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Cooking Fun


I had nearly finished using my new snow blower to clear not only our driveway, but most of the neighborhoods. Finally not being able to feel my fingers I had to call it quits. I came in to find you stirring a pot of something that smelled heavenly.

"Hey good lookin what ya cooking" I called out.

"Unless you get some better lines, not a damn thing," came the reply with giggles.

I am glad the mudroom has a floor drain as I sit my boots on it so the water drains away without too much of a mess. Stripping down to my shorts and flannel shirt I head towards the smell and hear my belly start to grumble. I knew it was a sauce, but my thawing nose was not letting me know just which one. I find the kitchen warm and toasty.

"Wondered if you were ever going to come in or if your new toy had eaten you and you were coloring the lawns."

"Well don't buy the Mercedes yet dear, I am still alive. What smells so good?" I move closer to the pot to get a better look as you turn and give me that run along look. "What, I just want to taste, please, can I, pleaaaaaaaaase!"

"Why don't you go take a hot shower and unthaw, then you can help me. The whole neighborhood is waiting on this sauce. You know nobody is happy unless they have a jar of my home made spaghetti sauce for the holidays."

"How about if I warm up like this," slipping my hands under your shirt and cupping your breasts.

"You bastard, their like ice," you howl.

"But you're so warm. Mmmm and your nipples seem to like the attention," as I gently massage them as you lean back into me and purr.

"Keep that up and the sauce won't get made and the neighbors will burn the house to the ground."

"Nah, I will just show them your nice tits and the men wont be able to walk let alone burn." As I begin kissing the curve of your neck. I love the taste of your skin which has a sweetness that is just a tad bit salty and the shiver that wracks your body is icing on the cake.

I feel you hand reach behind and grasp my hardening cock. You stroke it to full hardness as my hands roam over your breasts and stomach. I massage your nipples, gently pinching them as I nibble on your ear and along your spine. My cock is wrapped in your firm warm grasp.

"Even your cock is cold baby, hmmm and he seems to be begging for attention too. Too bad I am busy and you left me all alone to get the chores done." You move away from me and add some chopped ingredients to the simmering pot.

"Uhhh, that's not fair. I was making sure you could deliver it all safely and quickly so we could enjoy the rest of the day together."

"Well I guess you have a point, so do you want a taste, its almost ready," I see that you haven't buttoned up your flannel shirt and your cleavage is highlighted by the red plaid material.

"I'd love a taste!" as I move closer to you.

"Of the sauce, you pervert, not me." I watch as you lift the spoon from the pot and blow on it. Your lips slowly separate as the spoon moves between them. I watch as your tongue licks your lips clean. "Mmmm, its good, come here baby and have some." Before I can close the distance you tilt the spoon and spill the remaining contents down the valley of your breasts. "Ohh, look what a mess I made, can you clean it up for me, "you say with bedroom eyes and a pouty voice.

How can I resist. I lean forward and slowly lick you clean. I move the shirt aside and kiss your right nipple. Its hardness is held between my lips, as my tongue swirls around it. Your hands caress my head and hold me to you as if nursing me as you lean against the counter. I love to suckle your breasts and sometimes am rewarded with an orgasm from you. I pull back and blow on your moistened nipple as you shiver and moan. I love hearing and watching the effect my touch has on you. Each look and utterance fans the flames of my desire for you.

"You need to hurry baby, Emily's is supposed to be here to help me deliver this stuff, she's always late, but she will be here anytime." I smile at you as my hand glides past the waistband of your PJ bottoms and slowly down to the heat of your womanhood.

"So much for all good things cum to those who wait," I hiss as I use my thumb and forefinger to massage your clit. I hoist you up and place you one the countertop shoving the empty cans and other clutter onto the floor. Your bottoms slide off easily and I find your musk filling my nose. I love the smell of your womanhood and the taste is like honey. I pull up a stool and sit as I place your legs over my shoulders as I nibble the soft flesh of your calf, behind your knee and slowly up your thigh. I arrive at your center to find your fingers already massaging your swollen clit.

