tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 02

Converging Destinies Ch. 02


Chapter 2.

Dreams, Deals and Destiny.

Part 1 of the Converging Destinies story covered the meeting of Bree and Michael. Michael, a college student in his sophomore year at San Diego State who is in a relationship with Veronica Chambers. Bree is a nurse who works for the doctor where Michael had to take a physical for his football eligibility. After the two meet they begin to have identical dreams about feral Scotland and two young lovers named Mungan and Ceana. Ceana has been married off to a horrible man named Eonan and has decided to give all of her 'firsts' to the man she loves. As the dreams continue the strange feeling Michael and Bree feel for one another build. At a party to celebrate one night Michael finds out that Veronica and Bree are friends and the two share a very romantic dance with one another and almost kiss. That night Bree sleeps with Jonathan Masters, a longtime friend of Michael's out of sexual desperation and the thought of what Michael and Veronica are doing. Michael on the other hand takes Veronica forcefully because "she is his" as he says. Veronica has no idea he is thinking about Bree with Jonathan. As they cum, they each see each other, instead of the ancient Scotland couple they had always seen.

This is Part 2.

-Part 2-

Therapy and couples therapy.

After the night at the bar and the events from that evening the dreams not only continue for both Michael and Bree but they seem to get more intense, more vivid and more crushing. Every night Bree and Michael dream of Ceana and Mungan and every night the Scottish lovers would do everything to and with one another. Mungan would lovingly lick Ceana's sweet pussy and his beautiful scottish woman would return the favor to his uncut cock. The two would then make love and lay naked in one another's arms until the sun was close to coming up.

The Dreams had begun to take their toll on the private lives of the two. Bree was late for work almost daily and had taken to picking up guys from the bar every night. She would pray they could give her what she needed, but no matter how great the sex, she asks them to leave and cries herself to sleep. Ceana's emotions bleeding out into her now.

Michael on the other hand had been late to practice three times in the last week. He hadn't made a single class since school started and he and his relationship with Veronica was suffering. After the events of the night of the party he couldn't bring himself to sleep with Ronnie again. He kissed her and when he opened his eyes he saw Ceana or Bree. She tries to go down on him and he saw Ceana or Bree. Then there was Mungan's emotions. Whenever faced with anyone looking at Veronica he would have this overwhelming need to hurt them. And he could barely stand to look at Jonathan. Knowing that he slept with Bree was killing him.

Michael was due in a calculus class when the door of his apartment rang. He was sitting on the couch wearing a pair of jeans and a white tank top and with his face in his hand. He had gotten up on time to go to class, but he was so tired and the thought of leaving the house, of not sleeping upset him now. "If you have a key come in....if not go away."

That usually took care of most people but he heard the sound of a key in the door and was just about to

look up and greet Veronica when he heard a male voice say sourly. "My god, you look like shit brother."

Michael looked up and found Jonathan standing in the door way. Jonathan was wearing a pair of ripped up black jeans, a pair of black boots and a Green Day T-Shirt. His short brown hair was nicely combed and his brown eyes were filled with concern. Michael's chest welled up with rage and hate when he saw him, but a voice inside his head reminded him He is your best friend and you and Bree are not a couple. He didn't do anything wrong. "Look Jon, it's not a good time."

"The last few weeks it's never been a good time." Jon said firmly. "And the last week? You won't return my calls. You don't ever want to hang. You barely talk to me. It is because of Bree?"

When her name came out of his mouth all Michael wanted to do was rip his throat out. Stop him from ever saying it again. "I has nothing do with with Bree Jonathan. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get to class." He said curtly.

"Your already an hour late for that Mike." Jonathan said in a little hiss. "Look, you need to talk to me brother. Something is throwing you seriously off your rocker. Did something happen when you went back home?"

"It had nothing to do with being back home." Michael snapped and then looked down and sighed. "It's these damn dreams."

"What dreams?" Jonathan asked as he crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the coffee table. For a bigger man, Jonathan was graceful.

So, Michael told him everything. The Physical, the dreams that followed, the details of the dreams. Everything. By the end of it Michael was crying and Jonathan looked more then a little awed. "Jon, you have to understand I am starting to feel Mungan's emotions....and Bree....oh GOD...Bree." Michael almost sounded fanatic now. "There is a part of me that wants to make things work with Veronica. To be happy and content with my old life, but there is another part of me that screams for Bree. I think there is a part of that is in love with her."

