tagNonConsent/ReluctanceControlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 03

Controlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 03


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Stacy gets beat up and raped by a younger woman while alone at the gym late one night. Tim, her live-in boyfriend finds out after the fact that this girl wants Stacy to give him to her. Mitch is the boyfriend / manager of this aggressive wrestler, and he likes having guys or girls afraid to disobey him. He uses his muscles and that fear to coerce them into sexual submission. Check back to the first 2 posted sections of this story for more information on the characters.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy part 3 this story.

Chapter 7

The next morning I was in the bathroom while Stacy was still lying in bed. I heard what I thought was the TV, and just assumed that Stacy had woken up as I had gotten out of bed. I really wasn't paying much attention to what program she was watching, and besides – I had the door to the toilet shut to limit the smell I was sure to be generating this morning.

I called out as I finished wiping my butt, "Honey – what would you like to do today. It looks like it is going to be raining the whole time, perhaps we can take in a movie or something" As I finished saying that I walked back into the bedroom and got a major surprise. There on the bed was Mika. She was sitting astride Stacy with her hands pushing my girlfriends face against her covered pussy.

She looked over at me and said something like "Enjoying the show?"

I was standing naked in my bedroom while Stacy's head was mashed into Mika's bathing suit up against her pussy. As I took 4 or 5 steps toward the bed, someone grabbed my arm and wrenched it behind my back. I bent over from the pain and they pushed down on my neck to make me bend even more. Using my other hand I took a swing at the guys legs. I hit him once, maybe twice when he just jerked my arm even tighter to the middle of my back. "Owwww" I cried out in pain. But he wrenched it again and again forcing me to move the way he wanted like a puppet on a string.

He let go of the hold he had on my bent arm and I turned around to see who it was, and just as I would have guessed, Mitch had a sinister look in his eyes. "What's the matter? Arm a little sore? That is not the only thing that will be sore when I am finished with you." Mitch threatened.

When Mitch found himself naked yesterday – it didn't stop him threatening and bullying me. This time I was the one naked and instead used both of my hands to cover my crotch. Mitch was dressed in a muscle t-shirt, a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and tennis shoes.

Mika said something about my Stacy – and her face plastered against Mika's crotch. While I turned to see what she was doing to her, Mitch came from behind to locked both my arms in his. His arms came from below my underarm and locked together behind my neck. Now, both my arms were useless, and there was nothing to cover me from Mika's inspecting eyes. We half heartedly wrestled around. Mostly it looked like we were in a weird dance routine. I tried to wrench myself free, and he showed me how pathetic my struggles were.

Mitch was making humiliating comments in my ear while I strained to get free. "We've come for you Pansy Boy! We're going to break you! If we don't break you will, then at least we'll have the fun of breaking your arm, back or maybe your neck!"

Mika let Stacy's head drop back into the pillow and she slowly got off my girlfriend. Stacy wasn't moving. Her arms were laying there as if she was passed out. Her eyes were closed. Mika however was sizing me up. She was now standing in front of me, her legs spread about shoulder length apart. Her tattoos readily exposed and something I really just noticed – her nipples were straining to poke through the navy blue swimsuit she was wearing. She stood even with me, while looking me directly in the eye she slammed her fist into my unprotected gut.

"Uummpfff" was the only sound I made – thus exhaling all the air in my lungs.

Mika cupped my balls, and several times ran her fingernail on the underside of my dick. It must have liked her touch. I started to imagine what Derrick had told me of his encounter with her. She stroked him till he shot his wad. Is that what she was going to do with me? My cock started to fill with blood and engorge. "So Cute! You are the precious one – aren't you?" Mika teased me.

Mitch must not have liked her calling me cute – 'cause he gripped tighter on my neck. Between that, and the pressure of his strong muscles trapping my arms I wasn't going anywhere. I tried to move my legs and get some leverage, but between his grip and Mika's teasing touch I was rendered vulnerable in their grasp.

I looked past Mika to see Stacy still not moving on the bed. "What did you do to her?" I said through my gritted teeth.

