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Copying Victoria


Victoria cursed under her breath as the Xerox machine whirred to a brutal halt and the obnoxious Error: Paper Jam light blinked. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, looking at the giant pile of copy orders. Being a secretary wasn't as much fun as she thought it'd be. Even if the office was full of good looking men in suits.

When she opened the front door to the copier, Victoria could see clearly the jam was hopeless. She tugged at a few of the crumpled papers anyway and only tore out tiny pieces. She was no good at this stuff. By the time she gave up, toner powder stained her fingers. Wiping them off on her gray stencil skirt, she clucked her tongue in disappointment as black smudges smeared across her rounded hips.

Picking up the pile of papers, she shuffled out of the cramped copy room and headed for the elevators to go up a floor to use their more reliable copier. Hopefully nobody would notice it was Victoria who jammed the copier.

She let her eyes wander into her boss's office and slowed her pace as she walked by. Jameson Williams was such a beautiful man, in all ways. He'd built his business development company up from the bottom of a collapsing economy, filling the niche to fix what was failing, and he was now one of the most renowned business men around. He had a tongue like velvet and a personality as charming as a young colt.

He was reclined in his office chair, chatting away in to his phone, as always. The flash of silver snapped her attention from his ruggedly handsome features, lighting upon the wedding band that sat on his left hand. Victoria had never heard Jameson mention his wife, but the band was enough to make him off limits, which made him even more gorgeous. Why was she always attracted to unavailable men? That had been the story of her life.

She felt the familiar dampness between her legs when their eyes met and froze in a semi trance. She noted the bead of sweat appearing on his upper lip, entertaining the light dusting of an unshaven mustache and beard across a hardened jaw, his fingers whisk through his salt and pepper hair. At his prime, it would have been raven black. Now it held an aire of aged experience. A simple curl of his fingers ushering Victoria in to his office had her on her toes in an instant and she slipped through the door, clicking it shut behind her.

"Uh huh... sure Mr. Mason. I'll send one of my representatives tomorrow. Bye now." A smile curled sultry lips as Jameson slid the receiver back into its cradle. His ebony eyes swept over his secretary. She was one of the most capable people HR had sent him, but she dressed like a school girl. He liked it, but wished she'd sex it up a bit. She had the body for it and he didn't understand why she hid her curves in unflattering office wear and pant suits. There was nothing at all attractive in a pant suit. Sure, she was a woman in the business world, but she'd proven she could hold her own. He grinned as he remembered the pictures he had in a manila envelope in his desk.

"Victoria, care for some coffee?" he asked as he stood and crossed his office to the little coffee table and filled a large mug to the brim from the pot Victoria kept diligently full. When she didn't immediately answer he glanced at her with his award winning smile. Victoria shook her head and dropped her gaze, hugging the pile of documents she carried to her chest. She'd been staring at his backside. He smirked. That was alright.

"Do you know why I called you in here?" Jameson asked as he leaned back against the edge of his desk. Again Victoria shook her head. Golden curls fell from the tight bun she kept at the back of her head. Another smirk appeared on Jameson's lips. He liked long-haired women. "I have something of yours." He reached across the desk and opened the top drawer, removing the envelope. Victoria looked curious and confused.

"Mine, Sir?"

Sir. He liked that.

"Oh yes. I think you left them in my private copy room." Jameson carefully opened the envelope and pulled out four copies.

Victoria's eyes widened. No. No. Nono. NO!! There was no way, no possible way. She'd cleared the copy cache. It was a joke! She was playing around! Janette, another secretary, dared her to do it! She fumbled and dropped the stack of documents as her face reddened. She wanted to run away, but Jameson's gaze held her still. He grinned like the Cheshire cat as he turned the photos over to show her the photocopied details of her rounded bare ass and pussy, pressed shamelessly against the copier glass. She remembered the pleasurable flash of heat that curled against her nethers as the copier did its job. She bit her bottom lip. She was fired. She knew it.

Victoria was speechless.

"I must say, I've often wondered what was under those drab office clothes of yours... Now I know." Jameson laughed at the dumbstruck look on the woman's face across the room from him. "You cleared the cache at the copier. But not the cache on my personal computer. It's networked. I admire your determination to do your job.

Sneaking in to my office... I've been meaning to replace the copier in the staff room. It's a pain in the ass." He laid the photo copies on his desk and looked straight in to Victoria's eyes. She was scared spitless.

