tagMind ControlControlling Bobbi Ch. 04

Controlling Bobbi Ch. 04


If you haven't read the prior instalments please do so. This will make much more sense if you do.

I appreciate reader comments and constructive criticism, but this is a work of fiction, so please just enjoy it as such without worrying about the technical feasibility.


What a strange dream I had last night. God it was hot. Chad had always been a target of sexual fantasy for me, but this dream had been so vivid I could still feel him sucking on my nipples. I can't believe what a slut I had been for him. As I took my shower, I started to get aroused thinking about my dream. I slowly rubbed my soapy hands over my body, making me even more horny. As I caressed myself, I started to think of other boys I had dated, and the sexy things we did together. The ringing phone brought me out of my reverie and I rushed out to answer it. It was Joe calling from overseas. He apologized for not calling more often, but with the time difference and the work schedule, he said Sunday morning was likely the only time we would get to talk. We had a nice chat but I didn't tell him anything about my dream or my thoughts about my old boyfriends. I knew that he wouldn't understand and it would probably just make him mad.

When I hung up the phone, I finished drying my hair, while my mind returned to my memories and fantasies of young boyfriends. By the time I was done, I was so horny that I knew I had to take care of myself or I wasn't going to get anything done today. I pulled my favorite vibrator out of the nightstand and started to slide it over my sensitive skin and around my pussy lips. Soon I was on the verge of orgasm but for some reason I just couldn't get over the top. Even though I tried all my best tricks, whenever I reached my peak, I would just pass it without coming. I had never been more frustrated in my life. While I was struggling with this, thoughts of Ryan drifted into my head. The more I struggled to come, the more I thought that if I just had Ryan here, He could help me. Yes. Ryan could help me come. Finally after almost 45 minutes of stimulation, I gave up and got dressed.

Every nerve in my body craved sexual release, but there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. This was almost torture. That was it! I knew I'd had feelings like this before. Joe must have hypnotized me during our phone call and was teasing me long distance. That bastard. Here I was going crazy with lust and he was half a world away. I figured that he was just toying with me and that he would soon call back and we would have some phone sex. He had teased me about geeky Ryan, so that was why I was thinking of him. But as I thought of him, I realized that Ryan wasn't geeky any more. He was hot. Why wasn't Joe calling back to release me. I was starting to go crazy with lust.

By lunch time I was a basket case. I had changed into a loose tank top and open leg shorts, with nothing underneath. I was wandering aimlessly around the apartment thinking sexy thoughts and teasing myself without ever feeling release. Why didn't Joe phone back. What if he couldn't call back and I had to go to work like this tomorrow. I would have to call in sick. I couldn't possibly go another day like this. I would go absolutely insane. Thoughts of Ryan kept passing through my mind. Ryan could help me. How could I get Ryan to help me?

I had just flopped down on the couch in frustration when there was a knock at the door. I didn't think about what I was, or rather wasn't, wearing, I just went to the door and answered it. There stood Ryan, holding a Sunday paper. When he saw how I was dressed, his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"We got an extra this morning. I thought you might like to read it" He said.

"Thanks" I said as I took it and he started to turn away. Then on impulse: "Wait. Do you have time to come in and help me with something?" I asked.

"Sure. No problem" he said with a smile.

Somehow I knew that Joe had let me down and that Ryan would be able to get me out of this mess. I grabbed his hand. It took all my self control not to take that hand and shove it down my pants, but I led him to the kitchen and we sat down facing each other. I saw that Ryan was devouring me with his eyes, so I leaned forward a bit so he could see more of my tits. I wanted, no I needed, to turn Ryan on. I gathered my thoughts and told Ryan what I thought had happened to me. I asked him if he might be able to help me. He just sat there with a strange smile on his face and listened. We went on the computer and did a bit of research to see if there was some way to undo what Joe had done.

"I don't think I can completely undo what Joe has done" he said, "but I may be able to change it or add to it to help you cope. I will have to hypnotize you to do that, but I don't think I know enough to be able to put you in a trance in your agitated and excited state. Does Joe have a code, something they call a trigger phrase, that he uses when he puts you under?"

"Yes. Yes. He told me once. It's "sleep Bobby baby". Do you think it will work?" I asked.

"It might. Let's try." The last thing I heard him say was:

"OK. Here goes."


