tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 05

Converging Destinies Ch. 05


Chapter 5.
Drugs, Traps and Death

Michael and Bree's world is finally taking shape. They have made love and all is right with the universe that swirls around the, but trouble is brewing on the horizon. Ceana's brutal and cruel husband Eonan has been reborn as well in the form of Charles McEntire and he has his sights set on Bree as well. Can the two overcome this new threat or will their past repeat itself?

-Part 5-

More than they bargained for.

The two months that followed the first time Bree and Michael shared a bed together for the first time were as starkly different from the three months that Veronica had that it was downright crazy. Bree and Michael spent the next three months playing weekly games of paint ball. It had become very special for them for obvious reasons. Bree was even able to form a friendship with Jonathan. To his credit, Jonathan never once put the moves on Bree. He knew Michael was happy and that was all that mattered to him.

Even Veronica had made her peace and begun hanging out with them again. They all noticed she had begun to look haggard, she had bruises around the tops of her breasts and was usually walking awkwardly, like her ass was very sore, but she was always friendly. She told them that she messed up and thats something she would have to live with.

Michael had all but moved out of his apartment and into Bree's. He had given the apartment to Veronica, but he didn't realize how little time she spent there. His school work had picked back up and his football games were turning into a huge success. Coach McKinley even joked that he might make it into the later rounds of the draft, if he wanted to go that way, but he didn't. He was happy with his life just the way it was.

Before either of them knew it the summer had ended and even fall was crawling to a close. Bree had taken time off work to go home to Carson City, California and visit her family. She was packing a bag while Michael laid on the bed reading one of his favorite authors, a man named David Eddings. Michael looked up and watched her hum while she packed jeans and T-Shirts into the bag. She wiggled her hips to some unknown beat in her head and he smiled.

"You are so sexy." He said softly and closed the book.

Bree turned and bit her lip. She always did that now when she looked as him. Bit her lip gently like the mere sight of him was a temptation. "You aren't so bad yourself sexy."

It was amazing how smoothly they had settled into a relationship. They click together like the final two pieces of a huge puzzle and ever since they fit together, the rest of the picture began to take perfect shape. Their jobs, his school and football, even their families. It all seemed to be clicking. "You know, I was thinking."

"Lair." She said affectionately and he laughed. She crossed the room and plopped down in his lap. Her arms crossed behind his head and after a single gentle kiss she smiled. "What were you thinking handsome?"

"Your family is in Carson City." He said and she nodded. "And mine...is in Silver Springs which is less then an hour over the border...."

"Yes?" She whispered, but her eyes were shining. She had been waiting for this moment for almost a month. "Are you asking me to come with you for Thanksgiving?"

"If you wouldn't mind?" He said a bit unsure.

"Only if you agree to come with me to my family's as well." She said matter of factly. "We can both meet the parents."

Michael only smiled and began to pack himself. They decided to take her car and within the hour they were on the road. While in the car it reminded him of the only thing they disagreed about. Music. They fought playfully between smooth jazz/county and rock. They even turned it into a game, whoever could say word for word the next billboard first got to pick the next song.

They arrived in Carson City just before four and my breath was immediately caught in my throat. What Michael had imagined as a small gathering of immediate family, like at his house, he saw was a football stadium parking lot. There were cars parked all around the block.

"This is a thanksgiving dinner?!" Michael said in shock as she parked.

"....i should have warned you." Bree said looking at her hands. "But I wasn't sure you would come if you knew."

"How many people Bree?" He did my best to recreate his father's, I caught you in mid cookie jar, tone and the effect was noticeable. Her eyes looked down at the steering wheel and he repeated. "Bree, how many?"

"Promise you won't be mad at me baby?" She whispered. She knew he hated large crowds of people he didn't know. It made him nervous and fidgety.

"How many!" Michael repeated firmer.

"Somewhere around thirty." She said weakly and he cursed out loud. "I'm sorry! I just really wanted them to meet you!"

