tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 06

Converging Destinies Ch. 06


Chapter 6.

Drugs, Betrayal and Redemption.

Michael and Bree's world is finally taking shape. They have finally met the families of the other and been accepted. On the way home Bree asked Michael if he would go to Vegas and marry her. He told her only if her parents agreed and they did. Now, they are driving to Vegas to get married with Jonathan and Veronica going to meet them. Charles McEntire, the reincarnated husband of Ceana had set his sights on their wedding night to reclaim his reborn wife. Can the two overcome this new threat or will their past repeat itself?

-Part 6-

At a crossroads between heaven and hell....

It was just after midnight when Bree and Michael crossed the Las Vegas city limits. As soon as they passed the city limits they stopped at the nearest Hotel/Casino. They did this because the ATM's in the casino's have no limit to what you can pull out. First Michael pulled out what he had in his savings, which wasn't much. He had saved money from working as a waiter in his first year of college and then this year when I began working for the San Diego University. He helped a professor of theology translate ancient texts. He was cheaper then a professional, but nearly as good.

Bree hit it next and removed her entire savings from 2 years as a nurse. Together they had just a hair under eight thousand dollars. They texted Jonathan and Veronica and asked them to meet the happy couple at the Mirage. Once they all met Bree and Michael paid for three rooms for the three of them and told them they would get married tomorrow.

Bree noticed immediately that Veronica looked like hell. She refused to meet either of their eyes, she refused to talk more then was absolutely necessary, she had black circles under her eyes and in the short cut shirt she wore her large breasts were covered in bruises, bite marks and hickeys. After Michael checked them all in and gave Jonathan his room key Bree told him she would meet him upstairs.

Once the boys were gone and Veronica tried to flee from being alone with the woman Bree grabbed her by the wrist to stop her. "Ronnie, what is going on."

"I....don't know what your talking about." Ronnie said quickly.

"You won't look at me. You barely talk to me. Your covered in sexual marks." Then Bree's eyes widened and she whispered. "A...re you and Michael sleeping together again?"

For a moment Veronica almost told her they were and if she loved Michael she would leave now. Leave San Diego tonight and never come back, but she knew what Charles would do if she did that, so she just shook her head. "Of course not. He loves you."

"....Are you okay with this?" Bree whispered. "I know you still have feelings for him. I don't want to hurt you."

Veronica looked up into her deep blue eyes and swore to herself. Why couldn't I hate you? She wondered to herself in misery. "....I am fine with it Bree. I messed up and ruined it. I cheated on him, not the

other way around. You love him, your good to him."

Bree smiled and hugged Veronica but all Ronnie wanted to do was cry and tell her to run. Bree pulled back and looked into her long time friends eyes. "Why are you putting up with a guy who would do this to you. I know your angry Ronnie and I know you think you deserve to be punished for what happened between you and Michael but you don't deserve to be hurt and beaten this way."

"No one does." Ronnie whispered. "I ended it. I won't have to do that anymore now.....Bree will you do something for me?"

"Of course hon!" Bree said with a wide smile.

"Remember...." Veronica looked down and whispered. "I am so sorry. I didn't have a choice."

"It's okay! All is forgiven!" Bree, of course, thought she meant trying to get Michael back. "And now I have one for you."

Damn you Bree, why do you have to be so nice? She thought but smiled and nodded. "Will you be my maid of honor?"

"Yes." Veronica cried and then turned and ran. She couldn't face her anymore. Bree just smiled and thought it was the nerves.

Bree and Michael agreed not to have sex that night, to save it for their wedding. They did take the time to call family, even this late and tell them to get to Vegas. Bree's parents were ecstatic they were waiting so they could be thee and Michael's were just as happy. They fell asleep in each other's arms that night for what they thought would be the last time as a unmarried couple.

Veronica spent the night in her room in the bathtub. She bathed to get all the men off and out of her. Then she tried to sleep in a comfortable bed, but all she could do was lay there and cry. She knew she didn't have a choice, but that poor blond woman Charles had almost killed kept flashing through her mind, but instead she saw Bree crying and begging for someone to help her. Even to this day she wondered why she didn't call the police, but she had just been so scared.

