Controlling Sarah Ch. 01-11


"Ma'am, she is not my daughter, but I reared her while the Woman of the House advanced her career."

"Oh, I see," Nancy said with her smug tone returning. "She is beautiful, almost a clone of her mother, just not quite as tall."

"Yes Ma'am, even more athletic than the Woman of the House and brilliant too. She is a pleasure to tutor."

"I can see where she could be a temptation, since you two are not really related to each other."

"No Ma'am, not at all. I have never had thoughts . . ."

"Shush, I told you about treating me like a fool. Do it again and that wife of yours will be sorry, understand?"

"Ma'am, please don't hurt her because of my mistakes? I truly think of Suzanne as a daughter, not a romantic partner."

"What about a fuckbuddy?"

"No! Never, I swear!" Nancy read his expression as one of both fear and honesty, and then grudgingly accepted his answer without adding another punishment for Sarah in her mental tally.

"Well, I am sure Miss Sarah's long weekend orgy guests look at her that way. It is impossible not to."

Edward did not comment as he followed her back to the master bedroom. He had overheard comments from Sarah's lovers like that. Sometimes Sarah would stop play for the night over the comments and it was rare for those guests to return. Other times, she stayed angry for days over them.

"Edward, get that straight-back wooden chair and place it at the foot of the bed."

"Yes Misses Clarke," he said and did it with a bit of a struggle.

"How do you turn on the intercoms so we can hear all of the downstairs up here in this room?"

"Just enter a '1' in the keypad, Ma'am, it will feed the whole first floor. The monitors are set the same way if you want visual."

"Good boy, now do that, just for sound, and sit in the chair."

Edward complied to-the-letter. Nancy approached; she gently kissed and aroused him. It had been so long since he had any romantic contact that he ejaculated in his pants almost immediately.

"Oh, so you find me an attractive woman?" Nancy said with a smile as she rubbed Ed's chest through his shirt. To her surprise, his chest was firm, he just had a small frame.

"Oh yes, Misses Clarke, you are pretty and sensual . . ." He stopped in mid sentence. The simplest of affection by a wrinkled old woman twice his age with a whiskey and cigarette voice made him cum explosively and without permission. His wife could kick him out as soon as he reported it. He had not worked for years; he could be living in a box in days . . .

Nancy saw the terror in his eyes and spoke softly, "Oh, you didn't have permission for that from her, did you?" Her throaty tone somehow sounded sexy to him, causing him to squirt in his pants again.

"No, no Ma'am, I didn't . . ."

"That's okay baby, I give you permission," she said before swirling her tongue gently in his mouth.

"But . . . but Misses Clarke . . . she did not give me permission . . . herself . . ." His voice trailed off in shame.

"She told you to entertain me, yes?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he stammered.

"Then it must be okay. It brought you into good report territory." Nancy, like many women her age and especially of her lifestyle, had a fancy for younger men and took the opportunity to arouse him more, slip his khakis down, pull her panties aside, and straddle him to make love. Her comment about a 'report' stuck in Edward's head. The dominants said that often, but he had never seen the contents of a 'report' yet.

"Misses Clarke, you are so t-tight inside," he whispered in surprise. She felt like his first time with a teenager.

Nancy too felt like she was getting a teenage virile virgin as she played his emotions and body for her pleasure and allowed him to think it was his reward. For another reward, a deep, passionate kiss, not like the little ones earlier, the first like that for him in years. His pent up passion and emotion poured out from him, she could feel what little power he had left as it pumped into her with every explosive shot. It made her feel like a woman who still 'had it' and could easily seduce a man half her age. She did not even have to unbutton her blouse and he was crying in joy beneath her, thanking her profusely.

"Eddie, you stay right here in the chair. I am going down to greet your Mistress, understand?"

Ed gulped, "Yes, Ma'am. I . . . I am probably in the deepest trouble . . ."

"Eddie, you did as told. Nobody will not hurt you unless I allow it. I will keep an eye on the ovens too, we don't want anything ruined. Everybody will be very hungry by dinner. Now, listen carefully for a list of things to have ready up here by the time she arrives." With that, Nancy left him, and then he heard her harsh voice barking orders to him through the first floor intercom. Ed obeyed and entered the closet to gather gear and prepare it.

