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Cool Air


The air conditioner kicked off and the room was now completely silent except for her heavy breaths. They escaped her flushed and parted lips quickly and in rhythm with his thrusts inside of her. She supported herself on top of him, eyes clamped shut, sheets clenched in balls in her fists. He had a hand under each side of her fleshy ass and was holding her up, sliding his rock hard cock in and out of her drenched pussy in rapid measure. Each stroke brought her closer to the inevitable.

Her wetness drove him wild. It seeped from deep inside of her around his cock and onto his belly, oozing between them. He had to distract himself from the sound made by her dripping pussy in order to maintain until the end. He soaked in the vision of his beautiful woman, absorbed in ecstasy and bathed in the midday sun pouring through the open window. Her large breasts swung over his face and he took the opportunity to move from one to the other, drawing a pink nipple into his mouth, holding onto it with his lips and running his tongue around it until it slipped out. She was close.

With just the end of his cock sliding into her, he slowed his pace, her breath quickened, and she began to pour cum down his shaft.

"Keep going, baby," she managed to huff. Her breathing was now staggered and wavering.

And then, she exploded. Her moans resonated from deep inside of her and filled the room. Her body shook, her pussy clamped down on his cock, and she buried her face into his neck, screaming for him to fuck her harder. He was no longer in danger of cumming too soon. His dick was so hard that it was functioning only as a tool for her pleasure. He flipped her onto her back and began pounding away. Her legs flailed up at his sides, her arms hung loosely at hers, and her face was contorted with the continuous orgasm that rippled through her soft, curvy body.

When finally she opened her eyes and met the gaze of the man that was the cause of all this - her man - it was too much for him to take. The sunlight in her eyes and the dreamy look they reflected pushed him to the edge. Sensing his orgasm, she pushed him off of her and onto his back and leapt to his cock, sucking it and jacking him off into her mouth. His pelvis began to shake, filling her mouth with shot after shot of cum. With each expulsion into her mouth, she let it dribble out and down his shaft, covering her hand and his pubes. She lessened her suction and grip as his orgasm subsided until his prick had softened and both of them had caught their breath.

They looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh. Their hair was a mess, they were covered in sweat and each other's cum, and they hadn't even made it out of bed that morning. She collapsed at his side, relishing the smell of their mingled sex that wafted about the room.

"The sheets are a mess," was all that needed to be said before they burst out laughing all over again.


Sheila and Paul weren't newlyweds, though they were newly married and definitely fucked like honeymooners. They decided to tie the knot after years of being together, and encounters like the one they had that morning were becoming more commonplace as their relationship strengthened. What really drove Paul crazy was that the more he gave, the more he received, and if he got Sheila's motor humming she'd be going all day long.

As they went about the business of the day, Sheila made sure to lean in to Paul's ear and whisper things like, "I haven't stopped cumming," when she knew it would affect him the most. When they finally got home in the late afternoon after running all of their weekend errands, Paul had her pants down in about three seconds and discovered that his wife was telling the truth. There was a wet streak on the front of her panties. He buried his nose in her crotch and inhaled her warm, feminine scent. She wrapped her legs around his head and lost herself in the feeling of his breath on her pussy, but shook herself free from the spell after a moment. They had to get ready.

They were picking up some friends of theirs and heading to a party that night, and she wanted to be nice and worked up so that Paul would fuck her like a wild man when they got back home. He was always a beast after a night of her covertly teasing him in front of others. A little bit of bending over, brushing against his cock, and making double entendres, and he was good to go. They showered and changed and headed out of the house.