I almost swallowed my tongue when Bobbi answered the door. She looked like a wild woman. He hair was a tangled mass and she was half naked in a tank top and shorts. I had never seen a sexier sight and I got an instant boner. I offered her the Sunday paper as I had planned and started to turn away, thinking that my plan was not working, when she invited me in. When we sat down, she leaned forward and I could see right down her top almost to her nipples. It took her a few minutes to tell me what was going on and to ask for my help. We went to her computer and I surfed to a few websites I had been to during my initial research, and then pronounced that I might be able to help. When I suggested that I would have to hypnotize her, I expected her to refuse, but she readily agreed and even provided me with her trigger.

"OK. Here goes. Sleep Bobbi baby" I said, and watched her go under.

I felt like a kid in a candy store. The first thing I did was to reinforce that she would see me as a hot young stud who she would enjoy having sex with. The next thing I did was to start the process of making her mad at Joe for putting her in this position. I fixed it so her anger would increase as her sexual frustration increased. I then installed a strong instruction that she would not tell anyone about her situation, and if Joe called she would act completely natural and not discuss it with him. She would only realize after they hung up that he had not returned her to normal. I repeated these suggestions several times and had her repeat them back to me each time, until I was sure they were well programmed. The last thing I did was to suggest that whenever I said the word "Amplio", her conscious mind would not register that I had said anything, but she would feel even more horny and sexually frustrated than she already felt. I told her that her conscious mind would not recall those commands or what we had discussed so far.

I then started to work on the parts I wanted her to remember.

"Bobbi. Are you able to bring yourself to orgasm?" I asked, knowing full well that she couldn't.

"No" she replied quietly

"Bobbi. Is that because there is a hypnotic suggestion preventing you from making yourself come?"


"Bobbi. You are frustrated and you want to be able to come, is that correct?"


"Since you cannot come yourself, I will help you. I want you to think back to a time when you had your biggest and best orgasm. Have you got that?"


"Think of that orgasm, and the feelings you had. Whenever you hear me say the word "Liberatio" You will experience an orgasm as good and as strong as that best orgasm of your life. The only way you can have that orgasm is by hearing me say "Liberatio". This will work whether I say it to you in person, or on the telephone. do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand"

Now to make it so she could go to work through the day.

"Bobbi. I want you to visualize yourself in a big swimming pool. I want you to start to think of your sexual excitement as water in that pool. The more excited you become, the more water there is in the pool. The wetter the water makes you the hornier you get. Whenever I make you come, the water drains from the pool but then it starts to fill up again, and you get wet, horny, again. Can you see that Bobbi?"

"Yes. Water in a pool"

"OK now I want you to see a wall in the middle of the pool. A clear wall like the side of the aquarium at Sea World. It divides the pool in half across the middle. Can you see that?"


"OK. When you leave the house to go to work, your sexual excitement, the water, fills up the other end of the pool. Behind the clear wall. It doesn't make you wet, You don't feel yourself getting horny. You know it is there. You can see it building up, but it is not touching you, not affecting you. It is under control and you can act normally at your job. You know eventually it will spill over, but you are OK as long as you are at work. Can you see that Bobbi?"

"Yes. I am dry while I am at work."

"You cannot hold the water in one end of the pool forever. When you start to head home at night, the wall starts to leak, and you start to get wet. By the time you get in the door, You are totally soaked, totally horny, and you really need to come."

I repeated that instruction several times and then awoke her from her trance.

"How do you feel?"

"Awful." she replied. "What was all that shit about the swimming pool?"

"I saw on one website, that one hypnotist cannot remove another's suggestion." I lied. "I couldn't completely stop the buildup of excitement, and I did what I could to make it so you can go to work, but I can't stop it so I had to let it happen when you get home."

Her face lit up as she recalled the suggestions I had given.

"Can you help me now?" she said "I really need relief. Go home, call me on the phone and make me come." she demanded.

"I think that would be a mistake. What if something goes wrong and you can't stop or something? I probably should be here just in case. Amplio"

"OH GOD" she cried "It's getting worse. I can't stand it. Please help me"

She was now sitting there rubbing her hands all over her legs and chest and running them through her hair. She was clearly more than ready for my next move.

