Copping Off


So I got up this morning, put and had a nice long bath with my razor to make sure I was all smooth. Sprayed on some dkny red delicious and put on my full length black satin house gown which sensuously strokes my smooth skin as I move and makes a nice rustling noise as it does so. Of course, this made me feel so horny and got my girl clit achingly hard but I managed to resist the urge to stroke it and got out my makeup kit instead.

Starting with a nice pale foundation layer and added some blusher, mascara, thick black eyeliner and dark purple eye shadow with some cherry red lip gloss and a 1920s flapper style black bob wig for an extra slutty look. No girl is complete without nails done so I stuck on some falsies and painted them to match my slutty lips.

By this point I'm leaking precum like a bitch and this is lubricating my stick so well that it's just practically begging for me stroke it! So I ran a fingernail along its length scooping off some precum and then I eagerly sucked it from my finger to enjoy the warm salty taste.

Next I slipped into a full-length sheer nylon bodystocking (crotchless naturally) and opened my special wardrobe and selected a pair of shiny black 5 inch stiletto heeled thighboots that zip up the side. As I pulled the zip up the noise made my hard clit ache some more and the feeling of my legs enclosed tightly in the PVC with my thighs being tightly squeezed was just out of this world.

I added a pair of fingerless latex opera gloves, a stretch vinyl black bustier, black PVC choker and a pair of tight shiny red lyrca hotpants. Standing in front of the mirror admiring what a total slut I looked, I could clearly see the outline of my smooth sex through the shiny, tight, figure hugging hotpants and a rapidly forming damp patch. Images of my shiny gloved hands wrapping around my knob and rapidly working the length of it immediately filled my mind.

It would have been so easy to peel the front of the pants down, have my girlcock spring to attention and oh so slowly work a gloved palm up and down it, but I had other things to do. I did, however, turn my back to the mirror, bend from my waist so that my butt was displayed tightly encased in the lycra and gave my tight cheeks a good feel all over and gyrated my body so that my cock rubber the inside of the lycra. Oh bliss!

All dressed up and horny as hell, I fired up my computer and started to browse a few of my favourite sites. Videos of sluts sucking cocks, pictures of latex queens and horny stories of tgirls sucking fucking and being fucked filled my screen for ages not doing anything to calm down my sense of arousal and noticed that I had completely soaked my hotpants with the precum.

I was ready to take some action to satisfy my sluttish cravings now so I though that I'd just check my emails before settling down with some lube for an orgasmic screaming session. It was then I noticed that I had an incoming instant message from my dating site from a couple I had been talking with who had the username domBIcouple. They said that they would love to meet with me to explore some of their bi fantasies. This was great news as I knew I would enjoy a hot session of multi-hole no barred fucking with a hot couple and I was looking forward to exploring mu sub side. I sent back a reply telling them as much and asking for a suggestion of a mutually acceptable place, date and time. To my surprise and interest a reply came back immediately saying that they were available now and had an understanding with a local hotel manager.

So I sent them back an instant message describing to them how I was all dressed up, what I was wearing and explaining that it would take me a while to change out of it in order to make the car journey to them. At this point their dom side took over and they told me that if I wanted to play with them, I had to leave right now dressed as I was and to introduce myself to the manager of the hotel who would deliver me to their room. I was so horny and looking forward to our meeting that I readily agreed, grabbed my handbag and keys, put on a full length black PVC shiny rain mac and got in my car in the port via the side door.

As I drove to the hotel I wondered what kinky games we would play. Would I suck him off first? Would they want to tie me up? Would she want me to spend ages licking her pussy? How big would he be? Was her cunt bald? Did it get wet really easy? How far would the dom/sub games go? Did I just drive through a red light? Thanks goodness I didn't hit anything! Unfortunately my good mood evaporated when I saw the blue lights of a police car flashing in my rear view mirror.

FUCK! Thoughts raced through my brain. What should I do? Floor the gas and try to run? "I'm sheriff John Bunnell and this routine traffic stop was anything but, on 'the worlds most perverted police chases'!" No, I REALLY didn't need that kind of exposure. So I waited until I found a quiet piece of road and pulled the car in. Hopefully they would just tell me off and let me go. Looking in the rear view mirror, two officers stepped out of the car. One Latino, average size and looking kinda relaxed and the other one, blonde buzz cut, military style and tight fitting clothes with muscles that bulged like anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym.

