tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 03

Converging Destinies Ch. 03


Chapter 3.

Dat-es, Commitment and Games.

Michael Laroux and Bree Barnes were two complete strangers who were linked together by a thread of fate. Hundred of years ago two Scottish lovers named Ceana and Mungan were kept apart when Ceana was forced to marry another man, an evil man. They stayed together as long as they could before her husband found out. Michael and Bree are the reincarnation of Ceana and Mungan. When they met again they begin to dream about their last lives and the emotions start to bleed.

It comes out that Bree's ex boyfriend, who still feels she was the love of his life, was sleeping with Michael's longtime girlfriend Veronica, who he loved more then life before he met Bree. After Michael caught Veronica post coitus he fled to Bree's house where the two made a arrangement. Two days at a time, each level elevating the sexual contact at the end of which they would have sex.

This is part 3.

-Part 3-

Paint ball cures all, or does it?

Michael woke up to the first rays of the days sunlight streaming into a room he didn't recognize. The room was large, with a bed along the wall closet to the door. The wall opposite of the bed had a Dallas Cowboys throw blanket tacked up. The wall next to the bed had a series of pictures of a middle aged couple smiling happily. The other side of the room had a dress with pictures of a girl in a high school graduation gown. It took him a minute to realize where he was.

Last night he dreamed about Mungan again, but this time it wasn't as overpowering. Mungan waited all night for Ceana to come to their spot, but she never showed. He went home to his family with his head hung in despair and losing all hope. When he got home his mother informed him that Ceana had been brought to the village healer. She had fallen and broken her arm. Mungan knew better, Eonan had hurt her for being with him.

When he remembered the dream Michael looked over and found Bree lying next to him on her side facing away from him. She was fully dressed to avoid temptation. For a moment Michael just laid there watching her. He remembered all of last night. The pain at what he had seen when he arrived home. The horrible agony as Veronica taunted him and finally the hope when he laid between Bree's spread thighs and kissed her.

He was getting lost in those memories when he noticed something else. Bree was shivering, but it wasn't cold in her apartment. No, it wasn't shivering after all. It was shaking, Bree was shaking. Gently Michael slid across the bed and wrapped his arm around her and she began to shake harder and whimpered. "Shh. Bree, wake up. Your home. In your own bed."

Bree's eyes snapped open and her arm immediately came up and grabbed his wrist. She pulled him tighter to her and he held her close to him in answer. For a long time she didn't say anything and then Michael asked. "Ceana didn't come last night. Mungan heard she broke her arm. Did you see it?"

"Mmhmm." Bree whimpered. "It wasn't as strong as usual...and I don't feel so frustrated. I don't feel this burning need to find someone who wants me. I suppose...." She rolled over so she was facing him

and slid herself closer to him. "....that's because you're here with me now."

"It will help to talk." Michael whispered. "Tell me what happened."

"Ceana woke up and found two men guarding Eonan's doors." Bree said in the softest voice she could manage. Like she was afraid Eonan would pop out of the closet. "She begged them to let her go, but they refused. When Eonan came home she begged him to let her go. Told him she would go to him willingly and do all the things he wanted if he only let her go and see Mungan after the sun fell."

"She truly does love him." Michael said softly and smiled.

"Yes. She does." Bree agreed. "Eonan told her to prove it....and she did. She hated herself but she gave her ass to him. When she tried to leave he laughed at her and told her she would never see Mungan again, but now at least he knew she liked it that way too. When she tried to leave by force...."

"He broke her arm and raped her didn't he?" Michael asked, not wanting her to have to say it.

Bree knew what he was trying to do, and part of her adored him for it, but she shook her head and simply said. "No. They did."

"They?" Michael asked and he felt tears beginning to sting his eyes. "....the men who guarded her too?"

"Yes Michael....all of them." Bree cried softly and buried her face in his chest. She could still see it in her mind. Ceana screaming as they began to rip at her clothes. The taunts as they all told her, "where is your great love now?" She cried out for Mungan but it didn't help. She hit one of the other men in the face, that was when Eonan had broken her arm. They held her by the broken arm and took turns on her, all but the youngest.

