tagSci-Fi & FantasyCopy Pt. 01-02

Copy Pt. 01-02


Part 1

I want you to know up front that I'm telling you this first story so that I can tell you a better one later. My husband had warned me that this next session was going to be a special one. Normally when he says something like this I just assume that it's going to be a new adventure only slightly out of the ordinary, but this time there was something more wicked in his voice.

I sat myself down in my closet of all places. I enjoy my sessions more when I'm closed up in the closet; it affords me a little more sensory deprivation. You see; the best thing that has ever happened to the sex life of my husband and I is the life like automated sex "robot" I bought him for Christmas a few years back. Basically it can almost fully emulate me, and it's actually a splitting image of me (well I added some upgrades and made her a little sluttier then me, bigger boobs etc.) Most women would wonder first off why I would give my husband a fuck toy that most women would be jealous of, and second, why make her more fuckable than myself? The answer to both of these questions is because she's programmed to record everything that is done to her (when she's in record mode) but most importantly I can play it back in virtual reality for my enjoyment at a whim. Now you understand why I like my sensory deprivation during sessions.

What basically happens is that my husband will bring the bot out of my closet, set her up in a scenario or give her instructions to follow then he will hit record and fuck her brains out so that later I can experience it for myself. One of the best features is that I can play back scenarios that I like as many times as I want. I've even caught my husband playing a session or two back for himself so he can experience the woman's perspective, though he swears it's for "quality control of his art". The bot has a plug in her ear that goes to a helmet, not unlike a full coverage motorcycle helmet. The helmet transmits signals directly into the brain so that the user feels, smells, tastes, hears and sees what they would have experienced if they had been in the bot's position. The helmet is unable to override your normal senses though so it's important to use it in a silent dark place where you can sit or lie still. This way your "real" senses don't mix with the injected senses, causing "ghosting", and confuse you.

Just for a little more clarification, I bought my husband this life like fuck toy because we were always dreaming and scheming about what we could do to each other in real life but it never seemed to happen. Either I would not be in the mood at the time when he was feeling a little bit adventurous or (I'm guessing) he would just be too nervous to approach me to do something interesting. Other times we would find that "life" would get in the way, but there were always burning desires my husband had, that he wanted to try that we just never seemed to get around to. When I heard about these amazing toys, I bought one almost right away, I relished the idea of being able to experience sex whenever I wanted, over and over again, I loved the idea that the bot could be my surrogate and that she could be programmed to do anything or act in any way. This way I could be in the passenger seat for things *I* had always wanted to try, like absolute submission! Another benefit that we found out later is that my husband could plan out elaborate situations without the worry of real life getting in the way, this way I would have to see a scenario all the way through as he saw fit, without my intervention, a lot like a roller coaster, you choose to get on the ride, but once you are strapped in...

So here I am back to the beginning of the story, sitting in my closet putting on the helmet and turning it on. As the helmet slowly takes control my senses I start to see the familiar interface fade into "existence". I seem to be seated in a nice cozy soft leather loveseat with a laser pointer in my right hand and a big screen TV on the wall in front of me. Of course I'm really sitting in my closet, pointing my empty hand at nothing, but the helmet does an amazing job of convincing my mind that I'm actually sitting in a room preparing to interact with the system. I use the laser pointer to access the system, log in as myself with my password, and my menu of favorites pops up first as usual. As I look at the familiar screen I see animated thumbnails I've created of different scenarios that I like to experience over and over again.

Most of the time when my husband uses the doll he keeps it pretty vanilla and I tend to delete them after I've done them once, but there are some very special scenarios that I will never delete. One, for example, my husband tied me (the bot) up to the bed spread eagle and I don't know why I keep it; even though it was not too involved, it just seemed to be one of the best fucks ever. Another scenario he told the bot that it was to act like a very expensive sexual escort and actually took me (the bot) all over town dancing and dinning just to have her finishing off the evening in an expansive hotel with her doing a strip tease for him then riding him, on the balls of her feet, very very slowly until he came about 25 minutes later. My husband had added many nice touches to this evening out, like a remote controlled vibrator, and he had obviously instructed the bot to cum every 4 minutes while riding him. It's impossible to go through 6 virtual orgasms in a row, with all of the senses of actually being there pouring into your mind without you cumming in real life. I always make sure to sit on a towel when I'm going to do that session.

