tagNovels and NovellasConversion Therapy Ch. 13

Conversion Therapy Ch. 13


I woke up on Wednesday morning at 7 excited to get on with my day. The new job was invigorating to anticipate. I, of course, had an appointment with Priscilla. We had agreed to meet at the student center for coffee.

I decided I wanted to wear the BenWa Balls until the first class, so I put them in and squeezed them about ten times. I felt tight. Then I put on a pair of my daisy duke shorts and a halter top. I decided to wear the one that was skimpiest. It had just triangles that covered my areola but not my whole breast. I felt very sexy not for Priscilla, but I knew I'd see Jaxson later.

I rode my bike to the campus, locked it up outside Jaxson's building and walked to the student center. Priscilla wasn't there yet, so I went ahead and bought two coffees and got some sugar packets and cream cups and found a place to sit where there were no students or faculty yet.

Priscilla showed about the time I got settled. I stood and she hugged me and thanked me for seeing her. She was a pretty girl but dressed very conservatively, so I wondered if she was from a fundamentalist background. We sat close so we could talk discreetly.

"We don't have a lot of time, Priscilla, so can I just pry?"


"You say you have trouble with being nude. Why is this a problem for you?"

"Well, my boyfriend is constantly pushing me to go naked around his apartment or mine when he is there. The problem is that I don't feel comfortable being naked regardless."

"Even when you are alone?"

"Even then."

"Do you find being naked erotic at all or even pleasurable?"

"I do if he and I are making love, but not when we are just sitting around or eating or watching TV."

"But you want to?"

"I do because he wants me to."

"You dress very conservatively. Is there a reason for that?"

"Yes," she responded and looked down as if embarrassed. "I grew up in a very conservative home. We weren't religious but my father was very conservative. I don't think Mom was but he was very strict. For as long as I can remember, we were not permitted to walk around in our pajamas. We had to wear a robe out of our bedroom. Even when it was very hot, we had to wear pajamas that covered more than most kids wear now in public. We never wore bathing suits and were not aloud to go swimming even in clothes."

"I grew up almost as restricted. In fact, until about two weeks ago I dressed as you do."

"Yes, but now you wear clothes my father would kill me for wearing."

"You say now that your boyfriend almost demands you be naked around the house. What else?"

"He bought me a bikini, not a way out there one, but a bikini and wants me to wear it. All I can think when I try is that Daddy would kill me."

"I think I hear what you're saying. You have two men in your life who want to dominate you. One is your father and the other is your boyfriend. Do you think you were meant to be dominated and why?"

She lowered her eyes in thought. "Well, no, I'm not supposed to be dominated but that is the way it is. Men are strong and women are weak."

"I used to think that also and Jaxson and a few of my women friends have helped me see differently. I escaped that attitude about two weeks ago. However, I don't think my childhood was quite so overwhelming as yours. Dad was kind hearted and Mom and Dad didn't say anything about wearing a robe until I was reaching puberty, then Mom told me I should wear one over my pajamas. In the summer when it was warm, I wore shorty pajamas."

"Oh, not us. They were long and they were not cool. I couldn't wear a nightgown because it might pull up and show me off while I was asleep. If my parents knew I was having sex with my boyfriend, they'd take me out of school and take me home. That's why I dress like this. I think they have eyes on campus. Even talking to a girl dressed like you would get me in trouble."

"We're running out of time, Priscilla. I wouldn't mind talking to you more but I'm not a counselor. I don't even have a real degree from anywhere. I'm just a sojourner trying to figure life out for myself. I'll bet if we look, we can find a group for girls with similar struggles. There are posters all over campus for this and that groups. Why don't we look for something that may help? Is that a deal? Maybe tomorrow we can talk some after class."

"That sounds like a good idea. Thank you for talking to me, Layla. Have a good day."

I hurried to the fine arts building to meet Hank. He was already in his office but didn't appear to be waiting for me. He seemed busy. I knocked.

A few seconds went by before he responded. Then he turned and said, "Good morning, Layla. Have a seat."

I sat in the only available chair. There were two others stacked up with books and papers.

