Controlling Sarah Ch. 01-11


4. Let's Work Up An Appetite

With a firm grip on Sarah's ponytail, still under her tied wrists, Nancy walked her from the kitchen to the stairs and up to the hallway. "Prance higher, Misses Kneeler," Nancy taunted. She dismissed the idea of making Sarah crawl, Edward needed to keep seeing Sarah as his Domme and Nancy as her superior. As they passed Suzanne's room, Nancy whispered in a harsh voice, "You order him to obey me as soon as you see him, give him the usual proper praise for entertaining and pleasing me too. Understand?" They turned and entered the master bedroom.

When Sarah hesitated with her command as they entered, Nancy called out "ten" and Ed echoed it. Neither Edward nor Sarah knew at that moment exactly what the count represented, but they both knew it was associated with a punishment. It was a common a method in the Domination/submission community. "Oh, look Misses Kneeler, your husband has a little mess on his tummy. Someone needs to clean it up, ain't gonna be me," she said with a laugh as she pulled Sarah's hair and forced her to her knees next to Edward.

Sarah looked up at Edward with apologetic eyes before touching him. Then she announced, "Pet, you are to obey everything Misses Clarke commands as if it were me. She reports that you were a very good boy when you entertained her while awaiting my arrival."

Edward suppressed his reflexive reaction of glee to her praise of his host performance. It was his first time hearing the contents of a 'report' too. He responded, "Yes, Woman of the House, thank you so much for allowing me to please you."

Then, Sarah obediently began licking and cleaning her husband's tummy, she slowly worked her way all the way down to his flaccid cock. Edward could not believe she was actually touching him in that way. It was like a dream to him, he thought that all of his obedience was finally being rewarded as she had promised for years. Today was the "someday" that he had been waiting for, the day he gets to play as a couple. As soon as she took his head in her mouth, what little ejaculate he had left shot to the back of her throat. He wanted to be hard for her, to please her like her other lovers did, but his excited nervousness spoiled his moment to shine.

Sarah could smell and taste Nancy on him; it confirmed what Nancy had already told her. She could tell he was excited, but Nancy had drained him nearly dry. He was so animated, even while sitting obediently in the chair. 'Those cuffs are dangling free, his ankles are not even restrained! What could she be blackmailing him with? Was it just the sex?' she thought. It was the first time in years that she had done anything sexual with him and he was still soft. Sarah began to feel regret for the way she had treated her husband over the years. If only she had done things different, maybe they would not be in this situation. That was a crazy thought; nothing she had done to him brought this on. Still, she was the one who invited Nancy over and told him to "entertain" her. Of all the women she had over, why did it have to be Nancy who picked him? The occasional man she could understand. Nancy was a puzzle in yet another way.

"Eddie, pet, be a dear and take off the skirt of the Woman of the House?" Hearing the private title of his Mistress took him by brief surprise. How would she know that? Then he remembered calling her that in Nancy's presence several times, even though he should not have before being told by Sarah that she was a playmate. He unzipped the skirt and gently slipped it to the floor as she stepped out of it. He could see what he already knew, traces of dried cum on her perfect skin and more on her stocking tops. It was Friday, one of her "date nights." He wanted to touch her, but did not have permission from either for that yet, so he behaved as trained, arms at his sides.

"Eddie, be a dear again and undress me too?" He unbuttoned Nancy's cuffs, and then the front, as he got hard again in the mouth of his Mistress. Sarah noticed and could not believe that this 'shriveled old woman' was arousing him more than she was herself. Nancy had the feeling that she already gained an advantage over Sarah for Edward and she ordered Edward to undo the front clasp of her satin bra and brought a perfect, firm C-cup breast to his lips to prove it. Perfect, with the help of the best cosmetic surgeon in the area. Nancy ordered Sarah to "eat my pussy like the pro you are" while she fed Edward an erect nipple. In short order, Nancy had a huge orgasm and Sarah could tell Edward helped. Edward came with her and was rewarded with a kiss from Nancy and another cleaning from Sarah, who wondered, 'Is this woman stealing my life as well as my husband? What could she be up to beyond a kinky night of rape and possible slavery play? That story about new jobs has to be a distraction.'

"You two are beginning to learn," Nancy purred. "Misses Kneeler, time to get on the bed, face down," Nancy announced in a singsong voice.