Today though I was already sitting on a towel even though I had no intent on playing that "night out" session. My husband had warned me that the newest session was going to be a wet one. I used the laser pointer to navigate the system back to the main menu, and then I filtered all sessions by "un-reviewed" and found the newest session. Normally my husband will go in and create a thumbnail view for me but this time he had just left it at the default file name and blank black thumbnail. This was going to be a total surprise. Now I know that with sessions like this I like to chicken out so we had bought an optional attachment that I was going to use right now. Simply put, it is a pair of magnetic handcuffs with a waist belt. When the bot and helmet are set to use the magnetic cuffs the scenario will not start until your wrists touch the belt and become stuck, then at the end they will release. This is not to say that you can't just throw your head around a bit and chuck the helmet off of your head to end the session, but that is extremely disorienting and can lead to 10-15 minutes of sensory confusion, plus a possible migraine. Lets just say that after you've done that once, there is not much that would prompt you to volunteer to do it again.

Click, Click. The cuffs snapped to my waist at my sides, as soon as this happened the love seat slowly faded away and the scenario started to come into focus.

I (the bot) was standing at attention, staring at the full length mirror in our bedroom. I just stared straight ahead, unmoving, unblinking. I began to wonder if he had instructed the bot act like a lifeless fuck doll or like a well behaved sex slave, he had done that before. Soon enough I heard the command of his voice and the body of the bot responded without hesitation. "Slave lay on the bed spread eagle." Once I was in position I could feel my husband attaching soft fuzzy wrist and ankle cuffs one at a time and securing them to the bed. Once he was done he loosened the ropes to my wrists slightly so that I could pull them down some. He mounted my body, straddling my chest, sitting on my breasts. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my head up and stuck his limp dick in my mouth, forcing me to suck on him. Soon enough he got hard and began fucking my mouth. No foreplay today I though, what's so special about this? When he was done enjoying this he dismounted and came to lie on top of me, he kissed my neck and my ears, moving down ever so slightly. As he rounded second base I began to feel myself getting wet in real life and the bot was responding exactly the way I would have by writhing her hips and moaning (and getting wet). As he got close to 3rd base he passed right by and went down the inside of my legs, kissing and nibbling. Now I was going crazy with lust, the bot shut her eyes tight and bit her lip. Just as he was coming back up my legs toward my sex he stopped, got off the bed and left the room. The bot closed her eyes and continued to writhe her hips in frustration. ("exactly what I would have done", I thought to myself.)

The bot still had her eyes shut, but I heard my husband came back into the room and he jumped right back to where he had been and went straight for my clit. If it had not been for the cool down time I would have cum on the spot. At this point I could not even tell if the moans I was hearing where my own or the bots, since we both have the same voice. That's when I heard it, a third voice moaning and it was not me in real life or the bot and it was coming from between my legs.

I (the bot) looked down to see a smoking hot woman eating me out. My (the bots) first response was to freak out (well a little bit). (On a side note, my husband always programs the bot with the emotion I should feel at certain points if it's beyond the bot's normal scope of automated feelings, this way when I play it back it is really really hard to tell the playback from reality since it is so emotionally accurate.) I had never had a woman there before and I didn't know who this woman was. I struggled slightly and looked around the room. As I looked up at my husband standing beside the bed he reached out and started tightening my wrist ropes, pulling me more and more taunt. There came a point where I was so tightly spread that I thought I would have a hard time breathing (even though in real life I could breathe fine, the virtual reality can seem SO real!)

