tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 04

Converging Destinies Ch. 04


Chapter 4.

Dinner, Deadlines and Trouble

Michael and Bree have gone to the moon and back with one another, except a single act. They have still not felt the feeling of being one with each other. They made a bet over a game of paint ball that if Bree won, they would move the date up and midnight that night they would make love for the first time, but Michael's Ex found them on the way out. She asked Michael for one dinner to discuss their relationship. Bree convinced him to go and if he still didn't wait her she would be waiting at midnight.

This is part 4.

-Part 4-

You cannot stop love, even if you want to.

Michael drove back to his apartment in silence. Part of him still sat in disbelief that Bree had told him to do this. She told him she loved him, he heard her plain as day but now he was going home to shower and change for a date with the woman who had cheated on him and almost broken his heart. It didn't seem right some how when he thought about it.

He hadn't been back to his apartment since he had walked in on Veronica in the aftermath of sex with Chad. The apartment was a mess. His clothing was all over the place, the coffee table was shattered. Veronica seemed to be taking his leaving hard. The bedroom was clean, eerily so. It was as if Veronica had sterilized the entire room after she got caught with Chad. Maybe she did regret it after all?

Michael showered and changed into a pair of black slacks and a black and white button up shirt. He could at least look nice, and then leave to go to "their restaurant". The restaurant was called Donavan's of La Jolla and made the most amazing steak. When he walked into the restaurant the woman at the counter smiled and showed him in. They all knew him here.

Veronica was already seated when he walked up and he had to admit, she looked ravishing. Her hair was in ringlet curls an she wore a silver dress that sparkled in the light. It was cut low enough to show off a generous amount of her 36C breasts. Her lips were painted red and she wore a shade of light brown eyeshadow. When she saw him she smiled a wide smile and stood. "Thanks for coming Mike."

"Save it." He said shortly and sat down. "I am only here because Bree said I should."

"Because she knows that I made a mistake but that doesn't mean I don't love you." Veronica said with a wide smile. "Because I do, and I have regretted it ever since."

"Tell me something." He said as he took a drink from the water sitting at the table. "And don't lie to me. Whatever happens here, if you lie to me and I find out will mean the end of even a friendship between us. How long was it going on?"

Veronica visibly winced, like she had hoped that question wouldn't come up. "....Five months."

"Five....god damn months." Michael said to himself and shook his head. "Five months of telling me you love me." He whispered in a hiss. " Five months of telling me I am the only one and letting some jock fuck stick shot his load inside you!"

"Keep your voice down!" Veronica hissed and then sighed. "I made a mistake! I was stupid and immature and I didn't realize what I stood to lose."

"Oh and now you do?" Mike asked sourly. "You expect me to believe that you have suddenly changed? Or is it more likely you just realized that I might be fucking someone else too now and you got jealous?"

"Yes, okay I was jealous!" Ronnie snapped. "Bree is beautiful and smart and funny and she was fucking my man."

"I am not your man anymore." He said softly. "Ronnie, who are we fooling? You cheated on me, you ruined this. Don't blame me."

"Oh, like you weren't hoping this would happen?" She snarled. "I know all about the dreams and how you wanted Bree for weeks." Mike could only stare at her opened mouthed. "See? Your not innocent in this Michael James Laroux."

Veronica reached over the table and took his hand in her own. It was small, polished names and she still wore his dead brothers school ring. "We both made mistakes, but can we throw away everything we had? All the good times? The laughs? Your mom and dad love me, and my parents think the sun rises and falls around you. I was the first woman you let sleep in your bed Michael and I should be the last."

"But Ronnie." He whispered, losing his heat now. "How can we go back now?"

"We leave." Veronica whispered and watched the shock spread across his face. "That's right. We transfer you schools and we leave. Let's go back to Silver Springs. You can be with your family and me and you can start over. Baby I love you and I am sorry for what I did."

Michael sat in silence as a waiter brought, not his menu but his steak and potato. Veronica smiled and said. "You always order the same thing. I ordered for you."

This brought a smile to his lips and the two of them ate in silence. Once the meal was over a waiter brought them two classes of Champagne and they drank. As time went on they began to laugh and smile more. Michael began to feel more at ease. "Do you remember the first told you tried to kiss me?" Veronica asked.

