tagMatureCooking Classes Ch. 01

Cooking Classes Ch. 01


"Jack, that was sooooo good! You made me cum like six times before you shot all your stuff in me. That was better than last time. Mmmmm thank you."

Sarah smiled as she rolled her slim frame off of me. We were both covered in sweat and as she slowly rose, my wilting cock slid out of her, pushed along by a wave of our collective fluids. I reached for her and she fell back on me and I just held her to me. I felt her tiny breasts press into my chest and I couldn't resist cupping her firm runner's ass in my hands. Then we both heard a noise and looked up.

Pretty good for a forty nine year old guy, eh? I'm in great shape, but I'm no match for a sex mad nineteen year old. How did this happen? How did a morally bankrupt husband and father end up fucking his best friend's daughter? Well, I'll tell you.

In my defense, well fuck that, I have no defense. It's as I said, I'm morally bankrupt, but the one thing I did not do is try to seduce Sarah Flax. That's pretty much the core of my defense so I'll quit now and just tell you the story. Oh and if there are any ladies reading this who are already indignant I would politely ask you to finish reading before you pass judgment. Just sayin, ya know? (wink)

It all began about a 3 or 4 months ago. Sarah was in college. Her next younger sister Karen was a senior and Jenn, the youngest sibling, was a freshman. Well, I'm a pretty good cook and I offered one day to teach the three of them. The three girls were delighted. I get along with them very well and we're comfortable around each other. Hank, Sarah's dad, and his wife liked the idea. We'd been very close friends for years. Betty, Hank's wife, is considered a hazard in the kitchen. She gets em fed but it's not pretty so she was excited at the idea. I offered to have her sit in but she claimed she was a lost cause. My wife Flo liked the idea too. Our two girls were off at college and Flo missed having girls around. My intentions at the time were quite honorable. I will admit that I had watched the two older sisters' blossom from little girls to young ladies with curves. They both are quite tall, six feet actually but rail thin with small A cup chests and nice round runner's asses. Now I didn't dwell on this, it was just sort of one of those things you notice. No, there was no masturbating to visions of them naked or anything like that. Geez, I'm not that bad! Well, not yet at least.

Classes began in September. Sarah was attending college locally. All three girls would come over once a week and Flo would sometimes sit and watch. It was all very straight and on the level, for about a month. It took a while for me to notice but I finally had to admit that Sarah was intentionally bumping into me, frequently. In working with them I was being very conscious of not touching them or being too close. I did not want to skeeve them out. Besides, it is the right thing to do. By the second week it was obvious that Sarah was trying to get in my way or anything else to end up close to me. She always had a glowing smile but I began to notice that it took on a mischievous gleam when she thought no one was looking. Mind you, I fought this for quite a while. I mean who'd expect a teenager to be flirting with someone her father's age, but eventually had to conclude it was not accidental. Well, I wasn't going to do anything. I decided that if Miss Sarah wanted something, she was going to have to come and get it. Besides, this could be dynamite, my best friend's daughter, for crap sake. Of course I didn't really know what I'd do if she did make it plain. On the one hand I hoped it wouldn't happen and, of course, on the other hand, I hoped it would.

Well, it's after Thanksgiving now so I'll give you October, the weirdest month of my life. By the end of September Sarah was well into the accidental contact thing. I didn't flinch away I just rolled with it, I'd just hold her waist and steer her or put a hand in the middle of her back, usually above or below the tiny strap for her bra. I began to notice though that the strap was not there some days and she had started to give me knowing smiles when my hand steered her back and it was where the bra should be. Jenn had bailed on us, a sixteen year olds curiosity went just so far. Karen was in the school play and rehearsals ended her participation. So it was down to Miss Sarah and me, in my kitchen. It didn't take long for her to start ramping it up. Week one started off with Sarah trimming chicken breasts while talking about some mishap in the gym locker room. Flo had tired of watching us so we were alone, as usual now.

"What a shitty day Mr. H. First thing today, I was in the locker room after swimming practice, I'd gotten back from the shower and as I opened my bag my undies fell in the water on the floor. There I was standing naked in the damn gym and my panties soaked! I was so mad, I had to go commando for the rest of the day!"

I swear I blushed. The visual she created was powerful. But since I was the other part of this conversation I felt I had to respond.