Jonathan spent most of the night in the Casino, and even did relatively well. He was a thousand dollars up when one of the waitress's got off work. A one night stand later he fell asleep alone. He dreamed of marriage and happiness. The night before the wedding for Jonathan was absolutely perfect.

The next morning they all woke up early and headed out to get the wedding started. As they walked through the lobby of the Mirage Veronica saw Charles sitting at a slot machine watching them and looked down. She didn't want to think about this, not yet. They found a affordable dress for Bree for just over a thousand dollars. Jonathan and Michael rented Tux's and Veronica rented a dress.

Michael and Bree decided on a wedding at a small wedding chapel that had flowers on site and it's own photographer on staff. The family filed in at around 2 P.M and the wedding got underway. Michael stood by the priest surrounded by white roses and felt suddenly both nervous and scared at the same time. Those feelings however faded when the music started. They turned to panic. That emotion however changed when he saw Bree in her beautiful white dress being walked down the aisle by her father. It changed to bliss.

With Jonathan by Michael's side and Veronica by Bree's Michael and Bree said their vows. The nervousness fell away as they said these words and when the priest told him he could kiss his bride he stared into Bree's eyes.

"It's hundreds of years overdue my love." Bree whispered.

"And I would have waited a hundred more just for you." Michael whispered and the two kissed. It was meant to be a chaste kiss but it quickly turned into a deep and passionate kiss that got cat calls from both sides of the family. Even though it was a bit childish, Michael still couldn't help but grin.

All in all the wedding had set them back eleven hundred dollars. Jonathan had taken care of the reception the night before. All Michael had to do was pay for it. When they all got back to the Mirage the banquet hall was all laid out. Or well, half of it anyway. Champagne, a open bar and a plate of steak for the small number of guests who came.

The moment of truth came for Veronica as everyone got their champagne. She sat next to Bree listening to Jonathan talking about Michael when he was younger. That was when she saw Charles staring at her through the open door and at that moment she could feel the pain of her ass tearing. She blinked back tears and when Everyone put their faces in their hands at a very off color joke she dropped the two pills in Bree's drink and then the two others in Michael's. Charles smiled at her and nodded before disappearing once again.

The effects of this pill was almost instant. It must have been a quick dissolve capsule because she became paler and paler by the second. She leaned over and Veronica could hear her and Michael speaking.

"Baby....I don't feel good all of a sudden." She whispered.

"Want me to take you upstairs babe?" Michael asked with concern.

"No." Bree said and held her mouth over her hand. "Oh god....I'm gonna be sick....stay honey, make sure everyone has fun. Come up and see me when it's done."

Michael nodded, gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead and then turned to Jonathan. "Make sure she gets upstairs okay."

"You got it brother." Jonathan said.

As Jonathan led Bree out of the room holding her dress up in case she needed to cover her mouth Michael stood up and announced to the people that Bree was under the weather and it shocked him when her own mother yelled out. "So, THAT'S why you two got married." Even Michael had to laugh at that.

The drugs in Michael's system lasted long enough for the wedding reception to end and he said goodbye to everyone. Veronica sat next to him looking down at her hands thinking through this whole thing. One the last guess had filed out ten minutes later he turned to her and took her hands. "Veronica, thank you."

"....For what?" She asked in misery. She knew where all of this was headed and should be happy. She was going to get him back. So why did she fill dirty?

"For being here for Bree." And then finally he told her the whole story. The dreams, who he and Bree thought they were, Ceana and Mungan and what happened to them, all of it.

"Oh god...." She whispered in horror. "Michael come with me....hurry!"

She ran through the banquet hall with Michael on her heels. She just kept saying "Please god don't let it be too late."

She ran into the bathroom and when he stopped behind her she turned. "Do you trust me?"

"Ronnie what's g..." Michael started but Veronica grabbed his shirt and shook him.

"Bree is in terrible danger!" She snapped. "Michael, if you love her and if you ever loved me....trust me please!" She knew this was a sudden change of emotion, and she hoped that the urgency in her voice was enough to get his attention.

"....Okay. What do I have to do?" He asked.

"Throw up." She commanded. "Right now! Multiple times."