Sheila was a vision to behold that night. Paul pitched a mighty tent in his pants as he watched her getting ready. She donned a barely there set of black, boy cut panties, and covered them with a pair of dark denim shorts that showed the bottom of her ample ass as she walked. Her legs were short and curvy, tanned and smooth, and were enhanced by the heels on her platformed shoes. She wore a strappy pink tank top stretched tight across her large chest and a thin, sheer white bra whose straps showed underneath. The tops of her tits were soft and exposed and her nipples poked through the insufficient fabric. Paul decided on a pair of dark jeans that hugged his muscular thighs and ass and a red short-sleeved button up shirt that framed his biceps. Sheila made sure to take several passes by him as they dressed to sneak a peek, cop a feel, and make sure he knew she was going to fuck his brains out later on. The couple was set to stun that night.


When Paul pulled the car outside of Nikki and Steve's house and honked, Sheila leaned over and placed her lips lightly onto his. She ran her tongue around Paul's lips, exhaling her sweet, soft breath into his mouth. Just before the door to the house opened, Sheila sucked Paul's bottom lip into her mouth and pulled on it firmly, letting it slip out.

"You look hot tonight," she said with a wicked grin, squeezing the bulge forming in his pants. But the electricity of the moment was interrupted by the arrival of their friends, and the foursome headed out into the still, humid night to have some fun.

The party was awesome and the two couples were having a great time. The music was a non-stop assault on the senses, numbing the revelers as it thumped through their ears and bodies. Drinks flowed, smokes were passed, and bodies ground together on the dance floor. When the two men grew too tired to continue, the girls took each other by the hand and kept the party going. Paul and Steve enjoyed the sight of all the pretty ladies carrying on and laughing around the room.

After a while, Paul lost sight of Sheila in the crowd. He scanned the room for her, but saw no signs. He was surprised when she came up behind him and shoved her hand in his back pocket. He reached in and felt the panties she left behind. The goofy grin that broke out across his face made her laugh as Nikki dragged her back onto the floor. Paul held the flimsy material clumped in a ball in his hands. They were wet with sweat and excitement, and he concealed them as he held them to his nose and inhaled the heavenly aroma. He could feel his heart pumping faster and a rush of blood from his head as he shoved them back into his pocket. It was time to go.

He rushed onto the dance floor, grabbing his wife and her friend by their waists and leaning in to Sheila's ear. She nodded at his words and the three of them headed to the door looking for Steve on the way. Paul loved the feel of his hands on the bodies of these sexy women. He pulled them close and enveloped them in his big arms on each side. He could feel their heat and their sweat pressing into him. They found Steve and the four of them headed back to the car feeling high off of the energy from the party.

The girls sat in the backseat and Steve in the front on the ride home and everyone chatted and laughed about the events of the night. Paul caught his wife's eye in the rear view mirror on one of his frequent glances to the back. With Nikki's eyes diverted and her head resting on Sheila's shoulder, Sheila ran her tongue sensuously around her lips and winked at him playfully. Paul almost ran off the road. They got back to Nikki and Steve's house and all went inside for a nightcap. Paul just wanted to go home, but Sheila wasn't through having fun with him. He knew what she was up to. She was going to make him wait until he was about to pop before she'd let him have any release. He hated loving this so much, but relented to the force that was his wife and followed his friends inside.

They plopped down in the living room with some beverages and sank into their seats. Stories were told, jokes were shared, and animated gestures abounded as the hour grew later and the friends continued to unwind. Given their state of mind and the time of night, the conversation seemed to naturally flow to sex. Paul and Sheila talked about it a lot amongst themselves, but rarely opened up about that aspect of their lives with others. But being there with their buddies and feeling so comfortable, they could feel themselves getting more and more into it. Besides, they were already horny beyond reason and this gave them more fuel for that fire.

Things started off slow at first, with a lot of innuendo and joking, but eventually got deeper and heavier until they were sharing the most intimate details of their sex lives with each other. They peeled away the layers of their respective kinks one by one, and were discovering the inner workings of Steve and Nikki's bedroom rituals, comparing them with their own. The sexual tension in the room rose with every exchange, and they were all feeling the effects of the conversation. Paul felt Sheila squeezing her body next to his, and looked across the room to where Nikki and Steve were sitting. Wearing only a tight, white undershirt with no bra, the nipples on her tiny breasts were visibly poking through the fabric. Steve had his hand on her bare thigh, exposed by her small shorts, and was stroking it lightly. A silence fell across the two couples as the sobering realization of how worked up everyone was became evident. It was no longer an innocent conversation.