"Let it be the Latin one to talk to me please!" I pleaded as they approached. SHIT! the big bad officer was approaching my window which was now wound down. Time to use the quiet whisper voice, maybe they'll let me go with a warning, "sorry officer, I missed a red light, my mind wandered, I'm so sorry". He took off his shades and gave me the once over, "going to a party ma'am?". Trying to use this to my

advantage I let my mac part, showing my shiny boots, "I'm off to see a good friend of mine, could we let this one go?". My pulse quickened praying for him to wave me off. "Why is your voice so quiet ma'am?" he questioned. Thinking on my feet I replied, "a touch of laryngitis". The officer paused, eyes clearly checking out my outfit and smiled. Thank heavens he's going to let me go, I thought.

"Well ma'am, I'm not normally one to stand in the way of love or lust, but..." there was a pause that seemed to last forever, "can you explain why this vehicle is registered to and insured with a single man, yet there is a lady driving it?". SHIT! Before I could respond the dreaded question came.. "can I see your license and registration ma'am?" Now I was fucked! All I could do was hand over my documents, hope they would just give me an on the spot fine and have a funny story to tell their buddies over beer for the rest of their lives.

"This appears to be the license of the man who owns this car ma'am", I'm sure there was a sly smile with that comment. Since there was no point in delaying this any further I opted to tell the truth. Dropping the whisper and pleading, "It's me, I own the car and I need this to go away with the least hassle, can I have a spot fine or something?". The officer pulled up his shades, checked me out again and replied, "let me ask my partner and we'll see what we can do". Great, it looked like I was going to be able to wriggle out of this one and carry on without scandal. Sergeant muscles went off to talk to his partner. I watched in the mirror as they discussed the situation, big grins over their smug faces, hoping the news would be good. Returning to the car the large officer leaned towards me and ... "officer Hernandez has checked and it looks like there's an unpaid parking ticket and a previous DUI associated with you 'maam'" with a snide emphasis on the maam, "I'm afraid we're going to have to take you downtown".

At this point officer Hernandez pulled alongside, "hey Jonesy, guys down the station are gonna love this". Defeated, I handed officer Jones my keys, swung my boots out of the car and stood up. "All dressed up and no-one to blow huh, you're gonna be popular in the cells!", mocked Hernandez. Jones spun me around, slipped cuffs around my latex covered wrists and pushed me down into the back of the car. As we cruised downtown, I realized that this was turning into a very bad situation for me. Exposure, ridicule, infamy were the best of the things that could happen to me, I shuddered to think what would happen if placed in a cell with other prisoners.

At this point, I noticed the car had turned off the main road and entered a deserted parking lot well away from the highway. "I've been talking with my fellow officer and we're going to cut you a break" said Jones and added, "if you can pass the sobriety test, we'll just write you up for the red light and give you fourteen days to pay your fines". The car stopped and Jones let me out, undid my cuffs and explained the tests to me. "First of all, I would like you to place your feet together, standing straight with eyes closed and bring your index finger to the nose".

Following the instructions I did as asked and realized I would pass the tests easily as I wasn't drunk. "Next I would like you to take nine heel-to-toe steps in a straight line, turn and take nine heel-to-toe steps back", I'll be making sure you leave space between heel and toe, do not stray from the line or lose balance while turning". Confidence overtook me and I took nine neat steps, weight on my toes adding a bit of butt wiggle for effect, turned and promptly went over on my nice pointed heel! "Oh my, looks like the drug dealers and junkies are going to be having fun with you tonight" taunted Sergeant Jones. I tried to plead that it was down to my heels, but Jones just held a hand up to me and waved off my desperate appeals.

At this point, Hernandez whispered something to Jones and as both turned to face me, Jones offered, "Officer H here has just informed me that the cells are full and we're running late on our shift, so we thought we would offer you a breath test and if you pass this, we'll give you the original deal, how does that sound?". Now, I was so glad to have another chance I answered "thanks I'll do anything to work this out". Hernandez walked up to me and looking down at me, unzipped his pants and pulled out his flaccid penis with a big grin all over his face, "now if you would like to blow into this tube until I say stop, I'll measure your alcohol limit" at which point Jonesy stepped forward and followed suit. Now I figured that things had just got better, if I blew these cops well I could still get out of this relatively unscathed!