"Am I fired, Sir?" she licked her lips to wet them, her breath coming in short bursts. How would she explain this on another job application? I was fired due to a sexual harassment case where I photocopied my bare ass on my boss's private copier. Victoria could see it now. She wouldn't be able to work as a secretary ever again. Or pursue any of her dreams beyond that.

Jameson watched the girl as her mind scrambled behind sea blue eyes. "Fired? No," he said in a low tone, "on one condition."

Victoria perked at the possibility that her professional dreams weren't dashed entirely. "Yes Sir?"

"You change your dress code."

Victoria blinked and looked down. Were her clothes really that bad? She smoothed down the wrinkles in the pencil skirt she wore, wincing at the black smudges she'd left there.

She left her boss's office in a daze. She looked down at the credit card in her hand. Jameson's name was emblazoned in gold. He'd given her the name of a store and a shop associate and told her she'd be in good hands. The whole idea of a man telling her how to dress to please him had turned her on in so many different ways she didn't know what to do with herself. Her nipples were hard, chafing against her bra. Her panties were soaked through with her own juices.

Forgetting the copy job she'd planned, Victoria picked up her purse from the storage box under her desk. Her knees were weak and it took her a moment to right herself. The walk to the elevator was torture as she had to pass Jameson's office again. Although she avoided looking, she could feel his eyes searing through her during her entire walk down the hall up until the elevator doors closed.


The next day Victoria had followed orders to the T. She wore a classy flirty skirt. No stockings. Jameson was very strict about that. The neckline of her blouse plunged far lower than any standards she'd ever set for herself, offering the barest glimpse of the bra beneath it. She wore matching panties beneath the skirt, and heels that made her feet hurt, but made her ass perky and her legs go on for miles. Her blonde hair was no longer in her trademark bun, but fell down her back in loose curls and waves. She felt like a supermodel. Victoria's Secret. She smirked at the idea.

The instant Victoria turned on her computer station, her phone buzzed to usher her in to Jameson's office. She quickly crossed the hallway and entered the office. Jameson was in the middle of a phone call and motioned for her to close the blinds. Victoria did so, her senses heightened as cool air flicked areas of flesh she had never bared before now. She noted the air conditioner was on as her nipples tightened beneath the most exquisite lingerie she'd ever worn. She reached in to the cup of the bra and pulled out Jameson's credit card, sliding it over the polished mahogany surface toward him.

One eyebrow arched as he appraised her. She froze, feeling two sets of eyes on her. A glance over her shoulder confirmed her hunch. There was another man present. And in the position she was in, he was getting a full view of her rounded ass. Feeling foxy, she gave him a saucy wiggle as she stood. What was the matter with her? Who was she? She was not this woman. Designer clothes and first class department store treatment can't change that much overnight. Could it? Her attention snapped back to Jameson when she heard him hang up.

"Well, well..." he mused as he took a look at her. Victoria felt terribly vulnerable as Jameson's eyes raked over her from head to toe. He took his time noting every little detail, right down to the peep hole in her stilettos where the slightest hint of red toenails peeked through. He motioned her to turn. Victoria did so, feeling like a doll on display.

Her eyes flicked toward the second occupant of the room. This man had sandy blonde hair, was clean-shaven and stunningly handsome. He was younger than Jameson. The youthful stallion-like glint in his eyes gave that away. What was it about the corporate world that produced gorgeous men in suits? Victoria felt the familiar wetness between her legs.

"Very nice..." Victoria jumped at Jameson's voice whispering in her ear. She hadn't even heard him move. His hands set on her hips naturally. "I'm sure Theresa treated you well?" Victoria nodded, still focused on the weight of his hands on her waist. His long fingers curled possessively over her hips and pulled her back against him. She could feel the hard coil of his cock beneath his trousers. "What do you think, Seth?"

The other man in the room rose and nodded his approval. "She's better lookin' than the photo copies, that's for sure." He lulled in a voice of Irish honey and smoothed his hair back. It made Victoria's knees quiver. He'd seen the copies. He knew! Her eyes tapered down to Jameson's hands on her. She couldn't get over the heavy, dominant, sure power she felt and she had to see if she was indeed standing. A silver glint brought her up short and she froze. Jameson's ring. He was married!