Sarah left her husband, got up and walked to the edge of the bed, teetering slightly already feeling weary from the experience. In play, this would not even count as a warm-up. This was real. Her wrists still bound in black silk, she was barely able to get a knee up on the tall bed to climb on. Sarah could tell that Nancy was experiencing fiendish delight in her awkwardness. She crawled on her knees to the center and fell over face first. As soon as she fell, Edward removed her panties, spread her legs, and secured her ankles in the locking leather cuffs, each attached to the foot-post anchors by strong chain that he prepared from Nancy's earlier order.

Nancy petted Sarah. "Relax, baby, we need to put these someplace safe," she said as she opened the clasp to Sarah's pearls.

Sarah cried, "Please, please don't." Her face sunk into the bed as she sobbed.

Nancy placed them on nightstand, continued to pet and stroke Sarah and said, "Just relax, I am being careful with them, that's all. Nothing will happen to them if you behave, I promise. Stop crying and start pleasing." She made a cell call and told someone, "Whenever you are ready, second floor."

From his earlier instruction from Nancy, Edward leaned forward and began licking Sarah's sheer nude thigh-high stockings clean. He worked his way up to her ass and bare pussy. In times past, this was merely a ritual Sarah wanted from him, but this time it was a connection to her husband. One of the fleeting connections to freedom that she had left with him. It gave her a mini orgasm and she hoped that he noticed as she moaned. He heard it and was shocked; she had not done that from his touch in years. Nancy heard it too.

"Misses Kneeler, you did not ask permission."

The announcement only made Sarah wetter, which, in turn, encouraged Edward more. Was he always this good with his mouth? Sarah felt another building. "Misses Clarke, may I?"

"Ten," Nancy announced and Ed echoed, "Twenty" as he licked and sucked, Sarah's hips rocked.

"Please, Misses Clarke, please?"

"Yes, you may cum for Edward." Sarah erupted into a long moan as soon as she heard "yes." She did not need any encouragement to lick Nancy as her secretary sat on the bed in front of her, jerked her head up by the hair, slid under Sarah's face, and put on a sensual leg and heel show for Edward behind Sarah's back, rubbing them down to Sarah's ass. The combination of being allowed to lick his wife and seeing Nancy's sexy legs and shoes were keeping him hard beyond his imagination and he had no hope of holding back an orgasm if his body caught back up.

At the edge of another orgasm, Nancy jerked Sarah's head from her crotch. "Sir Joe, welcome to the Kneeler home!" Nancy greeted her husband and got off the bed. Joe was a massive man, over 6' 4" tall, black wavy hair, dark olive skin and huge hands. He was like a human mountain as he entered the bedroom wearing a long black leather duster, red and black checkered flannel shirt, overalls, and cowboy boots. To Sarah, he looked like a farmer going to Church, a hot farmer, but a common worker nonetheless. Ed noted the shirt looked custom, the boots hand-tooled. Joe took off his cowboy hat, placed it crown down on the nightstand, and laid his big cigar in the polished brass incense tray, the first thing to smolder in it, ever. Nancy took his coat as Joe patted her ass and took a deep kiss from her, and then hung the duster in the walk-in closet over one of Sarah's suits as Joe had Ed undress him and orally "fluff" him to full erection. The personalized label in the shirt and overalls confirmed for Ed that they were tailor-made. Joe was toned, cut and as soon as he was hard, he appeared to have powerful muscles everywhere. Nancy returned during the fluffing and whispered to Sarah to beg Joe to fuck her.

"Sir Joe, will you please fuck me?" Sarah said in a disappointingly unconvincing manner. Her body wanted him, she was very wet again, but her mind just wanted it to be over. As soon as she finished speaking, Nancy shoved a huge red ballgag in Sarah's mouth, secured the attached black leather head harness and built-in blindfold, and then left her side. Her eyes began to water, her jaw fully extended.

Nancy mounted Ed's lap and debated giving him a pill from Joe's overalls, but he was hard again on his own. "Yea baby, a good live cock is better than a dildo any day!"

Sarah screamed into the gag as Joe plunged into her. It felt like he was ripping her ass open. No prep, no lube, nothing but his huge rock-hard cock and a bit of Ed's saliva, attacking her toned, firm ass. She screamed "red" as if a safeword would stop anything, it made Joe laugh. He lifted her bound arms and sent pain through her shoulders, she screamed again and he laughed, thrusting harder. Joe was an ass man. The first thing that attracted him to Nancy was her perfect ass, something she still had at sixty years old. Nancy's face was not bad when they met, but the tanning salons and summers in the sun had taken their toll. Sarah's ass was already a new favorite.

