tagLoving WivesConumdrum Ch. 03

Conumdrum Ch. 03



The rest of that day was uncomfortable for Matt. He was starting to plan a raid on people who logic supposed could be completely innocent, but his gut feeling told him that his wife's curiousity and under some malign influence either hypnosis, drugs or both, had got into a situation that was beyond her control. He could no longer label her actions betrayal, many would of course, but Matt had greater understanding of human frailties. If nothing else the sights he had seen in his army career convinced him that anyone could do terrible things when in the grip of terror. Battle rage was nothing new, indeed it was the reason for many decorations for heroism. It may seem to some a completely different case but the emotions that caused that rage could induce another person to act completely out of character. The evidence did seem indicate that she was now subjecting herself to these bastards, yet at the same time part of his mind was telling him that she really had just gone to attend a course. For a while he was close to picking up the phone and calling Chubb, Gary and Hendy and telling them to forget everything. Then the 'what if' scenario played in his head. He knew he should plan for the worst, even if it left him with egg on his face if the worst didn't happen. For Beth's sake he had to make plans, not just to rescue her, but to ensure these bastards could never do this again.

With his mind now functioning better, a thought struck him. He phoned Gary.

"Gary, you talked about putting a GPS transmitter on Beth's car. That will only enable us to track her to the rendezvous. If as you suggested she will be taken on in another car, tracking will be more difficult. If these guys are as cute as you think, they will spot a following vehicle quickly, even if we switch from time to time." Gary gave that some thought.

"I think you are right, mate. We will have to think of something else. I doubt that we will have an opportunity to get a tracker onto their car." There was silence for a moment. "I know! We will have to plant the bug on your wife, something that will look innocuous, something that a woman would always carry with her. We could get something in her handbag!"

"She has at least five of those, unless we bug all of them we won't know which one she will take. Besides if I were them, I would go through her bag to check."

"They wouldn't find these, but I take your point about her choice of bag. There has got to be something she will take without question."

"Make-up?" Suggested Matt.

"Brilliant. What brand does she use?"

"Boots No. Seven." Answered Matt. Gary laughed.

"I would be willing to bet that seventy percent of husbands couldn't answer that. OK let's go for the winning question. What colour lipstick?" Matt was stumped.

"I've no bloody idea. I'll go and check."

"No point, Matt. It's the one that she has with her that is important. I can get a bug into a lipstick tube, so we have to get the one she is using."

"You don't think they will do a sweep just in case, do you?"

"They could. But the tracker I will be using will be inert until I activate it."

Now that he was active, Matt felt the doubts fade. His secretary, Janet, noticed and was pleased. Doing something, anything was better than nothing. It was now eight days since Beth had vanished and if her note was truthful, should be home soon. Janet approached Matt about how he would act.

"You have to be normal as you can. No pointed questions or snide remarks. Women pick up on that sort of thing and it could alert Elizabeth to your suspicions."

"I know. I am sure I can do that, but the big problem is going to be.." Matt stalled. But Janet understood what he was going to say.

"Marital relations?" Matt nodded with an embarrassed look.

"She will notice if you show reluctance. Do you want me to fabricate an away trip for you? At least for a few days." Matt shook his head. He had no idea how long it would be before Beth was summoned back to the lair. He had to perform as a husband should, he had to show the same desire for Beth as usual. Any slip may give Beth the clue that she had been discovered. Under those circumstances she would either not go back, or go and never return to him. Matt could accept the first scenario, but it would not give him the revenge he needed. He wanted these people stopped! He was determined that Beth would not be long enough with them for harm to befall her. He eased his conscience, by cloaking his revenge in a high moral attitude that his intervention would save other women from falling into their clutches.

The day of the meeting Matt arrived at his office early. He gave Janet a handful of cash, and asked her if she would go and get about ten rounds of bacon sandwiches when the others arrived. She looked at the money.

"There's enough here to buy the whole pig!" Matt grinned.

"Well make it twelve rounds then, the whole pig will not be enough. When you see how this lot eat, you'll understand. Oh and tell the man plenty of tomato sauce." Janet made a face.