"Nothing that we weren't going to do to you too!" Mika answered, and held up a handkerchief that must have contained a sleep agent like ether. "Normally I like to put my wrestling matches to sleep with one of my many wrestling moves, and then humiliate them while they are out. But sometimes Mitch uses this stuff on a guy as he gets just a little too rough with me. It won't hurt to go sleep --- but what Mitch does to you when you fall asleep – will hurt a lot!" She forewarned. Then she held the hanky to my lips and nose and pressed it while I fought to get free and tried not to inhale at the same time. Moments later I remember seeing Mika breasts fade to black.

Chapter 8

How long I was out – I couldn't say. I wasn't facing the clock when I woke up. I awoke as I was choking on some liquid. It took a moment to realize just where I was. Yes, I was still in the bedroom, but instead of being on the bed or chair – I was still naked kneeling directly in front of the chair. Mitch was sitting in our bedroom chair; his legs spread wide open and his lumbering dripping cock – just inches from my face. Every muscle in my arms hurt. My shoulder felt like it had been separated from my body – or maybe that was my arm that had been separated from my shoulder. My legs were weak – and very sore too. Oh, all of this was only surpassed by the throbbing coming from my nut sack. I glanced down and saw some sort of contraption on my cock and balls. A leather strip circled my dick and a silver ring was cupping my balls – extending them from my crotch. It looked bizarre and unnatural the way my dick was strapped up.

I wanted to talk, I choked some more on some very salty substance. It was then that I realized Mitch had shot his load into my open mouth while I was unconscious. His dick was still dripping his thick seed. He laughed as he watched my eyes and knew how my mind was starting to figure a few things out.

Mitch held up a hand mirror from Stacy's bathroom sink. I glanced into it – to see myself covered in Mitch's jizz. "I always love the look that guys have when they realize what they were doing while they are out of it. I fucked your real pretty mouth. I shot my cum all over your face, and all the way down your throat. That is what usually brings 'em around."

Gradually, I reached for my cock and balls – looking down to see what it was that hurt so damn bad. The strap which was 3 inches wide encircled my shaft, with only the mushroom shaped head poking out. Below the bottom of it there was something metal dangling from it. And the top part of the strap had a metal loop, like maybe where you could attach a leash or chain.

"Here!" Mitch said as he handed me the mirror. "Check it out for yourself. I have an old chum of mine who is really into dominating male slaves. He makes 'em for me."

I tried to pull on it – but the slightest pressure around the strap caused needle like pain from my cock. "OWWWWwwww" I hollered.

"Oh, you found the controlling action of this devise. You see inside the strip of leather is 20 or 30 small thumbtacks. The second strip of leather goes around it – so that someone else can grab your little dicky and reduce you to whimpering puss!" Mitch proudly explained. "For my friend it serves 2 purposes. First, it will keep the wearer from wanting to get a hard on. Oh, you can get a hard on all right --- but it won't be pleasant. Soon you will learn to divert your mind, so that you don't get excited, just to keep from the pain. Second, it is used how I love to use it – a Master can grab you by your dick..." Mitch reached down to my shaft and wraps his palm tightly around the leather. "And he can tighten his grip..." He squeezed slowly – letting the pain my shaft build until I tried to stop his hand – and squealed with agony.

"LET Gooooo" I hissed as the new sting registered in my brain.

Mitch just squeezed even tighter. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked knowing the answer I would provide.

"Yes!" I hissed.

"Will you be a good little BOY – and do exactly what I tell you!" He taunted.

I tried to squirm away. But with my arms and legs so sore, and his grip on my cock – I had no where to go. I grabbed his wrist and put a ton of pressure on it to try and force it off my sheath covered dick. But he held on even tighter, until I finally screamed.

"AAaaaahhhhhhhh STOP!"

In a calm but frightfully evil voice, Mitch ordered me "Let go of my arm, and hand or I will squeeze even tighter." He punctuated his order by crushing it into my skin a little more, until I saw a small amount of blood drip from the end of the leather.

I let go.

Mitch eased his grip somewhat. Satisfied that I was remaining motionless in his grasp, he asked "Now – what are you going to be for me?"

"I'll be good." I sniffled as I tried not to cry.

"That is nice, but what I want to hear you say is 'that you'll be a good BOY' to me" Mitch's malicious eyes bore into my brain. He punctuated his question when he got to the word 'BOY' by closing his fist a little tighter on the leather strap.