For a time Jon was silent and then he suddenly blurted out. "We slept together!" Jon looked down at his hands and added. "She didn't want any foreplay. She barely wanted to touch me. She just...did the deal and then had me drive her home."

"Jon." Michael's lip actually quivered. Another man touched her. Little did he know that Bree was sleeping with one, sometimes two guys a day now. Usually without protection. Michael suddenly looked down and cried out. "Jon I need help. I feel like I will die without her. Please....if you really care about me, help me."

"Okay bro. Okay." Jon moved from the table to the couch next to him and put an arm around his shoulder. "Look, my aunt has an office. It's about fifteen minutes from Campus. She's a psychologist who specializes in hypnotherapy. Maybe she can help you."

Before Michael could argue about seeing a shrink Jonathan had his cell phone open and to his ear. "Aunt Carol It's Johnie. I am alright....yeah my mom and dad are fine....Listen I need.....what? Yes, I am taking school seriously. Listen Aunt Carol I need......no I didn't know they remade Cats for

Broadway. Listen Aunt Carol I have a friend who really needs to get in to see you.....Carol please it needs to be right now....can you as a personal fa....thanks Aunt Carol."

Jon hung up the phone and looked over at Michael with a smile. "Come on. I'll drive."

Ten minutes later they were in the car and on their way. They did very little talking on the drive down. Ten minutes later Michael was walking into a big office. A middle aged woman sat behind the desk with a smile on her lips. She had brown hair, like her nephew and the same mud colored brown eyes. Her hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and on her nose sat a pair of thin glasses. "You must be the friend Jon called me about. Please, sit down and tell me what's going on.

Michael walked to one of the chairs sitting across from her desk and sat down. For a short time he just sat there staring at his hands and then began. "I went into a doctors office to get a physical done so I can play football. There was this blond nurse there, pretty, nice and funny. The second I saw her it was like I had known her my whole life. I couldn't breath and thoughts began to run through my mind."

"Sexual thoughts? Carol asked him.

"Yes." Michael said uncomfortably. "....but not thoughts though. More like memories. I could remember the sound of her moans. I could remember the feel of her flesh, the taste of her sweat."

"It is possible you two met at a party after you had been drinking and you have just forgotten?" Carol asked.

"It's possible we both forgot, yes." Michael admitted. "But then the dreams began."

"Dreams?" Carol inquired.

"Yes. About a pair of Scottish teenagers who had fallen in love. Her father marries her off to a abusive idiot . A man who was abused of fathering a young girls child by force. The two teenagers then give all of their firsts to each other before she is married."

"How old are these teenagers?" Carol askes intently.

"Around 18? 19 maybe?" Michael answers. "But now, I am starting to have emotions myself that the young man from these dreams has. I can't sleep, I can't concentrate at school. My whole life is coming apart."

"Well. As Jon no doubt told you, I specialize in Hypnotherapy. We can try and put you under and see what happens."

All Michael could do was nod. Carol led him to a bed in the corner of the room and began to process. Within minutes Michael's eyes were closed and his breathing was deep showing he was close to being in a deep sleep.

"Can you hear me?" Carol asked in a soothing calm tone.

"Yes." Michael responded in a weak, sleepy voice.

"What is your name?" Carols shifted and crossed her legs at the knee.

"Michael." Michael answered. "Ceana baby we have to be careful. Eonan's men are out tonight."

"Will Eonan hurt Ceana?" Carol asked.

"I'll kill him if he tries!" Michael snapped and then sighed happily. "Okay baby I am calm. You know you can do anything you want baby. I am yours."

"Michael I need you to focus." Carol blushed a bit at the thought of what was going on in this boys head. "Do you know where you are?"

"Oh god baby...." Michael moaned and carol, with a blush quickly woke him up.

Once he was awake again and apologized profusely for the raging hard on he was sporting in his pants. "Michael, to tell you the truth I need to see this woman Bree before I make any kind of future progress."

"Why do you need to see Bree?" Michael asked protectively.

"Because I need to confirm that Bree is also having these strange dreams. If she isn't this would be a form of Schizophrenia. Can you bring her here? Today?" Carol asked.