As my tongue advances your fingers retreat and I suck your clit into my mouth and hum as I massage it with my tongue. I know this drives you crazy and makes you cum quickly. I can feel you body come alive as you pull my head into you. A finger slides past your swollen lips and finds that sweet inner button that hides inside. Moans grow louder and louder. I am glad it is winter and the windows will block your passionate screams. I feel you begin to buck and grind my face as I continue to ravish your clit. Your honey flows freely and I use it to ease my entrance to your lil brown button. Slowly my finger sinks deeper as your relax and become use to the invasion. I know that fingering your pussy and ass while I eat you will bring about a window shattering orgasm.

I slow my pace a bit to let things build and slowly insert a second finger into your backdoor. Your breath shudders and then the screams grow louder. Soon you explode all over my face. I drink quickly trying not to miss a drop.

"I need that cock now baby," you say huskily, "I want you to fuck me hard." I remove my shorts quickly and sit upright on the stool. Pulling you off the counter you are impaled on my ridged cock. I watch as your eyes roll back when I sink into your tight pussy.

Nails dig into my back as you begin to rock and grind into me. We kiss deeply as the pace increases. "Yess, Mmmm yesss that's it fuck me. I love feeling your hard cock filling me up."

I pick you up and carry you to the table. Placing your legs over my shoulders I begin to pound your pussy harder and harder. My balls slap you ass in rhythm to each stroke. "Harder baby, fuck me harder, Ohh yess that's it, play with my tits." I massage them while looking into your wanton eyes. I feel you cum again and as you are coming down I roll you over and take you from behind.

Your hips are so damn sexy and I love to hold them as I work your pussy. I use an oval motion to really hit every inch of your pussy. I feel you reach down and work your clit as I stroke. Long nails trace over my smoothly shaven sack as I complete each stroke. I can feel my balls tightening and soon like a freight train I come so hard my legs buckle and I lean on you for support. I can feel you cumming again and milking my cock with your well trained pussy muscles. We kiss and cuddle as the strength slowly seeps back to our bodies.

"I would love to stay like this and possibly even go again, but unless you want to meet Emily in all your glory, we need to get dressed." I move off and gather our clothes up and head for the mudroom to put them in the washer. As I turn I could swear I hear a door softly close. Puzzled I look to find small wet boot prints leading out of the mudroom and onto the porch. I smile and think to myself that Emily is not always as late as we think she is.

I return to the kitchen and say nothing of my discovery. You have gone for a quick shower. I grab some sweats and head to the guest bath to clean up as well. The water unthaws what little is still cold and I dress and move to find you. Voices lead me to the pantry.

"There's Frosty," Emily chimes "Thanks for clearing the sidewalks and drive around my house and clearing a path to yours. It really makes getting here faster than I had imagined," she said with a wink.

"I aim to please," I said as I made a dash for the den so my red face didn't show. I swear I heard giggling as I left. Did Emily tell all, or was I just being paranoid. Ah hell, no sense driving myself nuts over it. I headed into the den to check my email and see if my Christmas orders had shipped yet. A chirp let me know I had mail, now if it wasn't another damn letter offering to make my dick bigger or sell me Viagra.

I paged through the junk and found that indeed all orders were shipping on time. It was then an unfamiliar email caught my eye. The heading said, I need some cooking lessons. What an odd title. Well I had just updated my virus software so I figured what the hell. I scanned and then opened the letter. The letter said I wish I could cook like you. Below were several pictures of the day's earlier events. What the hell. The last pictures were of Emily licking her lips and blowing me a kiss.

Holy shit, not only had she seen us, but had taken pictures. Now we had taken pictures before and even a video, but they were never shared. Now here were some that could really create an awkward Christmas party. A knock at the door brought me out of my trance.

"Stop looking at porno you dog, we have company and you already had some," you say with a smile.

I motion you to come around and look at what I have been sent. I watch to see your reaction. Instead of shock or horror, you simply smile. "I told you she was coming over and not only did herself get a show, but she also took some pics of her favorite parts."

"You're not pissed, or at least embarrassed?"

"Not at all, I am with my man and Emmy would never share them. She did say she would like to watch again if it is ok with you."

"Well can I rest a bit?" was all I could say. Perhaps I was dreaming or indeed the snow blower had pulled me in and this was a delusion before dying. A kiss on the check and a squeeze of my cock told me I was awake and rather healthy.

"We will be back later. Have to deliver the Christmas goodies and then go shopping. Have fun and I will return around six."