Nancy started with a quick survey of the house and then moved on to snooping into every corner as she shouted orders to Ed. She examined the living room, kitchen, and den monitors. An interesting feature only the den monitor had, all of the family cars could be tracked from there. The new Mercedes was still in the garage of SJE Enterprises, the van was in the garage and the Porsche was in Boston. Nancy thought to herself, 'so, their hot little bitch daughter is going to a fancy Boston school like Joe's son. Even better . . .' She figured out how to have the system alert her when Sarah's car moved, then settled in to watch some erotica from Sarah's playlist while figuring out the whole-house recording system. Interesting, she thought, the common theme was blondes in various levels of submission. The most 'mild' was a young blonde seduced by a coworker and it had the most views. The majority were intense bondage and rape themes, every one with a beautiful blonde as the victim. She made one call to her husband and told him to be ready by eight o'clock, asking he wait outside until she called him in.

3. The Day that may never end

Sarah finally noticed it was after six PM. "I hope this is not a mistake having that shrew in my house for dinner. No telling what that husband of hers is like. Oh well, let's get this insanity over with. By the time she leaves, she will know how to behave in my office."

As soon as Sarah opened the door to her sporty white Mercedes, Nancy got an alert. It updated continuously, showing her a map of Sarah's curious route home. It was not a direct path back home, that might have taken fifteen minutes. It meandered with one stop at a low-key private club. In a web browser, Nancy connected to a nearby internet camera and watched Sarah check her hair, touch up her makeup, and enter the club. It had an interesting set of rules that served as effective filters for the clientele. Only female submissives and male dominants could join. The dominants donned masks before entering, the submissives were never masked and the submissives selected the dominants, never the other way around. Nancy watched some more erotica until she was alerted that Sarah had deactivated her car alarm and watched her smiling boss get in and resume her drive home. She turned off the monitor and returned the den to the state she found it when she saw Sarah was close.

Nancy went to the kitchen to open the ovens as they finished their cycles and took a seat in the kitchen. Something else that was odd, the seat at the head of the table was taller and older than the others. Not plush or padded, just taller, with intricate woodwork. She chose that one to sit in and greet her hostess, legs crossed and heels propped on the table.

When Sarah arrived home, she noticed the filthy, small, champagne Honda parked in the driveway, blocking the right side of the garage where she always parks. "That damn little bitch! She even fucks up parking in my driveway. It isn't even seven and they are here. Shit, this idiot is going to be impossible." Instead of entering her usual way through the garage, she had to use the front door. Edward must have been busy with the guests, as he did not come out to carry her purse and gym bag.

"Edward, your lovely wife is coming in. You stay quiet as a mouse up there while the Women discuss things. Understand? I trust you have everything ready as I instructed, or someone will regret it and know it is your fault." Nancy discreetly checked the bedroom from the monitor in the kitchen. The toys she ordered Edward to setup were arranged properly and the naked Edward sat ready for his ankles to be locked to the legs of the chair on command, another set of police cuffs lay on the floor behind him and she turned off the monitor.

Ed knew not to answer, but bobbed his head 'yes' anyway. A deep blush came across his naked body as he sat in the chair, staring at the bed and he began getting an erection that he could not suppress. It was agonizing as soon as he heard the voice of the Woman of the House. Sarah grumbled as she entered the foyer, under her breath she said "bitch" again as she shoved Nancy's purse from her spot on the table, and then dropped her gym bag down a hidden chute to the laundry room for Edward to take care of later. 'That woman always smells like she showered in Chanel No. 5,' Sarah thought as she followed her nose to the kitchen.

"Well, Miss Nancy, glad to see you are making yourself at home in my kitchen. Is my darling husband entertaining you and your Joe?"

"Misses Kneeler, that is not a very welcoming tone," Nancy said without moving a muscle. She did not even turn her head to look at Sarah as she spoke.

"Oh yea? You should know. We need to get a few ground rules straight that apply everywhere. In my house and especially in my office. Where is Ed?"

'Quite a departure from her little miss sunshine manner at the office. Let's see which Miss Sarah is real,' Nancy thought. "I sent him upstairs to take care of a few things," she said as she slowly lowered her short but shapely legs to the bottom rung of the chair, then to the floor. She walked to Sarah with a fierce look in her eyes, "and, yes, we do need to get a few things straight."

