tagMind ControlControlling Bobbi - AR Ch. 01

Controlling Bobbi - AR Ch. 01


This story is based on the "Controlling Bobbi" series written by the author ArtyGee. The original concept and the title "Controlling Bobbi" are the exclusive property of the author ArtyGee and are used here with his expressed written permission. The author ArtyGee takes no responsibility for the content of this story.

I am going to take my story down a different road. The two stories diverge at some point after either the second or third chapter of the original. I recommend you read the original through at least the first 3 chapters to get a good basis for my follow-up. Of course, I recommend you read all chapters of the original, not just the first 3. I hope my lean on things does justice to the original.



I sat in the chair gazing at the naked beauty that was Bobbi. In the short time that I had her under my control, I had changed her from a quiet woman into a horny sex machine. I wondered why Joe hadn't done this to her while he had the chance. Maybe it was because I was young and always thinking of sex. But, he isn't that much older then I. Maybe he really is as conservative as Bobbi thinks he is. Then it hit me. Maybe he is getting it somewhere else, though who could want more if they had Bobbi? Well, I guess even Prime Rib gets old if you have it every day. Variety supposedly is the spice of life.

Bobbi was still under as she lay on the bed. She had said that Joe had placed her under using the controlling trigger, with the help of a professional hypnotist. I wondered if Joe had continued his studies and learned to do things himself. With the power he had over her, it was tempting to extend it to others.

"Bobbi," I asked, "has Joe ever hypnotized anyone else?"


"Why did he hypnotize them?"

"Some wanted to quit smoking and some wanted help on their diets."

"Why didn't you mention this before?' I asked.

"He told me that I would not remember this about the others."

"Did he use you to recruit them?"

"Yes. He had me tell them that he had helped me control my diet with hypnosis. I was to urge them to come over so we could talk him into helping them. I would be in the room so everything was OK."

"Were you already hypnotized when they showed up?"


Joe was cleaver. He had taken things beyond the simple trigger phrase. He evidently was now able to hypnotize someone on his own. I wondered if I could research hypnosis and reach that level myself. Maybe the professional hypnotist had helped him learn how to do it on his own. How far had he taken things?

"Bobbi, please go to the desk and make me a list of everyone he has hypnotized. Write down their names and the relationship they have to you."

"OK," Bobbi replied as she got up from the bed and went to the desk.

She was fantastic, sitting naked in the chair at the desk. She had reached the point where she was almost totally comfortable being naked in front of me. It was only on a few occasions where she would be conscious of her nudity, but she never made a dash to cover herself. I loved these moments with her. My Mom would some times walk around for a few minutes in her bra and panties, but, I had never seen her nude. So Bobbi's casual nude times were a new thrill.

After a few minutes, Bobbi finished and brought the sheets over to me. I counted and there were 23 names on the list. I perused the names and relations. There were 4 men on the list. I wondered if Joe might be Bi, but decided he had most likely hypnotized the men to help them quit smoking and nothing more. Besides, it might have looked suspicious to anyone who knew he was hypnotizing these women, if he had only hypnotized women.

As I looked closer at the list I was surprised to see my own mother's name there. Had he hypnotized her and taken it to another level? I'd have to check into that some time. Truth be told, she wasn't my real mother. My real mother had died in an accident when I was in grade school. My Dad had married Jane about a year later. I had always called her Mom but I had always known she was a step-mom.

"Bobbi, do you know what trigger phrase Joe used on these people?"

"Yes, it was always nearly the same. He'd say Sleep, then their name and then sleep again."

Great, I thought. Thank God he didn't have multiple phrases. And, hopefully, he didn't think to tell them that only his voice would make them fall back into a trance.

I continued to look at the names. I saw that Bobbi's sister and mother were on the list. So was the hot gal from the apartment upstairs. Joe had planted a nice garden and I was looking forward to harvesting his crop. I bet he was putting his talents to use overseas. He more than likely already had a harem at his disposal.

"After I leave, I want you to lie down and go to sleep. You will rest until the alarm goes off in the morning. When you awake you will not be horny. You will feel free of your need for sexual outlets for the next 3 days. You will go about your life as normal and not feel that anything is different. Do you understand what I have said?"

"Yes," she responded.

"Now, walk me to the door, kiss me good night, lock the door behind me and go to bed."

Bobbi got up as I got up and we went to her front door. I gave her a passionate kiss and went out the door. I heard the door lock behind me as I walked to my own apartment.


Ryan and I had just finished the most fantastic hour of sex I had ever experienced. I was totally drained. I lay there watching him look at my naked body. It wasn't that long ago I would have been horrified at the thought of being naked in front of anyone besides my husband or my doctor. Now I sort of enjoyed the thought of Ryan drinking in my nudity.

Ryan seemed to have a puzzled look on his face and then he asked me if my husband had ever hypnotized anyone else. I thought back and realized there had actually been quite a few. So, I said he had. I had not thought about this before. I had always thought I was the only one. I am not sure why I thought this since I had been present all the times he had hypnotized someone else. It was strange that I had only just thought about this.

He then asked me to write out a list of those that had also been hypnotized. I went to the desk and began to write down the names. I was surprised at how easily I was remembering who he had hypnotized. The names came to me in a chronological order. I sat there and recorded each name and what their relationship was to me. I then got up and handed the list to Ryan.

After viewing the list he asked me about the trigger phrase for each of them. I was basically the same as mine. The only difference being the name was changed for the person being put under.

I walked Ryan to the door, kissed him goodbye and went to bed.