"One of them tried to help her." Bree felt like she needed to tell him something good. "They laughed at him, but he brought her water, food. Wrapped her arm and took her to see the healer once the other men had fallen asleep." Bree fell silent and just when Michael thought she was done she looked up at him and there was a terrible fear in her eyes. "Michael...."

"Yes Bree?" He didn't feel comfortable calling her pet names. Not yet.

"....Promise me you will protect me." She begged. "After seeing that....promise me that if that ever happens to me and I scream for you...you will save me. Please? Michael promise me you won't let them do that to me?"

"Bree." He wanted to tell her that he couldn't promise that. That he couldn't be everywhere at once but when he saw the genuine fear in her eyes his heart melted and he nodded. "I promise you. If you ever need me, if men ever try and do that to you I will get to you before they can hurt you."

"Thank you...." Bree whispered and then looked down at his chest. "One more thing?" Michael grunted by way of answer that sounded to her like 'Hmm?' and she added. "....Kiss me?"

He didn't have to be told twice. Damn the morning breath, damn the germs and damn the doubts that plagued his mind about Veronica. He reached up, pulled her chin up to face him and kissed her. The kiss was gentle and loving but quickly became more passionate. Her lips parted to allow his tongue to

delve into her mouth and there their tongues danced around one another. .

Soon their hands were wandering over the bodies of the other. His hand stayed over the clothes as per their deal. It slid up her stomach and over her breasts and felt her moan into his lips. He mentally compared what he felt to all the others he had felt. Her breasts were large, he guessed a 36 or 38 D maybe a small DD. They were almost perfectly round and were tight at the top which told him they were very, very perky for there size. She still wore no bra, so he could feel the nipples. The areola's felt softer than on other women, even through the shirt. Her nipples were tiny, but getting as hard as little gemstones in the center of her breasts.

Bree could do nothing but wriggle around as she moaned into their heated kiss. Every other man she had been with felt...off when she was with them. She loved the sex and a few times she even came so hard she lost consciousness but it never felt quite right. As she lay there and had her body explored by this man it felt right. As if this was the piece that had been missing her whole life.

Bree shifted until she rolled Michael over and straddled his waist. They continued to kiss until with a heated cry Bree reached down and began trying to undo his belt. Michael's eyes snapped open and he moaned in protest and broke the kiss. "Bree, what are you doing?"

"Baby, I need you inside me!" Bree whimpered and slapped his hand away when he tried to stop her from undo his belt. "Michael....don't you want me?"

Michael finally succeeded in grabbing her wrist. Her eyes shot to his face and there was a fire burning there he had never seen in a woman before. She didn't just want him inside her, but he saw in her eyes that she needed him inside her. "But...the deal Bree...."

"Oh, damn your deal!" She cried with need and then lowered her head to his chest with a sigh. "Okay....okay."

Bree rolled off him and laid for a time on her back just trying to catch her breath. Michael tried to catch his breath as well, but he had rolled to face her. "Bree....don't think I don't want you but we have to both know that I am not doing this because of what happened last night."

"I get it." Bree said softly. "You just want to take your time and do this right. You want to do right by me." Bree took a deep steadying breath and then nodded. "You know something. For the first time in two weeks, I am not afraid to go to work. I am happy, I am excited. Thank you!"

Bree kissed him and then jumped up and went to shower. It felt weird for him to be so trusted that this girl would leave him alone while she showered, but he quickly got over it. Bree took an hour to shower and then came out in her nurses scrubs and smiled in that shy way that women have when she caught him checking her out. The scrubs were made in a way that hugged her ass perfectly. Her scrub top bulged in just the right way around her cleavage and Michael caught himself wondering how a woman this beautiful would be interested in him.

Bree stole a quick kiss, grabbed her car keys and then walked for the door. "OH!"She suddenly said and came back. She opened the top drawer of her dresser and handed him a single silver key. "If...you're going to be staying here for a few days then you will need this."

"....Seriously?" Michael asked in shock.

"Yes Michael." Bree whispered and smiled. "I...trust you. It's weird and I know I don't really know you but I trust you. Please...don't hurt me okay?"

All Michael could do was nod as she stole another kiss and walked to the door. When she got to the door she yelled out. "Tonight. Midnight. The first two days ends. Stage two. Don't argue!" Then with a giggle she shut the door and was gone.