"If you guys are too tired to drive," Steve said breaking the awkward pause with a shaky voice, "you're welcome to crash here."

Paul and Sheila looked at each other, not knowing what the other was thinking at that moment. All they wanted to do was go home and screw each other over and over until they passed out exhausted. Sheila's plan to build up the pressure before allowing the release was beginning to backfire on her as she felt the fire in her loins burning out of control. She could feel her excitement welling inside of her, ready to spill out. Her clit, no longer protected by the layer of her panties, was rubbing against the rough seam in her shorts and driving her mad each time she moved her legs. The silence and sexual tension again filled the room. It pounded in each of their ears, and though only seconds passed, it felt like time immeasurable before the deafening hush was broken by the air conditioner kicking on.

Everyone laughed and welcomed the noise for breaking things up. Sheila stood up, mostly out of the inability to think of anything else to do. Paul followed her lead with hesitation due to the semi-hard on he had been cultivating all night. He saw Nikki staring at the front of his pants and caught her eye when she looked up to his face. She stood and made her way over to Sheila, once again grabbing her hand and leading her off, this time to Steve's and her bedroom. Paul looked at a very shocked Steve and gestured with his arms as if to say "what now?" Steve gestured back with his as if to say "we follow them in there."


The two men walked slowly through the door to the bedroom and were greeted by the sight of their two women sitting at the edge of the bed. Nikki had her hands resting lightly on the sides of Sheila's face and was kissing her softly on the lips. Sheila's hands were nervously on top of Nikki's, too timid to do anything more with them and too turned on to push them away. The room was silent save the sounds of the A/C and of their wet lips pressing slowly and repeatedly together.

Paul looked at his wife and succumbed to the magnetic trance that had overtaken the room. Her large tits were rising and falling with her heavy breathing. Her nipples stood out prominently. He soaked in the vision of soft and tender love as the two women embraced with growing intensity and affection, their mouths opening wider and their kisses becoming longer and more consuming. Paul glanced over next to him and saw Steve rubbing his hard on through his pants. The two men exchanged an awkward look, but laughed it off and quickly began stripping their clothes off.

Paul marveled at the goosebumps that broke out all over Sheila's body as Nikki's hands explored her breasts, lightly rubbing her open palm over Sheila's nipples. He knelt in front of his wife, his presence shaking her out of her stupor. He gently eased her backwards onto the bed, sending Nikki along with her. He removed her shorts and panties in one swoop, and took a moment to enjoy the site of Sheila's pussy. It was swollen with excitement and already wet around her lips.

Paul ran his fingers across her short cropped bush, stopping to spread her pussy open. He slowly lowered his head and kissed Sheila firmly on her clit. The pressure of his mouth sent a shock wave through her body. He planted another one, this time leaving his lips pressed against her, feeling her heart beating through her twitching clit. Nikki had Sheila's tank top and bra pulled down and was on her hands and knees kissing the tops of her tits. Steve followed Paul's lead and had removed Nikki's shorts and panties. He knelt behind her raised ass and buried his mouth in her exposed pussy, rolling her clit between his fingers and teasing her ass with the tip of his tongue.

Still at the edge of the bed, Paul was plunging his tongue into Sheila's wetness and pulling it back out to flick her clit with the tip. The alternating sensations were taking a hold on her body, and a drizzle of her cum came pouring out of her pussy and into Paul's eager mouth. It was all he could take. He stood up, grabbed Sheila underneath the knees and pulled her onto his cock. Her pussy clenched around him and a gush of fluid came rushing out, drenching his balls as they rubbed against her now soaked ass. Paul leaned over his wife and thrust his hips forward at a firm and steady pace. He wanted her to cover his cock with her cum and he wanted to cover her tits with his. Sheila's legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and they were practically bouncing off the bed from the pounding.