When he heard her sniffle all resolve seemed to fail. The last thing he wanted to do was make Bree feel bad about wanting him to meet her family. His arm went around her shoulder and gently squeezed. "It's okay, we will survive this." He promised and she smiled. Though he said the words, and part of him actually believed the he could still feel the slickness of his palms and the breath trying to catch in his throat.

It wasn't nearly as bad as he imagined it was going to be. Her family was great, and they adored him right away. Her aunt Meredith called him 'pumtin' whatever that meant and her little sister Bianca, a pretty little thing with dirty blond hair and big innocent green eyes, at all of ten years old announced to the whole table that when she got bigger she was going to take him away from her big sister.

Her mother, who was a kindly looking woman who stood 5'3 with short blond hair and a thick body, doted over him and more then once could be heard saying that she was happy she didn't end up with

that good for nothing Chad. That made Michael smirk and commented that he agreed with that. He thanked god every night for Bree. The smile Bree's mother gave him matched her own.

Michael and her father however got on the best of them all. Her father was a big man just a bit shorter then Michael with broad shoulders and short salt and pepper hair. After the dinner was over the two went outside and discussed football. It turned out that her father was a fan of the Aztecs and had seen Michael play, it wasn't long before the conversation turned toward the topic Michael always knew it would.

"So boy." Her father said as he stared out at the sunset. "I love my little Bree Bree dearly and she has never had the best taste in men."

"Sir?" Michael asked unsure of where this was heading now.

"We all knew that Chad was bad news the first time we saw him and the one before him, that took her to Prom? We all knew he only wanted one thing....but you?" Her father turned to look at him and seemed to study him. "You, you worry me son."

"In what way Sir?" Michael asked defensively. "I don't understand what I have done wrong."

"You didn't do anything." Her father said with a wave of his hand over his eyes. "It's her...."

"Her?" Michael asked still not getting it.

"She never looked at them the way she looks at you." Her father answered. "Total trust. Total faith. If you do what they do Son, she will never see it coming."

Then Michael understood finally. This man was terrified that his little girl would get hurt and this time she wouldn't be prepared for the pain. "Sir, I cannot explain this, so please don't ask....but I have been waiting for Bree for a very, very long time. My life is devoted to your daughter. She is my world. My everything."

Her father only nodded and clasped him on the shoulder. "When your older, god willing boy, you will understand my concern. Thank you, for putting an old man's fears to rest. At least, partially to rest. You're a good kid Michael."

"Thank you Sir." Michael said with a smile.

"Tell your mom and dad, they raised a fine kid." And then her father walked back inside. By the time he was back inside Michael looked down and took a deep steadying breath. That was hard, but he knew that sometimes life's most valuable gifts, don't come easy.

Bree and Michael said goodbye. Bianca cried and hugged Michael around the leg. Bree's mother told him he was welcome anytime and her father took his hand and just said 'Your world' and Michael just smiled and nodded his head. 'My world' he said back. The two of them drove away as her father watched on and smiled.

When they pulled back onto the highway Bree looked over at him and smiled a wide smile. "You did so

good! God I love you....but what did my father mean? Your world?"

"We talked about you. And how you looked at me. With total trust and total faith. He asked me not to hurt you and I told him that I couldn't if I wanted to. That I had been waiting for you for a long, long time. That you were my world, my everything."

For a long time Bree said nothing and stared out the passenger window. She stared for so long he asked softly. "Did....I do something wrong?" but she said nothing. In the reflection of the window he saw tears were rolling down her face smearing her make up. "Bree?!" He said suddenly and grasped her shoulder. "Baby are you o...."

He couldn't even finish the sentence. Bree unsnapped her seat belt and launched herself at him. Her lips mashed onto his own/ Her tongue didn't wait for his lips to part. It forced them open. He kissed her back, groaning protests and tried to keep his eyes on the road. Thank god for the light traffic because of the holiday because he was swerving from one lane to the others as her body jerked the wheel.

"Bree!" He said muffled by her lips and continued to swerve. "VREE!" The name came out wrong because of her lips. When he finally got her shoved off and got into the right lane he looked over at her. She was staring at him and breathing hard like she was angry, or horny. "Bree, what?!"

