Conviction: In Media Res


"Your turn, Counsel," Jessica said, breaking the kiss and rolling onto her back again. Christina grinned, then leaned over and started touching her. She pumped each of the other woman's breasts in her hands, then moved down and kissed Jessica on her shaven snatch. Christina darted her tongue out, found the brunette's clit, and sucked at it. Her hands moved over Jessica's torso at the same time, finding points of pleasure and drawing them out.

"Stop!" Jessica called out suddenly, staring down at Christina. "Your evidence seems weak."

"What?" Christina asked, staring back at her. "Well, like I said, it's been a while..."

Jessica pointed at the drawer of her bedside table. "Exhibit A."

Christina frowned, then shrugged, reached over Jessica, and opened the drawer. She raised an eyebrow at what she saw in there. "A vibrator?"

"Introduce it, Counsel."

"Okay," Christina said. She didn't know if she needed it, but... She grabbed the white plastic shaft and looked at it for a moment. Good, she thought, same model as mine. Switch is in the same place. She flicked the device on, then started touching Jessica's body with it. She followed the movements with her lips and tongue, keeping her free hand on Jessica's right thigh and holding it still. Jessica let out one breath, then another, shaking at the rhythm of Christina's touches. The vibrator buzzed in accompainment, holding her attention and giving strength to her lover's every caress.

"Motion to insert," Christina said, moving the vibrator against Jessica's right thigh. Jessica gasped out a moan of permission, then Christina pushed it between her legs. She turned the switch to a higher setting in the same motion, pressing the device directly into Jessica's clit.

"Ahhh!" Jessica gasped. "Ahh!! Objection!!!"

"Overruled," Christina smiled at the game. She turned the switch up higher. "No, wait, sustained." She flicked the switch back down.

"Withdrawn," Jessica said, and Christina gave her a grin, then immediately flicked the switch to its highest point. A long series of intense moans escaped from Jessica's lips. She ran her left hand through Christina's hair, crooking a finger at her in the same motion. Christina moved up against her, pressing close into Jessica and keeping her hands in place holding the brunette's thighs open and the vibrator against her loins. Jessica gasped as Christina pushed the device deeper into her, at the same time kissing her lips and parting them with her tongue.

"Yes..." Jessica breathed, then suddenly clenched tight around the vibrator. Christina frowned and withdrew her hand, feeling her knuckles crack. Jessica continued to shake against the device still buried between her folds, grinned and let out a throaty moan, then collapsed. "Good job, partner," she told Christina. "A little hesitant at the end, though."

"Only the first time," Christina assured her. "I gotta get used to this again." Smiling, she took hold of the vibrator, switched it off, and pulled it out of Jessica. She brought it to her lips and licked its length.

"I'm happy to help you," Jessica said, taking the device. "Anytime you like." She kissed the vibrator, then turned back to Christina and leaned into her. "Whenever you want," she repeated, kissing the redhead's lips.

Christina beamed, then kissed her back. "I wonder how Brian feels about threesomes..."

"Probably the same way Nick does."


The End

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