tagMatureControlling You, Controlling Me

Controlling You, Controlling Me


Hair tickles my bare back as you move my locks aside to place a whisper of a kiss between my shoulder blades. I grumble loudly upon waking, it's too early. I try to bury myself deeper into the pillow as your arm snakes around cupping my breast beneath me; claiming yours. I refuse to open my eyes. I lay quietly preparing myself for your next move. Light breathing flares out against my back as your lips slowly trail down my spine. I can feel your body hovering over mine, your sweet kisses and body heat sparking chills of delight up to my ears. My body prickles and tenses up eagerly awaiting its final destination. You linger near my lower back, lightly nipping at my hip. My annoyance has long since faded into a dull ache between my legs. Your breathy laugh tickles goosebumps as you squeeze my breast just a little tighter, a pinched hold on my nipple. You watch me catch my breath, my chest heaving slowly as my nipple rolls mercilessly between your fingertips. I feel your smile within the wet kisses pressed into the center of my back. Your fingers play urgently, begging me to pay attention. I don't hate this game, my center is wet and waiting and I enjoy my body reacting to yours. Your leg slips between mine as you rest your weight above me. Your hand reaches carefully for my hair, holding on tightly as your hard excitement rubs into my lower back. I can't take it anymore, my fingers grip the sheets, my wet center aching as I push back into you.

"Please.." I beg of you.

I'm soaking for you, craving and whimpering for you to relieve my ache. I feel how earth shatteringly hard you. I hate lying trapped beneath you as you blatantly enjoy my struggle. I know you feel my urgency. I thrust backwards fiercely.

You release my breast and carefully stretch your body to the length of mine. The bed dips forward slightly as you rest your weight on your elbows around me. Your breath trembles against my shoulder as your sex rotates against me. Only cotton stands between us now. You reach for my hands stretching them out before me and bury yourself into my neck. You're pushing harder, swirling deeper, trying to break past that damn barrier. My hips move with yours, lifting upwards urgently seeking your entry. I feel your growl build deep within me as you slowly lose your patience. Your cool exterior breaking with the added frustration of wanting to be inside of me. I press my back into your chest, needing to be close. My legs quiver as my ache increases, I don't want to wait anymore. I feel the thickness of your shaft digging desperately, you're slowly losing control. You release my hands and drag yours beneath me, grasping my breasts harshly. Your forehead lodges between my shoulders as you press on with your pulsating sex. A mournful growl tears through your chest as I wiggle my ass back and forth, quickly, wanting to push you to give in already. You're holding me down but I enjoy controlling you.

As though sensing my slight victory, you abruptly lower your hand below and grab my intimacy tightly. I don't wiggle, I don't even dare to breath. I feel you pulsating against me on the brink of going over. Your heart rate beats profusely against my back. A few deep breaths help you regain your composure as well as his. Slightly loosening your hold on me, you press your middle finger up and lazily seek between my wet folds confidently.

"Mm.." I open my eyes to your moan, squinting at how tightly I've kept them shut. My labored breathing stands out against your calm form. I hold my breath and press my ass up.

With every rub against your hardness my underwear gives away bit by bit. Soon nothing but your skin presses into mine. He stands fully erect and ready against me. I want to show you how wet and ready I am but your fingers are already traveling beneath the lining. You stroke just outside my lips so agonizingly slow it seems like it'll never happen. You take your time stroking my inner thighs, running them inwards to my hot mess. Unaware of my own desperation, I grind shamelessly trying to bring you closer.

Your hand useless to my breast, releases me and travels up my spine. You dig your nails in with just enough pressure to scrape your way down to my hip before latching on. You push back intensely never once loosening your grip. I pant happily as you build yourself up again. I have to have you inside of me now. Hips bucking against my backside as your embrace tightens around me. Any act of gentleness is abandoned as your long artistic finger slides inside of me once, then twice, before entering another. Soaked underwear pushed aside, you bury two as deeply possible that my body is willing to take. Your palm flattens my swollen center as you finger fuck me furiously. It's finally happening; the build up I've moaned for slowly dragging me under. I don't feel your sex slamming against me, I don't hear your words of encouragement. I just become the hot intensity that is building like lava within me.

I feel your shout before I hear it, you pull back your fingers and flip me over with superhero-like speed. You hover over me breathing heavily as you glower.. "You've got to stop doing that.."

Seconds pass into eternity as we angrily stare at another. My sheets are gripped between your white knuckles as my own lie limply around me.

You raise one finger to my face and trace my lower lip. When had I become one to pout?

Never breaking contact, you lower your mouth and place the lightest kiss on my nose, moving onto my eyelids next. You brush by the corner of my smile before landing hotly against my mouth. My bottom lip disappears entirely within yours. My eyes flutter shut as you trail down my chin, along my neck. My breath hitches with every inch. My collarbone. My shoulders. Your kisses become wetter, your lips opening and tasting my skin with every new discovery. My shoulders, arms, and rib cage. The hollow between my breasts. My heaving molds endure light bites until you finally swirl your tongue just around my nipple, over and over.

My eyes open to yours as your smirk lowers itself for the final bite. My middle shoots up as painful bliss throws me over. You nibble and suck harshly, but tongue over the raw pleasure before it gets to be too much. I feel myself thumping, the ache growing painfully beneath as you suck the pleasure into me.

You tear off my underwear as I manage for some sort of control. The raw crazy that's taken a hold of me can't be accountable for what I'll do to you if you don't hurry. Your arm braces beneath me, enveloping my weak yet sex crazed body. Your mouth takes in a lonely nipple as your hand dips between my folds. An animalistic moan reaches out as my thighs imprison your hand with every stroke. Top, to bottom. You circle my throbbing clitoris gripping it lightly between your thumb and finger, toying with it. Toying with me. I faintly hear myself begging and moaning for release. Your fingers slide inside noisily as my soaked walls clamp down.

"Not yet, baby," you promise to finish me off soon as I cry out after your fingers.

I tear my eyes open in frustration as you lick me off your hand. You lower yourself between my legs, winking just once in my direction. Your face leans into me, trailing your tongue down from my belly button. Licking between my lips and nibbling them gently, you find my enlarged clitoris and suck it in. Slowly circling around and around with your fiery tongue.. You dip down into me, sucking and pulling my juices. Your fingers dig into my hips as you plant your face deeply within my core, your mouth literally fucking the hell out of me.

My face stretches apart as my mouth gapes breathlessly. My body battles between wanting to watch you and urging you to finish off my enraged orgasm. My insides shake violently as your tongue swirls around. You suckle my clit, lapping me up faster with every scream that quakes out of me. You raise your eyes, taking in my manic state and raise a finger to my nipple, pinching. You enter another finger inside of me, motioning upwards, beckoning me to come. My throat closes in passion, my hands are tearing at your hair, and my thighs have all but buried you until finally that last scratch to my wall skyrockets me into ecstasy.

"Good morning."

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