In real life my hands struggled, pulling against the cuffs securely attached at my waist. In virtual reality my clit was singing and the unknown woman started to finger fuck me. If it had not been for all the distractions I probably would have been screaming and cumming. This woman was good, she really knew what she was doing down there. As she ate me out my husband straddled me above my breasts again and made me suck him off. I just wanted to bite him, but of course this was just a recording of what had already happened so I could not. How dare he bring another woman into MY bed!

"Babe, I figured I would finally give you your chance to be fucked by a woman. I hired this nice young escort to help you out. Don't worry I wont be touching her and she wont touch me, she's just here for your enjoyment, but don't think I'm not going to get my jollies off in you while she's at it." As my husband fucked my mouth and deep throated me I felt the stranger get off the bed and I could hear her messing with something. As she got back on the bed my husband dismounted and I could see her kneeling at the foot of the bed, looking into my eyes, spreading some lube on her strap-on. I knew I was in for it now. My husband brought over a huge pillow to push up under my ass, with difficulty since I was pulled so tight, and I felt myself getting wetter (in AND out of virtual reality) as she bent over me and started to kiss me ever so softly. She sucked on my lips and nibbled them sweetly. I could feel myself lusting for her lips on mine.

After a little bit of this teasing she pressed the head of her strap-on up against my entrance. The bot did exactly what I would have done and I felt myself trying to push my hips up into her fucking the tip of the cock with all of the slack I could get from my bondage. I could get about half an inch in and that just was not enough, I wanted her in me so bad. Even though I didn't think that I really wanted to be fucked by a woman, my body in real life was responding as if I did want it. In real life I was breathing harder, getting wetter and wetter, and I could feel my chest blushing. In my mind I was crying out for her to fuck me, but I knew she could not hear me even if I spoke, after all this was a recording. The bot spoke up, knowing how I would have reacted (we programmed it very very well when we first got it, and my husband normally put a lot of effort into instructing her on how to respond during the session for stuff that would not be obvious to a bot). "Please, I need you to fuck me, please, please." I (the bot) cried out. "Please!"

As I begged for her to fuck me she moved her hips a little closet to mine, still not fucking me, but now I could get about two inches of the cock into me and I could move about one inch up and down it's shaft. As I fucked her from below she moved some so that she could suck on my nipples. Soon she could feel me getting close to cumming so she laid back on me fully and kissed me deeply. She plunged her tongue into my mouth and her cock into my sex in one deep thrust. My body responded in kind and she started pounding me hard. When the first crest of the bot's orgasm came she flicked a switch on her waist and a bullet vibrator nestled between her pubic bone and my clit came to life, singing a song of animal lust directly into my sex. As usual the experience was so real to me that I came wildly in real life in synchronization with the bot.

After my climax she pulled out and stood up to take off the harness. I though the scenario would end and my hands in real life would be released, but instead this woman came back over to the bed and knelt between my arms where my pillow would have been with her knees around my ears. I really though, when she started climbing on the bed, that she was going to make me eat her out, but I realized why she sat above my head instead of on my face when I felt my husband mount me. He clearly wanted his piece of the action too. As he fucked me I could see him looking up at her body, and the bots eyes did the same. This woman on top of me was going to be the main show for both of us. As he pounded himself to orgasm I found myself looking at her body upside down and realizing just how attractive she really was. With every stroke of his cock her supple breasts would bounce slightly in rhythm. When my husband was done he left the room to go to the bathroom and this woman sat on my face and 69ed me. As I sucked on her clit as best I could I heard her eating the cum out of me as she brought me down slowly and softly from my last orgasm of the session which soon faded back to the loveseat menu.

My wrist cuffs released from my belt and I sat in the closet, in total darkness, catching my breath for at least 10 minutes. Even though I had not touched myself during the entire session the orgasms had been so intense and so real in that virtual world that I had orgasmed in real life as well, more than once. So there I sat, for 10 minutes, softly, slowly stroking my clit, unable to be mad at my husband for bringing another woman into our bed, even tough I did try as hard as I could to be angry.