"Good morning, Hank. You said I need to fill some papers out?"

"Yes, you need to fill this out. It is a W4 for tax withholding. This is an application for employment. We have to have one for every employee whether they are actually applying or not. You're hired so that's no worry."

"Thanks, Hank. I appreciate this opportunity."

"No problem. I'm glad to have a pretty young woman model. We get other women but often they are not so pretty. Many are over weight. I don't care. A human body is a human body and the students need to learn to draw or paint or photograph or sculpt or whatever the hell they want to. But the students complain. Anyway, fill the app out and the form and then we can talk a bit until class starts."

I sat there and filled it out using a book for a platform. I'd done a W4 before when I worked for a diner at home when I was a senior. The employment application wasn't complicated. I was finished in about 5 minutes and handed them to him.

He scanned them and thanked me and said they looked fine. Then he said, "Here is a schedule that I worked out assuming you want to work as much as possible until you start school in January. You need to know the poses become more difficult as the term progresses. Beginner classes are mostly sitting and standing but when one has to stand for a couple of hours, it gets tiring. You need to find a physical activity to work the kinks out."

I looked at the schedule. Tuesday and Thursday were pretty much the same as yesterday—the three classes. Monday was two 50 minute classes and one 75 in the afternoon. Wednesday included the night time class and the same classes as Monday. Friday only had two classes. There were no afternoon classes on Friday.

"That looks good to me, Hank."

"Now, Layla, note that the Wednesday afternoon class is a 75 minute class like on Monday. The reason is we do not have Friday afternoon classes anymore."

I looked at the schedule. "Thanks for pointing that out. So today I essentially work about six hours?"

"More or less. Just to be sure, you find modeling good for you."

"Yes, I'm not sure why, but I feel perfectly fine being nude even with others. It seems to come naturally for me."

"So would you be interested in me giving your name and number to artists I know."

"Sure. Please do."

"OK. I also know two people who have modeling agencies and schools. Would you be interested in them?"

"I think. What do they do?"

"The schools are designed to teach models things like how to walk correctly, how to progress in the field, how to interview or audition and the like. However, the two I recommend are very good at booking all their models for shows. So they do as much agency work as any thing and want their models to be well respected as being prepared for the work."

"That'd be great."

"I do that because I often lose models to them and will probably lose you in less than a year but I like to see good models succeed also." He looked at the clock. "It's close to time for class."

"Thanks, Hank, I appreciate the help and the job."

"No prob. Have a good day."

I went to the dressing room and got undressed but almost forgot the BenWa Balls. It wouldn't have looked good having a string hanging out of me. I put everything in the locker and used the bathroom. I went to the back of the studio and got a cup of coffee and a doughnut. I realized I was hungry.

When the bell rang, I went to the stool and struck my pose. About half way through the class, it seemed no matter what I tried to think about, I couldn't get my mind off Jaxson and what I planned for tomorrow night and wishing it were tonight. That only led to me getting turned on and heading toward an orgasm. I hadn't had a spontaneous orgasm in maybe a week, but that may have been because I was having plenty otherwise. I kept trying to refocus and by the time the bell rang, I was all but ready to cum.

I went to the dressing room, locked the door, sat in one of the chairs and began rubbing my pussy and flicking my nipple with my finger. I ran my hand up and down my labia with my fingers on the outside of them until I was pretty far along and then I plunged three into my pussy which was sopping wet and moved the finger from my nipple to my clit. It wasn't long until I had my whole hand in my pussy and I could feel my orgasm on the way. It was going to be a strong one too. The wave grew higher and higher and more and more intense. It seemed like it was going to make it to shore before it broke if ever it would. But it did and it was all I could do not to be heard on the other side of campus. Then I began to squirt. Before I was done, there was cum everywhere it seemed.

Now what? I was barely done and had next to no time to revel in it. I had to clean up. I quickly grabbed paper towels and dried the floor. I then dried my pussy and washed my hands. I was afraid I still smelled like sex. I guess after the next class everyone would be heading to the bathrooms to masturbate. I had to remember to do this at home before showering tomorrow to see if that helped.