Instantly she shot in to action and shoved his hands away, stumbling back from him. Her heel caught on the edge of the accent rug and she braced to hit the floor but was caught by a large pair of arms. "Whoah there lassie! Where are you off to?" Seth's Irish accent rumbled through his shirt. Embarassed, face red hot, Victoria righted herself and pushed away, smoothing her skirt down. In her hurry, the buttons on the front of her blouse had slipped open, revealing the turquoise and black bra beneath.

"I'm sorry, Sirs. I must go. I have..." she drew up short. She had no excuse to leave. She hadn't checked Jameson's schedule. Her mind scrambled for something. Anything. "I have appointments for Mr. Williams to confirm."

"I don't have any today, Victoria."

She took a deep breath, staring at the floor, willing for it to swallow her up, but it was stubborn and wouldn't do it. "You're married, Sir," she whispered, just barely audible. She crossed her arms over her bared chest, her face flushing.

Laughter filled the room. Victoria looked up, astonished to see both men guffawing at her expense. She was mortified. Her face flushed even more. Fumbling with the buttons of her blouse a moment before giving up, she bolted for the door. Seth stepped in her way and gripped her shoulders to stop her. "Easy, lass," he coaxed, trying to steady his laughter. "Nobody's married in this room, unless ye are." A playful grin danced across sultry lips as he raised an eyebrow in mock question. Victoria shook her head and turned back to Jameson.

"This is just a decoy," Jameson said as he slipped it from his finger. "See?" He dropped it in to a drawer in his desk." Victoria still looked unconvinced and Jameson sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "It's a long story, Victoria. And I really don't want to lose this hard on by telling it all to you. The bottom line is, she's gone. Long gone. I keep the ring to remind me. Okay?"

Victoria bit her bottom lip. She wasn't sure if she was going to believe it, but she nodded anyway. She felt Seth's hand slide down over the curve of her ass and give her a squeeze. She gasped and tensed. Seth took a deep breath of her scent and he grinned. "The photo copy didn't lie about this, though. I've been dreamin' of this ass for days," he whispered, his lips tickling her ear, his hard on evident. "Can I, Jameson? Hmm?"

Jameson watched as his business partner felt the girl's every curve and pull her blouse open to cup her full breasts, weighing them in the satin and lace that held them captive. She was blessed at the top and the bottom that was for sure. Interestingly enough the woman stayed and let Seth feel her up. The gleam in her eyes, the hitched breath, and the satin swell of her painted lips proved her arousal. She didn't seem intent on running now. He reached in to his desk and pulled out the manila envelope, laying it on the surface.

"Victoria. By law I should file a sexual harassment case and fire you for your indiscretion with my photo copier. Seth would serve as my witness." His voice was all business and Victoria's eyes widened. Seth was still holding her breasts, stroking her flat belly as her blouse fell open. "But I won't. I've invested quite a lot of money in you, you see. Not as much as I'd expected, but a fair amount nonetheless." Victoria's facial expression turned sour and he quickly retracted. "I'm not wanting, nor expecting a prostitute. I'm simply wanting an... arrangement." His eyes met hers, gauging her reaction. He smiled. "I know you are turned on by me. By this. And I was hoping you are the one." He paused, letting that weigh in. He tapped the envelope. "This will disappear. As will the harassment case. And you will keep your job. If... " He approached her and pushed her hair back from her face, winding his fingers into the silken strands possessively. "You agree anything that happens in this office goes unsaid. Private. Understand?"

Victoria had no idea why she was still here, in the arms of two men, held captive between them. Jameson was right. She was turned on. Hopelessly turned on. By him. By all of it. As raunchy as it was, she didn't want it to stop. She nodded her consent. Seth's hands slid under her bra to cup bare flesh and tweak her nipples. She gasped, wetness dripping down her thighs.

Jameson reached up and loosened his tie, pulling it from around his neck. Victoria swallowed hard as the collar fell open to reveal his throat and the slightest peek of rigid muscle the white cotton shirt held beneath. She wanted to lean in and kiss the length of his neck until he purred in satisfaction, but Seth's hands held her, torturing her nipples, twisting them until they burned. She writhed in Seth's hands, trying to gain just a few inches. Jameson took her hands and wound the silk tie around her delicate wrists and drew them together in a firm knot. She blinked and looked down at the binding. With a grin Jameson pulled her out of Seth's arms and led her to his desk. He rounded the corner and stretched her over the surface, hooking the silken binding over the handle of the center drawer. The cold surface made her belly tighten and her nipples throbbed against the binding of her bra.

