byJoseki Ko©

[18:55] NemikShCoG has entered the room.

[18:56] TehyaSH: Hey I didn't feel like sitting in there

[18:56] TehyaSH: specially when I got a slave the needs to work

[18:56] *NemikShCoG strolls into the main hall from My chambers*

[18:56] NemikShCoG: yes, I opened this up for a while, but no-one came

[18:56] pepperTPS has entered the room.

[18:57] TehyaSH: aye well I be here lol

[18:57] *pepperTPS follows Mistress Tehya in and kneels dutifully at her feet, ready to be of use wherever she would have the girl go*

[18:58] *NemikShCoG thinks peppers pony tails would make nice handles*

[18:58] *TehyaSH looks to pepper and smiles*

[18:58] *pepperTPS glances to Jarl Nemik with an impish grin*

[18:59] TehyaSH: ok pepper gather all the furs from around the holding and then take them out back and beat them so that all the dirt and dust is out ok

[18:59] *NemikShCoG smiles*

[18:59] *pepperTPS then peeks up to Mistress Tehya*

[18:59] pepperTPS: yes Mistress

[19:00] *pepperTPS inches back from her out of respect, girlish piggy tails kissing the ground at her feet before rising upwards, invoking the stretch of creamy exposed flesh adorned in only her beaded collar and the belly chain that kisses slave belly, strong pivot on bared heel carries her from the beautiful Mistress as she casts a sultry wink Jarl Nemik's way*

[19:01] *NemikShCoG salivates*

[19:01] NemikShCoG: where's Fort tonight Tehya?

[19:02] TehyaSH: working

[19:02] *pepperTPS carefully makes her way around the main hall of the holding, gathering thick pelts of larl skin and sleen fur, bosk hides and soft kalana rugs until her arms can hold no more, seductive rock and dip to rounded hips as she moves past Jarl Nemik dangerously close so that he can smell the scent of talendar oil adorning her flesh, casting him a suggestive glance before moving towards the back door*

[19:02] NemikShCoG: bummer

[19:02] NemikShCoG: did you have the chicken yet?

[19:02] TehyaSH: aye right after You left

[19:03] NemikShCoG: how was it?

[19:03] TehyaSH: it was finished

[19:03] TehyaSH: We ate

[19:03] NemikShCoG: lol

[19:03] NemikShCoG: good sign then

[19:03] *pepperTPS dumping the furs temporarily at the door, pulls down a kirtle from the pegs hanging on the wall and pulls it over curvaceous form and bends succulently at waist to gather them up once more and then inches out the back door and down a ways to the thick line hanging between two trees, draping each one over it until all the furs are out of her heavy-laden arms*

[19:04] NemikShCoG: quite peaceful in here, don't you think?

[19:04] TehyaSH: yes very much so

[19:05] *pepperTPS glances around, straight white teeth toying with moist berry-stained lips and spies a large cooking paddle leaning against the butter shed and hurries to fetch it, swinging it playfully as a soft hum erupts from collared throat, being in the north reminded her of the days she spent there with much joy, a smile blooming even as she works out a punishment that brought her here, moving back to the furs that lay in wait*

[19:05] *NemikShCoG sits back and puts My feet up*

[19:06] *pepperTPS taking her stance much like a baseball player from far away Earth would do, swings with more power than one might expect to come from a mere slave girl, a dull but loud {twack} resounding through the area and then again ... again as she begins to beat the furs, turning her head as a cloud of debris and dust spiral up into the air*

[19:07] *pepperTPS repeats the process time and again until slender arms begin to throb and ache from the exertion put out in the small girl's task but not one to give up, puts her back and shoulders into the task at hand and continues until each last one has been thoroughly beaten*

[19:08] *pepperTPS stands back, the paddle falling to her side as full breasts rise and fall beneath the kirtle that clings betrayingly to each curve and valley, looking over her work only momentarily before taking up the paddle to repeat the line of furs once more, not wishing to leave one trace of dust or dirt in any, humming softly to take her mind off the ache beginning to throb in her shoulders and slender arms*

[19:09] *pepperTPS winces as the {thwacks} resound through the holding's lands, glancing around to take in the busy work that continues before the sun rises on another Gorean day, a smile flickering over full swollen lips even as her back screams for relief, swinging time and again, each {thwack} seeming to pound in her ear ... slave ... slave*

[19:09] TehyaSH: so Nemi are We going to see star tonight

[19:09] NemikShCoG: actually, I have no clue

[19:10] TehyaSH: oh ok

[19:10] NemikShCoG: she called last night and only pissed me off, so I don't know when she'll be on again