"Nancy, this was a bad idea. We need to just continue this in the office on Monday with a formal counseling," Sarah said as she looked away from Nancy.

"That is Misses Clarke, Misses Kneeler. You are to call me Misses Clarke from now on and you will never let anybody at the office call you anything but Misses Kneeler from now on."

Sarah was poised to lash out at Nancy, but the last bit made some sense. It was the first intelligent thing she had heard from the woman in over ten years.

"You are what, forty years old now and still just a manager? The only PhD in the corporation who is not an executive?"

Sarah was surprised at Nancy actually guessing close to her age, instead of a much younger guess. "Forty-two and my turn will come. You are what, seventy and still a secretary?"

As Sarah spoke, Nancy walked slowly behind Sarah, looked up and down as if she was admiring the expensively outfit. At 5' 9" atop 5" heels, Sarah towered over Nancy and did not flinch as Nancy touched the single strand of pearls at the back of her neck.

"These are lovely. A gift from your boy?"

"No touching. He is my husband and they belonged to my great grandmother in Germany. They go to the eldest woman of each generation and my daughter will have them when she bears a child."

"How quaint, generations and generations of privilege!" Nancy's voice dripped with envy as she slipped her finger under the strand and twisted her hand, pulling them tight. "Now, behave and listen."

"Hey! Let go, they are delicate!" Sarah tried to swing behind her at Nancy, but Nancy just twisted them tighter. "Edward, come to the kitchen!" Sarah cried out.

In the bedroom, Ed heard the women through the intercom and wanted to turn on a monitor to see, but he knew that the monitors would not respond to his voice. Instead of getting up, he cowered. 'My wife, the love of my life, and I cannot help her. I should be protecting her . . . ' his confused thoughts emasculated him even more. Those were the thoughts he played in his head when she let him hear her with others, usually while locked in his room. After years of trying to please The Woman of the House, years of hearing and watching her with other lovers, years of hearing her scream out in pain or pleasure that was never to be interrupted, years of dressing her and wearing what he was told, he was powerless when another assertive woman told him what to do.

"He is staying right where he is. He knows what's good for you, even if you don't . . . yet."

"Nancy, let go of the pearls!" Sarah coughed, choking as they pressed her throat tighter. "Let go! They will break . . ."

"And if they do, you will be smashing them into dust with those expensive pumps. If you don't think I can make you do that, just try me." Nancy eased her grip slightly, letting her captive breathe and watched her arms relax. "Now, get that jacket off."


Nancy slapped Sarah across the face and held back just enough not to leave a mark. "You heard me, now do it!"

Sarah unbuckled the belt from the back and let it fall to the floor with a thud. Just as Nancy thought, it was well tooled, supple, and expensive. Sarah slowly unbuttoned the jacket with trembling hands and slipped it off, letting it fall behind her to reveal the black silk blouse beneath it. This 'little old woman' was skilled and surprisingly strong. If she fought, the family pearls would be no more. Sarah wondered why she was submitting so readily. 'Had she been drugged?' She wondered again, 'why didn't Edward come down? What has Nancy done to him? He must be bound and gagged, or worse. Was Nancy as crazy as most at work thought?' In a flash, feelings of concern for Ed came over her, feelings she could not remember when she had last. She was lost in her thoughts as Nancy pulled Sarah's silk top out of her skirt, over her head, down her arms and began to tie her wrists with it. A rush flowed through Sarah; the involuntary mini-orgasm gave her the clue she needed as to "why." Her own endorphin release was the drug.

Nancy noticed the early stages of arousal in Sarah much earlier and had spotted her as a submissive long ago. She could not help but fondle the perfect milky skin of Sarah's toned arms and firm breasts. Sarah struggled and protested at every touch that only resulted in more taunting touches. With her sheer black lace bra exposed and wrists bound behind her, Sarah looked like a glam-bondage movie star. Nancy watched Sarah's feet as she pushed and pulled her around. Her new boss almost pranced like a walking horse.

"See? I knew you were into it. More responsive than I imagined. You have permission to cum for me, but nobody else, got it?"

"Nancy . . ." Sarah said and stopped, just as Nancy slapped her other cheek in correction. "Misses Clarke, what is going on? What do you want? This is kidnapping and rape now . . ."