"Your world." She breathed and the tears came down her beautiful face again."Am I really Michael? Really your world?"

"Yes Bree....after all these weeks how can you not realize that?" Michael asked in shock. "I love you baby....more then that..." He licked his lips gently and readied himself. If she recoiled from this he didn't know what he would do but he took the plunge. "...I am head over heels IN love with you."

"Oh....baby...." The next thing that he knew Bree had herself bent over her seat and was undoing the belt on his jeans. "I need you right now. I need to thank you....show you....prove....keep...." she wasn't making any sense now. "....Won't let you leave....want it...mine...."

Michael realized that Bree was as deeply in love with him as he was with her, but her mind was already going to all the men who had thrown her aside or cheated on her. She felt like she needed to do something sexual to prove her devotion. So he grabbed a handful of her ascending blond hair and pulled her head up. "Bree, don't. You don't have to. I am not going anywhere baby. If you WANT to I won't stop you, but don't do this because you feel like you have to show me anything."

Bree whimpered unhappily when he grabbed her hair, but when she heard his words her eyes seemed to refous and she smiled. "Michael James Laroux...get your hand off my hair right this second."

"Bree you don't need...." Michael started but Bree cut him off.

"Michael." Bree purred. "It's mine and I want it in my mouth." And then she threw the dagger, the one thing she knew he wouldn't be able to resist. "Unless you don't want me to make love to your magnificent cock with my mouth?"

Michael groaned, she had won, and released her hand. She made quick work of his belt and zipper. His cock sprang out and slapped the steering wheel. Michael looked up at the road as the rain began to fall gently all around the car. You have to love Northern California late fall. Just as he began to hear the

rain on the roof of the car the sound was matched by another, just as beautiful sound. Wet lips sucking greedily on a big cock.

Michael couldn't take his eyes off the road, because of the added hazard of the rain on a dry street, but he felt every, single, agonizing moment of her oral ministrations. Bree had begun their relationship with a fiery need every time she did this, like if she took her time he would leave her, but lately that had changed. Now as Michael tried to drive Bree's mouth slid up and down his cock at a tortuously slow pace. Like she was trying to taste every inch, every pore every vein and even though it felt like sexual torment, god he loved it.

Michael began to moan very gently above her, which made Bree moan around the length of his cock in her mouth. She pulled his cock from her mouth, moaning very gently and began to lick up and down the length. Michael reached one of his hands down and slid it into the neck of her shirt. Because of how she was bent her bra hung down leaving a space for his hand to slid into and he began to fondle her breasts. When his fingertips closed around and began to pinch her nipple she opened her mouth and kissed his cock, moaning around the flesh.

Her mouth moved back to the tip and slid back down. About this time a large truck drove by them in the right lane. The driver looked down and saw this. He grinned when he and Michael made eye contact and gave him a "fist bump" motion before driving off. Michael had become all moans now and was finding it hard to keep his eyes open and on the road. "Bree....baby you have to stop. I am going to get into an accident."

Bree pulled his cock from her mouth only long enough to purr. "Pour that delicious cum into my mouth and I will. Come on baby....you know I need my daily fix." Then she drove her head back down and began to bob in earnest. She didn't wait for him to answer, she simply allowed her mouth and throat to do the talking for her, and she knew his weakness.

He was just about to argue that this was getting dangerous when a sound echoed through the car that made his cock jump and his hips lift off the seat. The sound of his beautiful blond gagging. He groaned and tried to look down and ask her not to do it again but that didn't help. Bree was throat fucking herself on his cock. Her back was in a constant state of spasm as she choked again and again and again.

Then Bree got what she wanted. His ass lifted off the seat and launched a torrent of cum into her waiting stomach. It had nowhere else to go with his cock being lodged in her throat when he came. After she drank it down greedily she lovingly licked him clean, kissed the tip of his cock happily, replaced it in his jeans and re buckled his belt. She slid back into her seat and re buckled her seatbelt and not a second to soon.

As she re buckled her seatbelt a member of the illustrious California Highway Patrol appeared over the rise sitting on a hill clocking cars. He was up high enough too that he would have seen into the car to what she was doing. As he disappeared into the distance he noticed Bree fidgeting and lifted a brow. "You okay baby?"

