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Cop's Daughter


(This is based on a true story)

I'm from a small Midwestern town. One of those towns out of a Norman Rockwell print. I loved growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other, the friendly people, freshly cut lawns, and the loudest thing in the summer was a barking dog.

My family lived in an upper middle-class neighborhood on the outskirts. We were one of four Indian families in the town. I was raised to be responsible, successful, and self-reliant, like most Indian men are taught to be since childhood. I aced all my exams, was captain of the soccer team, and I got into MIT for engineering. My family was incredibly proud of me. My family name was honored by my achievements.

There was one girl in my high school with whom I was in love with since grade school. Her name was Casey. She was 5'2," she had this long shimmering straight golden blonde hair, crystal innocent blue eyes and she had these cute freckles on her nose. I always respected her, but as I got older, I absolutely had this animal lust for her. She had these huge orb-like boobs which busted out every time she walked, and her legs were beautifully tanned and she had a great ass.

Surprisingly, she never really went out with too many people. Never steady. She was a hard worker, but she never could break into the straight-A range, like the rest of us. She never really paid attention to me. I felt like stole glances at me once in a while. Any time she had a question, she would let her long blonde hair fall on my face and I would just melt. We remained friends, and there was a mutual respect between us. I never had the guts to ask her out, and I wasn't sure how a redneck cop father would take it if an Indian man was seeing his daughter. Besides that, my parents would never approve themselves. They would want me to date a suitable Indian girl. So, I never seized the moment and asked her out.

May came, the parties were one big blur, and one fine evening, we graduated. I was Salutatorian. I gave a decent speech. Casey would be graduating next year, but I caught sight of her smiling at me as I gave my speech.

After the ceremony, she came up to me and congratulated me on a fine speech. She gave me this nice hug--her boobs crushed into my chest, and I felt her nipples get rock-hard. "Kamal, you better keep in touch with me. Who's gonna help me with my math homework?" she exclaimed. I reassured her "Casey, I'll do whatever I can to help you when I get a chance." Casey's father gave me a glare. He reeked of "don't even think of it...." We exchanged addresses and parted.

I didn't see her the entire summer and I went through my first hellish semester at MIT in the Fall. I went to get my mail at the campus post-office. Wow, what a surprise! Casey had sent me a letter.

"Dear Kamal,

You never wrote to me as you promised. I hope you like it at MIT. It must be a killer. I'm doing fine here. School is great. It's been pretty tough, I broke up with my boyfriend, and Calculus is kicking my butt. Hopefully, I can enjoy my senior year soon.

Please call me when you get a chance. It's very important.


Wow. I wonder what she wanted? I thought it'd be better to wait to call her. I didn't want to seem like a desperado. God, how I regretted not making a move on her earlier! I didn't give a shit about her dad anymore...

I called Casey a week later, and her father picked up the phone. "Sorry Kamal, Casey's out with her boyfriend. Don't know when she'll be back. I'll tell her you called." Asshole. Like hell he'll give her the message. And, I knew she had broken up with her boyfriend, or did she want me to believe that? Hmmmm.

I tried calling her several times during the week, and her father picked up, and I immediately hung up. When the hell could I talk to her? I had to get through. Finally, I got through to her and she berated me for not calling her sooner. "Kamal, why didn't you call sooner?" I replied "Well, someone in your house isn't handing you my messages."

"Oh God, my dad is such a narrow-minded redneck idiot. No wonder my mom left him. Kamal, my dad respects you, but he doesn't want us to even be friends."

"Well Casey, I kinda figured that. Anyway, what did you want?"

"To say hello, and I also needed your help with Calc. The AP exam is coming up two weeks after Christmas, and I need to get a 5 on it. Think you could tutor an old friend? I'll even pay you."

I was flushed with excitement. "Forget about payment. I'll help you with whatever you need. I have a long break. I'll be home until February, so I'd be more than happy to help you. It'll be great to see you again Casey"

"Likewise. Call me on my mobile phone when you get in. Gotta run. My dad is coming upstairs..." Click.

I uttered "God loves me."

I called Casey the next morning after I landed. She told me to come over to her house. She reassured me that her dad would not mind - since I was helping her ace an exam, and I wasn't charging anything.

I was greeted at the door by her dad in a startlingly cordial manner. "Hello Kamal. How's MIT treating you?"