"Oh bullshit. You do more than this on lunch breaks in the kink club down the street from the office that's supposed to be some big secret. I can even see fresh bruises on your back." Nancy pressed her thumb into one and Sarah moaned instead of yelping. "If you were doing this in the board room instead of here and private club rooms, you would be a real boss now," Nancy said as she jerked the pearl encrusted pins from Sarah's bun and let her hair fall as a ponytail down her back.

"What on earth do you mean? I am not going to be your kinky fantasy. You are my secretary that is all." After speaking, Nancy's words caught up with Sarah after her outburst. How could Nancy know about her once-per-week lunch encounters? Sarah went to great lengths to keep them private.

"Stop treating me like a fool and inferior! I can barely smell a thing but I can smell your wetness right now." Sarah knew that must be right, her sheer lace panties were already soaked. "You need to learn a few things and I am here to teach you. I can see you are getting into it, just let go and it will be easier. I already have enough on you to make you, your husband, and daughter very sorry if you don't behave. You wouldn't want the word to get out and still go through your initiation, would you? I will be an executive secretary again, for the CEO, with or without you!"

Her objective was to get promoted? That could not be it. Nobody could be that crazy. Sarah tried to keep her voice calm. She suspected this was not an empty threat and Nancy had to have used something on Edward to keep him upstairs, but she did not know what. Nancy was already using her own body against her; the waves of arousal were growing more intense, more frequent. She tried to do her best impression of the hostage negotiators she had seen in the movies. "Nan . . . Misses Clarke, he wanted to fire you. I put in a good word for you and he made you the move team manager . . . this isn't play . . . it is rape. I do not consent . . ." Sarah was rapidly losing her ability to reason.

Nancy did not let Sarah finish. "Listen you educated idiot, I was not talking about working for him, I was talking about working for you or whomever replaces you if you don't behave," she said as she fed Sarah's ponytail under her bound hands and yanked it up, forcing Sarah to moan again and bend at the waist. "And for your fucking information, I am only sixty. I taught a few of your Dominants too." Sarah thought, 'That was thst comment for? That's nothing today, no big deal like the 1950s or anything. D/s play is pretty common now. It is no longer a defense for kidnappers and rapists preying on people who were into it either.' Nancy walked them both back to the 'throne' at the kitchen table. "Step higher, Misses Kneeler!" Sarah followed the command without thinking, bringing her knees higher for each short step. With one hand, Nancy hiked her skirt up to her hips while keeping a tight grip on Sarah's hair with the other.

"Nancy, please, I do not want to . . ."

Nancy yanked Sarah's face into her crotch and then wrapped her legs around Sarah's head, squeezing tight, smothering her. "Misses Clarke, get it right. I know that taste and smell is familiar to you, maybe not his specifically. You said 'please' and applied it wrong. Please me and I will piss in a porcelain toilet instead of your mouth."

Sarah wondered why Nancy mentioned the taste and smell, and the threat sent another wave through her. She could taste and smell the cum of some random man on her and was not surprised at all. Rumor at work had it that Nancy played behind any locked door with anybody who would have her. Already emotionally drained and feeling another orgasmic wave building right behind the last, Sarah resigned herself at that point to cooperate and hoped that she and Ed would come through this intact, able to report the invasion to the authorities and be rid of 'Misses Clarke' for good.

"Just as I thought. You don't even recognize the cum of your own husband. He is a good fuck, even as out of practice as you let him get. I think it is a waste, but he is your boy. Hum, maybe I should add a lesson on how to care for your own property, since you have gotten so lazy about it with him taking care of everything around here. Taking care of everything but you it seems. Don't you think that is a good idea?" Nancy jerked Sarah's head up and down as she loosened the grip of her legs and Sarah licked. "First right answer so far. Now, give me a good orgasm so we can get upstairs and see your boy." She lit a cigarette and flicked the ashes on the fine Italian tile floor.

Sarah's mind raced, 'Of all the trash for him to get off with, he had to pick her? No way she picked him. He was a charmer back-in-the-day, not the way he is now. Did she get the idea that I was willing just because he was?' Sarah relaxed and shooed the thoughts of her husband fucking this woman out of her head to concentrate on licking up and down between her lips and then she quickly licked the swollen clit. Nancy's squirming and moaning gave Sarah hope that this might be over soon. Listening upstairs, Ed could not help a spontaneous orgasm that left a small rope of semen on his tummy.

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