"Well, Sarah you must have those high speed hand dryers, right? Why didn't you just dry them?"

Her response caught me by surprise. She stopped and reached into her bag, taking out, I must confess, a very nice pair of Carter's cotton girls panties. They looked quite damp.

"Really Mr. Harrison? Do you really think I could have gotten these dry that way?"

She handed them to me, Handed them! What was I supposed to do? I took them, of course, and admired them, felt a not surprising stirring in my pants, but then got my senses back.

"No I suppose they are quite wet, so it looks like you had no choice."

I swear she gave me a wicked smile, as if to say 'gotcha'. I was probably imagining it. Of course then it dawned on me and I started to look at her closely. She always wears very snug stretch pants that accentuate every curve, such as they are. She had come here right after classes. I had to look. As she moved I noticed, no lines, anywhere. You can only imagine the visual in my mind. This almost six foot lean lady with her pants pulled up tight to her crotch. I swear I could see the bulge made by her pubic hair, but I don't think so. But she had more to say.

"Then, when I'm getting dressed that Janet Arms sees me and stares! I mean she's staring at me as I put my pants back on with no undies. She says something like 'Sarah's getting wild today'. I do not like her and I'm sure she's a lez."

She had done a great job of totally throwing me off. She looked sideways and the smile, more like a barely suppressed smirk, was still there. I wrote the incident off to her teasing an old guy, just for sport. But not before I exacted some revenge.

"Gee Sarah, I would have thought a stylish young lady like you would have lingerie to match, not those cotton Carters."

Oh, I got her, I got her good. She blushed right down her neck.

"My mom gets them for us; it's what we always wear."

I handed them back to her and got a sharp look in reply to my smug smile.

Not ten minutes later we're moving things to the oven and she backs me up against the counter.

"Come on Mr. H, we gotta get this in the oven. You're in the way!"

The girl pressed her trim little ass right into my crotch. Not only that, she stayed there for long enough for me to know it was intentional. She didn't grind or anything, she just pressed. I wanted to grab those hips, but I resisted and she moved, just before it would have become obvious I liked the contact. As she moved away, she turned and gave me that smile, again.

The next week, Karen still had play practice so I was down to one Flax girl. The dangerous one. Flo would still breeze through once and a while and we'd talked about having just Sarah there so it was no big deal. Sarah had wanted to make a cake for a friend's birthday and do some elaborate decorating. I have some experience with that but I was at my limit. I demonstrated a few simple designs and handed Sarah the pastry tube. She was doing okay but she got frustrated. I was facing her across the island.

"I can't get this right Mr. H, mine all suck."

"You're doing fine Sarah, practice makes perfect. Just pluck the ones off you don't like and do another."

"Will you show me again, please?"

I moved around and put my hand out for the tube.

"No, Mr. H, show me by guiding my hands."

There was only one way to do that, standing behind her and reaching around. As I moved I caught just the slightest change in her mouth. She was suppressing a smile. Okay, young lady, you want to play games, you've met the master. I moved right up behind her, pressed against her. I wrapped my long arms around hers. I gently took her small, soft hands in mine and placed my chin on her shoulder with my mouth practically caressing her ear. Time to see how adults flirt, young lady. As I spoke, it was just a whisper, soft and so close to her ear she could feel my breath. So much for the physical, now the mental flirting. I began to squeeze a stream of frosting out, squeezing her hands to compress the bag. I could hear her breathing get deeper as we worked. It was mean, but she had been asking for it.

"Now Sarah, you can't rush. Gently squeeze the bag and caress the cake with the tip. Let the tip graze the cake, just like spreading make up or doing eyeliner or..."

I left the last one hang, hoping that Sarah, like most girls her age had discovered masturbation and the gentle touching that makes it feel so good. She took a breath and I felt her press back, just a tiny bit. It had worked.

"That's it, slowly. Now squeeze the bag down, wrap your hand around it and pull down, feel the texture under your fingers. Can you feel the frosting inside, waiting to get out?"

I was pretty sure she had played with boys. Both of her boyfriend's so far had been older and I'm sure they had gotten to petting. I was right because her breathing got very deep and she was squirming now. After about another three minutes of this she gently pressed me back. Her face was flushed and she was practically panting.

"Excuse me, Mr. H, I need to go pee."