Part 2

I told you that story to tell you this one. I wanted you to get a full understanding of the dynamics of the system. I wanted you to see its limitations and it's very real effect on the mind and body. I hope I got my point across because what happened next is even harder to explain and even more delighting and sexy, though at the same time disturbing and weird.

I was playing back a "vanilla" recording one day when an odd thought struck me. During the recording my husband had instructed me (the bot) to kneel on all fours, doggy style, and stare myself in the eyes in the sliding mirrors that make up the closet doors. Sitting in the closet had always been the best place to replay my sessions due to the sensory deprivation, but as I continued to get fucked from behind, I could feel my real life body in a sitting position leaning up against the closet wall. I started to wonder what it would feel like to be in the same location and position as the doll, and maybe, just maybe I would get up the nerve to open my eyes with the helmet's visor up so I could see my real eyes staring back at me. Now remember I told you in the first story that if you are experiencing a playback and you are also seeing with your real eyes that it causes ghosting. Ghosting can be very violently disorienting, but I figured I could hold my nausea down enough to get into the exact position of the doll, line my eyes and my sight up with the playback and I assumed the nausea could be avoided.

The thought of seeing my real self in the mirror, with the helmet on, while at the same time seeing a ghost of my doll self getting fucked from behind in the same point in the mirror would be a trip! I just had to try it, worse case I would get a bad headache and I would be unbalanced and nauseous for an hour or so, I figured it was worth the risk. The way I imagined it in my head it would be like being fucked by an apparition. The thought was just so kinky I had to try it right away.

In my excitement, without even stopping the playback properly, I hit the emergency stop button on the helmet and my vision and feelings of getting fucked from behind stopped abruptly, leaving me momentarily queasy. After a few seconds, to orient myself, I got out of the closet, turned the lights in the room on so they where the same as it had been in the playback and I got in position. The cord from the helmet to the doll just happened to reach so I didn't have to move her (which is not hard, you just turn her on and ask her to move). I got into position as best I could remember, pulled the visor on the helmet down, accessed the menu in the virtual world of the helmet. I felt that my body was having a difficult time staying in position because my brain thought that I was sitting in a chair even though in real life I was on all fours. I managed however to get the playback started and once my husband was settled in fucking my (the dolls) brains out I closed my eyes hard and opened the visor on the helmet (which gave a single warning beep).

As I slowly opened my eyes I found that I had changed position more than I had thought, but with my real body and virtual playback bodies in virtually the same position I had no problem adjusting myself. I opened my eyes again slowly and I was met with a good deal of vertigo. I quickly adjusted my position, trying to line myself up to the exact position and posture that the doll had been in, once I thought I had it I tilted my head back further to match the doll and opened my eyes fully. For those of you that have ever looked at one of those computer generated dot paintings where, when you cross your eyes just right you see a 3D shape, you will know exactly how I felt. You know how the first time you did one of those 3D shapes and you saw it, then suddenly lost it, but you soon learned how to keep it in focus. That was exactly what this was like. As soon as I would get focus my brain would see something wrong and try to adjust. After a couple moments I was able to get myself more relaxed and my eyes stopped going in and out of focus trying to solve for the discrepancies. I had not really been paying much attention to the playback as much as my position so this is when it hit me, the feeling of getting fucked hard came back into mental focus and it felt amazing. It was exactly like I had imagined. It was like getting fucked by a poltergeist. I could feel it and see it, but my body also knew it was not there. The only thing I had not taken into account was that every time he slammed deep into her, her body would shift forward slightly, making it a lot more difficult to relax my eyes. I didn't know how much longer I could go on like this. I could feel nausea and a slight headache starting to set in. Time had passed faster than I had realized though and we were entering a part of the playback that was further than I had watched earlier when I stopped it abruptly.

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