I returned to the chair for the next class. All went well. I knew Jaxson would not be free for another hour. What to do? Hank came over when I left the dressing room and handed me a card. "Take this to the student center and they will then give you an ID. As an employee, you have access to the library and athletic facilities."

"Wow! Thanks Hank. I was wondering what to do with my time until Jaxson was free."

"There you go."

I walked to the student center. I had a new clip in my step. I felt better about myself than I ever had and the result was I got far more looks from guys than ever. I just said to myself, "Sorry, guys, already taken."

I went into the center to the security office and told them what I wanted. They took my photo and said my ID card would be ready in 15 minutes. I went and whiled my time away in the book store.

I looked for the section for photography classes and looked through the books. There was one for beginning photography that I figured may meet my needs. I looked through and saw it had a chapter on shutter speeds, apertures, using the two to get differing effects, developing film and making prints and the dark room and the like.

I decided to buy it and took it over to the check out and did. I looked at my watch. My ID should be ready. I picked it up.

I thought, "If I can use the athletic facilities, maybe I could swim in the mornings with Jaxson." I went back to the bookstore which had swim suits. A girl who looked like a swimmer was looking at them so I asked her, "If I am going to swim laps what kind of suit do I need?"

She looked at me and said, "Most lappers wear speedos. They are over there. You do not want to wear a bikini which seems your type." She clearly had judged me.

I replied, "I don't wear the same clothes everyday and I wouldn't expect to wear a bikini for swimming laps. But thanks anyway."

I looked through the speedo offerings and wondered if I could get one at the Good Will. So I decided to wait and see before I bought anything because the suits were quite expensive.

It was almost time for Jaxson to get off so I decided to meet him outside his classroom. I arrived a bit before classes ended and then had to wait while he talked with a few lingering students. When he was done, he came to me and wrapped an arm around my waist, hugged me to his side and then we started walking.

"It's good to see you, babe."

"You too," I said laying my head over on his shoulder. "I missed you."

"But you were wearing me last night when I left."

"Yeah, but I had to wash you off this morning before coming over. So I haven't had you since then although I've had me."

"You have."

"Yeah, during my first sitting I couldn't think of anything that did not lead to you. I got so horny by the time class ended I had to go to the dressing room and bring myself off. Then wouldn't you know I squirted, so I had to clean up instead of basque in the orgasm."

He chuckled. "Maybe we can help you out during lunch."

"You mean it."

"I think I can arrange for it."

"Good." He dropped his things off at his office and picked up his back pack with the blanket in it. We picked up sandwiches and drinks and went to the tower room. He laid out the blanket and we stripped. I had put the balls back in and when we met I became aware of them moving in my pussy more than when I was in the bookstore. I was getting turned on. He was, too, because the longer we sat there eating the harder he became.

When I was finished with all I was going to eat which was only half the sandwich, I looked at his cock and asked, "Is that for me?"

"No, there was this really pretty brown haired, brown eyed girl I know who had dibs on it."

I frowned and feigned sorrow. "Man, it looks so nice and thick. I bet it tastes really good, too. Can I at least have a taste?"

He looked at it as if examining it for an answer and said, "Well, if you insist. But you have to save some for the other woman."

"Not on your life. I'm taking it all. The heck with her."

I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I began to run my tongue around the head and down the shaft. I love that feeling and the taste. I did this for a bit just sort of teasing him. Then he moved to begin working on me. Next thing I knew we were on our sides in 69, a position I loved. I felt his hand go around my ass to my crack and the other to my pussy. Then I felt his tongue, "Oh, heavenly host." I sometimes feel like I can hear the angels singing when I know he is about to penetrate me with his fingers or tongue and lick my clit. I felt it and heard it now.

It turned me on and I began to work his cock and moved a hand so I could play with his balls. I began to squeeze them and heard him groan. I sucked all the harder and began deep throating him getting his head as far in my throat as I could. It felt so good I wondered if anyone had ever had an orgasm from deep throating.

