tagInterracial LoveConversation With A Church Lady

Conversation With A Church Lady

byj.g.e. powers©

"When I count to three you will awake, feel wonderful and you'll be ready to begin," I said softly. "One, two, three!"

She lifted her head, blinked, then carefully looked around. She didn't see me or her surroundings. In her mind I wasn't there and the room was somewhere other than my study. Idly I marveled at the wonders of Hypnosis. Mrs. Ruth Claypool was in a deep hypnotic state and truly believed she was at a reputable university, in a totally secure room, just another anonymous participant in a respectable and responsible study on human sexual response; unknown and unseen by the experts who were going to question her. Even her voice would be disguised.

In safe, non-threatening surroundings' women like Ruth Claypool - allegedly good and decent, became more than willing, even excited to reveal their secret innermost sexual self. As a practicing psychologist I knew from experience these same women could hide the most veracious sexual appetites; some suppressed while others actively indulged in sexual cultures most people only dream about. Behind her careful facade, Ruth Claypool was one of the active ones.

Ever since my nieces' slumber party, three weeks ago, when I had stumbled on to the fact that the lovely, and oh-so-fuckable Ruth Claypool, the prim and proper wife of our esteemed and pompous minister, the Reverend Doctor Claypool was secretly fucking Charles, the church sexton - the very big and black church sexton! - I had been waiting for an opportunity to find out more. That night a drugged, thus truthful, Ruth Claypool had divulged that she loved the wicked debauchery of having black cock thrill her luscious and responsive body, and had from an early age. This was sensational stuff and the voyeur in me couldn't wait to find out how this sweet, but seemingly unworldly Christian lady started leading a double life. I had to get it on tape.

I connived to get her to visit my house again on the pretext of discussing her chaperoning another of my niece's slumber parties. Once in my study, without her being aware of it, I induced hypnosis, placed her in a deep trance and prepped her with information about the study, convincing her that she had something important to contribute and that her participation would be completely secure and forever secret. That was most important since people under hypnosis usually won't do anything they wouldn't do while conscious - unless, of course, they're convinced that their surroundings are real. To Ruth, this was real.

"Good morning."

Ruth looked around the room for the disembodied voice then 'saw' the speaker on the desk. "Good morning," she said in that soft, husky voice of hers. Just a hint of a southern drawl.

I smiled to myself. Beneath the conservative suit was a really good-looking woman; pretty face, full breasts, slim waist, and long, shapely legs. She also had a thick, hairy bush covering a hungry pink-lined cunt that produced thick and juicy pussy cream and a mouth that sucked cock like a vacuum cleaner. She was the epitome of that old saying, A lady in the living room, a whore in the bedroom.

"Just to review the ground rules. We don't know you, so naturally no names will be used. We'll refer to you as "Miss." You can call me, "Doctor." This conversation will not be recorded but it will be transcribed."

"Yes, that's right," she said, unaware that repeating the ground rules just reinforced my hypnotic suggestion to her. She would be completely comfortable in these surroundings and totally truthful.

"Thank you, Miss. Would you please state your age, race and martial status."

"I'm thirty-eight, white, and I'm married."

"Is your sex life with your husband satisfactory?" I asked in a detached and deliberately boring manner. A real sex survey would be done just that way.

"Not really."

"Have you ever had an extramarital affair?"

She paused. I could see the glint in her eyes. She was about to reveal a deep dark secret, "Yes. Several times. In fact, I'm really a slut at heart. I love sex!" Ruth's voice was breathless. "Special sex!"

"What sort of special sex?"

"I love fucking black men!" She said in a voice suddenly charged with emotion, "Big cocked black men! The bigger and blacker the better. I love watching them put their black pricks in me; seeing their dark color on my white skin! You wouldn't believe how hard I cum when a black man fucks me."


"Black men! I see. When did you first become aware of this, eh ... fixation?" My chest was tight and I had trouble keeping my voice under control. This was super voyeurism.

"It's kind of a long story and it doesn't begin with me."

I felt my cock jump. This was what I was waiting for. "That's quite all right. Take all the time you need," I said, and checked to insure that the recorder was running.

"Well ... " Ruth hesitated, thinking, her brow wrinkled. Once again she surreptitiously looked around the room. Checking, making sure no one was really there. Slowly, she took a deep breath and made up her mind. "Well," she said in that soft, sexy voice, "I have to start by telling you something of my family history. I come from Alabama ... from quality folk." She giggled a little.

