tagMind ControlControlling Thoughts Ch. 1

Controlling Thoughts Ch. 1


I awoke with a start. For a moment my mind was blank and I could not remember why I woke. Then I recalled it. A vivid image of a strange lady with a friend of mine had flashed through my head.

I don't know why I had thought of it, but looking down I could tell at least something of me was happy about me. I groaned and rolled out of bed, little point in sleeping now, I was fully awake.

I trotted over to the bathroom and leaned over the sink thinking. My reverie of thought had been broken when I looked up into the mirror, and saw not myself, but the strange woman from my dreams.

I was enraptured by her flawless beauty. But before I had a chance to truly admire her body, she was gone. There before me was just that. Me. I shook off the event, and walked out to the kitchen and began making breakfast. I looked out the window while I waited for the coffee to heat up. The birds were making their nests, and the squirrels gathering their food. It was early autumn, and the trees were beginning to shed their leaves.

The coffee finally finished making and I poured a cup and sat in silence, left to my thoughts as always. I'd always been alone for as long as I can remember. I'd grown up with no friends, and little connection with my family. I spent my time reading books and playing on the computer. I grew weary of my lifestyle, and began looking through things of the occult and things my parents would never have spoken of with me.

I became fascinated by telepathy and mind control. I never succeeded, but was still amused with it and kept practicing. Finally I got a job, and filled my time with work, long forgetting my studies. I never did make any friends.

Finally I broke myself from my thoughts and looked at the time, realizing I had to be at work soon. I drained the coffee and went to the room and prepped for work. I gathered my things, went to my car, and was gone.

It was a mainly uneventful drive to work, save for a speeder trying to evade a cop. I'd seen such things most everyday so I wasn't really interested. I flipped through the radio stations and found some nice, calm music which I used to meditate with. I thought about that woman I had seen. Who was she? And more importantly, why was she in my head, and how?

Again, my thoughts were interrupted when I saw the get off for my office. I pulled in front of the drab grey, brick building. I was a little late, but my boss, Ms. Shanerone, was too busy flirting with the delivery boy as usual. He always seemed to have packages for her. I chuckled to myself, imagining her getting his special package.

Shrugging off the thought, I settled in at my desk and flipped on my computer. Sitting there listening to it whir a minute, I wandered out into the hallway, since actual work wouldn't begin for a little while. I found myself travelling from hallway to hallway, feeling compelled to find something. What I did not know, though I felt I would soon enough.

Upon entering a corridor far from my office, I noticed a woman bent over the drinking fountain. I hadn't seen her before. I would have remembered her, I would never forget someone as beautiful as her. I watched her for awhile as she seemed to be busying herself looking at the noteboard in front of her.

I tried to turn to walk away, but found I could not move. I tried moving again, but to no avail. I tried blinking, even that didn't work. I began to panic. What was happening? Why couldn't I move? The lady then turned and smiled at me. I gasped. It was her from my dream. This lady said, "You can't move because I haven't said you could."

I looked at her in awe. Hadn't said I could? No one controls me, I am my own master. She just laughed, as if she knew what I was thinking. But of course, she did. I then realized. She was a telepath, that which I had tried so hard to be.

I gave up my attempts to break free, realizing I could do nothing till she willed me to do so. I just stood there, looking at her, wondering what she wanted of me. It would not be long before I found out. She walked up to me, and to my shock, and discomfort, kicked me very hard in the balls.

I wanted to double over in pain but still could not. I was then very afraid of this strange woman who had so much power over me, power I could not see. She then grinned at me and said her name was Zoe Sakuma.

--- I know it isn't much so far, but if you're at all interested, please email me your comments, and if you like it, I'll write the next part. ---

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