I inhaled a deep breath, and knew that the fight I thought I would have with this redneck had already come to an end – well before it ever began. He had reduced me to an impotent slut right before his eyes. I was going to call myself a 'boy' before his naked form. I did as he expected. "I will be a good Boy!"

He was enjoying this immensely. His cock – which must have already squirted down my throat once and maybe even on me once more, was starting to stir and stand out from his body. This is a fact that did not go unnoticed from either one of us. Then he taunts "How can you possibly show that you will be a good boy for me?"

"Stop hurting me – and I will do what ever you want." I begged

"Hmm, whatever I want – well know what I want? I want you to show how much of a BOY you are in front of a man. Make my cock hard – suck it good for me." He commanded.

"You have to let go of me – your arm is in the way." I tried to reason with him into letting my bleeding dick go.

Satisfied that I was nearly emasculated he eased his grip on my extremely sore dick, and scooted his ass further toward the front of the chair, so that I could do a better job sucking his cock. I had no choice. I opened my mouth and licked at his hardening shaft.

He called me BOY, PUSSY, FAGGOT, BITCH and COCKSUCKER, to make me feel that much more insignificant in his presence. I have nothing against the gay community, but there must be plenty of guys who LIKE this sort of thing – but what I was doing was being forced to obey and submit to him.

He never did cum – he just got tired of me sucking on his cock before he stood up and whipped me across the face with his full hard on.

I asked "Where is Stacy? What happened to her – what have you done with her?"

"You will see her soon enough. But I have to explain EXACTLY what you will say when you see her." Mitch was slipping on his gym shorts.

I looked at his body – he was proud of its muscles everywhere. I could see that his tattoos were so inappropriate especially the one that was across his lower chest saying to suck his cock. He had the tattoo of barbed wire going around the top of his bicep and one even going around his ankle. The one about sucking his prick was too much. When someone is actually kneeling and sucking his substantial cock – their eyes are at the same level as this statement "In case of Emergency unzip pants – suck hard".

I was already submissive to this obnoxious guy. Mitch tossed me a pair of my own gym shorts and a t-shirt and told me to put them on. Then he stood really close to me and warned me "now, we are going to go over to where Stacy and Mika are. You are to do exactly as I say, and I won't embarrass you by showing that miserable boy dick you got between your legs. I know that your cute little girlfriend has seen your miserable cock, but she is going to see one much better..." and he grabbed his crotch in a most suggestive manner. "I am not going to embarrass you by showing that devise on your cock and balls. But in return you are going to drop to your knees and beg to suck my cock in front of her. If you refuse, I will reach into your shorts and grab your little dick. I swear the pain will be so much worse than what I did just now. Then we will wrestle for Stacy. When I win – Mika will keep you as a pet until she decides to throw you away. Is that understood BOY?"

"Yes!" I quietly answered him

"Oh, one more thing – just to show them who's the boss – you will address me as 'SIR' and answer to 'BOY' -- Got it?" Mitch sneered.

Remembering what the pain felt like when he grabbed my cock, I didn't disagree with this bully.

Chapter 9

We went to Mika's and Mitch's apartment. It was trashy. In the middle of the room, they had taken the couch cushions and laid them on the floor. A few blue wrestling mats are on the outskirts of the cushions. The living room was one big wrestling ring. Stacy was in one corner with Mika on a chair, and Stacy standing beside her. Mika turned to Stacy and announced. "Mitch and Tim have agreed to wrestle. The winner gets the loser and their girlfriend as slaves." Looking at Stacy Mika continued "That is right – we are going to abide by the results of this match."

Mitch stepped to the center of the 'ring', just off the cushions and said "Before we begin this match for Stacy or Mika – I want to show what I taught Tiny Tim to do. Tiny Tim – crawl over here!" He said pointing to a spot next to his feet.

I quietly dropped to my knees and crawled to the spot he pointed at. When I got there, I just kept my head bowed.

"What are you?" Mitch asked me.

"I am a BOY" I stated.

"What am I?" Mitch prodded.

"A dick!" I mumbled under my breath.

"What did you say BOY?" Mitch grabbed the back top of my hair and yanked my head back so I could see his villainous glare.

"A man!" I quickly changed my answer.

