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Conversations In Cyberspace


It all started innocently enough. I was on line surfing the social networking sites. On this one site, I kept getting hit on by men. I'm straight and I simply am not into that at all. So, I just sent friend requests to women. All ages, really. Primarily, I looked for women who were already attached, since I am attached and was not looking for anything but friends, and maybe a business relationship. As I was surfing, I got a few hits that had matched me. I don't remember if I got a hit from my Lil' Darlin' or not, but some how we got connected. I remember I saw her profile and the picture was of a girl's crossed legs and sent a friend request—"Hey, I like your profile, and I'd like to be your friend." Some days later, she sent me a reply: "What exactly do you like about my profile?" I went to her site and clicked on her profile. It didn't say anything about her, except that she was 24 and her profile showed her crossed legs clad in tan nylons and black high heels with the statement; "Nothing beats sexy panty hose and heels."

She had me there. So, I replied back to her and sent this message, "I really do like your legs." And I asked if she would like to work with me on a marketing project I was working on. I really thought that would be the end of it. But much to my surprise and the massaging of my ego, she replied back to me again. After all, I am over 50 and a grampa. A young lady even talking to me was quite a thrill for this old guy.

Still, I was only interested to see if she would work with me. As I was typing that reply and before I could send it, she sent me a message: "Don't be shy, talk to me." I replied, "I just sent you a message. I am not shy." Then the stakes of the game changed to my favor. Our conversations now follow. I couldn't make up better scripts if I tried.

Lil' Darlin': So, tan or black panty hose? LOL

Me: I like the nude look. So Tan?

Lil' Darlin': Good I wear suntan hose usually probably about 3 or 4 days a week they go with any outfit . 

Me: Now, I'll be thinking of LEGGS all day. Naughty girl!!

Me: I have to go out for a while. Business call. If you worked with me, you would have a "leg up" on the competition. LOL

Lil' Darlin: hmmmmmm what if it was a long day would you offer me a footrub?

Me: Foot rub, I am good at that. Plus I do a fair job of body massage.

Lil' Darlin': Ok your hired ;)

Lil' Darlin': If you were giving me a foot rub, would you peek?

Me: I will peek if you show me.

Lil' Darlin': mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Imagine me kicking off my heels and putting my silky nylon toes in your lap.

Me: Now you are making my tongue hard, too.

Lil' Darlin: my nylons feel so ssmooth and silky. imagine rubbing them for me

Me: I can do that. But you are making it hard for me.

Lil' Darlin': What if I told you I don't have any panties on?

Me: No panties? Now you are really making it hard for me. A full body massage to relieve the pressure where the panties were?

Lil Darlin: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rub my thighs make me wetter!!!

Lil' Darlin: please tell me how hard I am making it?

Me: Very!! and large, Too. Are you wet?

Lil' Darlin': yes my nylon crotch is getting damp! Are you really hard?

Me: YES and HORNY!!!

Lil' Darlin: im rubbing my fingers up and down my silky thighs right now.

Me: I would rub you all over and I would rub your wet crotch!!! I am sorry, but I would be forced to take off your panty hose. And kiss you there and lick you.

Lil' Darlin': mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rub my thighs make me wetter!!!!

Me: And me HARDER!! Would you like to see it?

Li' Darlin: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me rub my feet on your hard cock!

Me: Have at it baby!!

Lil' Darlin': mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you're so big! Do my nylons feel good rubbing your cock? are you staring up my skirt? Hmmmm, is it bad im not wearing panties, are you peeking??

Me: Yes. And no panties. And you are dripping wet. I can smell you!! It is sooooo good!!

Lil' Darlin': mmmmmmmmmmmmmm do you want to lick me?

Me: ABSOLUTELY. Just imagine me doing so until you are all ready to climax. Tell when you are close. Are you fingering your self right now?

Lil' Darlin': mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rubbing the crotch now!!!

Then, we got disconnected. I saw that she had gone offline. "Rats," I thought to myself. "I wonder if her boyfriend came in or something? I sighed deeply and shut down the computer.

I didn't hear from her for a day or two. And then she sent me a message. And she really got my attention in a hurry.

Lil' Darlin': I played with myself earlier :) I fucked my pussy with a dildo thinking of you eating me and bending me over.

Me: Poor me. Only Rosy Palm and her sisters. Bending you over--what a thought. I really like doing it that way.

Lil' Darlin': doggy is soooo deep!! Rip my pantyhose!!!! Your hands on my nylon ass-pumping me!!

Me: You have made me so-o-o-o-o-o- hard again!!!

I had to meet up with Rosy Palm to take get the situation well in hand. And then she was off line again. Where was she when I was young and full of pee and vinegar?

I had never had such an experience before. Never thought that I would have a cyber lover. I must confess, I am totally enthralled with pursuing this relationship. Who knows where it will end up.

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