tagBDSMCops Have All The Fun

Cops Have All The Fun


Stefanie and I had been going out for a few months, and she had been telling me over and over and over again -- you know how women get -- about one of her long time fantasies: having sex with a man in uniform. We had used that specific role-playing fantasy a lot during our sexual escapades, with me getting handcuffed after getting strip-searched -- although I think they do it the other way around at the station. In fact, I'm pretty darn sure of it.

That was kind of a switch for me, since normally I'm the one handcuffing people. I work for a police department here in Massachusetts. I met her through her dad, who formerly worked for the Sheriff's Office. If he knew his little girl was using my city-issue cuffs on me, well, I really don't want to think about that, or the ensuing consequences.

Her and I were planning on going to the policeman's ball this year, and it was to be our first one together. Of course, I wanted to make it special for her. She had always talked about getting it on with a gorgeous cop in the back seat of his cruiser. Now that she was dating a cop, she had the opportunity to do that, even if the "cruiser" didn't have actual flashing lights.

Before I had started dating her, the mayor of my city had offered me the chance to buy one of the older squad cars that were being scrapped because of their age. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, it just needed to be decommissioned, have its lights and its markings taken off, and have the locks in the back seat changed. I had purchased it for $1,000, and no one at the auction really wanted an old Ford Crown Victoria with 125,000 miles on it.

I had originally planned on using the car for my own personal use -- my Chevy had seen better days. But after I met Steff and discovered her love for Crown Vics, I wanted her to have the car. I thought, hey, I can get a few more months out of the Chevy, then buy a new car. But the night of the policeman's ball, I was going to "outfit" the car with some police field gear: a portable police radio hooked up to the cigarette lighter, some blue and reds, as well as some of my own gear in a bag in the back seat.

When I got her in the car, she noticed the scanner sitting next to me. "Sean Michael, you're not planning on working tonight, are you?" she said, giving me a look close to something my grandmother would give me. "I just thought you'd like to hear what's going on in the city while we drive," I replied, not letting on to what I had planned later that night.

Steff looked lovely, and that is a general understatement. Her hair was done up in a bun, showing plenty of neck -- which is a turn on for me. The black dress she wore barely concealed her perky 38D breasts, which in a few hours I planned to have dangling from her and in my strong hands. She wore high heels, making her appear taller than her 5'9" frame. I had to make a decision -- either keep my eyes on her or keep my eyes on the road. I chose the latter.

We arrived at the dance, and we danced for what seemed like an eternity. There was no police talk that night, although we couldn't help but cheer when the Officer in Charge for that shift arrived at the hall to tell us they had 10-15-J1'd the murderer who had been running rampant throughout the city for the past three days. I didn't let Steff out of my sight -- or her father's -- throughout the entire ordeal. One of us would drive her to work and the other would pick her up. We weren't taking any chances with this guy loose. And in case you were wondering, 10-15-J1 is police jargon in my city for "suspect in custody."

The ladies all looked gorgeous, but none held a candle to my Steff. She glided on air through each dance, and is light on her feet. As we were slow dancing, she ran her fingers and down the back of my neck, which sends shivers throughout my body. Our bodies were close, and my hands were resting on the small of her back. She leaned in and whispered, "baby lets get out of here. I'm wet and I want you."

Who was I to argue when she was ready to have sex with me? And, how could I argue that normally when she's horny, she doesn't care where we have sex?

We left the hall and hopped into the Crown Vic. We sped away silently, with Steff curled up in her seat and sitting very close to me. She was rubbing my crotch and my cock started to get hard. Now I'm not one for being distracted while driving -- there have been several occasions where I've driven in my cruiser on duty to find an erratic driver, only to discover upon further investigation that the driver's girlfriend was giving him head -- so I'm glad my girlfriend didn't take it upon herself to fish through my pants.

I pulled into a dark park in a remote section of the city, one which vagrants tend to keep away from. I was specific in choosing that park, because I knew no one would disturb us, and there are no houses for miles, enabling me to turn on the blue and reds while I was having sex with Steff. As soon as I put the car in park, Steff was on top of me, kissing me and rubbing her hands up and down my shirt-covered chest. My hands were rubbing up and down the back of her dress. I found the zipper and proceeded to unzip it.

She pulled away from me, breaking our kiss. My cock was now hard in my pants, but I didn't want to free it just yet. She methodically shed the garment, slipping out of the left shoulder first before letting her right shoulder become visible. She let go of the dress and it clung to her waist, letting her large tits tumble out of the material. And there was definitely no sagging on these -- she could pass the pencil test fairly easily.

Steff attacked me yet again, pressing her lips to mine and letting her tongue slide into my mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt before unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants as well as unbuttoning them. She yanked them down as I lifted my ass from the seat, pulling my underwear down with them. My 7 inch cock sprang free, sticking straight up toward the roof of the Crown Vic. She grabbed it in one hand and began to lightly stroke it, letting her hand expand as my girth continued to grow. Soon she was licking her lips and then my cock, catching the precum that was seeping from the head of my cock. I gave a light groan as her tongue passed over my head.