"I can't meet your family like this!" She moaned. "I need to be collected....sorry lover...." And then he watched her unbutton her jeans and slid out of them leaving her sitting on the seat next to him in nothing but her nice dress white and gray blouse and his favorite bright neon purple silk boy shorts. He loved them most, because they were a half a size too small and that showed off a generous amount of her abnormally fat, yet tight ass to hang out the bottoms.

"Bree, what are you doing?" Michael asked with a shocked laugh, but then his eyes widened and he bit his lip with a whimpering groan as he watched her pull those panties to the side and plunge two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy. "Baby, I am trying to drive!"

Bree threw her head back and arched her back as she moaned loudly when those two fingers drove in to the knuckles. "Oh GOD! You only need one hand to drive baby." She looked over at him then and moaned out something that got him every time. "Michael....baby Kitty needs you. Please...don't make me meet them like this. Kitty needs you Calli!"

Michael let out a moan. Kitty, the name that had stuck and she adored it. Calli was something she started calling him two months before. When he asked her what it meant she said it was short for Excalibur. When he asked her why, she simply said 'everyone has a knight in shining armor but only I have the one thing that will protect me against anything' She knew how to ask him.

He kept one hand on the steering wheel and reached his right hand over to her seat. Bree scooted over until she was sitting on the edge of the seat with her ass hanging over and one her legs braced up on the center console. She didn't care. He swatted her hand away and she moaned happily, then let out a whimpering hungry moan as he pushed in two fingers to the knuckle.

He knew they were running out of time, so unlike Bree, he didn't waste time. He began to hammer those fingers in and out of her tight opening. Bree's fingernails began to drag up and down the passenger seat of her car. The whole car smelled like her pussy, sweet with just the hint of tart and the overwhelming smell of lavender and roses. She smelled, and tasted wonderful. Soon the only sounds in the car were the rain on the roof, her pleasure filled screams and the wet sound of her tight pussy gripping his fingers.

"That's it baby." Bree moaned out with fervor. "Please make me cum. I need to cum so badly...please baby....please!"

He wasn't about to deny her now. Those fingers continued to hammer in and out of her tight little hole until he felt it began to spasm around his fingers. When that happened he slammed them in as hard as he could and began to rub her clit down right rough with his thumb. He watched with one eye on the road as Bree's eyes rolled back in her head then she let out a pleasure filled scream an coated his hand, the seats and her panties with a huge explosion of fluid.

Bree regained her composure and pulled her jeans back on just as they passed the Silver Springs sign. They had just enough time for her to straighten her clothes and reapply a quick round of make-up to make up for all that she had cried off. They pulled up to a two story nice house in the middle of a nice street. There were five cars parked in the driveway and on the street total.

When they parked Bree walked around the car with a spring in her step and gave him a quick kiss. He wanted more but she told him not until she had met and won over his mom, dad and sister. He had to admit that quickly in the car had been a great idea. He was in a better mood then he had been all day and his beautiful Bree was absolutely glowing.

When they got inside he was mobbed by his family. It was small, but they loved him. His mother was a tall slender woman with shoulder length brown hair and a kind face. His father was shorter then his mother with short black hair and Michael's blue eyes, he had a serious face but Bree noticed

immediately that he had a large amount of laugh lines around his eyes. When Bree saw his sister though her heart stopped. She was beautiful, like someone seen in a modeling magazine beautiful. Her hair was black and naturally curled. Her lips were full and pouty and her body seemed to curve with her breasts, large and firm and her hips wide, but tight.

After he introduced them they ate for the second time and Bree got to watch the man she loved with his family. He seemed so at ease, so happy and to make matters that much better so did she. Before long she was laughing and joking with the lot of them.

Michael was lost in a conversation with his uncle, his father's brother, then his sister motioned for her to follow him. They walked outside and Natalie pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered her one. Bree turned it down and warned her against smoking, she was a nurse after all. Natalie just smiled and lit up anyway. After she blew the smoke from her nose she looked over at Bree.

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