She heard both men unzip their pants and the ruffle of fabric as shirts were hastily taken off. Victoria obediently spread her legs as if on cue, balancing on her toes as the heels forced the muscles of her legs to tense and push her ass up into the air. Seth pushed her skirt up over her hips to bare her ass, only a thong decorating it, and he whistled low. "It's prettier than the pictures." And he gave her a sharp swat. Victoria jerked, gasping at the sharp heat that entered the sting. The warmth spread over the handprint and stretched into her cunt, making her even wetter. Seth awarded her with another swat to the other cheek. Victoria bit her bottom lip and fought the whimper that bubbled in her throat. "She likes it, eh?" Victoria just nodded, half hoping she'd feel another swat.

Instead she was shocked with the feel of cold leather between her legs, spreading her, stroking the side of her clit as it was pushed between her cunt lips, soaking in her juices. It took her a few moments to identify the object: a belt. She tugged against the silk binding at her wrists and moaned. "Such a naughty girl deserves discipline for such a dirty prank," Seth's silken Irish accent teased her ear. She turned her head and shivered.

Her eyes fell upon Jameson. His hand was wrapped around the turgid length of his cock, stroking up and down slowly, building a bead of pre-cum upon the tip. Victoria licked her lips, suddenly aching to wrap them around Jameson's cock to suck him dry. In a matter of minutes, with these gorgeous, strong, dominant men, she'd been reduced to a writhing, aching, needy sexual being. And she didn't think twice about it. She only wanted to please them.

Jameson sensed her need and he moved forward, pressing the tip of his cock against her lips, painting them with his pre-cum. "I will let Seth discipline you first," he drawled, his southern accent coming forth in his state of arousal. "I don't want you biting me." He wound his fingers in her hair and pulled her head up, craning her neck until her body shuddered from the effort and he kissed her deeply.

The first swat landed sharply across her ass, the belt biting in to her, a sharp band of pain igniting across the sensitive flesh. Victoria gasped and writhed, her shout being swallowed in to Jameson's forceful kiss. He continued to force her mouth to obey his, his tongue warring with hers. Another swat snapped across her ass and she squirmed beautifully. Red hot stripes appeared across her ass cheeks. Seth knew how to effectively mark a woman. It was almost an art for him.

A third swat. Jameson groaned as Victoria pushed into him, making her more aroused by the un-abating heat and pain that painted her ass in strokes. Seth was right. It was a beautiful ass. Far more beautiful than the photo copies he'd unexpectedly found in his copy cache a few days ago. The minx intrigued him.

The fourth swat came down with force. Jameson could tell by the sudden jolt in Victoria's body. Her eyes widened and he swallowed the cry. Her eyes brimmed with tears. She fought the bindings at her wrists. This was it. She either ran... or stayed. The panicked stiffness eased from her limbs as he coaxed her with his mouth, soothing the back of her head with his fingers. After a few moments she purred and melted, pushing her ass back as if asking for more. He grinned and gazed into her eyes. "You are the one." Victoria licked her lips, giving her ass a saucy wiggle.

Seth growled and let her have a fifth, final swat, right across the junction of her ass cheeks to her thighs. The crack was sharp, rebounding off the walls. Again Jameson took Victoria's mouth with his, swallowing her scream. Her body writhed with orgasm, bucking against the edge of his desk.

Before she came down, Jameson pulled her head back and craned her neck, shoving his hard cock against her lips. Obediently she opened her mouth and he slid deep. With a slight adjustment he pushed deeper. He groaned and his head rolled back. The minx could deep throat. She began to suck him and his body shuddered, moving his cock in and out. He felt her gag once, but didn't stop. It felt too damn good to fuck her sweet mouth. He'd fantasized this moment for months.

Seth dropped the belt to the ground and spread his palms over the curve of the girl's ass. Each stripe burned with progressive harshness and he grinned when she tried to pull away, the desk holding her hips captive. He squeezed the heated marks and she whimpered over Jameson's cock. "Keep sucking him, lass," he whispered to her, pushing his hardened cock against her ass. "I just want this." He ran his fingers over the belt marks and spread her ass cheeks, pulling her thong aside, allowing the hard length of his cock to slide between them. He dug his fingers into a tub of Vaseline as he pulled back. His jellied fingers replaced his cock as he teased the tight bud of her ass.

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