[19:10] TehyaSH: she is good at that eh

[19:11] *pepperTPS sighs heavily as she reaches the end of the line of furs once more, this time almost wearily dragging the large cooking paddle back to the place where she found it, leaning it against the butter shed once more before moving to the small hill nearby covered in talendar flowers, their scent beckoning her closer*

[19:11] NemikShCoG: thing is, she always has an excuse for not doing chores

[19:11] TehyaSH: damn the kids are being crazy aliens brb

[19:11] *TehyaSH slips queitly afk to strangle r/t 7:11:57 PM 9/21/2004 Chat Room: GorSteelfistHold*

[19:12] *pepperTPS gathering handfuls, the former bondmaid moves to the furs that lay swinging slightly in the breeze that comes over the holding, crushing the scented flowers in her hands until their oils run free and lightly begins to run her fingers through the furs to intermingle the sweet scent of a slave girl through them, a soft smile appearing in hopes that it might be found pleasing to the Free here*

[19:13] TehyaSH: back

[19:13] *TehyaSH creeps back to where I was hopeing everyone missed Me 7:13:09 PM 9/21/2004 Chat Room: GorSteelfistHold*

[19:13] *pepperTPS tossing the flowers aside to the grass, ruffles the long hairs with her fingers, airing out the furs one last time before beginning to pull them down from the line, their heavy burdens beginning to shroud the girl from the sun starting to head towards its horizon*

[19:13] TehyaSH: aye I know everything is a reason for not doing chores all the time

[19:13] NemikShCoG: yep

[19:14] NemikShCoG: and I believe she has quite the penchant for bold faced lies too

[19:14] TehyaSH: oh I know

[19:14] *pepperTPS moving slowly back to the main hall, enters the back door with her bundle, carefully dropping them to the floor as she pulls the borrowed kirtle from slender form and hangs it back upon a peg, bending to gather the furs one last time and with a hum to keep her steps light, moves back into the main part of the hall and begins to drop the furs back into their places, hoping she isn't getting them all mixed up*

[19:14] TehyaSH: I would go as far as saying that she is underage as well

[19:15] NemikShCoG: certainly doesn't seem to now what she wants thats for sure

[19:15] NemikShCoG: You know, I wondered about that

[19:15] TehyaSH: Ive been hearing that crap from her for months now about wanting to be a Free

[19:15] NemikShCoG: really?

[19:15] *pepperTPS then moves to hands and knees and crawls among the scattered furs, fluffing them with her hands and smoothing them out in a vast array around the chairs that the Free like to sit and converse upon, careful not to disturb the conversations going on around her as she works, her hum barely audible in collared throat and settles in one corner to over look her work, a soft smile appearing to see a job well done*

[19:15] TehyaSH: and I would tell her come on lets do it and she would go no please wait

[19:15] TehyaSH: oh it drove Me crazy

[19:16] *pepperTPS takes a deep breath, the sweet scent of flowers hinted in the air from her labors and then crawls quietly back to where Mistress Tehya rests, kneeling before her with thighs kissed closed and waits for her next command, quiet as not to disturb their conversation*

[19:16] NemikShCoG: see, same thing last night

[19:17] NemikShCoG: actually, 3 nights ago, I stabbed her in throat, but in a private room, she begged not to die

[19:17] TehyaSH: oh lordy

[19:17] NemikShCoG: then when I told her I would kill her in room and legal, she wouldn't

[19:18] TehyaSH: you know what if she wont come to the home then do what I have done

[19:18] NemikShCoG: which is?

[19:18] TehyaSH: post in the comms and the papers that You are releasing her

[19:18] TehyaSH: and be done with it

[19:18] NemikShCoG: does that automatically make her Free?

[19:18] TehyaSH: nope

[19:18] TehyaSH: just says that You took her kolar off

[19:19] NemikShCoG: just unowned, right?

[19:19] TehyaSH: and that she is unowned

[19:19] TehyaSH: yeppers

[19:19] NemikShCoG: right, thats what i thought

[19:19] NemikShCoG: well, it sure is hard to figure out

[19:19] TehyaSH: aye that is what I have done before its all legal

[19:20] NemikShCoG: I may well do that

[19:20] TehyaSH: just say in open room that You release her and that she hasnt been seen in the home in all

[19:20] TehyaSH: then post that in the pappers

[19:20] NemikShCoG: got it

[19:21] *pepperTPS glances upwards as they speak, quietly waiting to see what Mistress Tehya would have her do next*

[19:23] *NemikShCoG glances at pepper and looks to Tehya*

[19:23] *TehyaSH looks to pepper and ponders*

[19:23] TehyaSH: why dont you serve Nemi

[19:23] *pepperTPS smiles gently as she looks upon the mere girl*

[19:24] pepperTPS: yes Mistress

[19:24] *NemikShCoG chuckles*

[19:25] *pepperTPS inches back from her beauty and then turns, sultry glow in the depths of Thassian blue eyes as she crawls to where Jarl Nemik rests, decadant sway to heart-shaped ass as she approaches and then purrs softly, cheek pressed to his thigh as she settles at his feet, her voice a sultry caress as she begs ...*

[19:25] pepperTPS: how might pepper please you, Jarl?

