tagIncest/TabooCooking Classes Ch. 03

Cooking Classes Ch. 03


This story contains group sex, incest and swinging. If any of this is not to your liking, move on.

The evening was warm but not hot. Flo and I had walked over in our robes and we were all sitting around Hank and Betty's pool. A warm breeze drifted over us and the outside speakers were playing light jazz. Hank was grilling burgers and Betty had laid out a salad and chips. Beers and wine coolers got opened and the conversation flowed. Nobody went swimming, it was our practice to eat and drink before we swam. After we cleaned up dinner I got a fresh beer and went back to my lounge. The conversation had been generic. At eight we saw the girls leave. That's when it got interesting.

Betty got up and slowly walked over to my lounge, straddling my legs as they lay out flat. She's a good looking woman younger than me, her 40 to my 49. Tall, five eleven, and thin, just like her girls. The robe masked her small B cup breasts in its terrycloth folds. Her brunette hair was long, almost to her ass; her legs just go on forever. Hank's a lucky guy. However, right now, Betty had a stern look on her face. She put her hands on her hips and fixed me with a steady look.

"So, Jack Harrison, just exactly how long have you been fucking my daughter?"

I looked at Flo, who had a very knowing smile on her face. We had been keeping the secret. She winked at me. I leaned back and untied my robe, letting it fall to my sides; I was naked underneath, my shaved cock already showing signs of life. I smiled at Betty and dropped my bomb.

"Which one?"

Betty's jaw fell open so far you could see her tonsils. Just as quickly it snapped shut.

"You shit! You're fucking both my girls and you didn't tell us?"

I looked over at Hank and he had a guilty look, Betty saw it.

"You knew?"

Hank smiled. His hand flicked his robe open and off, showing his totally shaved body.

"Not before, because it kinda just happened, but Jack told me right after. We had told him to let things evolve, you know."

Betty smiled her wicked little smile. She casually untied her robe and let it fall open, revealing nothing but skin underneath. Her expression softened into a warm leer as she shrugged her shoulders and let the robe fall off her naked frame.

Flo stood up and shed her robe. I pulled my arms out of mine and now we were all naked. We'd been swapping for a long time, actually before they moved next door. The house came up for sale six months after we met on the swinger web site. It's worked out rather well. We usually had our sex parties at our house since our girls were off at college but we were switching it up tonight since Betty and Hank were alone. Betty looked back at me and I watched her hand move between her open legs. Her finger made little circle motions and her breathing began to get heavier.

"I have to see those videos Jack."

I reached over and pulled out my tablet. We moved under the overhang where they had a big screen TV. A quick plug in and an HD picture was up showing me face deep between Sarah's thighs. As I turned around from making the connection, Betty had already laid out the cushions from the lounges on the floor and the ladies were stretched out on them. Betty had three fingers in Flo's pussy as Flo buried fingers in hers. Hank and I were stroking ourselves as we watched me having sex with Sarah. Betty was breathless.

"Ohhhh fuck that's hot! Deeper Flo, harder. Oh fuck sooo good! She's a nympho, just like me, can't get enough! Oh Flo darling, eat me, please?"

Betty is a nympho too. I'm not sure she's diagnosed or anything but she needs to have sex at least once a day. If she wasn't married to Hank she'd be fucking everybody. As it is Hank makes sure there are enough men, and a few boys to keep her happy. Hank and I moved over till we were standing over them. I looked over. Hank's cock is just a little shorter than mine but thicker and he's not cut. By now his foreskin was wrapped around the head of his cock and the knob was shiny with his pre-cum. I'm not into guys but I appreciate the human form. It was interesting to watch another man masturbate. We've done it before, the girls love to watch us do it and spew all over them. That wasn't my plan tonight.

Back on the screen I was fucking Sarah on our kitchen table as she let loose with nearly non-stop lusty talk. Flo, of course saw it all in real time but Betty was blown away. I think she was up to three orgasms and that was just from Flo fingering her. Betty rolled away from Flo, gasping.