Over Sheila's shoulder on the other side of the bed, Nikki was still on her knees with her butt in the air and Steve was slowly sliding his cock into her. Her hips were bucking wildly, but he refused to move any faster, insuring she felt every inch inside of her. Sheila opened her eyes and saw Paul looking at the other couple. She looked back, licked her fingers, and reached over to rub the nipple on one of Nikki's tiny tits. Nikki responded with a grateful moan. The breathing in the room grew more frantic and the air was dense with the heat of their bodies. Sweat dripped from Steve's brow and ran down the arch in Nikki's back, and Sheila soaked the sheets as Paul's cock brought forth regular flows of cum from her dripping pussy. The room hung heavy with the smell of their excitement.

Nikki was first, breaking the hypnosis with an escalating moan as her orgasm overtook her thin frame. Steve began fucking her furiously, sending ripples through her thighs as he slammed into her from behind. Paul felt his own orgasm welling and picked up his speed, leaning further over Sheila as he drew his cock in and out of her pussy. Sheila began to shake and push herself upward toward Paul's cock, meeting each of his thrusts with a forceful one of her own. She erupted into bliss, digging her nails into Paul's back and kneading his muscles roughly. Nikki's orgasm was subsiding as Steve came inside of her. Paul was right behind him, his cum mixing with Sheila's as he climaxed.

Paul fell atop his wife, kissing her frantically with his cock still inside. When he could no longer support himself, he fell to her side and watched their cum pour out of her onto the bed. He laid back exhausted and felt Nikki plop down beside him. With Sheila resting her head on his shoulder, Nikki began to stroke his slippery cock. It was still partially hard, and began to respond to her touch. Paul was still coming down from his orgasm, and didn't know how to respond to this attention from his friend's wife. As he grew harder, Nikki responded with firmer strokes. Sheila began to kiss his chest and nipple. Paul closed his eyes and lost himself to the sensation. He was surrounded by these two beautiful women and could feel their skin sticking to his. Nikki was breathing hard in his ear and his wife was nibbling around his nipples, her hair spilled about his chest and stomach.

The creak of the bed brought Paul back to his senses. He opened his eyes at the same time Sheila exhaled a pleasureful breath onto his chest. Steve was on his side and was slowly fucking her from behind. He pulled Sheila closer to him and began massaging her luscious tits and kissing her neck. She melted into him, leaving her hand on Paul's chest. Nikki took the cue from her man and straddled across Paul's legs just below his cock. She looked him square in the eye and slowly jacked him off, and then pitched forward and lowered herself onto him.

The sensation of her thin, angular body felt strange. Paul looked over at his wife laying next him. With Nikki's pussy gripping firmly around his cock, he imagined what Steve was feeling as he fucked Sheila from behind, her soft ass pressing back against him, her supple tits spilling out of his hands. Paul and Sheila gazed into each others eyes and Paul leaned his head toward her. Steve guided Sheila forward so the two could kiss. Paul and Sheila pressed their lips together and allowed their tongues to dance around each other. She gasped into his mouth as Steve fucked her from the other side, and Paul relished the feeling of Nikki's hot pussy bouncing on his lap from above. He reached a hand out to rub Sheila's clit and used the other to pull Nikki down on top of him. He bucked his hips harder and faster into Nikki, never breaking the kiss with his wife. He could feel Steve behind her beginning to fuck her harder.

Before long, Nikki and Sheila began to climax. As the feeling grew, everyone's hands began to wander, grasping lustily at the bodies that surrounded them. Though weaker than the first, this next round of orgasms radiated through the four lovers as they descended into a heaping, sweaty pile of moist flesh, panting into each others ears. They peeled themselves apart and rearranged themselves on the bed as couples, and were relieved when the cool air from the vent above rushed down and kissed their glistening bodies.

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