Michael laughed and nodded. "I was so nervous I actually fell over as I leaned in to kiss you."

"You were so cute." Veronica purred. "That's what made me fall in love with you. You were just so cute."

As she spoke her heard Bree's voice 'Maybe this time you marry someone else...and I am forced to live without you' what if she was right? "Let's just say that maybe I will give this a second chance, how do I know that you won't do it again?" Even Michael wasn't immune to the failing of all men, What If.

"You have to trust me." Veronica purred knowing she had him. "Do you love me?"

".....Yes." Michael answered honestly. Veronica leaned over across the table and Michael did the same.

The two kissed very softly and Veronica smiled.

"I won't be a slut for anyone else. I promise." Veronica purred.

Michael blinked. 'I don't have to be a man's slut anymore?' He could hear her voice in his head. She sounded so hopeful. So happy. He could taste the sweat on her skin, feel her body pressed against him. "What am I doing?" He whispered.

"You're coming home!" Veronica said happily.

"Yes. I am." He stood up and pulled out his wallet and dropped two twenties on the table. "Veronica listen. You shouldn't have done what you did, but I realize now that you couldn't help it...."

Veronica smiled a beautiful smile and went to say something but Mike cut her off. "....you couldn't help it because unlike someone else I know, you like being a slut for men. "

Veronica stared at him in shock and he glanced at the clock on the wall. Good lord, it was already ten minutes after midnight. "If you will excuse me, I am late and I have a promise to keep."

Michael walked out and as he opened the doors to leave the restaurant he could hear Veronica screaming curses. He suppressed a smile and thought about Bree. She would be so happy to see him, he knew that much.

Bree had come home and began drinking. She knew that he was gone and he wouldn't come back. She started with beer, but after a few beers switched to straight Vodka. She drank alone in the darkness of her living room reliving the last five days in her mind. The way he felt, the way he tasted. How safe she felt with him. "How...could you let him go to her!" She screamed at herself. "You're so stupid!"

At midnight she looked at the door, drained the last of the Vodka bottle and went to bed. She has barely fallen asleep before she felt hands caressing her breasts. Her eyes snapped open but it was to dark in her room to see. She moaned happily and those hands closed around her breasts on top of her thin sleeping shirt. He came back! He came home to her!

She leaned forward and felt something hard push insistingly at her lips. She opened her mouth happily, but before she could even get it all the way open it shoved roughly into her mouth. Her groaned a warning, for him to be easy and slow down, but before she could move it was being shoved into her throat. She choked and gagged happily, wanting to make him happy but a unhappy grunt was all she heard.

The hand that had been groping her breasts slid down her stomach and roughly pulled her panties to the side. Two fingers were shoved into her, she had to wiggle her hips a bit from the force of the intrusion. Her eyes began to try and make out some feature. Why was he so angry at her? What had she done to warrant being taken like this? Like all the others had.

More of that cock pushed into her mouth and into her throat and her eyes snapped wide. She had that cock in her mouth less then 12 hours ago and it didn't go that deep. She shook her head back and forth until the cock pulled out. She was panting with both fright and desire from those fingers when she panted. "Whose there?"

"Shut up baby." A familiar voice said. "Veronica called me and told me her and her man were getting

back together so I let myself in."

"Chad?!" She screamed and tired to close her legs. "Stop!"

"Oh, it's too late for that. The way you sucked my cock so greedily. We both know you want it." He snapped and began to pry her legs apart.

She looked over him at the clock on her dresser that read 12:35 A.M. Where was he?! He promise he would be there if someone tried to do there. She tried to fight but Chad reached out and grasped her breast and squeezed hard. She yelped and stopped fighting for a moment. "That's better." He purred and once again pushed her legs apart.

"Chad don't do this." Bree pleaded but didn't fight. She remembered Ceana fighting and how badly they had hurt her. "Please, you never used to do this. If I wasn't in the mood.....please...."

"I am done waiting." Chad snarled and began to pull at her panties. "Your giving me that pussy whether you like it or not."

Somewhere in the back of her mind she imaged she heard the door open and close, but she knew that by this time Michael was in his bed, inside Veronica. "Please, don't do this. You don't understand...PLEASE!"