"I don't know. The best I can do is go to her work and see if she is even working today." Michael answered.

"Do that please. I will be waiting."

Michael left the shrinks office then and found Jon in the parking lot waiting for him. After explaining what his aunt believes Jon agrees to drive him back to his apartment so he could get his truck. Jonathan wanted to argue that Mike didn't need to be alone right now, but Michael didn't want Jon to see him and Bree together right now.

Twenty minutes later Michael is walking into the office of the doctor who preformed his physical and found himself face to face with the receptionist, which caused him to grin. The little redhead grinned at him in return. "Well, if it isn't mister football."

"You remember that after all these weeks?" Michael asked with a chuckle.

"What can I say, I remember the hot ones." The receptionist said with a giggle. "So, mister rock hard in the exam room, what can I do for you?"

Michael blinked that someone had told her about that, but seeing the way her eyes twinkled he grinned a bit down at her. "I need to see Bree."

"Another one?" She grumbled and shook her head. "Your not her boyfriend are you?"

"No, not her boyfriend." Michael assured her.

To his surprise the receptionist smiled happily and nodded. She almost looked relieved that he wasn't her boyfriend. "That's good, because to be honest with you she almost lost her job a few days ago . The Doctor found her with her head in a patients lap."

"SHE DID WHAT?!" Michael yelled. When he saw how shocked she was at this and a little turned off he sighed. "Sorry, it's just, that doesn't strike me as Bree."

"I know right?" She said finally. "She hasn't been herself in weeks, but I hate to tell you that she isn't here."

Panic began to spread through Michael at this point. Bree was spiraling out of control worse then he was, and a part of him blames it all on himself. If he had never met her, she wouldn't be acting like this. "C...ould you call her at home?"

"...Look football star, I couldn't do that." The receptionist now sounded annoyed. "That sounds a little stalkerish to me."

Michael grinned a bit at that and nodded. Part of him thought that was her fear. Strange guy shows up and asks her to call an employee at home. That does sound a bit like a stalker. "Look, another doctor needs to talk to her. Doctor Carol Masters. I can give her number and you can verify if you want." When the woman still looked unsure he smiled and added. "I don't want the number. I just want you to call her and tell her the guy from the physical is here and needs to speak to her about the dreams we discussed."

"Dreams?" The Receptionist asked with a lifted brow.

"Long story." Michael said with a chuckle. "Please? If she says no, I will leave peacefully...Consider it a....personal favor?"

Michael turned on the charm and gave the doe eyed receptionist his brightest smile and watched as the girl wilted. First she blushed and then she reached out a shaky hand for the phone. For a moment she said nothing as the phone rang and then she blushed bright red. "....Bree...It's Nadine from Dr Andrew's office? Sorry to bother you but there is a guy here asking about you."

Michael watched in silence as the receptionists brown eyes lifted to him, as if sizing him up and then she answered Bree's unspoken question. "Bout 6 foot 2, long black hair....kinda hot. He says he is here looking for you.....you will? Really? But I thought you said you were b....Sorry! I didn't mean to talk about it in front of him....Fine! Sorry!"

The receptionist looked like she was prepared to cry when she slammed the phone down. When she looked up at Michael there was a clear hostility in her eyes and her lips were curled into a feral snarl. "You had better be worth it kid. She just bit my head off for calling her. So thanks for nothing!"

Knowing that he had been the cause of this woman getting chewed out and all because of him caused knots to form in his stomach. He didn't mean for the girl to get into trouble. So, he leaned over and placed his forearms on the desk. "You know, you are right. I did nothing for you. So, what do you say I take you to dinner?"

"I don't think Bree would like it if I went to dinner with you. I don't think she would let me live it down

if we went out on a date." The little red headed receptionist said sadly. Her tone said she truly wanted to go out with him but she was scared of offending Bree.

"Now, I never a date." Michael said with a smile. "I am seeing someone...."

Michael said the rage flare in this girls eyes and he lifted his hands in his own defense. "Now wait. I am not leading you on. I merely meant dinner. As a way to apologize for causing you trouble."

"Just dinner?" The receptionist asked suspiciously. "Guys have used that excuse before to get into my panties."