By the time Joe filled Sarah's bowels with his hot cum, Sarah was reduced to an exhausted kitten without even a purr. She was satisfied against her will.

"Sir Joe, looks like your little bitch in heat can't keep up," Nancy said as she looked over her shoulder, then turned back to moan into Edward's mouth. Nancy continued to ride Ed until he subsided, squeezed his cock inside her in a way he never felt before, and then had him clean her and Joe with his mouth. They repositioned Sarah next to Ed, standing with her ankles shackled together, head harness and ballgag removed.

"Thank you Mistress," Sarah said as she worked her aching jaw.

Nancy slapped Sarah hard, "Misses Clarke! You need to learn this before we are back in the office on Monday! Now, you two clean each other silently, mouths only. Misses Kneeler, an invitation for Sir Joe and I to use your shower would be nice. What kind of shoddy hostess are you anyway?"

Sarah cleared her throat, "Misses Clarke, would you and Sir Joe like to use my shower? I am sure it will be to your liking."

"That was a little better, Misses Kneeler," she said as she followed her husband to the master bath.

5. Bad Kittens

Sarah wondered what happened to her skills since she walked through the front door. Other than Joe being bigger than she would normally allow in her ass he was far from the biggest she ever had in there. The punishments were far from severe; she had not even crawled for them, just a little allusion to pony-girl play and some fucking. Reality took longer to creep into her thoughts than earlier. 'Stupid girl,' she thought, 'this isn't play, it is real, and your secretary has you and your husband captive as her husband's fuck slaves.' As soon as Sarah heard the shower drown out the giggling in the bathroom she pulled Edward's licking face from her ass, turned, and whispered, "Baby, what did she do to you? Did she hurt you?"

Ed looked back in horror, they were just ordered to be silent. She was a sub too, she was supposed to know these things even better than he. His fears were realized as Nancy and Joe burst out of bathroom and asked who was talking.

When Ed tried to take the blame, Nancy called out "ten," Ed called back "thirty" and began to cry, not knowing what was going to happen, but knew it would be bad. Nancy grabbed Sarah and asked her directly, she lied too and said Ed was telling the truth. "Fifty" and Ed responded "eighty." Nancy nodded at Joe, and then looked at the dresser. Joe dragged Sarah to the long dresser with a mirrored top and locked her ankles to the base at the end. Sarah felt a wave run through her when he grabbed her; she was wet again, but afraid. He tore her blouse apart and tied her wrists to the brass anchors on the far end, stretching her toned body as far as it could stretch. She screamed, begged, and struggled in vain. She knew she immobilized for something severe.

Nancy tossed the ballgag onto the dresser; it bounced it off Sarah's head. "I know you don't want to hear her until she behaves, Sir."

"Please, this is too much! Please no? I swear I won't tell if you stop now," she screamed as Joe rubbed her ass. "Sir Joe?" With her unprompted utterance of "Sir," he slipped the big head of his circumcised cock into her dripping wetness as he reached under and rubbed her clit with his long, thick finger. She moaned and hoped to distract him, it was transparent, he pulled out and walked to her face. She looked up at him with a contrived smile and licked her lips invitingly. He smiled back as he picked up the gag. "No! Misses Clarke . . ." she screamed her appeal to the wife as Joe shoved the ball into her mouth and buckled the harness painfully tight. All that escaped were her muffled whimpers, tears and the saliva that pooled onto the mirror below her.

Nancy returned to Ed and kissed him, she cuffed his wrists behind the chair with the chain of the police cuffs threaded around a dowel, and then reached down and locked the other sets of police cuffs to his ankles before she again straddled his lap and kissed softly. Edward could not remember when he last had any assertive tendencies. He surrendered totally to Sarah for decisions, for daily routines, literally how to do everything. She taught him how she wanted things done and he did them very well. He thought that he should have done something, a thought that began to flee when he remembered Sarah told him to obey. The thought was gone as soon as Nancy spoke.

"Eddie, your wife will be catching up on her punishment now. You will count down as you tell me what happened while I was with Sir Joe in the shower. Okay baby?"

Ed nodded and said, "Yes Ma'am." He sighed as Nancy slipped him inside her and squeezed his cock as she kissed and sucked his tongue. She was amazed at how quickly he recovered for her. She kept his head forward so he could not see Sarah, even if he peaked from under Sarah's panties that she had just slipped over his head.

