't?"

"Sorry Honey", she went on, "That's just the way it is. I could never handle you being with another woman. Now hand me the KY jelly."

For the second time that Saturday morning I climaxed. I'm sixty years old and we are fucking like newly weds. She's reliving those times in her stories and it's making us both very horny.

On Sunday morning I wanted to hear another story but I made a big mistake. I asked her how many guys were at the bachelor party. She denied there ever was a bachelor party. She denied that there ever was a guy named Martin, even though she had once introduced him to me.

We argued and then she said that everything she told me was a lie. That she made up those stories to give me a hard on. She was willing to share some of her experiences but not all. Martin is someone who is very special to her even to this day.

I now demand full disclosure from her but I will never get it. I am now back to sleeping with my boring housekeeper. I sleep with my back to her, in the nude and we accommodate one another. It's not the marriage relationship that I wanted but it is, what it is.

In the fifty years of our marriage, I have had only three brief days of honesty. Every day that she refuses to reveal her secrets, is another day of betrayal to me.

Last year she became very ill and it looked like she was going to die. I didn't want to see my children go through the grief of loosing a parent. For myself, the only feeling I felt was that I would bury her with her secrets. Then I would have to hire a new housekeeper.

It seems that my marriage is a reflection of the universe. It's filled with catastrophes and yet in all of that, it's uniform.


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