[19:25] *NemikShCoG looks down on the girl*

[19:25] NemikShCoG: well, I would like a big mug of blackwyne, first slave

[19:25] *pepperTPS glances upwards to him as slender fingers dance along his ankle in a bold caress*

[19:25] pepperTPS: yes Jarl

[19:27] *pepperTPS smiles beautifully, blue eyes twinkled beneath long lashes and then rises, invoking the stretch of wanton flesh, slave bells chiming gently that adorn her left ankle and then turns, girlish piggy tails swaying in the breeze created by the slut's own movements and glides to the kitchen to do his bidding, a tray of black lacquer pulled forth, adorned with small bowls of colored sugars*

[19:28] *pepperTPS plucks a large mug with matching decor, fingers danced over its rim before setting it upon the countertop and hurries to slither into a kirtle and dash back out to the ice shed for a small pitcher of bosk milk that is added to the tray once returned, fingers capturing the mug within her caress as she moves to the beckoning call of the fire*

[19:30] *pepperTPS bends from tapered waist, filling the mug with steaming blackwine, almost as hot as the fire that sizzles within owned flesh, sultry sway to rounded hips that carry her to his tray, lifting it full of his desires and moves back out into the main part of the holding, hungered gaze falling upon him as she moves to his side, tray set upon a table as she leans close, fingers daring a caress over his arm as she whispers ...*

[19:30] pepperTPS: may pepper inquire as to how you best like your blackwine, Jarl?

[19:30] NemikShCoG: cream and sugar, girl

[19:30] pepperTPS: white like the norther snow or yellow the color of pepper's hair?

[19:31] NemikShCoG: hmmm, white tonight

[19:31] *pepperTPS smiles *

[19:31] pepperTPS: yes Jarl

[19:32] *pepperTPS bends a bit, full breasts seeming to sway in the simple movement and carefully adds white sugar to his mug and pours a bit of the bosk milk into his mug until it turns the delicious shade of caramel, a spoon stirring without a ringing clang upon the side and then lifts it upwards as her fingers bolding travel up his arm, leaning against his strength as her lips crush a passionate kiss to the side and offers it to his strong hand*

[19:32] pepperTPS: pepper offers blackwine Jarl and the slut that serves it

[19:33] *NemikShCoG looks up and smiles*

[19:33] *NemikShCoG takes the mug*

[19:33] *pepperTPS smiles to him as she releases the mug to his hand*

[19:33] NemikShCoG: thank you, I think i will just take the blackwyne for now, but I would like a quick shoulder rub

[19:33] pepperTPS: yes Jarl

[19:34] *pepperTPS moves back behind him, her fingers trailing along his flesh until dainty palms press to his strong shoulders, slender fingers splayed wide as a soft purr rumbles near his ear, the girl pressing against his back as her fingers take on a life of their own, caressing and pressing in an attempt to take away any pressures*

[19:35] pepperTPS: oh ... may pepper step afk momentarily Jarl? lil one ...

[19:35] NemikShCoG: yes

[19:35] pepperTPS: thank you Jarl ... pepper will hurry right back

[19:35] *pepperTPS presses a kiss to his neck and slips out*

[19:39] *NemikShCoG sips My blackwyne contentedly*

[19:40] TehyaSH: hey Nemi they are actually being Normal ppl over there in the other room wanna come back

[19:40] NemikShCoG: sure

[19:41] NemikShCoG: you gonna close up or me?

[19:41] TehyaSH: Im staying hun

[19:42] TehyaSH: Im floating in both rooms

[19:42] NemikShCoG: okay

[19:42] NemikShCoG has left the room.

[19:45] *pepperTPS slips back in, seeing that Jarl Nemik has left*

[19:45] *pepperTPS slips back to the serving mats to kneel*

[19:46] TehyaSH: okes sweety now how about go get some food and drink for yourself

[19:46] TehyaSH: I dont need a weak girl

[19:46] pepperTPS: yes Mistress

[19:46] pepperTPS: may she fetch you something while she is there?