"Undo my pants and show your soon to be ex-girlfriend what this man has in his pants!" Mitch goaded.

Every muscle in my arms, shoulder and legs hurt. But nothing hurt as much as when he grabbed my cock less than 20 minutes ago. There was no way I wanted to have him do that again. His cock was already bulging in those light weight grey gym shorts. He must be really get off making me (or any other guy) submissively cower in his presence. I reached up and undid the string that kept his gym shorts up on his waist. This allowed the garment to drop to his ankles. His thick tool sprung right at my face.

I could see from the side of my face -- Stacy was watching intently – as Mitch gave the next command.

"Now – tell me you're just a little boy and you would love to prove I am a Man – beg to suck this!" He gripped the shaft with his fist and waved it in my face.

Just as he had previous instructed – I looked up toward his thick hanging shaft and in the quietest voice pleaded "I am a boy – you're a man – please – I can't do this!"

He shoved it my direction and I closed my mouth tight and turned my head.

"You know that you are just a pussy! Go on – I know you're dying for it. Go ahead. Kiss it. Suck it." Mitch taunted me as he waved his 8 inch long, solid slab of meat in my face.

"I can't do it." I repeated "You just can't make me! Please this is all wrong. You broke into my house, took my girlfriend, done god knows what to me ..." I didn't finish when he actually pounced on me. All of his weight came crashing down on my kneeling form and my chest couldn't hold him. My back buckled over and I was pinned under his weight. My legs, which were still bent back – didn't have time to spread straight out, so they are dying up under my ass as it crashed down on top of them. My arms – well, hell he made them useless at my apartment. He must have torn something inside my arm because I couldn't grasp him – or knock him off me.

"You whine like a pansy. 'I can't do it.' 'you can't make me'. Well we'll see who can make you!" He threatened.

I raised my arms to try and choke him. But he just caught them and had the leverage to simply push them over my head. Once he got them pinned – I couldn't raise them off the mat. "Now – I am not going to force you to suck my cock. That is not what I want to prove. It looks so noble of you – that you fight sucking it when I know that is exactly what you want to do. But – you can't let your pretty girlfriend know that you crave my cock – ever since you saw it." Then with an air of compassion – no wait, he has no compassion --- he offered me an alternative. "I won't squeeze your nuts or beat the shit out of you until you suck it. You will call yourself a pussy, and cocksucker and then BEG me to suck your cock before I let you off this floor!"

I could wait all day. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction in front of Stacy and Mika. I refused to do what he says. I shook my head no.

"Mika – why don't you put some of your punishing moves on little sweetie-pie while we are waiting" Mitch suggested.

Mika grabbed Stacy and flung her out toward the mat where she promptly fell on her ass. With her back toward Mika, Stacy was just trying to get her bearings when Mika grabbed both of Stacy's arms and yanked them behind her back. To make matters worse, Mika drove her knee into Stacy's back. Stacy was sitting on the couch pillows while Mika would slowly push Stacy's arms closer together behind her back. Stacy struggled – but Mika clearly knew what she was doing.

Mika, who was sitting behind Stacy – her knee still in the small of Stacy's back, leaned back while still holding onto both of Stacy's arms. She slowly extended her reach by letting her grasp slide down to Stacy's wrists, but that is as far as she went. Now, Mika leaned back even more but this time she started putting her feet on Stacy's back. Stacy gritted her teeth her breath was short – she was clearly in pain. From my view, Mika was enjoying her torment of my girlfriend. I could watch them both from the side. Stacy had her arms being torn from their sockets – her blonde hair was dangling down over Mika's feet as her head flung back to take some of the tension off her shoulder blades. Mika looked like she could continue this for hours. She didn't look the least bit like she was straining to keep Stacy locked up.

I twisted a bit under Mitch. I think he was starting to enjoy the one sided catfight because his bloated cock began to rise from the front of my neck. Whenever I looked at him – my sight was quickly drawn to his twitching dick and semi-full balls. I wasn't getting loose. He did scoot up just a little bit so that his hardening shaft was starting to poke at my chin. If I lowered my head so my chin touched my face – he could have easily shoved his tool into my mouth. But I tried to keep my head back – or maybe look over to my left and watch what Mika was doing to Stacy.

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