"I'm not carrying that lot back, I shall smell like a greasy-spoon cafe the rest of the day. I'll get him to deliver."

Gary and Hendy turned up at least half an hour early. Gary wanted to go over the electronic aids he had brought, and Hendy wanted to make sure that Matt was aware of the psychology of these people. Gary went off to help Janet make teas, and Hendy started.

"Matt, I need to know if you understand what these people are about."

"Well, they get off seducing women into their kinky games." Hendy shook his head angrily.

"No, no, Matt. This is not about kinky games. This is not normal BDSM, and I suspect that there could be an element of blackmail involved. We are talking hypnosis, and drugging. We are talking about extensive security measures. What does your army training tell you about that." Before he could answer the question Hendy continued. "There are lots of people into the BDSM lifestyle. It's all about consenting adults agreeing together to pursue a dominant and submissive relationship. The important word is consenting. I have watched the web-site quite a lot now, and compared it to others on the web and to articles I have read. No other site is quite the same as this one. What these people are doing is rape. Organised and repeated rape. And they are probably filming the spectacle. Now I do not think that they will go to the measures they have gone to just to rape a few women. These women are drugged, hypnotised and degraded for a purpose. There has to be more to it than our original perception."

"Shit! What has Beth got herself into?"

"You may well ask. But I will emphasise the point. Whatever she has got herself into, she is not there of her own freewill, nor is she participating in any acts voluntarily. I am certain that she has been administered one of, or a combination of GHB, Rohypnol or even Ketamine. These are all Benzodiazepines. But I would speculate that it is Rohypnol that has been used, possibly with Ecstasy as an additional stimulant. Rohypnol is used as an anaesthetic in hospitals, as it makes a subject drowsy. It also causes memory loss, and lowers inhibitions. Ecstasy raises the body's sensory perceptions and induces euphoria and lowers inhibitions as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they had not used Sodium Pentathol as well." Matt interjected.

"Truth serum?"

"Well that's what they call it, although it wouldn't be used for that purpose in this case. Pentathol induces hypnotic symptoms, and makes the patient very susceptible to suggestion. Which is why it's not too useful at getting the truth. Whatever, I think it is Rohypnol that is the key. They could well have administered the Rohypnol in a coffee when they meet. It's tasteless and colourless. Official doses have a blue tint to them, but there's plenty on the market which has been made in unregistered laboratories, so no blue tint. If when they meet your wife they go into a café, I would be certain that this is when they will slip her the first dose. After that she has no chance of resisting. Her stupid curiosity got her to meet these people, but the drugs will destroy any semblance of freewill she had left."

Matt's anger was growing. It was a cold anger. He didn't burst out with threats and wild gestures, it grew inside him, and made him more determined to bring a lot of pain to these people. Terrible pain, that would live with them the rest of their lives.

"Now Matt, when she is back with you, you have to act perfectly normally. Ask about the course, she will expect that, but don't cross-examine her. If she ever brings up the topic of going for a refresher course. Accept it without argument. Carry on your lives as if nothing has happened. That will convince Elizabeth that nothing has been suspected, and will encourage her to go back again if they should demand."

Chubb arrived followed shortly by the others of the team he had picked. They were introduced simply by nick-names, although Matt had their real names on file. They had all worked for him at some time, so he was aware of their capabilities. Spag had amongst his other talents gained proficiency in defensive driving, car control of a kind normally only seen on a race track, although some of the manoeuvres he could pull off would certainly get him banned from any race track. Jock had been a member of Chubb's SAS team, and despite his nick-name had a strong Welsh accent. The last to arrive was Goat, who Matt recognised immediately. Goat was genuinely pleased to see Matt, as he was the man who Matt had rescued from a bad situation. Goat was nick-named aptly, as from what Matt had heard he had a very winning way with women, and was rarely seen without some attractive girl on his arm. They sat down in the office, with Matt shunning his position behind and perching on the front of the desk to brief them as equals. He explained the situation totally, leaving nothing out. These guys could be going into harm's way, they deserved nothing less than the whole truth.