I kept changing up on his though not wanting him to cum before I was going to. I felt him change up also, trying to get his hand so he could massage my G-spot and my cervix. I began to feel it which sent sparks of electricity through my pelvis and to my breasts. I wondered what it would feel like to have someone sucking my breasts now too. Then I imagined it. It was a faceless person but it turned me on even more.

I began to bob up and down his cock and swathing it with my tongue and pushing it against the roof of my mouth. Then I began to feel it swell and his balls contract at the same time. I could feel the wave coming in me. The wave began to crash sending me into near convulsions and his licking and fingering became more intense, then he shot a load into my mouth.

Oh, how I love that feeling of the rush against the back of my throat and the silkiness of his cum. I swallowed just before the next shot and the next and the next. I came and came again until I thought I may cum all day. It was heavenly. Once the orgasms stopped, I just vibrated. I could also feel him pulsing slightly in my mouth as he began to soften.

The whole feeling of the after effects got me turned on again and I began another wave. He caught on and began to lick and finger some more and became increasingly intense until sure enough, another not so powerful but, nevertheless, a wonderful surprise orgasm came. I thought, "If only all women knew what I now know."

After some time, we rolled apart, and I turned to lie on Jaxson's shoulder. As we lay there, I said, "Jaxson, you know what?"

"No what?"

"I love you."

He squeezed me tight, rolled up on his elbow and looked into my eyes and said, "Layla, my darling, I love you."

He then kissed me passionately and I could taste me on him as I was sure he could taste him on me. The whole experience was so intimate I think, in part, because of my conversation with Priscilla. Jaxson seemed to not have a bone of domination in him.

I felt more free to be what I wanted to be than ever in my life. And, I felt more satisfied and less anxious with my life and future than ever. I guess I was feeling quite content.

But, we both had commitments in a bit and had to get ready. I had to make sure I didn't smell like sex as I knew I did. The whole tower probably smelled of it, and I was certain all the animals living in it were now fucking up a storm.

We dressed and walked to the nearest restrooms where I washed my vital parts, my face hands and other places I may have cum drying and used the toilet. I brushed my hair, fixed my make up and checked my teeth for food or hair.

Jaxson was waiting for me when I came out and he walked me to the Fine Arts building. On the way, I asked him if he'd mind if I began swimming with him in the mornings. He assured me I should, and I told him I thought I could buy a suitable suit at the Good Will. He reminded me not to get a bikini because it would just come off while swimming laps. I told him not to worry. He, then, told me to get a pair of swimmer's goggles at the book store. Used ones would not be a good idea, so I put that on my list of things to do.

I sat for the next class and, after putting the balls in my pussy and my clothes on, I rode my bike as quickly as possible to my house cleaning assignment. I checked the house, stripped out of my clothes already feeling horny from the balls and the bicycle ride. I set the alarm and went to work.

I went to clean the boys room and, while changing the sheets found a "Hustler" magazine. I'd never seen one and began looking through it. I began to pay attention to the poses and tried to memorize them, exactly how the girls held themselves. I also couldn't help noticing the girls and their parts.

I found a section on sex advice and letters. I didn't have time to read them because I'd not read but one letter before I was masturbating. I started sort of unconsciously running my fingers up and down the outside of my pussy lips and, then, found myself with my fingers penetrating my vagina and massaging my G-spot turning me on even more. I kept on as I read about a girl being seduced by a man in a park and having him pull her dress up, pulling aside her panties and penetrating her from behind. It sounded awful from one point of view but turned me on all the same. I was imagining her as me and Jaxson as him. Of course, with me he'd need not worry about panties anymore.

Before long the wave of orgasm rose up and I rode it as long as I could getting more intensely turned on by the minute until I came hard. I was whimpering and screaming, quaking and shivering when I heard the alarm. I didn't know what to do. The magazine? My clothes?

I went for my clothes and barely had them on when he came through the door and saw me. I must have looked a sight because he looked at me peculiarly, but, then, I was wearing pretty sexy clothes and he was a teenage boy. I said, "Hi, I was just in the midst of cleaning your room. It won't be long."

"OK, I'll get a snack." He turned toward the kitchen and then snapped around. "Did you ...? I mean, I need to get something."

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