Joe briefly walked to the hallway, returned with the belt Sarah wore to work and turned it "inside out." Nancy smiled at the brilliant touch and squeezed Ed deep inside her. Speaking loudly enough for Sarah to hear, Nancy said, "Eddie pet, let's make this a little more fun," as she began to ride him gently, "let's fuck to the rhythm of the count." All Edward could do was moan a "yes" as his head rocked back in pleasure.

As Nancy began her slow ride, Joe rubbed the rough side of the leather down Sarah's back as he slid his finger over her wet clit again. Sarah moaned, after hearing what Nancy said to Ed and feeling Joe's touch she thought a forced orgasm punishment was on the way and smiled, then out of reflex tried to look in the mirror with her blindfolded eyes to see what he was rubbing on her back. Joe laughed quietly at the reaction as he rubbed the leather across her face, then up her arm to her fingers, allowing her to feel the buckles on the smooth side. As soon as she identified the belt, she cried and begged for mercy. Joe ignored the muffled screams as Nancy reminded Edward that he was to count down and, with that, a loud crack shot through the room as Joe smacked Sarah's ass with the belt and she screamed into the gag.

"Seventy-nine," Ed said with a whimper. During the pause, he tried to say again it was him who spoke.


"Seventy-eight," Ed said with a thrust, as Sarah began to cry for real between screams.

He tried to speak again and Nancy put her hand over his mouth. "Just countdown to ten and then tell me what happened. Only counting down now to ten, baby. She has not trained you as well as I thought," she said as he counted with tears rolling down his face, trying to keep his thrusts in rhythm with the beating. He needed no additional reminder that The Woman of the House told him to obey Misses Clarke at all times.

As Nancy matched Edward's improving rhythm she said, "Oh baby, this is such a good ride. Now, if I do not get the truth by the time you get to zero, Sir Joe will be mad and keep beating her even if she passes out. Not even her kidneys will be spared." Nancy confirmed that Edward knew something about corporal punishment safety, as he began to subside but still tried to keep rhythm with the count.

Sarah tried to scream, "Tell her truth," but not a syllable was understandable.

When Ed got to ten, Nancy asked Joe to pause and asked Ed what happened. Sarah's cries were getting weak. He knew that the truth was the only thing to keep things from getting more severe, so he did and Nancy gave Joe the signal to continue. Sarah was quiet by the time the last five lashes were given. She was bruised and unconscious, but not bleeding.

"How many words were said, Eddie? Think carefully before you answer."

Ed counted in his mind and answered with a whimper, "Eleven, Misses Clarke."

"Eleven it is," and she nodded at Joe, then kissed and fucked Ed deeply as Joe beat Sarah with eleven more powerful whacks.

"Now, Eddie, you two will learn to behave by morning, understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Nancy looked back to Joe and said, "Sir, thank you for my new Pet. May I have some privacy with him? He needs a reward."

Joe responded, "Yes, My Kitten." He released the bonds of the still unconscious Misses Kneeler, put her over his shoulder as Nancy removed the panties from Ed's head, and unlocked his ankles.

"Oh, Sir, when you are done she needs to be in the guest bedroom, not the little bitch princess' room."

Joe did not have to ask Nancy to expand. Her orders were to scope out the space and make things fit within the plan. She sent him a detailed floor plan with activity notes when she used the den computer. He accepted her word.

Joe dumped Sarah onto Edward's small bed and locked the door. He noted an additional lock that only worked from the outside. He did not bother waking her gently; he began screwing her like a fresh corpse. When Sarah woke, all she could do was whimper. His only order was "Be sexy, bitch." She tried her best to comply as she spiraled deep into "subspace," doing whatever told without question, rubbing her stockings and heels up and down Joe's legs, trying to moan, purr, and giggle.

Nancy decided to refresh Edward on romantic skills, helping him begin slow was not the problem, getting him to get intense was. They made love until Edward was sore again and empty, then cuddled and kissed until Joe returned for another cock cleaning. Before he was released to join Misses Kneeler in the guest room, Edward replaced the sheets and wiped the dresser with the old ones before he sent them down to the laundry room. Nancy rubbed his cuff-marked ankles with salve from Joe's overalls. He was instructed to use it to care for Sarah's bruising and Nancy shoved two pills into his mouth and made him swallow before Joe escorted him to the guest room.

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