"Considering our sex lives I don't know if that's a true statement. Maybe 'quality fucks' is a better description." Ruth was getting into the story. I could tell from the eagerness in her voice.

"Anyway, it all started with my grandmother Martha. Apparently she was a really hot little number. At fourteen, she started fucking twenty year old Percy Gilmore, the family's part-time chauffeur. Black, of course. And she kept fucking him until she was eighteen when he knocked her up.

"Well, naturally, the family was scandalized but they kept everything real hush-hush. Percy got fired; almost got killed, too. And grandmother Martha got shipped north to have her baby. A girl. Fortunately my mother always looked white so she frequently spent summers in Alabama with her 'Aunt' Martha. Momma married a white Northerner and gave birth to me. So you see I'm actually part Negroid myself." She giggled again. "Guess what part."

"Please continue, Miss," I said thickly. I wanted her to stop fooling around and get to the good parts. "Your story is fascinating."

"Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah. My parents were divorced when I was three and my mother died when I was fourteen. But before she died she told me the whole story of Martha and Percy and the real reason for her divorce. My father had walked in on her having sex with three black men! All at the same time! She had a black cock in her pussy, another black prick in her mouth, and a third black dick up her ass!

"Well, I acted shocked and mortified but secretly I was excited and fascinated, aroused even. After all it was a very erotic story about a cultural taboo, especially in the South. Both my Grandmother and mother, white and half white, had this... this thing for black cock. I would dream about them and their secret black lovers and I'd wake up with sticky fingers deep in my young, wet pussy.

"Anyway, after Mom died I went to live with Aunt Martha; she told me to call her that. The summer I turned fifteen I asked her right out, 'Why did you start fucking black men? And why Percy Gilmore?'

"Martha just laughed and said, 'Because black men were taboo and because Percy Gilmore had the biggest dick I ever saw, even for a black man. Twelve inches of solid black steel and thick as my arm. It was so beautiful. And he'd fuck me so good and hard I'd passed out from the pleasure. Ruthie, honey, when you find a man who can fuck you like that, color doesn't mean squat. Only cock does, honey, but for me, his was the best.'

"I was an impressionable teenager so naturally her story got me all hot and bothered. I wanted to meet my real grandfather, the man who had fucked my grandmother silly; who gave the women in my family this craving for black cock. I fantasized about him and his amazing prick.

"When you fantasized about this Percy Gilmore, your grandfather, was it a sexual fantasy?" I asked.

Without a pause, Ruth said: "Yes, very much so. In fact it was all I could think about. I decided to find him no matter what. And I did, by the simple expedient of looking in the phone book.

"Without giving him warning I showed up on his doorstep one morning. When he opened the door, his jaw dropped. 'You must be Martha's granddaughter. Can't be any other,' he said. 'You're the spittin' image of her at your age.' And he produced a framed photograph of my grandmother to prove his point. We did look like twins.

"My grandfather was in his sixties, but he didn't look it. Apart from being very black, he was tall, broad-shouldered and his stomach was still flat. He was even rather good looking in a rough sort of way. I had fantasized about him, about us, but with him as a young man. I never really thought we'd do anything, not with him being an old man. But there we were sitting on the living room couch, facing one another and I could see the incredibly thick bulge in his tight pants. That certainly didn't look old! My heart was beating rapidly, my hands were wet and so was my pussy. I couldn't believe how wet I was. I was terribly nervous and very embarrassed; after all I was only fifteen and a virgin, to boot.

"Good thing you're my real granddaughter,' he said to me, 'cause if you weren't I'd be thinking of relivin' the good old days.'

"What ... would you do, if this was the good old days." My voice was almost a squeak. He smiled - a smirk - leaned forward and put his black hand on my bare thigh, just below my mini-skirt. My heart jumped and I felt electricity surge through me. His touch was like fire on my skin.

He said, "I'd start by kissing you all over, your face, your neck ... your pretty white titties. I'd make your nipples so hard, girl, you'd think they were rocks. I'd give your whole body a lovely tongue bath; all over every inch. And then I'd eat your creamy white pussy 'til you screamed for mercy ... " Blood was pounding in my head. His voice was drifting far away. "Then I'd lay you down and spread your thighs real wide and stick...

Lightheaded and hyperventilating I could suddenly 'see' him doing everything he said he'd do. Then a cool darkness washed over me and I couldn't hear him anymore. I woke up in Hawaii."