The team listened carefully without comment, but as Matt spoke they were mentally assigning themselves roles in the coming operation, each one recognising the talents of the others. None of them except Goat made any comment about the bad guys. Goat was incensed that anyone could treat a woman as these people did. He may have been very active with the fairer sex, but it was always with a willing partner. His comment.

"Castration!" Matt assumed that was just a comment made from anger, and not an intention.

Hendy then filled the team in on the psychological aspects first then introduced another aspect for the operation. On one aspect he seemed to be quite sure.

"I believe we will be looking for a secluded property, probably out in the country. In an urban situation there would be too many eyes to see the comings and goings. I suspect that there will be extensive files, and video, either as tape or DVD. They need to be examined for clues to who is involved and what other victims there could be. There could be high-profile subjects implicated in this." Chubb was shaking his head.

"We won't have time. The whole essence of a job like this is when we get in to do the work we came to do quickly, then get out and vanish. I would not like to be in there for anymore than an hour at the most." Hendy persisted. "This is most important, we must have sight of their files." He stopped, as looking around he saw the doubts on the other's faces. "Perhaps if I came in as well, I could go through them?" This was phrased as a question. Matt made the decision as Hendy seemed to be losing sight of the reason for this action.

"No. Hendy, I understand what you are saying, but these guys will have enough to do. We will not know until the last minute how many people there will be, who needs to be subdued, who could be on our side. It will impact on the op. if someone has to look after you." Hendy had to accept this.

"If I went in, I could secure all the files in about forty minutes." Everyone looked at Gary who had spoken. Chubb asked him how.

"I am pretty sure that they will have everything, files and pictures on computer. I can copy all the files to a portable hard drive, then I shall erase all evidence that the files have been copied." Matt thought he had caught Gary out, and mischievously asked him.

"But I thought you said that nothing ever gets wiped from the hard drive?" Gary grinned evilly.

"True. But the Plods won't be able to find what I have hidden." Hendy was getting excited again.

"Will you let me have access to the files?" Gary thought this through.

"You suggested that this could have blackmail overtones. If that is the case then I think the files should be brought to the attention of others."

"Who?" Asked Matt.

"Special Branch, particularly if the files concern public figures." Matt didn't like where this was going.

"I don't want them involved. They would put a block on our plans."

"No Matt. They would only be informed afterwards, or maybe given the tip at such a time as they couldn't do anything about what you have planned." Matt looked at his friend sceptically.

"Gary. Is there something going on that you haven't mentioned to us?" Gary was looking sheepish.

"Matt. Who do you think employs me more than any other?" Suddenly things became clear to Matt.

"It wouldn't be Special Branch by any chance?" Gary nodded.

"When I got that data from your computer, it rang a bell with me. Something that the Branch were investigating. They had asked me if I had ever come across it. They knew about the site, hell! They monitor all these sites. I haven't said anything to them and will not tell them about your wife, Matt. Your plans will have no interference from authority. However what I would like to do is give them a tip off, so that they can get into the place say twenty four hours after you have done your bit."

"But you want to wipe their files."

"No. I won't wipe the files, just confuse it sufficiently to get them interested, also so the bad guys can't hide it after you have done your stuff. But leave enough for them to want to investigate more."

"They will be in no condition to do anything after we have visited." Chubb stated quite forcefully. "But we will leave them all parcelled and tied up so that the Green Slime won't have any problem." The SAS had little respect for the Special Branch and all others in so-called Intelligence. He glared at Gary. "I hope you know what will happen to you, if the Special Branch just happen to arrive while we are still there." The look on Gary's face said that he understood.

"That won't happen, you can depend on it, after all I don't want the boys in blue arriving when I am on the premises. Won't do me any good at all."

Matt regarded Gary thoughtfully.

"You have another agenda, don't you?" Gary grinned.

"If they can't find anything on that computer, guess who they will come to?"


"Yes. I will make great play about deciphering the contents, when I have got the lot anyway. Nice little earner for me."