"Hank, Jack help me! I HAVE to have a cock in me, now!"

I was quicker than Hank and was on my knees between her thighs in an instant. I knew what was going to happen and glanced over to see Flo straddling Hank and getting ready to mount him. I love watching my wife have sex and I love being watched, we all do, it's a big part of what drew us together. Just as I'm about to slide into Betty she puts her hand on my chest and stops me.

"No, let's go out on the pool deck, it's too warm in here."

We all get up, horny as teenagers and go back outside. We threw down all the lounge pads and got back to having fun. Betty was on her back, her long lean legs wide and waiting. I looked down and her slit was running with a mix of clear and milky white love sauce. Her inner lips were wide and folded over the outer ones. I stopped for a second to appreciate the beauty of an excited woman. I waited too long.

"Dammit Jack, FUCK ME!" She giggled.

As I lined up my cock I looked over. Flo was over Hank and had his prick centered. Then, as he loves to do, she locked eyes with me as she slid her luscious pussy down over another man's cock. She is so fucking wicked. Her eyes rolled back and she sighed as she spoke.

"Thank you Jack, thank you for everything."

A romantic swinging hot wife, yeah don't get any better. I looked down at the wanton expression on Betty's face. I leaned forward and as my cock pressed her lips open she took those amazing legs and wrapped them around my shoulders, making the angle perfect. Now we locked eyes.

"Hard, Jack, really hard, you know how I like it."

I have left her inner thighs bruised sometimes. I feel badly but what the lady wants...

I grabbed her thin waist and I was off. I rammed myself in till our bodies slapped in contact. She gasped.


I had my big hands clamped on her upper thighs as I fucked my best friend's wife as hard as I possibly could. I knew she was going to have a huge orgasm and then need to rest, and I knew it would be soon. The foreplay with Flo had set her up for this. I wanted to hold off, I'm not twenty anymore and I wanted to fuck Flo as they watched, its' fun.

As my cock rammed in and out there was a steady flow of her fluids. I was covered, the lounge pad was covered and even outdoors the air was full of her scent. I looked over as I panted, trying like hell to please Betty, and watched Flo, she's much gentler. She was cinder shifting on Hank and he just lay there and fondled her tits. He loves the fact that Flo is such a different lover. But she talks too.

"Oh Hank, I love your cock! I can feel the head running up my pussy. I love fucking you."

Hank gave as good as he got.

"Flo baby, I love that body of yours. Your pussy feels fucking great! Come on doll, a little harder, I want you to cum all over me."

Flo smiled and picked up her pace.

"Hank, I cum a lot, you ready?"

He knew that. He was panting now. He likes to hold out too but the video got him going.

"Damn Flo you're gonna make me cum too!"

I was still ramming Betty into the pool deck but she was on the edge.


Then I felt it. A gush came out of her pussy as she quaked and I swear her eyes rolled back into her head. I'd been with her probably 20 times; I'd never seen this before. She said no words just unintelligible syllables. By now both Flo and Hank had cum and they just lay there, still coupled and watched Betty. After, I don't know, thirty seconds she took a deep gasping breath. I slid out, pushed out by a wave of fluid that ran down the crack of her hot skinny ass and pooled under her. I released her legs and gently lay her out. She was panting now, and smiling. We stared and soon she spoke.

"I guess finding out my oldest daughter is a nympho like her mom got me a little excited, huh?"

Flo got off of Hank and he rolled over and embraced his sweaty wife.

"You looked amazing, baby."

As they cuddled Flo looked at me. My cock was still hard.

"You didn't cum, did you?" She smiled

"No. You know how we usually do it; I like to hold off as long as I can. You all got ahead of me."

My wife opened her legs and leaned back. I could see Hank's cum running out of my wife's shaved pussy and down her sleek leg. I grinned. Flo took a finger full and tasted it.

"Yeah, we kinda did. But we need to solve that boner problem you're having."