"Why?!" He said in shock.

"DAMNIT DO IT!" Ronnie snarled. "Bree will get raped if you don't!"

"Veronica what are you talking about?" Michael asked confused.

"Michael please listen to me I think....I think that guy you talked about...Eonan...i think he is here too! Now dammit do it!"

Michael didn't have to be told twice. He turned and ran into a stall. He still had the pen in his pocket from when he signed the marriage document and he shoved the blunt end of that into the back of his throat. The reaction was instant. He threw up loud three hard times and then he did it again and again three large torrents erupted. Just to be safe he did it a third time and by the end of the third time he was dry heaving nothing.

He noticed immediately a green substance that looked alarming like medication that was starting to liquefy mixed in with the champagne and steak. He stood back up, didn't even bother to wash his face and walked for the door. "Michael....don't hate me."

Michael didn't turn but he did stop, briefly. "You drugged me."

"Yes!" She said the misery clear in her tone.

"And all the bruises and bite marks are because of this man." He said tersely. "And you were scared he'd hurt you more."

"Yes. There is more and I will tell it all when you stop him." She promised. "I will never speak to you two again if you don't want, but go!"

"Veronica, leave the hotel." Michael said suddenly. "Call my mom, you know her number. Tell her I said to hide you in her hotel room until I call.....and if I don't call Veronica run. Go the cops with what you know, but don't let Bree end up with him."

"I promise!" She said firmly then turned to leave. Before she left she turned to look at him. The eyes which he had loved so much once upon a time were filled with tears and pain. "I am so sorry Michael. I didn't know...i didn't know Bree would be in danger. I only wanted you."

Michael watched her turn and leave with a single thought running through his mind. 'You had me Ronnie, but this is where we belong.' He then took off running for the elevator and that wait was the longest of his life. He wasn't about to let panic make him run up thirty floors. This was faster and he needed his strength. At that moment, not knowing if she was safe, if he had failed her again, he was stuck as a cross roads between heaven and hell.

-Part 6-

Sometimes you cannot control fate, even if you want to.

Jonathan walked Bree to the elevator and almost had to carry her from it to her room. When they got into her room she turned and looked at him, looking more pale with each passing second. Her eyes however were intense. "If you tell anyone about this....I will hunt you down Jonathan."

"That you were sick? I think they know honey." Jon said softly.

"Not that!" And then she began to strip off her wedding dress. "You saw me naked only once. You got it?"

"Once." He agreed and actually turned around, which made Bree smile.

She stripped off her gown and laid it on the bed. She had just enough time after that to make it to the bathroom before she was violently sick. As she was throwing up someone knocked on the door. "Get...that please." She gasped and threw up again, but she was already feeling better.

"Michael probably doesn't have a key." Jon said with a grin.

Bree heard him open the door and gasp out "Wha...." before she heard the sounds of flesh on bone, a like when Michael had attacked Chad.

"......Jon?" She called and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. She was still a bit dizzy and her legs seemed to be weak. She could hear the sound of weak whimpers, whispered cries of protest and what sounded like someone kicking a bag.

"...w...why?" She heard Jon whisper. "...St...p...ple...ase...."

Bree used the tub to pull herself up and staggered to the door. What she saw threatened to make her vomit again. Jonathan was lying on the floor a few feet from the door. His face was covered in blood and he had what looked like bloody boot prints on his face. His eyes were open and staring blankly. "B....ree......r.....un.......D....an......ger......"

After he finished those words, his eyes closed and he breathed out a deep labored breath. A breath she remembered from her dreams. Mungan had made that same breath. He said 'I love you always' and then breathed that breath.

She staggered to the bed, where the hotel phone and her pants with her cell phone were, but before she could reach either one someone hit her from behind and tossed her onto the bed. She bounced and ended up on her back staring up at a red haired biker she had seen multiple times before.

"....What do you want?" She asked in fright and tried to cover up. Here she was in front of a crazed stranger in a pair of white boy shorts, a white lace bra, white high heels, white stockings and her garter belt. When he leaned forward she screamed and he laughed.

"Go ahead and scream. Remember what the Mirage did? They gave you this whole floor and half the ring below you. No one can hear you." He taunted. "And you will scream enough by the end of this."