The next thing Bree knew she heard the sound of bone on flesh once, and then again and again and again. Followed by Chad's pain filled grunts. She was alone on her bed again, she jumped up and turned the light on. Once her eyes had adjusted she saw Chad lying on the floor bleeding from the nose and the mouth and Michael was standing over him, his right hand covered in blood.

"BABY!" She screamed, ran across the bed and jumped into his arms.

"Oh god Bree, your okay?" Michael asked and kissed her.

"You came!" She whispered breathlessly into the kiss. "You came!"

"I promised I would. Hold on baby." He pulled Chad to his feet by the hair. His eyes were glazed over. Michael grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him through the house with his pants around his ankles. When he got to the door he hissed. "If you so much as look at her again I will fucking kill you you piece of shit. Go and bury yourself in that used up pussy Veronica offers. Bree is off limits."

Michael tossed him half naked into the hallway, paused only long enough to find Bree's key and remove it from his keyring and then slammed the door. He found Bree sitting crossed legged on her bed and even though she had come frighteningly close to being raped she had a strange smile on her face. He leaned on the door frame and watched her. "What is so amusing?"

"You came back." She whispered and looked up at him. It hit him then how vulnerable she had been letting him leave. "You didn't choose her....you came home to me."

"I kissed her." Michael confessed but Bree waved her hand dismissively and held out her arms. "You sure?"

"Baby....he put it in my mouth." She whimpered. "And....mauled my breasts....thrust his fingers inside me. I think....a kiss can be forgiven." And then she looked him into the eyes and whispered. "Please...come and make all the things he hurt feel better?"

Michael crossed the room and knelt on the next in front of her. He reached up to unbutton his shirt but she stopped him with shaking hands. Just when he thought she didn't want him to, and he couldn't blame her what with what just almost happen to her, she began to unbutton them herself. "Bree, you don't have to."

"Shh." Each button she undid she placed a kiss to his bare flesh. When the shirt was fully unbuttoned she slid it down his back, reached up and pulled him down to kiss her. Her kiss was gentle, less rushed them before. She was taking her time now.

Her hands were shaking as they unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them down. Michael reached out and grabbed the hem of her thin night shirt and pulled it up over her head. Without her shirt she fell back onto the pillow and her noticed her whole body was shaking now. "....Michael...is it time?"

"If you're ready baby." He whispered in returned and she pulled him by the shoulder atop her. Their mouths found one another and tongues began to dance in that timeless mating ritual. Michael and Bree seemed to reach out at the same moment. Her fingers curled around his half hard cock as his own fingers began their journey to send two of those slender digits ever so slowly into her tight pussy.

For Bree there was all the difference in the world. When Michael inched those digits into her opening her body spasmed with each inch and she whimpered and moaned happily. He took his time with her and her body was responding by coating his fingers with her wetness more and more as he pushed them in.

Her hand didn't piston up and down his cock this time, but slid up and down it with a gentleness that he had never felt. Her fingers weren't stroking his cock, but caressing it. When he had worked those two fingers in to the knuckles he began to work them in and out at a slow but steady pace. He watched Bree lying there with her eyes closed and her mouth open panting and moaning very gently.

Michael pulled his fingers from her depths, shifted his hips forward and felt the warmth of her lips starting to part around him. Bree's eyes snapped open and locked on his own. Her lips began to tremble and she whispered. "....Michael...maybe we should wait until the deal is complete...."

"You're just scared." Mike said gently and pushed his hips forward again. Her lips stretched and his head slipped into her opening. Another inch and a half slid into her and she bit her lip.

"....please we need to wait....were not ready for this." Bree said softly and her eyes were wild. "You....you went to dinner with her. I don't want to get hurt."

Michael froze then at just a hair under 2 inches inside her. He reached up and took her chin to make her look at him. He understood what she was doing even if she didn't. She was terrified that she would give in this this and he would leave her. That she would open herself to him and he would betray her. There was only one thing I can say. "Bree, are you listening to me?"

"Michael please....it's not time yet." Bree breathed, panic starting in her eyes and began to push at his chest.

As he slid out to the head he whispered very softly. "I love you."

Bree froze then. She stopped pushing him and her eyes calmed down. She bit her lip and then whispered. "Say it again....when you get all the way in baby."