She skittered off to the bathroom and I went back to making roses. I'd made three more and was beginning to wonder where she had gone when I saw her come in out of the corner of my eye. She was trying to put something in her bag without being seen. She was still flushed but not as much. I played dumb and ignored her condition but it was nice to know for once I had the upper hand. By now I'd finished the cake and Sarah was cleaning all the tools. She was good that way, always willing to do clean up. I stepped back and noticed something in her bag. Ha, another opportunity to tease the young lady.

"Sarah, don't tell me you dropped your undies in the water, again?"

I reached in and began to pull them out. I noticed immediately they were brown Victoria's Secret cotton hipsters. Sarah's face went ashen as I lifted them out, her eyes glued to mine.

"Oh no, Mr. H, those are just..."

My nose and my eyes got it at the same instant. As soon as I moved them I could see the gusset and the air movement brought the scent to my nose. The crotch was shades darker, soaked and reeked of girl cum. My trick had worked, Sarah got so turned on she had to masturbate in the bathroom. Time to under play. Before they came out of the bag I twitched my nose, did a very subtle double take and released them casually. I just dropped them. I cut her answer off since she was clearly struggling for a response.

"Well, they are quite nice, I see you have let your sense of style expand."

Now it was my turn to just look at her and smile. She was so red!

"Well, looks like we've had enough fun for today, right?"

She caught the double entendre and regained some of her balance. She was aware I knew exactly what had happened and I was very cool.

"Yes, Mr. H, frosting with you was quite an experience."

I wanted to keep those panties more than I can say, but it wasn't gonna happen, yet.

The next week was a landmark. Sarah and I had just started making meatballs.

"Mr. H, can I talk to you about something? Just between us?"

I smiled.

"Of course Sarah. That is unless you've committed a crime or you're pregnant."

She snorted and it was out of her mouth before she could think.

"They never last long enough."

Her eyes flew open and her hand, buried in chopped beef flew to her mouth smearing hamburger all over her face. She got amazingly red.

"Oh my god! I cannot believe I just said that! Mr. H, PLEASE do not tell mom and dad!"

I laughed and handed her a towel to clean off her face.

"We're cool young lady, really. But I gotta tell you, that was the funniest damn thing you've ever done."

She was flushed, still.

"I did NOT mean to say that, at all. Oh fuck!"

I smiled again.

"Apparently, and not well."

Her eyes bugged again and she let out a gasp.

"Stop that! I'm soooo embarrassed! Please!"

I held up my hand.

"Look, Sarah, you're an adult now and you do adult things, we all do."

When I said that I let my eyes go to her bag, she caught the reference from last week and I saw it in her face. I just continued.

"That's perfectly normal. I know you're a very smart young lady so if you are having sex you will be careful. This conversation and any others like it stay between us. That's a promise."

Her young face glowed and she dropped the towel, ran to me and hugged me.

"Oh Mr. H, you are sooo cool!"

I wasn't paying attention and suddenly her warm, wet lips were pressing against mine, just briefly. She pulled way and smiled at me. Even off balance like that she'd upped the game another notch. She turned and we went back to work. After a minute or so I asked her.

"So, before you put your cute foot in your cute mouth you were going to ask a question."

"Yeah, really. I wanted to ask some questions for a friend of mine. So I guess I'm cool with asking huh?"

"You sure are, shoot."

I suspected this had nothing to with any friend but I naturally kept that to myself.

"Okay, well my friend Lindsey is, um, seeing this older guy. He's like a LOT older, you know. Is that weird, or wrong?"

"Is she eighteen?"

"Oh yes! Nineteen actually, her birthday is a month before mine.'

"Neither one of them is thinking this will lead to marriage, I hope?"

"Oh no! I think they are both together because the ummm..."

"Let me finish. Sex, they are seeing each other because the sex it good, right?"

"Yeah, that's what she said."

"And they both understand this, right?'

"I think so, as far as I know."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned what two consenting adults do is their business. I guess they are meeting on the DL?"

She looked at me and cocked her head.

"On the down low, you know, in secret."

Sarah smiled.

"Oh HELL yeah! If it got out..."

She clapped her hand over her mouth again. I smiled.

"Just leave it at that."

"I have another question, Mr. H."

"Okay, no limit on questions."

If a girl is trying to get a guy's attention and it's not working, does that mean he's not interested?"