When I awoke in the morning I was totally refreshed. I surprisingly had no burning sexual need to be ravished. That was a nice surprise. I got up and showered before going to work. I managed to soap my body without having to play with myself. I felt very relaxed. I dried myself, got dressed, had a light breakfast and headed to work.


I got home with the lists and headed to my room. I was going to have to be well organized with this list and how I handled things. I would need to create a spread sheet to track who I had contacted and what were the results of interviewing them. I had seen Bobbi's sister and she was hot. I looked forward to the chance to have the two of them under my control. Oh, and her mom may be older, but she is in fantastic shape. Maybe three women at once would be HOT.

I put the list in the desk drawer and went to the living room. Mom was sitting there watching one of her TV shows. She seemed relaxed and oblivious to my entrance.

"Mom," I asked as I came in and sat next to her. "Do you know what the most relaxing thing you can do is?"

"What?" she replied?

"Sleep Jane, Sleep"

She leaned back on the sofa and didn't make a move. Her body was limp. So, he really had given her the trigger phrase. Now to see what he had done with it. Was it only to help with her diet or had he taken advantage of her. My mom had a great figure, but like most women, she always thought she needed to be a little thinner and firmer.

"Are you relaxed," I asked her.


"Do you remember Joe hypnotizing you?"


"How many times has he put you under?"

"Once," she responded.

"When was that?'

"Six days before he left to go overseas," she replied.

"Why did he hypnotize you?"

"He was helping me stick to my diet plans."

"Now I want you to know that you can remember everything that happened while he had you hypnotized. Did anything sexual happen while you were hypnotized?" I sat there waiting for her response, not sure I really wanted to hear what she might say.

"Yes," she said.

"Tell me what sexual things happened while he had you hypnotized."

"He had me undress and then I gave him a blow job."

"Was Bobbi in the room while this was going on?"

"Yes. She was sitting in the corner watching."

This wasn't going to go too far, but she wasn't my real Mom, only my step-mom. No blood relationship. And besides, I was curious. Hell, I had been curious for as long as I could remember.

I looked at her and said, "I want you to stand up and show me how you stripped for Joe."

She stood up and began to undress. Slowly each article of clothing came off and was tossed onto the sofa. In no time she was standing there totally naked. I had seen her in her undies a few times, but this was different. She stood there and I checked her out. She had a great body. She really took care of herself.

"From now on you will not be embarrassed to be naked in front of me. It will seem natural. But, you will only do it when we are alone. You will not make any special effort to be naked, but when getting undressed, where you used to stop and walk around in your underwear, you will now take everything off. Do you understand what I have said?"

"Yes," she replied.

"From now on you will fall into a deep trance when I say 'pumpkin seeds'. You only fall into this trance in response to my voice. If anyone else says this it will seem part of a normal conversation and you will respond as you would to any other part of a conversation. You will no longer fall into a trance to any other words. You will also be resistant to being hypnotized by anyone except me. Do you understand this?"


"Did you help Joe find other people to hypnotize?"

"Yes," she replied. "I sent him to see Joyce and Paula."

Wow... These are two of my sexiest aunt's. My cousin Steve and I had fantasized about seeing Aunt Paula naked when we were young teenagers. We had tried to get glimpses of her when she was naked but had never been so lucky. I think my luck was about to change. Bobbi had not listed them as being hypnotized by Joe, so he had done it on the sly. It seems the list was growing bigger. Where had Joe found the time to get to all these women?

"You will call aunt's Joyce and Paula tomorrow morning and invite them over for tea. You will have Joyce arrive at 3 and Paula at 4. Tell them you thought it would be great for the three of you to get together for a chat. You will do this tomorrow morning. Do you understand?"


"When I count to three you will put your clothes back on and return to the sofa to watch your TV show. You will sit up with a start, realizing you must have nodded off. You will not remember me coming into the room. You will not remember getting undressed. You will feel refreshed and relaxed. You will think it would be nice to have Paula and Joyce over and will decide to call them in the morning."

"One... two... three..."

Mom started to put her clothes back on as I left the room. I went back to my room and started filling out the spread sheet. I put Bobbi at the top of the list. Mom was second. I noted that Mom's trigger was now pumpkin seed and that she has been blocked from being hypnotized by anyone else. I then added aunt's Joyce and Paula to the list. I was looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.

I closed my spreadsheet and marked it as hidden. Don't want someone accidentally finding it and wondering what was going on. Dad would be back from his sales trip in a day or two and he is more computer literate than Mom. I logged out of the computer and went back to the living room. Mom's show was just finishing. I sat down as she was getting up.

"I'm going to go take my bath," she said as she headed out of the room. She was removing her clothes as she headed down the hall. This was new. She usually didn't start until she reached her room. I heard the bath water start in the distance. I waited until I heard the water stop. I then went to the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine. Taking it to the bathroom, I opened the door. She was lying quietly in the tub. She looked fantastic. A damp wash cloth covered her eyes.

"I thought you might like some wine while you soaked," I said as I waited for her reaction.

"Oh, thanks," she said.

I handed her the glass and there was no reaction from her. She was laying there in the tub, totally naked and oblivious to the fact that I was seeing her naked. I bent over and kissed her on the forehead.

"Enjoy your soak."

"Thanks Hun"

I left, closing the door behind me. Clearly I could now see her naked any time I decided to do so. Soon I would have even more women getting naked for me and satisfying my sexual desires. I eventually went to sleep and had some erotic dreams about Aunt Paula and Aunt Joyce.

< to be continued >

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