[19:46] TehyaSH: that is sweet hun but I am fine help yourself ok

[19:46] pepperTPS: yes Mistress

[19:47] *pepperTPS rises upwards, straight white teeth toying with her lower lip and moves into the kitchen to fetch something to eat, thinking that while she is here she should go ahead and prepare some things for the Free that will be returning to the holding at some point*

[19:49] *pepperTPS thinking that on a cool evening like this, a kettle of sullage not only sounds filling but appetizing, gathers a large basket to gather needed items and moves to the peg holding readied kirtles, slipping one on and moves back outside to the sheds that lay in wait, only the chime of slave bells marking the girls footfalls as she slips within the milk shed to gather a small pitcher of verr cream and butter*

[19:50] *pepperTPS thinking hot sa-tarna bread would go well with the stew, gathers some vulo eggs and bosk milk, carefully arranging them in her basket and then leaves the milk shed to move back into the holding's kitchen, hanging her kirtle back up once again*

[19:52] *pepperTPS glides to the countertop and sets out her items before moving to the pantry and gathers items needed for sullage and bread ... sa-tarna flour, salts, an assortment of vegetables including kes roots, suls and turpah, each item added into her basket before setting it upon the countertop and moves to check the baking oven, adding more kindling to the fire and arranging the baking stones*

[19:53] *pepperTPS glides to the hearth and slips a heavy kettle over a hook within the flames and begins filling it with water from the fresh cask that sits nearby until it is half full then adds vulo stock taken from the pantry and verr cream to thicken*

[19:54] *pepperTPS leaving it to heat, the girl moves to the countertop and begins first to wash the vegetables she had gathered, cutting them into thick portions, hearty enough for a Jarl to enjoy and adds them into the broth, a gleam entering her eye as she moves to the spit and the roasting verr meat that is sizzling slowly over the flames*

[19:55] *pepperTPS turns the spit, watching as the fat sizzles on the meat and then takes a cutting stone and takes portions from the meat in chunks to add to the stew simmering over the flames in the hearth, smiling as the aroma of cooking food begins to fill the hall*

[19:56] *pepperTPS taking a large spoon, takes out a portion of the sullage and tastes, wrinkling nose as she thinks it needs spices and adds salt, pepper, ground basil and a few other assorted flavors to spice it up, tasting once more before she leaves it to simmer*

[19:57] *pepperTPS glides to the countertop and pulls out a large temwood bowl on her way, a soft cloth kissed to its basin before adding dry items such as sa-tarna flour, a bit of sugar, salt, baking powder and uses her hands to sift it together, cracking vulo eggs to add, bosk milk and a bit of water, a dollop of butter added as the dough begins to take form*

[19:58] *pepperTPS rolling the dough out onto the countertop, sprinkles it with sa-tarna flour and begins to use her hands to knead the dough, turning it again upon the floured surface until it has been worked thoroughly through, rolling it back into the bowl to cover with a clean rep cloth*

[19:59] *pepperTPS taking the bowl of dough to the hearth, sets it near its warmth for the dough to rise and again checks the sullage, noting how the vegetables are starting to tenderize and again moves to crank the spit holding the roasting verr meat, the delicious aromas beginning to waft into the holding's air*

[20:00] *pepperTPS taking up her cutting stone once more, shaves off prepared slices from the meat and sets them onto a small plate to nibble on while she works in the kitchen, eyebrows furrowing as she ponders a cheese and fruit plate to add to the meal she is preparing for when the Free return*

[20:02] *pepperTPS taking another bite of meat, once again gathers her basket and heads back out to the ice shed, a kirtle donned on her way and once there, gathers portions of bosk and verr cheeses and chilled fruits such as kalanas, larmas, ta-grapes, ramberries and even a few tospits added to her basket before heading back into the holding once more, kirtle left on its peg and a turn to the verr meat on the spit before setting her basket aside*

[20:02] *pepperTPS taking another bite of meat, goes to stir the simmering sullage and checks her sa-tarna dough, smiling to see it starting to rise*

[20:04] *pepperTPS moves to the countertop with a fresh and clean cutting stone and begins to cube the cheeses carefully, arranging them on a platter and starts a sunburst pattern with the fruits, slicing them both into thick portions for the Jarls and thinner ones for the Mistresses until the tray is heavy laden with items which might please the Free, a few slices of cheese and tagrapes added to the slut's own dish before she moves back to stir the s*

[20:05] *pepperTPS gathering up the bowl of sa-tarna dough, moves to the countertop and turns it out on a flowered surface once again, fingers kneading before she splits it into two portions, setting them into butters baking pans and splitting the tops in the traditional ways of the sa-tarna loaves and moves to set them into the baking ovens*

[20:06] *pepperTPS gathering a small bowl, slave's portion, turns to the simmering sullage and ladels just one into her own bowl, taking up a wooden spoon in which to enjoy it as she goes about the task of cleaning the kitchen back to its normal appearance*

[20:06] *pepperTPS taking care to make sure it was cleaner than when she began, the girl eats a small portion along the way as instructed by Mistress Tehya, cleaning vessels and dishes as she works and returns them to where they belong*

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