Dropping to my knees I sized their packages up, Hernandez was smaller, somewhere between 6 to 7 inches, normal girth, circumcised, a very fat knob and pronounced veins. Jonesy had at least an inch on his partner, was a little thicker and was uncut with his foreskin hiding his glans at this point. Thinking on my feet (well knees) I realised that they were on shift, so the quicker I got them off, the quicker I could get out of here. Wrapping my smooth hands around each of their shafts and starting to slowly work them, I looked up and said "So if I suck these nice dicks until you blow your load in my mouth or over my face, you'll let me go?" At this suggestion both penises started to get hard and rise up, so going for broke I added, "if you want my slutty lips around your hard dicks, we'll call it even?"

Jonesy turned to Hernandez and remarked "I told you this bitch would be easy didn't I?" Hernandez looked down at me and replied, "If you do well slut, we'll let you go". Continuing to stroke Joneses thick meat, I decided to start on the easier option fist and leaned towards Hernandez's cock which was now standing to full attention, then used the point of my tongue to lick the ridge under his glans all around it and back up the join to slurp up the precum. He threw his head back and let out a loud groan "this bitch is fuckin good man!" Officer J moved in closer and I understood the message, he wanted some of the same. Grasping his shaft, I worked back his foreskin exposing his shiny knob and applied my wet tongue in the same way as I had with Officer H with much the same results. Grabbing their poles and encouraging them to come closer to me I got them where I was able to get at both of the hard dicks as the same time.

It was time to move this up a notch, so I opened my mouth, engulfed the big fat knob of Hernandez, gave it a loud slurp and started to pump my hands faster on both of their shafts. Then slurping my way off the knob in my mouth, I plunged my hot wet mouth onto the other one not making a complete seal so that as I sucked moisture and air, they combined to make another nice loud slurp. Words of encouragement were offered my way, "You sure do suck a good cock bitch" and "fuck yeah slut work my shaft you fucking whore". Now I noticed that I had relaxed and was getting into this as I could feel my girly clit straining away at my hotpants, but my hands were to busy to do anything about it.

The officers were now matching my frantic hands movements and were fairly well lost in the pleasures I was giving them so I started to work each dick with my classic porno blowjob technique. Keep my lips closed around the shaft, bobbing my head up and down, sucking my way down the shaft to meet my hand that was furiously pumping in the other direction making sure to get my hand nice and wet so as to keep it all nice and slippery. Every 10 or so sucks of one of their dicks, I would change over and apply the same to the other one. It was then I realised that the two hard wet dicks were much closer together and they seemed to be deliberately being maneuvered this way. I wondered if these guys were using me to express some desires that had been kept at bay and closeted away, so I pulled my mouth off of the dick I was slurping and held the two shafts against each other and pumped both of them with my hands. Sure enough they were quite happy to rub themselves against each others shafts as I licked and sucked their domed heads.

I think it was Hernandez who lost it first with a load groan, trembling as his shaft started to throb, twitch and pulse. A small glob of cum oozed out of the open hole of his dick then spurts started to fly everywhere with much more power, spraying hot cum onto my mac, on my face, dribbling onto my boots and gloves. This was too much for Jonesy who suddenly grabbed the back of my head and shoved his dick roughly into my mouth coating the insides of it with his hot juice. There was so much of it filling my mouth, shooting into the back of my throat and now starting to leak from the sides of my mouth and dribbling down my chin. He pulled out, grabbed my chin and ordered "now fucking swallow my cum bitch!". I wasn't sure whether this rage was normal post sex behaviour for him and as I wanted to be allowed to leave, I swallowed the thick creamy cum down with a lipsmack, opened my mouth to show it was empty and gave him my best smile.

Both of them seemed to be happy with my performance as they zipped themselves up and Jonsey even offered his hand to help me stand up. As I did so, I stumbled towards him and when he caught me, the horny bastard had a quick but hidden feel of my girl cock. Hernandez even opened the door of the car for me. The drive back to my car was done in silence to start with, but with them gradually reverting to their norm and commenting on what a good cocksucker I was, calling me a slut and a whore and general light verbal abuse. As they dropped me off, Jonesy wound down his window and said "We know your name and address, so expect us to contact you soon for a repeat performance". After they'd gone I slipped into my drivers seat, rested my head against the wheel, sighed with relief and felt my cock rubbing against a massive damp patch in my hotpants and recognised that I needed to get to the hotel soon so that hopefully I could get off too....

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