Michael spent the day just enjoying the afternoon. He had no practice today and his only class was already over, he had slept through it, so he just relaxed at Bree's apartment. Her living room was huge. She had a single large leather couch and a leather chair that looked big and comfortable. The far wall between a pair of framed and signs Cowboy's jerseys was a large LCD flatscreen TV. "I think I love this girl." He said with a grin.

He was just sitting down to see if anything was on TV when his cell went off. He looked down at the display and saw 'Uber Geek' then flipped his phone open. "Hey brother."

"You sound better." Jonathan said.

"I feel better." Michael agreed. "You wouldn't believe how much better I feel."

"Okay, listen." Jonathan suddenly sounded unsure, even uneasy. "Rumor around school is that you are on Chad Hollister's hit list."

"WHAT?!" Chad's Hit list was a list of people who he planned to make their lives a living hell until they left his school. He did this by fucking their women, bribing their teachers to fail them and having his fellow football players visit them in dark places for some physical alone time. "How do you know?"

"Well, he described you pretty well." Jon said. "Black hair, back in a pony tail. Athletic body. Dating Veronica Chambers. Last time I checked, that was you."

The name Veronica was what finally set him off. "Who does this fucker think he is?" Michael snarled. "He wants to act like the victim because HE fucked up with someone he loves?"

"Whoa, Mike dude calm down. What happened?" Jon asked.

"I came home two minutes shy of watching Chad Hollister dump a load inside Veronica Jon!" Mike snapped. "I walked in and she was naked. She yelled, what did you want to fuck my other hole too, like she wouldn't let you? And when she saw it was me, she gasped and tried to cover up but not before I saw the cum leaking out of her onto my side of the bed."

".....oh shit." Jon said softly. "That would explain why she's been blowing up my phone today. Wait, if Veronica did that....where the hell are you?"

"......" Mike sat in silence a minute and then said softly. "Bree's. Don't judge!" Michael had to hold the phone away from his ear to keep the cursed screaming from hurting his eardrums. When Jon had calmed down Mike said quickly. "Look man, you said it yourself I sound better."

"Yeah and I get that Mike, but don't you think your rushing this?" Jon asked. "I know you like this

girl....and got that whole past lives thing....which is kinda weird, but do you want her to think she is the rebound girl?"

"We are taking it slow. You just have to trust me." Then, to try and change the subject he added. "You know Tammi? That Goth chick thats part of your....'Homage group'?"

"We aren't Trekkie's dammit!" Jon snarled but then they both chuckled. "Yeah, what about her? Isn't two women enough trouble?"

"I don't need her for that! The guy she's been dating since college is one of our starting corner backs. He is a guaranteed first rounder and a lot of the guys respect him. Maybe if I can get him on my side....."

"You can take on Chad. Smart man." Jon said happily. "I'll make some calls."

The two friends chatted for another few minutes before they hung up. Once they were off the phone Michael fumed for a few minutes. Chad fucks his girlfriend and then because he is a low life piece of trash he costs himself the chance with the girl he truly had loved and now he is blaming Michael, all because Bree wanted Michael more, no that wasn't going to happen.

Bree had the best day at work she had had in a very long time. She was so on it that even Dr. Andrews noticed and complimented her. Told her that whatever had her so happy and at peace, she should hold onto it. Bree could only beam at him and tell him that she planned to. At 2:30 PM she went off to lunch. She grabbed a quick bite at a Chinese restaurant around the corner from the office. She was just planning on calling Michael, just to hear his voice when she spotted trouble.

She was walking around the corner from the restaurant when a sudden eerie feeling fell over her. The sound of a group of motorcycles alerted her to the bikers as they rode by. One of them seemed to be staring at her as they passed and silently she wondered if it was the same one as before. As she was watching them disappear down the street she saw trouble. Her ex was making a bee line for her sporting a huge grin and holding a dozen roses.

"Bree!" Chad said happily. "I was just coming to see you!"

"....Awe." Bree said without much feeling. "What do you want?"

"I wanted to come and tell you that I fixed the situation." He said happily.

