tagMind ControlControlling Bobbi Ch. 02: Ryan

Controlling Bobbi Ch. 02: Ryan



I have had a real crush on Bobbi for the last year. Who wouldn't. She is a really hot woman. Of course, she never gave the 18 year old geek next door a second look. As it turned out, my bedroom shared a wall with theirs, and many nights I could hear mumbling and groaning through the wall. Being a bit of a technophile, (I have been accepted to Engineering school next year,) it was no problem for me to whip up a special microphone and sound system with an enhanced sound mixer to allow me to capture and isolate the mumbling sounds into words. After that I spent many nights listening to my private "porn radio" as I called it, clearly hearing every word Joe and Bobbi said in the bedroom. This drove me to many masturbation sessions as I listened to what Bobbi and Joe were doing in bed.

Not too long after I set up my equipment, I heard a strange conversation where Joe started by saying "Sleep Bobbi baby." He then gave Bobbi a series of instructions to follow, followed by the word "awake". As I listened intently, I heard Bobbi act out the instructions which Joe had given. It suddenly dawned on me that he had used a trigger phrase to hypnotize her and have her act out his fantasies. This realization kicked my libido into overdrive as I fantasized about controlling such a hot babe for my own sexual gratification, and I started researching everything I could find on hypnosis.

Several months went by with me continuing to fantasize about Bobbi and hypnosis. When I heard through the wall that Joe was leaving for a long contract overseas, I knew that I had to find a way to live out my fantasies.

When Joe left, it took me a week to get up enough nerve to put my plan into action. That first Friday night I went to her door and knocked. I held my breath as she answered the door. I made some lame excuse about offering help while Joe was away and then I said goodbye. As she was closing the door, I realized that it was now or never.

"Sleep Bobbi baby." I blurted out the trigger phrase I had heard many times.

Suddenly, panic rushed through me. What if Joe had removed the trigger? Why had I tried this? I was a dead man! Bobbi would kill me, or worse yet, tell my parents! My parents would know I was a pervert! I would end up arrested, or worse! Then I looked at Bobbi. OH MY GOD. She was just standing there with a blank look on her face. Holy Shit! It worked, she was under. I had to act quickly before someone came down the hall.

"Bobbi, can you hear me?" I asked

"Yes" She replied sleepily.

Quickly I voiced my rehearsed patter "Bobbi. When you awake, your conscious mind will be unable to see or hear me, but your subconscious will still hear and obey any phrase which follows the

word "impero". Being a Harry Potter fan, I had decided that my commands would be based in Latin like Harry's magic spells. When I say awake, you will awake and remember nothing about my commands or of being hypnotized, and you will continue with what you were doing as if nothing happened. Awake"

I held my breath as I saw consciousness return, and Bobbi started to close the door. I quickly slipped past her into the apartment, but bumped her on the way. I stopped and held my breath. A funny look came over her face, but she just looked around and then finished closing the door. It was working! I was already starting to get a boner and I hadn't done anything with her yet.

Bobbi returned to her TV show and I just sat in a chair and admired her. What should I do? What should I do?

"Impero. You are bored with this program and you feel like taking a nice, long, hot, bubble bath"

I wasn't sure it worked, and was just trying to decide what to do about it when Bobbi turned the TV off, stood up and headed for the bathroom. My heart started to race when she stripped off her clothes, and I almost came as she slid into the tub.

"Impero. You are starting to feel sexy and horny and will start to masturbate"

As I watched the unbelievable sight in front of me I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. Within minutes, Bobbi was coming. That pushed me past the point of no return, and I shot a load directly into the tub right next to her. Once again, I stopped and held my breath. Bobbi looked down, shrugged, and relaxed back into the tub. I let my breath go and tried to figure out what I should do next.

"Impero. You are done bathing and you need to dry your hair, in the nude"

As she worked her hair in front of the mirror, I brushed my hand across her breasts and butt. Each time I did she paused, but then continued when she could not see anything that might have touched her.

"Impero. When your hair is dry, you need to apply lotion slowly and carefully to your legs"

I couldn't help myself and began to masturbate again as I watched Bobbi slowly rub the lotion into her shapely legs. Suddenly I was coming again and squirted onto her exposed chest.

"Impero. Some lotion just landed on your chest. Rub it into your chest and be sure to concentrate on your nipples"

I almost had a heart attack as I watched her comply.

I needed to spend some time with her in a trance. The problem was, I couldn't do it when she could wake up and see on a clock that it was suddenly 2 hours later. I decided the best way was to make her tired and send her to bed for the night. You don't keep track of time when you sleep.

"Impero. You are feeling really relaxed and tired. It's time for bed.

She stretched and yawned, and headed for the bedroom. I watched as she slipped into a nightgown and then into bed. When she was laying down I put her under again.

"Sleep Bobbi baby" I said and saw her slip into trance.

Everyone believes that you cannot hypnotize someone to do something which is against their character. That is true to a point. I knew that I simply could not command Bobbi to have sex with me, as that would have gone against her marriage vows. A smart and creative hypnotist also knows that they can suggest a scenario whereby the subject feels that they would perform the requested activity. I once read about a guy who hypnotized a woman and convinced her that she was taking off a heavy backpack when in fact she was removing her bra to reveal her breasts. I knew I had to be at least that creative to get Bobbi to hook up with me so I needed to know as much as possible about her to devise a plan that would work.

I spent over an hour asking her questions. Did they have an open marriage? What were her favorite things about her sex life with Joe? What were her favorite positions? Had she ever tried anal? Did she enjoy giving and getting oral? Had there been any infidelities or affairs? I asked about some of the fantasies they had played out while she was hypnotized. I asked her a lot about her college and high school sexual experiences. That was a gold mine.

A true Harry Potter nerd, I decided to make the "Impero" command work whenever she was awake. I added "Somnus" as my own personal trance trigger in case Joe decided to remove his by phone while he was gone. I brought her in and out of trance several times to strengthen the commands.

"Impero. You will not hear me leave, but when the door closes you will return to your normal self and have a deep and relaxing night's sleep."

As I was leaving the apartment I had another thought

"Impero. From now on, whenever you think of Ryan you will think of him as an attractive man. The more you think of Ryan the more attractive and desirable you will find him."

Then I left.

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