Her tongue didn't stop, covering the entire head with saliva before working it down the underside of my cock, down to the base. She shifted slightly, keeping a firm grasp on my shaft while she began to tongue my balls. She gave my sack a thorough washing, taking one ball into her mouth and sucking softly. She then repeated the motions with the other ball, and she could have done the same to my asshole if she wanted to.

Steff then proceed to lick back up my cock, twirling her tongue around my head once more, before she slid the length of my cock deep into her mouth, ever looking into my eyes as she was sucking me.

"You like that, don't you baby?" she said, taking her mouth off my cock for a second. Not awaiting the groan and moan that I would respond with, she returned to sucking me, and I could feel the head of my cock go past her gag reflex. It amazes me how girls can do that. My cock was deep in her throat and her free hand was rubbing my balls. She lowered her gaze toward my bald crotch, raising her left hand to my chest. I took the opportunity to reach into the driver's side visor and grab a pair of my handcuffs. I snapped them on her left hand, and the feel of cold metal on her warm wrist startled her. She released my cock from her mouth to smile at me.

"You are so kinky, my Sean. What do you plan to do?" If she only knew.

I secured her wrists, flipped a switch that would put the blue and reds on the roof of the cruiser, opened my door and led her outside into the cool night air. Even in the darkness I could see her nipples hardening from the chilly breeze as well as her horniness. I began to read her her "sexual rights."

"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, it better only be to scream out my name or to moan. You have the right to consult an attorney. And the attorneys I know would consult you to take all of my cock deep and hard. You have the right to one phone call, and that phone call will be used when you get home to call me and tell me how great I fucked you tonight. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"

"Yes, officer."

Damn, I love my job.

Flipping another switch, the lights turned on and she giggled with joy. "Oh baby, my pussy is getting so wet from this. What else are you going to do to me?" she said coyly. I opened the back door of the cruiser and had her reach in and pull out the bag I had stashed there. I took the bag from her, unzipped it and pulled out another set of cuffs. I snapped one of the cuffs to the middle of the set on Steff's wrists and I told her to get into the cruiser on all fours, and to secure the other cuff to the door handle. I reached back into the bag and pulled out a flashlight. I turned it on and peeked into the car to make sure she was doing as she was told. I knew she wouldn't fail me, and when I heard the click of the cuffs around the door handle, I knew she was game for anything I wanted tonight.

I began to "strip search" her; as she already had the top of her dress down around her waist, I knew she had no hidden weapons near her tits. But for good measure, I felt her tits and rubbed her nipples. She started to whimper a little.

"Let the record show that the witness has given up her right to remain silent, and that the only weapons near her tits are bullet shaped. Now, where is the gun?" I hissed into her ear, and she moaned a little louder and a little clearer. I pulled the bottom of her dress up to her waist, clearly seeing her panties -- a pair of sexy red G-strings. She is always wearing G-strings before we have sex. Funny how when she gets out of the shower and is walking around my house, she is in string bikinis.

I slid the panties down her legs, revealing her shaved pussy. I started to pat it, and she continued to moan. I told her I was patting it to make sure there were no weapons coming loose. Then I slid a finger into her moist pussy, feeling around yet again to make sure there were no weapons. I found none.

"My, my, my, you must have gotten rid of the gun near the scene of the crime. I have to alert headquarters about this," I said, and Steff started to giggle. I reach into the front seat and grabbed the scanner. I pretended I was communicating to downtown using my call sign and the department's transceiver code, but of course, I got no response. I left it turned on so she could hear the transmissions.

"Well, I can't get in touch with dispatch, I'm just going to have to put it in my report," I added. I began to finger her pussy again, and she began to shake a little. I bent down onto my knees and I put my face close to her pussy, feeling the heat emanating from the opening. She was very wet, and I turned my flashlight toward it. Taking two fingers, I spread open her pussy lips and shined my flashlight into her. Nothing but darkness.

"Miss, I'm definitely going to have to cite you for the pussy. It is very deep, past the legal limit of deepness allowed in this state. Does your boyfriend fuck you hard and deep?"

"Yes, officer. His cock looks as big as yours," Steff replied, feigned fear coming from her voice.

"Oh really? Well, I think I'm going to have to test it out too," I said. Sliding my rock hard cock deep into her pussy, she began to moan as our groins made contact. I grabbed onto her hips, feeling the material of her dress bunched up around her waist. She was meeting my thrusts, and I was pistoning deep into her wet, juicy pussy. After fucking her nice and hard, I pulled out of her and knelt again. I was careful not to let my cock get dirty, as it was wet from her juices.

I put my face near her pussy again and I began to lick her, softly spreading her lips again and sliding my tongue down from her asshole to her clit. She was definitely wet with excitement and she wouldn't stop shaking her ass. Holding her still, I made my tongue stiff and I plunged into deep into her pussy. Her incessant moaning continued to a wail. I began to wiggle it around as I ate her out, and for good measure I made sure my chin brushed up against her clit to make sure she was stimulated. As she was handcuffed, she couldn't rub it.