"Great Mr. Smith. It's tough, but I'm adjusting." Casey yelled from upstairs while coming down the stairs "Kamal was the smartest guy in the senior class. Of course he'll adjust quickly."

I thought I'd die right there. She had this tight blue sweater on which showed her ample cleavage. And she wore these really tight-fitting jeans. My dick darted in the air. She must've noticed...

We went into the kitchen and proceeded to unpack our books on the table. Casey sat really close to me. She was wearing this really nice perfume and she had bright red lipstick on. I decided to flirt with her "Wow, you look great Casey."

"So do you Kamal. You look like you're finding time to work out."

We proceeded to cover differentials and then her thigh touched mine and she didn't move and neither did I. I was more concerned her father would catch us and blow my brains out with his pistol. After a few minutes I didn't care.

Then she placed he legs under mine and held my hand as I wrote the answer out for her. My loins stirred. I wanted her so bad! I kept writing, and then she wrote on the paper "Why don't we go somewhere quieter." I wrote "How about dad?" She agreed.

Stroke of luck. Her father got a call and had to work the late shift. He left hurriedly without bidding us a goodbye.

Finally our hands touched and I held her hand. Things got really quiet and you could cut the sexual tension. I looked at her beautiful innocent blue eyes, and she looked back. We kissed lightly, and then she tongued me thoroughly. With the tension of 10 years, not ever being able to touch this beautiful creature, I went for it. I went for her bounteous melons, and she pulled my hand off. "Not yet Kamal. Slower." I complied. She then took my hand and we went upstairs to her draped pink bed. I felt like we were in the honeymoon suite. "God Casey, I've wanted you for so long." She replied "So have I. I've always wanted you too. We don't have too much time until my dad checks up on us..."

I went for her boobs again. She didn't resist. I pulled her sweater off and She was unbuttoning her pants. I unsnapped her bra to find two humungous nipples already one inch erect. I sucked furiously on her nipples biting and licking them. She moaned quietly. I undressed quickly. Then she got on her bed and pulled my pants off. Awaiting her was an eight-inch black uncircumcised treat standing at full attention. "God...you...you're huge!" She licked her lips and spit on my bulbous head and started jacking my cock up and down. I was in heaven. She licked my precum and started nibbling on the sides of my cock. I thought I would die. "I don't even think I can fit this thing inside of me." she exclaimed. "Well, we'll never know if we don't try..." I pulled her silk undies off and started eating her pussy in small circles with my long snaking tongue. Her odor drove me wild! She was on the verge of cumming. "Oh God! Please fuck me!"

"Yes ma'am." We were both totally naked. I picked her up and placed her gingerly on her desk with her legs spread ready to receive my cock. "Please fuck me Kamal. Please fuck my pussy..." I slowly opened the lips of her cunt with my head and I thrust slightly until she got wet. "Oh God, stick it in!" I drove straight into her filling her completely and bumping her cervix. "Yikes! That's great! Fuck me harder! Please!" she begged.

We both worked up a sweat. I fucked her furiously. I was in love with Casey so this was not just a lay. We weren't using protection so I had to be careful.

Finally, I got her off the desk and we got on the bed. She wanted to straddle me on the bed. I got on the bed on my back. she couldn't keep her hands off me. She kept grabbing my cock and stroking my hard abs. She wanted me so bad!

My cock stood like a huge flagpole and she quickly climbed on the bed. She stood over my body and then started squatting down When her warm pussy hit the head of my cock, I felt my cock grow even more. It felt like she was trying to jam a plumb in her pussy-hole. She was so wet, my cock slipped in pretty easily. She started bouncing slowly and I grabbed her boobs and was holding on to them while helping her move up and down my large cock. "Oh migod! Oh my God! I'm gonna cum! I want your black cock so bad and I want you to squirt your cum in me now!" She shuddered and screamed at the top of her lungs. I'm sure the neighbors heard. She was possessed with a demon force I just kept plunging into her as she came again and again. She turned bright red and her long hair was wet with perspiration. Hew body glistened and I was as hard as a rock. I was worried of cumming in her. Finally, she looked at me with her big blue eyes "Kamal, go ahead and do it." We held each other close and after a few more strokes, I shot a succession of rapid fire cum shots in her unprotected white womb.

She fell on me and we slept in each others' arms for a few minutes. Then I heard footsteps...

"Casey? Are you up there?"


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