For a moment Michael wanted to ask how many men she had allowed into her panties, but then thought better of it. He wanted to keep on this girl's good side. Bree had begun acting strangely and he may need her to keep him posted on how she was doing. Finally, after a moment of silence he nodded and gave her his most charming smile. It's effects were devastating. The Receptionist's eyes went from narrowed to disarmed and vulnerable and she began to bit her lip a bit. "Just dinner I promise. We can go anywhere you like."

"I...am going to need your number?" Nadine asked with a sudden shyness to her tone and I gave her the number while looking at the door.

He wasn't discouraged. Bree must live close because the outside doors opened less then ten minutes after Nadine had hung up. Her blond hair was a bit disheveled but her make up was perfect, as if she had put more on while in the car. She wore a pair of jeans that hugged her hips beautifully and a white shirt that clung to her form, molding itself to her braless breasts. Behind him Michael could hear the sudden hissing intake of breath and Nadine hiss. "Leaves another man in her bed and comes in looking like that? How are the rest of us suppose to compete?"

Michael wanted to chuckle at this woman's thoughts and outburst. She couldn't compare to this beautiful blond who had so very suddenly changed his whole life. He knew the moment their eyes met that she felt the same way. She was haunted, but there was a faint hope and a unmistakable yearning in her eyes. Her fingers seemed to twitch as if they longed to reach out and touch him, but she kept her distance. "Nadine said you wanted to see me."

"Yea...." Again he felt that tightening in the front of his jeans and watched as her eyes drifted down and she bit her button lip with need. Seeing that very clearly sexual posture a lump formed in not only his jeans, but in his throat. Michael's tongue felt thick in his mouth and his heart began to hammer in his chest. "Something is happening to us. I....saw a doctor....a head doctor and she asked me to bring you. If you will come."

"Why would I want to go anywhere with you?" Bree snapped, but immediately raised her fingers to her mouth and her eyes welled up with tears. "I'm so sorry Michael I didn't mean to snap at you. I....am just so frustrated. No one can seem to help. Do you think this doctor can make this stop?"

"I don't know Bree." Michael answered in truth. When He saw the hopeless expression on her face and the misery in her eyes he crossed the room and hugged her. Michael felt at the moment their bodies connected a sudden calmess wash over him. He felt Bree's arms curl around him and grab the fabric of his shirt. She clung to it in desperation. "Shhh, It's okay. We will get through this."

"I'm scared" Bree whispered and held herself tighter to him. "I...am ashamed."

"Why are you ashamed." Michael whispered and pulled them apart so he could look into her eyes. She looked down at his chest in shame.

"Not here...let's go outside." She begged. "You drive....and I will tell you everything."

With only a simple nod Michael took her hand and led her to his truck. He noticed how small her hand felt in his own. How delicate Bree was but there was a challenge in her grip. Like she dared him to pull away. He didn't. When they climbed into his truck and he fired up the engine she stared out the window like she dreaded what she had to say. When she began her voice was wavering, on the verge of breaking. "Until the day you walked into my life Michael, I had only been with five men. Multiple times with each man, but only five and I prided myself on the fact that I loved all of them. Some of them...were after we had broken up and I felt desperate or lonely but I still loved them."

"...That is something to be proud of Bree." Michael said with a smile, but that smile faded when he considered something. Something that broke his heart. When he asked this question, he couldn't hide the pain in his voice and worse yet, he didn't understand why he felt it at all. "....So you and Jonathan...? You loved him in secret or something?"

"Your friend." She looked out the passenger window and sighed. "He was the first who I didn't. My number has quadrupled." Michael heard the sobs and looked over quickly to see Bree was crying hard now. "I have this....this strange longing now Michael. One that no matter how many men I take to my bed cannot be satisfied. I am...just so horny all the time!"

Michael reached down and adjusted that mass of cock in his jeans at her exclamation that she was so horny. He tried to do it discreetly but Bree had noticed and began to whimper. Her hand reached out and touched his thigh, fingernails dragging along the fabric. "....Bree....Veronica is your friend...."

"I know...." She whimpered, and a single fingertip touched his cock. "The only time I didn't feel this way was when we were dancing. When you held me so tightly to you." Her hand slid over and her palm slid back and forth over that length. She let out a little moan of need. "Your so hard...oh god Michael is this for me?"

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