After licking her pussy for a few minutes, she had her first orgasm of the night. She flooded my face with her cum. I licked my lips clean, but there was still some cum trails on my cheeks and my nose. She was exhausted already, crumpled on the back seat of the Crown Vic. She had no idea how exhausted she would be when the night was over.

I, of course, was still going full steam ahead. I had not cum yet, although I was letting some precum seep from my cock. That was okay though, for the next phase of my plan used my cock -- and my nightstick.

Taking the nightstick from my bag, I was starting to smirk. I had thought about fucking her with just the nightstick, but then the thought occurred to me that I could do more than just fuck her with it.

I rubbed the nightstick up against her pussy and she started to moan again. I bent down near her ear and I said, "Mmmm baby, I hope you know this isn't my cock rubbing against your pretty pussy. It's my nightstick, the same one I catch you rubbing your pussy with when I get out of the shower." She seemed startled to know I had caught her. "Yeah, you didn't think I knew huh? Well, I guess you're too into it with my nightstick to notice when the water stops. But I don't mind, I want you to enjoy yourself, get that pussy ready for me, because every time I catch you playing with it from now on, I'm going to barge in and fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

She started moaning, and as I finished my dirty talk, I slammed the nightstick deep into her twat. I could feel her tensing up as I hit her cervix. But she was saying, "give me more of it baby" as I slid it in and out of her pussy, then doing it faster and faster. She was bucking on the nightstick, shaking her ass with every thrust. After a few more quick thrusts, her pussy grabbed a hold of the nightstick and nearly ripped it from my grasp. But my hand stayed firm, and I quickened my pace on the tool, helping her reach yet another orgasm. Her juices ran down the length of the nightstick, and after I removed it from the sticky crevice, I offered it to her so she could feast on her secretions.

I was still not done. My balls were loaded and laden with cum and I needed to release its contents. I knew it wouldn't take very long for me to cum, for I was nearly erupting as I was performing the lewd acts on her vaginal area.

Again kneeling outside of the former patrol car, I began to lick her pussy, weaving my tongue along her cum-filled lips and walls. I started to nibble on her clit and she shrieked as the tremors of pleasure rocked her. I began to taste her inner pelvis. Then, without warning, I dragged my tongue up to her puckered asshole. I began to rim her, twirling my tongue around the opening. As I was doing this, I ran my fingers up and down her wet pussy, rubbing her clit, helping her reach another orgasm. Instead of licking my fingers clean, I brought them up to her asshole and rubbed the creamy, sticky liquid onto it. I began to insert a finger gently and when I was wiggled into her tight ass up to my knuckle, I started to fuck her slowly. She was writhing in the back seat of the Crown Vic, her moaning and repeated "oh my Gods" breaking the silence of the park. I worked in a second and then a third finger, and by then, Steff was ready to snap the cuffs off.

I grabbed the nightstick away from her -- apparently between moans, she got a good portion of it cleaned off. I positioned the stick between my legs, with the handlegrips placed behind my hamstrings. I took some KY jelly from out of my bag -- no, that is NOT city issued -- and ran a good portion on my cock. I dropped a dollop on Steff's asshole and worked it in. She was tight and her ass would clench my cock to the point where I would cum if she squeezed just right. We had anal sex many times over the course of our relationship, but never in a "DP" situation.

I aimed my hard cock for the opening while aligning the nightstick with her pussy. The nightstick touched first and I could feel another shockwave travel through her. My cock grazed her asshole and I began to slowly work my cock into her tight ass. How she remained so tight in both her pussy and ass is beyond me.

After letting her ass and pussy get used to the two objects, I started to fuck her slowly. Her lower body moved in tune with the nightstick and my cock, both were sawing back and forth, like I was cutting her into pieces. I originally held onto her hips, letting her body collide with mine as we fucked. But my hands started to move up her body, grabbing a hold of her sides as her ass started to grip my cock a little harder. A few minutes later though, my hands grabbed her tits and I forcefully started to pull on them. I roughly handled the meaty tits, pinching her nipples. She kept moaning, telling me to fuck her harder and deeper with my cock and the nightstick. My left hand tore free of her tit -- I'm sure I left a mark on her -- and started to pull on her hair. The bun came loose. I released my hold on her tit and her hair and returned them to her hips, but I increased the speed of my fucking. I rammed her hard, my balls getting wet as they slammed on her pussy.

And all of a sudden, I came, without warning to her -- I obviously felt it rising through my cock. I pulled my slick cock from her tight ass and began to spurt cum all over her ass. After all of my sperm was out, I started rubbing the liquid into Steff's skin before spanking her with the nightstick. She came at least one more time before I decided to unlock her cuffs.

When she was free of her bonds, she turned around onto her back side and wrapped her arms around my neck. Forcefully pulling me down on top of her, I could see she was sweating. It dawned on me that I was sweating too, yet I couldn't feel it when I was fucking her. She pressed her lips to mine, letting her tongue find mine, tasting herself from when I licked her.

She pulled my mouth away from hers and said, "so officer, what am I being charged with?"

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