Michael nodded and again began to ease his way into her. As he got deeper, he got lower on her body. Bree was breathing hard now as inch by inch he was stretching her in places she had never been stretched before. When their hips met and he couldn't go any deeper he said it again. "I love you Bree."

"Oh...." She whimpered and closed her eyes. A single tear left her eye but she answered by beginning to move her hips back and forth. Every time she would do this it would drag two inches out of her depths and then shove it back in. She was actually fucking herself on his cock. "Oh...." She whimpered softly. "...I....I....."

"Don't....." Michael whispered. "Not until your ready."

Bree nodded and her hips began to move faster. Her hips dragged her pussy up and down 3 inches of his cock now. Every time he hit bottom she groaned and bit her lip. "Baby...K....Ki....Kitty....wants you to show her you mean it."

"It's my pleasure." He replied.

Mike braced himself on his forearms on each side of her head. She arched her hips and held her legs open wide for him. He used only his lips and his thighs to pull himself from her depths to the head and slid it back in. He could hear the wet sounds of her pussy as it clung to him every time he pulled out and the squishing sounds every time he pushed back in.

There was no hurry to his movements now. He took his time and allowed her to enjoy every inch as it slid in and out of her velvet opening. Bree slid her arms up his sides until they were grabbing the back of his shoulders. She held on as he slid up and down her body with each thrust. This was a position he had seen in many movies during the love scenes but never been in himself and he was glad it was with her.

It was Bree who broke their silence when she whispered. "Please baby not so deep...."

"Does it hurt Kitty?" He whispered and began to end his thrusts at six and a half inches instead of eight.

"....No....I just don't want to cum yet, I want this to last forever." Bree moaned, her eyes half closed as she tried to fight back the pleasure cascading down her body.

As soon as she said this he began to thrust as deep as he could again, but still gentle. Bree's eyes snapped open and her mouth seemed to unhinge in disbelief. The only sound she made now was the constant moaning of pleasure being forced upon her. "Sorry Kitty, you don't get to make that request."

"Michael...." She warned, but moaned as he bottomed out inside her again. Every time she tried to talk he would bottom out into her pussy and a moaned was ripped from her throat. "....Baby....UGH.... please...UGH....don't make....UGH....me....OH!....not yet!"

Michael wasn't about to stop now. He sped up his thrusts by a fraction and sawed in and out of her pussy, making sure to bottom out inside her every thrust. Bree was holding on to him for dear life now as she tried hard to get the words to come out. "Bree are you scared?" He asked with a moan now creeping into his tone.

"Yes!" She screamed in both fear and pleasure.

"Are you scared of what you feel?" He asked and another moan was dragged from his own throat as he hit the wall of her cervix with the very, very tip of his cock as it bottomed out.

"YES" She wailed and began to claw at his back, trying to fight the tower her orgasm was pulling her onto. "Please stop! Don't make me!"

"Tell me Bree!" He whispered and speed up a bit more. He could feel her wet velvet walls beginning to spasm around his length. "Tell me!"

She looked up at her and her lip was trembling. Her eyes darted left and right as if searching his face. When she could hold back no longer her back arched and she screamed. "I LOVE YOU!" As soon as she screamed the orgasm exploded in her stomach and showered his driving cock in her wetness. "Oh god I love you! Please don't stop Michael! Please! I am begging you don't stop!"

"I wasn't going to Kitty." He whispered. He leaned down and claimed her mouth as she screamed her orgasm to the world. Bree kissed him back as passionately as she ever had. Once her orgasm had calmed down he leaned up, grabbed her muscular calves and placed her ankles on his shoulders. He pushed up on his toes and her hips seemed to arch whether they wanted to or not. "Ready?"

"....Michael....." She warned with her eyes widened. "Promise me you are mine...and you can have whatever you want."

He stared down into her angelic face and smiled. "I am yours. Now and forever Kitty."

"Then fuck me!" She ordered. "Come on baby!"

Michael wasn't about to let her down now. With her legs over his shoulders he finally gave in and gave her everything he had. His hips began a blurr as they pounded in and out of her lush form again and again. Her pussy was one endless spasm now as orgasm after orgasm racked the beautiful blond lying beneath him.

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