tagGroup SexCooling Off with a Vistor

Cooling Off with a Vistor


(This story takes place immediately following the story entitled More Cooling Off at the Lake.)


Tony was silent. He stood on his boat with his wife Mychelle beside him looking at their guest Shari. Shari sat before them embarrassed because the couple caught her attempting to use Mychelle's latex replica of her husband's dick to penetrate her asshole. It was quiet as the waves hit the boat. Soon, the stillness of the night was interrupted by the sound of Tony clearing his throat before telling his wife to kneel before him. As she knelt, he commanded Shari to stay where she was as Mychelle took his stiffening member back into her mouth.

Tony's dick began to grow inside Mychelle's mouth from the excitement in his mind. There before him sat a beautiful woman who with her actions were begging for him to take her ass. Tony was unsure if Shari had ever experienced anal sex before, but he felt fortunate that he was going to experience it with her. Mychelle's fellatio was slopy and wet in anticipation of her husband's dick penetrating her neighbor's ass. Soon, he told Mychelle to secure Shari to the rail again. It didn't take Mychelle long to comply as soon Shari was bent over with her legs shoulder width apart and her hands tied to the rail.

Tony then bent down himself and allowed his tongue to come in contact with Shari's pussy. Shari moaned at the shockwave that erupted from Tony's tongue. Mychelle was watching as Tony began to slowly slide his tongue over the surface again before blatantly stabbing into Shari's wetness with his tongue. This continued for a while as Shari's knees grew weak and she felt herself getting close to cumming. Tony then allowed his tongue to move up and started stabbing slowly at Shari's rosebud. She could feel herself yielding to him as he slowly slid in one finger to open her up.

Mychelle was in the back of the boat grabbing protection as Tony commanded her to ready him. Shari couldn't see behind her, but she could hear the sounds of Mychelle sucking Tony's dick back to hardness again before she heard Tony tell her it was enough. There was silence for a few minutes until Shari felt the head of Tony's member sliding against her anus. She moaned loudly as it slid in little by little until he started pumping in and out of her ass mercilessly. Shari could then feel Mychelle's tongue on her clit as Tony fucked her ass. It took a great amount of effort to keep from falling until Mychelle moved and pushed Shari closer to the rail so her tits hung over the edge. Her knees found the seat and Tony began to pound her faster until she felt him climax inside the condom. After kissing both of the ladies, Tony told both of his slaves that they needed some sleep.

The next morning came and Tony was already driving the boat towards the gas pump when the girls woke up. They grabbed whatever bikini parts they could find to cover up since they noticed Tony had his shorts on again. They sat there talking as Tony filled up the tank. After refueling, Tony reentered the boat with someone else following. The man following Tony had on nothing more than a pair of black swim trunks. He wore a pair of mirrored sunglasses to hide his eyes and looked slightly shorter than Tony. As they reached the driver's seat, Tony introduced him as Jared.

Jared took a moment to look at both girls before sitting down in the passenger seat. The boat took off slowly through the wake area before Tony gunned it and the girls enjoyed a little spray on them as they sat in the front. As they headed towards their private spot, Mychelle took the chance to remove her top and shake her tits at the passing boats. Lots of them honked in response before Shari joined in. It felt both scary and liberating to Shari to show off her tits to total strangers. But it was worth it when Tony dropped anchor and told both of his sluts to come to him.

Both Mychelle and Shari walked towards the Captain's chair before Tony commanded them both to strip. Both girls simply untied their bottoms and allowed them to drop. Tony then commanded Shari to come towards him while Mychelle took on Jared. Shari walked over to where Tony was and watched as he lowered his shorts and his dick extended out. She immediately got on her knees and began to slowly lick the head of his cock before allowing her tongue to lick the underside. She started teasing him slowly as Tony sat there smiling at her until she took just the head of his cock into her mouth. She started teasing him with her sucking not moving past the head until she felt Tony place his hand behind her head and thrust a good few inches into it. Shari's throat opened almost immediately. She loved the thought of her neighbor taking control of just her while his wife was with someone else.

As Tony withdrew his cock, Shari turned to see Mychelle bent over in front of Jared and his dick sliding into her ass. She was begging for more until Tony told Shari to shut her up. Shari walked towards her and sat before her mouth a Mychelle's tongue found her naked pussy and began licking. Shari turned aggressive for a moment and placed her hand behind Mychelle's head as she pushed her into her pussy. She could feel herself climaxing under Mychelle's expert tongue as Mychelle's ass was being pounded. Tony then brought his dick over and began to stroke it over Shari's open mouth until he began to cum over Shari's face and tits. Shari basked in the attention her Latino neighbor gave her as she watched Jared pull his dick out and shoot all over Mychelle's ass.

The rest of the night was spent trying different combinations as Mychelle donned her strap on and Shari became the receiver of all three at once. By the time she passed out that night from exhaustion, she was thoroughly fucked and thoroughly satisfied.


(My thanks again to the people that read what I write and give me constructive comments. It is to them that I send my gratitude to help me write better.)

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