I deleted the email and used a scrubber to finish the job on the trash folder. As I was getting ready to sign off the new mail chirp sounded again. It was Emmy again. I opened the email and say a picture of her and my wife kissing. Below a caption said, get some rest, lots of it.

Well that will definitely put me right to sleep I mumbled under my breath. This has to be some kind of joke. I knew that practical jokes were the norm in our group and this had to be the grand daddy of them all.

I tried to keep my mind off things, but the picture kept popping into my mind. Nothing like trying to enjoy an afternoon with a raging hard on and no one to use it on. I must have finally dozed off, because I awoke to find my cock being sucked. I find you running your tongue up and down the shaft as it strains against the fabric that holds the rest of it back. You tug them down and release me as you move in to lick my balls. I am in heaven till I hear a buzzing sound.

I look to find Emmy to my side, sitting on the coffee table, watching us as she moves a vibrator in and out of her pussy. Emmy is naked as the day she was born. I am shocked by her appearance and the fact she seems to feel at home watching. Emmy has a nice body with rather robust tits accented with huge nipples. When I say huge I mean nearly quarter size. She is neither tiny nor plump, but has a fantastic pear shaped ass. Her pussy is neatly trimmed with just a strip around her full lips. Her clitoris is huge and sticks out from her lips looking like a jelly bean.

I return my gaze to you and enjoy the view of one talented cocksucker. Some women suck cock to turn a man on. Others suck cock to get a man, or to keep a man. You are different though. You suck cock like it's the best thing in the world and you are starving. I have cum so hard that I have to use my inhaler to breathe. I love to watch you work and feel the benefits of your talented mouth.

"I bet that feels really good. Mmmm she really loves to suck your cock doesn't she?"

Now having your cock sucked is one thing, but to have another woman making commentary is another. Not a bad thing just different.

"Does his cock taste good? Do you like the taste of his cum?"

Moving off my cock you reply, "I love his cock and he drinks a large glass of pineapple juice everyday so it's always sweet."

"I want to see him cum, you always say he has a huge load. Pull back when he cums and let me see him coat your mouth."

Now it's hard enough to concentrate and not cum quickly in normal circumstances but this was pure torture. To make matters worse was you were really on top of your game today and Emmys pussy was taking a beating from that vibe she was using. I could hold back no more. You move back and furiously jerk me off as your mouth is opened wide and your tongue sticks out. Emmy moves in for a real close up of the event. I can feel her hot breath on my cock. I can't hold it any longer and let loose. The first shot is a bit high and leaves a bit on your upper lip. The second and third slam against the back of your throat and the forth falls on your awaiting tongue. You squeeze my cock and milk the last drop from my cock.

A smug look covers your face as you release my cock. And smile at Emmy who is recovering from her own orgasm. "Missed some she quips as she wipes her finger across your upper lip and then dips it into her eager mouth. Mmmm he is good and really sweet."

The act makes my already hard cock even harder. I push you back on the coffee table and begin at your feet. I suck each toe from littlest to the biggest. I know how crazy this makes you. Emmy is pinching her nipples and riding her vibe as she watches.

"I've never had that done, does it feel good or does it tickle?"

"It feels like heaven and I almost cum every time he does it. He seems to know every pleasurable spot on my body."

I move slowly up her foot and nibble on her arch and then make a lazy winding trail up her calf. Behind the knee is a really sensitive spot. I watch your hand move to your hungry pussy and begin tracing and massaging your clit.

"Mmmm that looks so nice, his mouth and your hands bringing pleasure to your body."

Emmys body is so close to mine I can feel her brush against me from time to time as she adjusts to better observe the events. The smell of sex is strong in the air. I can smell Emmy's pussy. I see her hand covered in her nectar. She licks them clean as she watches.

I move ever closer to your pussy and finally you grab me and pull me to your engorged clit. I swirl my tongue slowly around. Emmy rests her head on your stomach and watches me intently. "You really love eating pussy don't you?"

"I love eating a woman; I love to taste them, feel them and watch them get off. I love the taste of a woman and I know each time I make them cum with my tongue the more wild they will become when I use my cock."

"What a lovely cock it is," Emmy says and she looks down at it and licks her lips.

I reach under the sofa and pull out our toy box. I find our favorite vibe and slowly insert it turning it to the lowest setting. I know how you love the feeling of a full pussy while your clit is worked. Emmy watches in amazement as you absorb the sizable toy.