"Oh, and which situation was that?" Bree asked with a lifted brow.

"That phone call you got from your friend last night?" Chad looked less like a man at that moment and more like a little boy who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or more his hand in someone else's cookie jar. "Well, I went and told Veronica that she was wrong to do that to him and that I was wrong for having any part of it."

"Oh you did, did you?" Bree asked harshly. "Was she able to answer with your cock down her throat?"

"It wasn't that kind of talk." Chad said in a fake injured tone. "We talked well into the night then I went to this bar around the corner from the apartment where she told me he hung out and I talked to him."

At that moment her eye brows worked up her forehead but she said nothing. "I convinced him that it was all my fault. That she had been drinking and that I was completely to blame. That she loved him and she wanted him to come and talk to her. I even let him hit me baby."

Chad showed her a little mark on his cheek and she wanted to laugh and tell him,if my baby hit you, you would have more then a little mark but she just nodded, so Chad continued. "Veronica called me this morning and thanked me because they made love all morning....and I drove by your apartment and saw that his truck wasn't there....so I thought maybe you and I could have that dinner after all?"

At that moment Bree felt a rage she hadn't felt in many years. This man was lying to her face and all so he could get his cock back into her. How could she have been so blind to have ever loved this piece of trash? "Oh, baby I am so happy you cleared that up!" He needed to pay and she knew it. She walked up to him and slid her hands up his toned abs and noticed that she didn't like the way the six pack felt, she liked the smooth flat, wash board stomach that Michael had. She slid her hands up to his peeks and purred. "And you have been such a good boy that I think you deserve a reward.....would you like a reward my love?"

Chad was almost panting now. He reached behind her and grabbed two handful's of her ass and Bree had to fight to keep the revulsion off her face. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "Would you like to know...what I did when I woke up this morning lover?"

"Oh god yes baby. I remember how horny you get in the morning." Chad whined and nodded. "Tell me Princess."

Once again Bree fought back the bile at that name. It was something he called her when they were together because he would often lay her own and eat her pussy, because he was her 'servant' and needed to 'serve' his princess. Bree forced a smile at the name, licked her lips and said softly. "That guy you hooked up with Veronica again, his name is Michael by the way, well I straddled his lap, made out with him and moaned as he fondled my breasts."

"You what?!" Chad screamed and shoved her back.

Bree stumbled and the fire that shot into her eyes wasn't sexual, but rage. "You heard me you useless sack of shit! How dare you come down here and spill that pile of lies about Michael and Veronica just so you can get back into my pants! I know your lying Chad because Michael slept in my bed with me last night and around the time you claim he was making love to Veronica, I was waking up in his arms!"

"You slut!" Chad snarled and Bree shocked them both by slapping him. Chad looked at her and actually barred his teeth he was so angry. "I put him on the hit list. Your little boy toy is going to flunk out of school, cry himself to sleep when I sent him pictures of Veronica sucking my cock and just WAIT until my boys catch up to him! No little runt will take what is mine!"

Bree had never felt so angry in her whole life. Her beautiful blue eyes that men would usually swoon over were burning with fury and hatred. Her voice had taken on a quiet hissing tone. "Chad Hollister. I know all of your secrets. I know all of your weakness's. So help me god if you so much as stress him out and make him flunk a single midterm. If even ONE of your friends hurts him in any way and if you send him a SINGLE picture that I can prove can from you and not that worthless twit Veronica I will

spread those secrets all over town."

"Oh, like you know any real secrets." Chad taunted, but he sounded less sure of himself.

"Tenth grade summer football camp. Your bi sexual encounter with the counselor?" She watched the horror appear on his face and his head begin to shake. "The time you got so drunk you thought your sister was your girlfriend and ate her out in her sleep?" Chad groaned in dismay and then Bree went in for the kill. "The only reason you for the scholarship for San Diego State was because your mother fucked the recruiter!"

"Bree!" Chad hissed and looked around quickly. "You promised you wouldn't ever repeat those things! You said you would never betray me like that!"

"Keep your hands off of my man Chad." Bree snarled. "I am his now and I swear if you hurt him I will ruin your life." Bree turned around and left him speechless. Chad turned and stormed off fuming. He would make someone pay for this.

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