Flo flipped the pad over to a dry side and just lay back and spread. She knows my favorite position is on top, looking right in her eyes, especially when we are in a group. It may sound fucked up, but it's our bonding moment. I nestled between my wife's legs and slid my cock into her pussy, well lubed by her fluids and Hank's cum. No, I don't mind that at all. I won't go down on her once we all start fucking because I'm not really interested in what my best friend tastes like, but I have no problem ramming his cum back up a pussy or two.

My arms were under her shoulders and our eyes were locked as I slid in. We sighed. I really love that moment. We fucked steadily and smoothly, enjoying the feeling, the heat, the closeness, and of course being watched. I looked over at Hank and Betty, they were just lying there fondling and watching us. They know we love it. Then something caught my eye, movement, above.

The second floor bedroom has a small balcony. The way the porch roof was angled and the way Flo and I were positioned only Flo and I could see inside the open slider. Standing there, were two naked teenagers. One shaved smooth and one with a furry muff. They were alternately watching me and kissing each other. As I slid in and out of Flo's succulent pussy Sarah and Karen began fondling each other, their hands roaming over their small breasts and between each other's legs. They'd stop and smile at me, pointing at Flo, who couldn't see them because my body blocked her view. After a few minutes of this I put my mouth by her ear.

"Wanna see something cool? Take your right hand and point to the second floor of the house and give a thumb's up."

I think she knew because her hand shot up. I looked back up and Sarah pointed at herself and Karen and gave a quizzical look. I smiled and made an OK ring and waved them out. Now it got fun. The girls got out on the balcony, where, they might actually be seen by neighbors, but not likely. They smiled a wicked smile and Karen leaned back against the rail as Sarah kneeled down and gently pressed her face into her sister's pussy. Karen's eyes closed and her mouth opened. I whispered to Flo.

"Can you see them?"

She was looking.

"Oh fuck yes! Jack it's going to make me cum!"

I was pumping harder now.

"Oh fuck; me too. Do we tell them?"

"No, OH FUCK Jack harder! Dammit, make me cum!"

We ignored the lesbian incest and raced to our collective orgasm. I fucked my wife hard and looked over to see Betty being held tight by Hank, his hand between her now open legs. As Flo and I peaked Hank's shiny hand left Betty's cleft. I looked up and the girls were gone. I smiled at Flo.

After that we all took a long break. We swam some, had a few more drinks and chatted. We were all still naked, of course. We liked hanging out naked. I was wondering if events might transpire that would permit more of this with a bigger group.

After a half an hour we men had recharged our sex batteries. While Hank and I were resting Betty and Flo had given each other a massage, which morphed into kissing and now, as we watched they slid into a 69 and aggressively ate each other's pussy. It was dark by now and nobody had turned on the pool deck lights. Neither of the women were speaking, all Hank and I heard was moaning punctuated by the liquid smack of lips sucking clits. As we watched both of them grunted and froze, their bodies twitching in mutual orgasm, nice timing. They've been practicing, I suspect. They rolled apart, gasping. Flo looked at me.

"Oh how I love to do that!"

"What about us?"

We looked up and coming out of the sliding door from the house were Sarah and Karen, naked. All they were wearing were smiles. Karen went to her mother's lounge and sat on the edge. Sarah went over and sat on her dad's lap. Both parents were smiling. I looked at Flo and she winked.

Sarah spoke.

"Father, Mrs. Harrison had a little talk with me today. It seems that Mr. Harrison fucking me was no accident, even though I initiated it. It seems that you knew I was interested and both of you planned this with Jack. Karen was the real surprise, for all of us, right?"

As she was speaking Sarah was lap dancing her father with predictable results. He just lay back and let it happen.

"Well, Sarah dear, I did know some of it but I didn't know it all till tonight. Yes, we did give you opportunity to seduce poor Mr. H but we had no idea Karen would find you two and certainly no idea she was into family loving."

Now Sarah got off of her father's lap, revealing his nice erection. She came over to my lounge and moved between my legs.

"Well, parents, you've seen the video, care to see the real thing?"

It wasn't a question. Sarah took my cock in her hot little mouth and began sucking. She moved till her skinny ass was waving in the air. She took her mouth off my cock and looked back at her father.