"Oh my, what a wonderful feeling a cock in your pussy and a talented tongue on your clit. You are one lucky woman."

"Yes I am, Emmy, yes I am." I turn up the vibe as I increase the speed at which I move it in and out of you. I feel your body respond and your pull on your nipples. Moans grow into screams as you get ever closer. Emmy is working hard herself to cum with you and soon you both are screaming out with passion. I work your clit hard as you buck and jump. Finally I ease off and let you recover. I pull the toy from you. Emmy grabs it and I watch as she slides it into her mouth.

"Mmmm she tastes as good as your do. Are you going to fuck her now? I want to watch your cock bury itself in her hot pussy."

How could we resist her request as you move me to my back and climb on top. Arching your back you guide me in and ever so slowly slide down my length. Emmy moves close and her ass is inches from my face. She is so wet it drips down her thighs. I can feel her hot breath on my stomach and her face is inches from where we are joined. I see you smiling at me as you ride bearing down so your walls really squeeze my cock. Emmy takes her vibe and begins to tease your clit as your ride. Your eyes close as you enjoy. They reopen and you hand me the toy that had been used on you earlier. I look puzzled and you nod to Emmy's backside. I turn it on and slide it in. She squeals with delight as I begin working it in and out.

I match my movements to yours as we all enjoy the feelings. Suddenly I feel a tongue tickling my shaft. Emmy is sucking your clit as you ride my cock. Your eyes are wild. I turn up the vibrator and quicken my assault on Emmy's pussy. I know you are close and I can see her body starting to tremble.

"Oh yess, that's so nice Emmy. I love a real cock in me and having my clit sucked. I told you not to touch him, but I guess I never said anything about me. Eat me, yess that's it, suck my clit."

You are riding me, but more just wiggling as the sensations of cock and tongue overwhelm you. I move the vibe to its highest setting and just pound Emmy's pussy. You cum and then she cums hard as I ride it out enjoying the site and sounds. If Emmy likes to watch then I will give her a show. I move you off and lean you over the coffee table. I start licking you pussy like a man possessed. I reach into the toy box and pull out some lube. While I am eating you I being lubing up your ass. Emmy is watching wide eyed. She looks at you and kisses you deeply.

"I think he is going to fuck your ass."

"Mmmm baby, he is going to do more than that."

I find our larger anal toy and lube it up as well. I slide it slowly into your backside as Emmy watches in awe.

"Does it hurt; it's so big and long."

"Not really, you just have to relax and enjoy. Anal orgasms are so damn good anyway. Haven't you ever had a toy or cock in your ass?"

"Never, I am just naive I guess. I like to watch, but this is uncharted territory"

Emmy moves closer and slowly runs her hand up and down your back as I take the toy and slowly push the head into your tight ass. You purr and Emmy's eyes go wide. I slide it in and begin to work it slowly. I grab the harness and put it on and then attach the toy. Moving closer I slide my cock into your dripping pussy.

"Damn girl, I have never seen that, well only in porn. His cock looks so yummy and now you have your ass filled too."

"You have no idea Emmy; I love the feeling of being so full. I'm told my pussy gets even tighter when my ass is being fucked at the same time."

"Tight doesn't even begin to describe it. I feel like she is crushing my cock, but it feels so damn good."

I begin to pick up the pace as Emmy lies down and scoots under us to get a better view. I can feel her hot breath on my thighs and balls and I fuck you. The toy is turned on so it starts to vibrate and I can feel it rubbing my cock through the thin piece of skin that separates them. I can feel you bearing down further tightening your pussy as my cock tries to move inside you.

You grab a toy and begin fucking Emmy with it. I watch as you lean to the side and allow me a great view of your face and her pussy as the toy is worked in and out. Emmy is moaning and clawing at the carpet. I pick up the pace and can feel my balls once again filling. "I'm going to cum soon baby."

"Mmmm yes cum for me baby. Fill my hot pussy with your sweet cum. Emmy watch close and you can watch his cock pumping all that sweet cum into my wet pussy. He is getting closer, get ready Emmy!"

I cum hard as my body shakes violently and my balls give way releasing a torrent of cum into you awaiting pussy. I feel you body shake and you cum slightly after me. Emmy's face is at ground zero and she opens her mouth to catch the drippings.

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