"What was that? Hawaii ... eh, I don't understand."

Ruth smiled. "That's what I call it. Hawaii. Paradise. It was like waking up to soft tropical breezes, dappled sunshine, warm, crystal-clear water as the most exquisite pleasure I 'd ever felt gently washed over me. My eyes opened slowly. I was lying in bed, naked.

Big, strong black hands engulfed my tits and rough fingers tweaked my nipples to a stiff bliss. My legs were up and my thighs were opened. And between them I saw a black face with wicked, smiling eyes, a big nose mashed in my sodden pubic hair and I could feel a rough tongue wiggling naughtily in my juicy cunt, flicking my clit, driving me insane. But a wonderful insanity.

"Grandpa Percy was a wonderful cunt-lapper. His hands incited, his tongue electrified and his ebony color thrilled me to exhaustion. I came with incendiary power, grinding my out-of-control hips against his thrusting tongue. I came and came and came some more. And when I felt Grandpa Percy stick his fat, black finger up my ass it was so explosive I passed out screaming, my body spastic, completely out of control."

Ruth's eyes were closed, lost in the magical memory of her first sexual experience. Neither of us said a word. We both needed a moment. I ogled her beautiful tits as they heaved up and down beneath the severe suit jacket. My cock was rock hard and straining for release. I had to give it some air or wind up with blue balls. Gently, I eased it out and sighed. Boy did I wish she could see my naked prick. It wasn't the twelve inch monster of her incestuous grandfather but my nine inches wasn't a toy either. Gawd, did I want her.

I toyed with the idea of putting her back in a trance and amending her hypnotic instructions so I could fuck her; make her believe I was her grandfather or even Charles, her current black lover, but I knew that could be dangerous. But I knew if I played my cards right I get more than my share of her pussy. Hers, and all the other ladies out there with secret lives. Ruth was only the first. I took three deep breaths to steady my pounding heart.

"Wha ... what happened next, Ru ... eh, Miss."

"What? Did you call ... oh, what was I saying?"

Thankfully, Ruth was slightly disorientated. I had almost blown it. I took another deep breath. "Your grandfather was performing oral sex on you."

She giggled. "Yes. Oral sex! God, was that intense. I remember panting as if I had run a million miles. Grandpa Percy just smiled. Then he stood up on the bed and for the first time I saw the cock that Grandma Martha had told me about. It's almost indescribable. It was huge! No. Monstrous is a better word. Long, thick and heavily veined. I just couldn't believe my Grandmother, or any woman would willingly put that thing inside them. It would tear them in two. It frightened and stimulated me. I was mesmerized by it. It was like a snake swaying to and fro.

'Lick it, sweet little white girl! Lick your granddaddy's big black prick' he said. And before I knew what I was doing I was sitting in front of him, both hands on his huge fuck poke and I'm licking the heavy crown all over.

"I remember thinking that his cock-head was purple, not black and I wondered why. My tongue licked grandpa's fat shaft, up and down. His man-smell saturated my brain. I kept licking until his balls and cock glistened with my saliva and then - as if my life depended on it - I started sucking grandpa's thick black cock. 'You're a natural born cock-sucker, sweetness. Just like your Grandma. Must run in the family. Suck it all the way in, girl!"

"Don't ask me how - maybe I was a natural, like Grandpa Percy said - but in minutes I was able to swallow up almost all of his big black cock. I could see its gleaming blackness splitting my pink lips, the bulging veins sliding along my tongue. I could feel it going down my throat. I could feel his course, crinkled pubic hair on my nose and lips. He groaned with pleasure and I was in heaven.

"He dug his big hands into my hair and starting fucking my face like he fucked Grandma's cunt: hard and fast and wonderful. I had two fingers up my hot, dripping pussy and I was on the verge of imploding. Then he screamed, hammered my face with his cock, shoved it deep down my throat. I had to pull back or choke. Just then his prick erupted, gushing hot white cum in my mouth; spraying it, like a firehose, all over my face, my hair, my heaving tits. I imagined that it burned my skin, it felt so hot. In an instant it was back in my mouth and I was sucking grandpa's wondrous tasting jism, savoring the tangy flavor. I licked my lips while grandpa rubbed his splattered cum all over my face and tits. 'It's good for your skin, sweetness,' he said.