"Come on dad, you know you want to."

That grew my dick even more. As Sarah took me back in her mouth I watched Hank look at Betty, who just smiled and waved. He got up and walked over, positioning himself behind his oldest daughter.

"Are you sure Sarah?"

"I've wanted to fuck you for three years dad, now's the time."

He put one hand on her hip and held his cock with the other. He gave it a few good swipes up and down her slot and then put it in position.

"You ready baby?"

Sarah got her mouth off my dick.

"Fuck me dad, fuck your daughter."

She groaned as Hank slid his rod up her sheath. He didn't stop till he hit bottom. Sarah' eyes rolled.

"Ohhhhh Jack! He may be better that you!"

I smiled and then I heard Karen talking to her mother.

"So mom, I saw you and Mrs. H. You like women too, how about girls?"

Betty just smiled and reached behind her to lower the back of the lounge till it was flat. Then, as Karen got up, she spread her legs nice and wide and smiled at her daughter.

"Let's find out."

Karen smiled and moved to lie between her mother's legs. She moved forward till her young face was up against her mom's pussy. Betty moaned.

"Ohhhhh I could get used to this!"

By now Sarah had given up trying to suck my cock while her father fucked her. I managed to slip out and took the lounge next to Flo. She smiled at me. We were happy to watch a family develop and new and closer kind of love.

"Bet you never thought it would end like this huh?"

"Not in a million years doll, but now swapping nights just got a whole lot more interesting.

Hank was really giving it to Sarah. I now saw where she gets her sex chat from.

"Oh Sarah! You're so damn tight. Dad's not going to last long."

"Go ahead dad, cum in me! Fill your girl up! Oh FUCK this is good!"

Betty was in the same place.

"Oh Karen honey, you are so good! Mom loves the way you're licking her. Suck my clit darling, mom needs to cum!"

My dick was up again, I wouldn't have thought it possible, and Flo already had fingers going. We looked at each other.

"This is so fucking hot!"

My wife moaned. I got off my lounge and moved to hers.

"Yeah, Jack, that's what I need. That big fat cock. But wait."

She got on her hands and knees.

"Get behind me, then you can fuck and we can watch. I don't want to miss a second of this."

I held my wife's hips and slipped my dick into its favorite home. Flo sighed.

"Ohhhh yeah! Fuck me Jack! Fuck your horny pervert wife while we watch out friends have sex with their kids."

"Oh Karen baby, mom's gonna cum. You ready?"

Hank was there.

"Oh fuck Sarah, I'm cummin!"

He slammed his daughter one more time and just laid his head back and groaned as he came. Sarah moved her hand and was rubbing her own clit.

Karen' answer was to slip two fingers into her mother; that did it."


Betty twitched and I watched Karen trying to swallow.

Hank pulled out of Sarah, she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Please? I need to cum."

Flo pulled away from me.

"Finish her, butdon't you dare cum, that load is for me."

As I moved to Sarah's lounge I noticed that Betty and Karen had switched places. Mom was now licking out her little girl.

"Ohhhhh mom! You're so good! It feels amazing!"

Sarah was wiggling her little ass.

"Please Jack, hurry!"

I moved behind her and as soon as I was lined up, I rammed in hard."


Was all the horny teen could say. I held her trim hips and plunged in, over and over. I was pushing her to cum. I let my finger wander to her cute little ass. With a little pussy lube I began to press. That was all it took.


She twitched under me as I felt her wave wash over my cock. As she fell forward onto the lounge I moved back and mounted Flo. It didn't take long till she had a nice orgasm and I managed to shoot another load.

The six of us just hung out and talked. The girls explained how they got to where they are and everybody seemed to be cool. We worked out some rules and it was good. But it was getting late. As Flo and I put on our robes to leave Hank spoke.

"Hey Jack, ummm since my girls seem to like having sex with their family, uh, do you think your girls would be interested?"

I looked at Flo and smiled. He had the wrong tense on that verb.

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