"Well Sarah, sometimes guys know they're being flirted with but they're not sure how serious the girl is. If she really wants to be the initiator she'll have to make it a bit clearer, or just come out and say something."

She fidgeted around for a second or two.

"I think she's not wanting to be that direct until she's sure he'd be interested."

I smiled to myself. Looks like it's going to get exciting around here.

"Well then, tell her to up her game, take a risk and see what happens."

Sarah took a deep breath.

"I'll tell her that, thanks."

The rest of that lesson passed without any further adventures. Sarah had a few more questions but nothing that moved her closer to her goal. But she did seem quite thoughtful.

Well, the next lesson was an eye opener. Sarah arrived after classes in a skirt, with leggings of some kind and a lovely top.

"Mr. H, I need to get out of these, they're the only ones I have."

She was back in a few minutes, same short skirt and top but no leggings. The lesson proceeded as usual until we needed the spring form pan. We'd used it before and I went to get it.

"No, Mr. H. let me."

Sarah got out the ladder to reach the top most cabinet. She deftly climbed up and began moving things. A stack of jello molds came clattering down around her feet. I naturally kneeled down to pick them up.

"Mr. H. this is the one, right?"

I looked up and I swear it was like a scene in a movie. My eyes started at her foot and ran right up her lean legs inside that short skirt and gazed upon her amazing ass, on full display with the thin band of a white thong cleaving her cheeks. I could see a wisp or two of her pubic hair poking out around the side. My dick started to get hard. She smiled at me and I'm sure there was a smirk in it.

"Sorry I dropped those, Mr. H. You don't mind picking them up I hope."

With that she shifted and placed her feet as far apart as the step would permit and then bent down, from the waist to put the pan on the top of the ladder. This improved the view remarkably. I almost took her right then. Sarah turned around and looked at me, gawking at her ass and holding the stack of molds. "You saw everything, right?"

I was floored. She saw my astonishment and just batted her eyes.

"You know, all those mold things, you got them all, right?"

I snapped out of it. Well, if there was any doubt it was gone now. It was time to let this young lady know that I was interested. She slowly steeped down and then, since I was facing the ladder she climbed down between me and the ladder. It was time. I reached up and took the pan from her hand while pressing her against the ladder with my body, just lightly, but more than enough to push press my hard cock right into her cute little ass. Even with our clothes between us she felt it. Sarah froze and I pressed into her a little after grasping the pan, sort of shifting my balance. I heard her take a sharp breath and exhale slowly. Her hands were on the ladder now and I could see she was gripping it tightly. As I moved away from her I slid along her ass, not pulling back. I felt the bulge in my pants caress her ass through her skirt. She got off the ladder and with a very flushed face moved it out of the way. I made no attempt to disguise the bulge in my pants. Sarah shot a glance at it but said nothing. We went to work filling the pan.

"So Sarah, how is your friend doing with her older man?"

She got a look like she'd been caught but after seeing the bland look on my face she understood.

"Well, Mr. H. she says he's an amazing kisser. She told me that just kissing him almost made her..."

Sarah got a little red. I helped, of course.

"Orgasm, Sarah, remember, we're adults here and we can talk about adult things. Your friend almost came from being kissed, right?"

"Yeah, Mr. H. She said it was amazing. But I'm not sure I believe her. I've been kissed and well... anyway, it sure didn't seem that way to me. The boys I know just mash their face into mine and start trying to lick my teeth."

"Well, that's the reason why your friend is seeing that guy. She's not making it up. Kissing, done right can be amazingly exciting. Ask her for details the next time you talk."

Sarah got a big smile.

"I think I will Mr. H. I think I will."

Our time was up for that day. Flo was due home soon and Sarah had a lot of homework.

We missed the next week because I had to be out of town. I was annoyed but it couldn't be helped. I knew the next 'class' would not be about cooking. I needed to be sure that we would have the time without any possible interruption. I needed to make sure everything was ready.

I'd been working from home all day. About an hour before she was due I took a shower, shaved my cock and balls and slid on a polo shirt and a pair of stylish exercise pants, and nothing else. I had a high level of confidence. Just like last time Sarah arrived from her classes, wearing a big smile, in a skirt and top with leggings. She disappeared and was soon back, sans leggings. I had put out some things for some cooking if it seemed she got cold feet, far from it.

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