"Bobbi. You are a beautiful woman and this whole thing is really turning me on. Look at my jeans and see how much you are turning me on." I said.

Bobbi could see my raging hard on through my jeans and she was mesmerized.

"If I just help you come, what's going to happen to me. I'll be the one who is all horny and frustrated" I explained "Amplio"

"What's happening to me" she cried "It's getting worse again"

While she was distracted with her latest increase in arousal, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rigid cock. When Bobbi glanced over, she stopped dead still.

"Ryan" she breathed "What are you doing?" "Oh don't show me that . You're such a stud, but I can't fuck you I'm married to Joe."

"I know you can't fuck me, but you could give me a blow job. That's not really like cheating" I reasoned repeating something she had told me when I had her in a trance.

Suddenly she was on her knees in front of me. She reached up and stroked my cock in both hands.

"Oh Ryan. It's nice and hard. It's even a little bigger than Joe's" She panted. "I don't know. I don't think I can. I shouldn't" She stammered. "Ryan. If I do this, you won't tell anyone will you? You will make me come won't you?" she pleaded

"Amplio" was my only reply

She had finally reached her limit and almost swallowed my cock whole as she brought her mouth down. I couldn't believe how eagerly she took my cock, gagging and slobbering like some porn queen. This was so different than last night, and she was doing it to me not some old boyfriend. I was in heaven.

"Oh I want your come" she panted. "Come for me. Squirt it in my mouth. Give it to me"

She was a woman possessed, and it took me no time at all to oblige her requests. I shot an enormous load directly into her mouth as she continued to suck and swallow. As I came down from my orgasm, I had to push her off my sensitive cock.

"Don't push me away Ryan." she moaned " I need you to make me come. I gave you your blow job. Please, please, please make me come."

"We need to do this in the bedroom" I said.

Bobbi literally dragged me down the hall and into the bedroom.

"Strip and lay down" I demanded.

She was now beyond reason, and quickly dropped her shirt and shorts on the floor and threw herself on to the bed.

"Face up"

She instantly rolled over to display her entire incredible body to me. I walked up to the bed and started rubbing my hands over her breasts, and pulled on her nipples. She moaned and squirmed.

"Please. Ryan. Don't" she whimpered. "You promised to make me come"

I slid my hand down her flat tummy and slipped my finger into her.


Her entire body tensed, and she came. I had never seen anything like this. Her whole body jerked and shook. Her head whipped from side to side as she wailed like a banshee. It was clearly more intense than last night. Finally she started to come down from her orgasm and I moved away.

"Oh Ryan. Thank you so much." she panted "but it wasn't fair making me strip and then touching me like that"

"I was just trying to make it better for you. How do you feel now?" I asked

"Relieved. The swimming pool is empty and I am bushed. Would you mind terribly if I just curled up and asked you to let yourself out?"

"That's OK. I'll see you Tomorrow" I said


After Ryan woke me from the trance, I still felt terrible. I was horny and frustrated and it seemed like nothing had changed. When Ryan explained what he had done, I begged him to call me and let me come, but he wouldn't leave. Suddenly I felt another rush of excitement go through me and when I opened my eyes, Ryan had his cock in his hand. I was so horny I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was bigger and fatter than Joe's cock and I wasn't sure I could control myself. It must have been the sight of his big cock sticking out, but my excitement notched up another level and when he asked me to suck him I pounced. When he came I licked and swallowed every drop.

I was still going crazy and begged Ryan for release. He ordered me to the bedroom and then told me to strip. I didn't even think of arguing and pretty soon I was laying there and Ryan was feeling me up. Then that hot young guy slipped his finger into my drooling pussy and gave the command I came. I thought I was going to pass out as spasm after spasm ripped through me in one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

I was done. Physically exhausted from the day's ordeal, I asked Ryan to let himself out and then dropped off into deep sleep. I dreamed sexy dreams of Ryan. Me stroking his cock. Giving him another blow job. Him feeling me up and fingering me. Ryan fucking me to another incredible orgasm. When I woke, it was Monday morning I was once again aroused and frustrated. I knew that I had to get to work, but I had to "empty the pool" so I could put up the wall and act normally when I left for the day.

I needed Ryan! What was I going to do? It was too early to call him. His parents would wonder what was going on. When I heard the knock on the door I ran to see who it was. Ryan! I quickly opened the door and let him inside.