Matt looked at Chubb for his reaction. He nodded. "If they get lifted by the coppers, that should put them out of action for a few years." Matt turned to Gary.

"Yes OK. But they must never know who was there before. They come knocking at any of our doors, and Chubb's mates will have a word with you."

"Won't happen. After all you can point to me being there as well. That will put the kybosh on my work permanently."

Hendy had been quiet for some time. Upon hearing Gary's agenda, Matt thought that Hendy had one as well.

"OK, Hendy. What's in it for you?" Hendy shrugged his shoulders.

"I could hope for a retainer to look at the psychological aspects of the case. But I would really like to get a book out of the information in the files." Chubb laughed cynically.

"It's alright for some. We do the work, and they get the kudos. Perhaps we should ask for a commission from them, Matt. But they seem to have forgotten who's going through the emotional torment right now. Your wife and you!"

The bacon sandwiches arrived at that moment, which stopped all talk whilst mouths were busy devouring the thick white bread, dripping with layers of fried bacon rashers, grease and tomato sauce.

As they finished, Janet came in with mugs of sweet tea, to wash the unhealthy mix down. Chubb restarted the brief, as they now got onto an area where he and his team had the expertise.

"First of all I agree with the Doc. My gut feeling tells me that this will be an rural setting for the same reasons as Doc said. Now we need two GPS receivers, and we'll use two cars. One to follow about five miles back, and the other to parallel. That way we have a back-up if one of the receivers goes on the blink, or if one of us is held up by an accident. I'll take Jock with me and Spag, I want you to drive the parallel with Goat." Parallel was a technique that had a car on roughly parallel roads, shadowing rather than following. The driver had to be good, as he would be called upon to adapt quickly to the turns and different directions the target could take, and also respond quickly if the target did a 'U' turn. The passenger, in this case Goat, would very often have a white-knuckle ride as they sped through the country at very high speed, trying to make up for an unforeseen turn. Goat was truly grateful for this assignment.

"Thanks a lot." He said caustically. Spag was quite happy. Chubb grinned.

"I know, it's a brown trousers assignment, but somebody's got to do it. When we are certain that the target has come to rest, we will approach cautiously, but not getting within a mile. If we are sure that they have reached the destination, then Jock and Goat will go in cross-country and scout for two OP's. Hopefully giving us a look at all four sides of the building. Ideally I would like to observe for three days, and establish some kind of pattern, but Matt's wife will be in there so it will have to be twenty four hours maximum, before we go in. What we need to know is alarms, CCTV, IR beams, usual stuff. Most important, a way in." The SAS were not known for using the front door or any door for that matter. All of this was second nature to these guys. The Regiment excelled in infiltration and surveillance. In many ways it was their primary purpose. If a team got into a fire fight they would consider the operation unsuccessful, because their presence had been discovered.

Chubb turned to Matt.

"Matt we will need side-arms. We have to subdue any opposition as quickly as possible. With fire-power we can do it fast, without..." He left that hanging in the air. Matt knew this question would come, and was prepared for it.

"I can get you each a weapon. What is your preference?" The four guys conferred amongst themselves.

"The Sig Sauer P230 would be best, it is small enough to be concealed beneath clothing without leaving a tell-tale bulge, I know it only has a seven round magazine, but we shouldn't have to open fire at all; we just want to frighten them; so the shortage of rounds won't matter. Can you get us those?" Matt nodded.

"Yes, can do." Matt continued. "I can get you all the other equipment, overalls with Velcro fastening, night vision glasses, communications, syrettes; you may need them to knock some of them out; even emergency ration packs." The last was greeted with groans.

"Just like eating mud." was Spag's comment.

Chubb had more to say.

"We'll get in and control the area. Jock will check the security of the building and surrounds then we get your wife out, then we sort out the bad guys from the good. You never know there could be other unwilling subjects there." Hendy interrupted.

"I doubt that. There may be another woman who looks like a victim, but she will be an 'agent provocateur' so to speak." Matt looked at Hendy with the question plain on his face.

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