"We lay side by side, his big dark arm around me, his hand lightly holding one of my tender tits. I fondled his semi-soft cock. It was heavy. I loved the contrasting colors of my white hand surrounding his blackness. I loved it!. This was the black cock that fucked my grandmother, the ebony prick that fathered my mother, the raven dick that in a little while was going to slide incestuously up my hot, slick white cunt and ravish my cherry, just as it had grandma's. And I knew I was going to love it!

"About then grandpa asked me what I was thinking of. I told him I was wondering what it was going to feel like to get fucked by my own grandfathers' big, black cock. 'Lets find out,' he said crawling between my legs. My eyes widen as I saw his cock start to twitch and jump, becoming firm and hard again; almost a living thing. Immediately my pussy started to secrete warm cunt-juice, in impossible amounts. I could feel it dribble down my asscrack.

"Grandpa Percy reached behind my knees and splayed my legs wide. 'Oh, my pretty little white granddaughter,' he said with a wicked grin, 'you have the most fuckable cunt I've ever seen. Even better than your Granny.' I thrilled at the compliment but my heart was in my throat. My legs were pushed back flat against my tits. My skin tingled. I could hardly breathe. My pussy was wet and wide open and he was rubbing his big cockhead up and down my soaked slit, lubricating it. 'Relax darlin',' he said, 'you're going to love it.'

I gasped and watched in awed fascination as his prick slowly spread my cunt lips. My stomach muscles tighten in anticipation of the pain, but there was none, not really. And just that quick grandpa's huge cockhead was in my cunt! It splashed on my brain like a breaking wave. I had a black cock in my pussy! I was going to get fucked!

"'Oh, Grandpa!' I groaned, 'That feels soooo good.' He leaned over and kissed me sweetly. Lustily, I sucked on his tongue as he slowly pushed his hips forward and another few inches of his wonder cock entered my young body. Now I could feel it filling me, stretching the walls of my vagina beyond belief. More juice flooded my love channel as brilliant colors exploded pell-mell behind my eyelids. Suddenly I felt his cock up against my hymen.

With a merciless thrust grandpa tore through the fragile membrane and a blinding pain penetrated my brain. A silent scream died on my lips as the pain gave way to unexpected feeling of happiness even as my body stiffened, straining against the incursion of grandpa's glorious joy-giving cock. Shivering and moaning with passion and pleasure-pain, I pushed my hips upward and wrapped my legs around grandpa's ass, digging my heels in as my hungry pussy grasped for more of his mammoth black fuck-pole.

"'I'm in, sweetness!' grandpa huffed, 'My cock's all the way up your hot, tight, little pussy. All the way, baby!'

"Dreamily I looked down between our sweating, panting bodies. As my eyes focus I realized I couldn't see his cock anymore. It really was in all the way! I had all twelve inches of my granddaddy's black, incestuous prick completely inside my teenage box!! I was getting fucked!! I watched in amazement as grandpa slowly drew it out, almost to the fat tip. It was glossy from my pussy cream ... and my virginal blood. 'Wrap those lily-white legs around your ol' granddad's waist, darlin' cause it's time for serious fuckin'' grandpa whispered in my ear and then he shoved his wonderful cock back up my cunt. I screamed in pleasure as my first vaginal orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave.

"I don't really know how long my grandfather fucked me that day. Everything after that cum is sort of a blur. I just remember drifting from cum to cum; each one better than then one before it. Sometime after dark, I remember him putting the crown of his limp, sticky cock against my lips and saying, 'Clean it, sweetness.' And I did."

It was suddenly very quiet. Only our breathing could be heard. Ruth was flushed, but smiling, even though she thought no one was there to see. With a shock I realized she had completed her story.

"Er, thank you, Miss." My voice choked, almost breaking with desire. "That ... was a most fascinating story. Your first sexual experience was both interracial and incestuous. Very unusual."

"Yes, I thought the panel would enjoy it. But it really didn't end there, you know. I stayed the night with grandpa, naturally. And the next day we really fucked and sucked up a storm but the best part was when his son, Leroy, and his grandson, Percy II, showed up. I think you can get the picture now. I fucked my black grandfather just like my white grandmother did. And like my half white mother, I fucked three black men; the last time with Great Uncle Leroy's cock in my pussy, Grandpa Percy's wang in my mouth, and my loving Cousin, Percy II, long, slender prick up my ass. Fortunately it was the weekend, so we had all the time in the world." Ruth was grinning as she finished her story, sure that she had given the University's blue ribbon sex panel a great deal of food for thought.

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