"Thank God you're here" I enthused "I need release before I can go to work."

I was still naked, and he just smiled and looked me up and down. I felt a sudden rush of arousal just before he pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard. I melted into his arms as his tongue pushed into my mouth and his hands kneaded my breasts and ass. Soon he was driving me mad as one hand stroked my pussy and his finger slipped inside.

"Ryan. Stop. I can't keep letting you do this." I moaned.

"Yes you can, if you want me to make you come." he replied. "Open my pants and take out my cock"

Another rush of arousal hit me as I complied. I started to drop to my knees, expecting that he wanted a blow job, but he held me up and asked me to look into his eyes as I stroked and played with him. As I complied, I felt humiliated. Here I was a 28 year old married woman, standing naked in my foyer, playing with my teen neighbor's cock, ready to willingly suck him off, just to get my own release.

"Go back to the bedroom, get out your vibrator, lay down, and masturbate" he commanded.

I didn't want to do that. I knew I couldn't come by myself, but another huge wave of arousal washed over me and I literally ran down the hallway to comply. By the time Ryan walked naked into the bedroom I was laying spread eagle on the bed with my vibrator buried to the hilt sending waves of pleasure through my pussy and clit.

"That's it Bobbi. Now stroke it in and out. Rub it around your pussy. Try to make yourself come."

And that is exactly what I did. Within a very few minutes my pussy was flowing like a river, and I was right on the edge, but I knew I couldn't go over unless Ryan helped me.

"Ryan. Please. Make me come." I begged "Please. What do you want from me? Please help me."

"Give me the vibrator and let's do a 69" he directed as he lay beside me on the bed.

In no time at all I was laying on top of him sucking his cock as he worked the vibrator in my pussy. I was going insane as he slowly stroked the toy in as deep as it would go, paused, and then pulled it back out to tease my clit.

"Take me deep. Try to deep throat me" He sighed.

I was so out of control, I drove deep onto his cock and tried, really tried, to get it into my throat. I gagged, coughed and tried again, making all sorts of gurgling noises as I did. I felt his cock swell and then as he shot a powerful jet of come into the back of my mouth I had a totally mind blowing orgasm.

Thank God. Ryan had released me again. I lay there in the afterglow only half realizing that I was continuing to lick and gently suck the last of his seed from his prick.

"OK. You better put that wall into the pool and get ready for work before you start to get horny again." He said.

I hopped out of bed an headed for the shower to get myself presentable for work. In the shower I shaved my legs. I don't know why, but I decided to shave my pussy this morning too. When I came out of the shower, Ryan was still lying naked in my bed. The sight of his thick cock stirred a feeling of arousal, but thankfully it went into the other end of the pool.

"What are you still doing here?"I asked

"Just making sure that you get away OK." he replied.

For some reason I decided that it would be fun to tease him a little bit, so I stayed naked while I did my makeup and hair. When I went to select my clothes for the day, I decided to give him a bit of a thrill and chose a sexy thong and half cup bra. I wandered around the room a bit and held up a few outfits in front of the mirror as if trying to decide what outerwear to select. Eventually I selected a simple business suit and got dressed. All the while, Ryan just lay there in bed slowly stroking his cock.

"Ryan. I gotta go or I'm going to be late for work"

Suddenly realizing what time it was, he jumped out of bed and pulled on his clothes.

"I gotta go too. Do you have an extra key so I can be here when you get home?" He asked "Remember, the wall will be down by then and I want to make sure I can help you if you need it"

That seemed like a good idea, so I gave him my spare key and we both left the apartment together.

Without getting into boring detail, I was able to function well at work. It was a strange feeling to be aware of my arousal building but not affecting me. I could feel the water filling the other end of the pool and I knew that by evening it was going to flood over me, but although it was a bit distracting it didn't affect me that much. By the time I left work, I could sense that the wall was weakening. The anticipation of returning to my horny state was distracting, but I did make it back to the apartment before the dam burst occurred. When I walked in the door of the apartment, it hit me. A flush of arousal so intense that I almost swooned. I was suddenly sweating. My nipples and clit were rock hard and super sensitive. I couldn't stand to be in my suit any more and quickly stripped off my jacket and blouse so I could fondle myself.

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