"Michael will stop you!" She whimpered.

"Sorry to disappoint you beautiful, but Michael is busy being heavily drugged." Charles taunted. "And being ridden hard by Veronica here shortly."

"Michael wouldn't do that!" She yelled. "He loves me."

"Like Mungan did?" Charles hissed.

Bree's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. "Eonan...." She whispered in horror. "No....No! NO!"

"Oh yes baby." Charles hissed and pulled off his leather vest. "Do you remember your last wedding night? Because I do."

Bree was shaking now. She remembered it as well. Eonan hadn't wanted to be gentle. He had raped her viciously as she cried and begged him to be gentle. ".....Please you don't have to do this." She rasped. She could feel her chest tightening as the fear began to grip her very soul. All she could do, was cry and stare at him in horror.

"But I do." Charles whispered. "You killed yourself rather then be with me. We have another chance now. And this time, I won't let you kill yourself. You are destined to be with me."

"Please!" Bree began to curl up as the memories flooded her. "You had me once....it's over. I am his now."

"You are mine!" Charles screamed. "Always! You belong to me! To hell with Veronica. I am not waiting!"

Bree screamed as he grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She tried to fight, but a single back hand knocked her onto her back and she heard and felt her panties tear off. "Baby please..." she pleaded. "You promised.....please..."

"I promised." Charles nodded. "That if you tried to leave, I would make it a hundred times worse. I promised."

"No..." She whimpered and began to struggle, but at the same time shielded her face as best she could. "You promised me! Please baby! I need you! Michael!!!" She screamed.

She felt the blow to the stomach and felt the breath leave her lungs. She felt and heard the fabric of her bra rip and come free. Like with Chad, but this time Michael really was with Veronica, against his will and drugged. She was Eonan's again and he would make sure she didn't forget it.

As she heard the belt of his pants begin to come undone, the doorbell on the door rang. He looked

down at her and snarled. "If you so much as make a sound, I will kill whoever it is like I did his friend."

Bree whimpered and nodded. It was over. The past was repeating itself. At least she had married Michael, she would hold on to that.

Charles crossed the room and looked through the peep hole. A man stood with his face covered by a huge basket of roses. "We are busy." Charles snarled.

"I have orders to bring these into the room sir. I have to, hotel policy." The man said.

"Fine, but make it quick." Charles growled and pulled the door open.

The flowers flew out of the man's hands and slammed into his face. He staggered back and got his bearings just as a right hand slammed into the left side of his face. He staggered backwards again, but when Michael swung again he ducked under it and drove a hard punch into Michael's stomach doubling him over.

"Oh, I am going to enjoy making you watch." Charles snarled.

He swung again with such force that it would have knocked Michael clean out but his punch sailed wide when someone grabbed his leg and threw him off balance. Charles looked down to see Jonathan, weak and barely breathing had grabbed his leg. Charles pulled his leg free and stomped down on the chunky man's face as hard as he could.

Michael heard the sound of something in his friends face break and screamed. "NO!" then tackled Charles. Bree screamed when the two came into view and watched as Michael and Charles rolled around on the floor.

Charles threw Michael off, but he when Michael hit the ground he rolled back and popped back to his feet. Charles came up fast and pulled a large buck knife from the sheath at his side. "I am going to gut you like a pig, and then I am going to take what's mine." For a split second Michael wished he had brought some kind of a weapon.

"You won't ever touch her again." Michael growled and at that moment it was like playing football. Charles stood his full height so Michael rushed him, dropped down at the last second and slammed his shoulder into Charles's stomach and chest. He felt the wind leave the big biker and felt the searing heat from the blade slicing across his shoulder.

The hotel had left the balcony doors open, for the newlyweds could enjoy standing on the balcony overlooking the strip. Michael charged out to the doors leading to the balcony and then launched Charles as hard as he could. Charles hit the sliding glass doors between the room and the balcony and then disappeared over with a scream.

Michael fell to his knees and his hand went to his shoulder. The next thing he knew Bree was there with her arms around his neck and holding him tight to her. "You came!" She cried. "When it really mattered....Oh god Michael thank you baby!"

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