Chapter 1: The Booth.

Her name was Julie, and she worked the security shift before me. She was tall, thin, and absolutely gorgeous. She and I had flirted many times, but nothing ever came from it. I was pretty sure she was a lesbian, so I never made a move.

My favorite part of the week was when I relieved her on Friday nights. She often went out immediately afterwards, so she was always wearing her club clothes which usually consisted of a corset and leather mini skirt. To get into the booth, you have to duck under the counter which sometimes gave me a view up her skirt to her silken treasure.

Tonight she was wearing a coral satin bra and a see through black mesh shirt with a black satin mini skirt and black stockings. As I ducked under the booth she turned toward me to get out and had her legs open wide to reveal coral satin bikini panties. I got an erection almost immediately. I put my book bag in front of my pants to hide my bulge. She smiled at me and ducked under the booth slowly. Her miniskirt rose up and showed the ruffles on the back of the panties. On the other side she smoothed down the skirt, and simply said, "See you later. I took the 4am to 6am shift so I'm RELIEVING you." She emphasized the word relieving.

Luckily the booth is five feet high and there are cubicles underneath so nobody can see below your chest when sitting. The video camera in this booth was broken so even if it caught anything, it didn't matter. I made it through the busy hours of midnight to 3 with no problem, but once it became dead, my thoughts trailed back to her perfect ass encased in those coral panties. I couldn't help but stroking myself thinking about it. I resisted the urge to cum and put my straining cock back in my pants. It was going to be a long night. I got off at 4am, but agreed with James who normally worked after me to take his 6am to 8am shift not knowing Julie took the 4 to 6. I would have taken the whole thing, but I was glad to have a chance to go back to my room and relieve myself of the aching in my balls.

At 4am, Julie returned still dressed as before and in an odd mood. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through her bra. My cock became rock hard instantly so I grabbed my book bag and again put it over my crotch. She ducked under and came right up between my legs.

"What are you hiding James?" She said as she grabbed my book bag from my lap. My erection was bulging against the front of my sweatpants.

"Wow James, is that a cucumber in your pants or are you happy to see me?"

Turning beet red with embarrassment all I could mutter was, "I'm sorry." I tried to grab my book bag back and duck under the booth, but she blocked the doorway and held my bag off. "Why so embarrassed? Doesn't look like anything to be embarrassed about. Maybe I can help you with that." She dropped my bag and pushed me back on the chair as she lowered to her knees. Oh my god, was she really going to do this? Her hand began massaging me through my sweats.

"I have been thinking about you all night." She was tugging at my sweats so I lifted up and she yanked them all the way down to my ankles as my cock sprang free.

"I noticed when you got in the booth. Did you like my choice of panties?" She grabbed my balls with one hand and reached under her skirt with the other as she lowered her lips over my head. She fit just the crown in as she massaged my balls. I was already so excited from earlier I didn't know how long I could handle this. Just then I saw a student approaching.

"Stop! Someone is coming." She pulled off of me and slid back into the cubicle and yanked on my sweats to get me to move forward. In doing so, my sweats slid right off my feet leaving the entire bottom half of me naked. I quickly inched the seat forward so you couldn't tell. The student walked up and I asked for ID. As I did, she engulfed my cock causing me to twitch. He gave me his ID and called up to the room he was visiting. This meant he would be here for another few minutes. I filed his ID and tried to concentrate on the TV. Julie quietly licked my balls. I could hear her moaning softly so I turned the TV up to drown out the sound.

When the student finally went in, I leaned back so I could see her. "You almost got me in trouble."

"Wasn't it fun though?" She replied.

As I looked up I noticed the supervisor was over at the booth across the street. You aren't allowed to give up shifts without approving through the office and Julie was supposed to be working not me.

"Julie, the supervisor is coming and you are supposed to be sitting."

"Shit, get down here and give me your shirt."


"I can't get another violation and I don't have my uniform shirt with me. Give me your shirt." She squeezed my balls hard letting me know she was serious. I ducked off the chair and pulled my shirt off as she finished unbuttoning hers. She slid my shirt over her head and popped up just as the door opened. Now I was on my knees in the cubicle completely naked. My erection began to subside from the fear of getting caught until I looked up and Julie's legs were completely parted and I could see her now soaking wet coral panties. To get a little revenge, I touched her stocking just inside her knee and started moving it inward up her thigh. She gasped and clenched her legs together. I could hear the supervisor checking the call in sheets.

"Julie, why is James listed as the person who checked this student in only 5 minutes ago?"

"He was sitting here talking to me, so he let me run to the restroom quickly."

"He's relieving you again at 6 right?"

"I'm hoping he relieves me earlier than that. I need it." She quickly glanced down at me smiling.

"Yeah, it is hard to stay awake on these late shifts. We could all use some sleep. Just don't pass out before he comes."

"I'll try. He won't be coming for awhile, but I'll be ok." Again she glanced down but with a devilish grin this time.

"Since he let you go to the restroom, you don't need a break?" My heart started racing. If she said yes and Maureen came into the booth she would see me naked under the counter. She wouldn't do that to me.

"Actually, maybe I could use a break." My eyes widened and panic set in. "On second thought, I'll be ok."

"Alright, have a good night."

"I will. Later." Her legs swung open once again. My penis was completely flaccid from fear. She slid back and hiked her skirt up a little more. "I wouldn't mind being relieved now."

While a little upset with her, I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up. I dove straight for the prize and parted her legs further to nestle my face up against her satin covered crotch. She must have been extremely turned on as the whole crotch was wet with her juices. It smelled wonderful. I reached up her thighs to slide her panties down to her ankles which she kicked over my back locking my head in place. Without any need for further encouragement I began licking feverishly at her clit and diving my tongue into her snatch. She was so moist that my face was covered in juice. I didn't mind at all. As I continued on her clit, her hands grabbed my hair and shoved me into her. She was literally fucking my face with her pussy, gyrating and grinding her hips while holding firmly onto the back of my head. I had to forcibly pull back at one point just to breathe. She was panting heavily and as I looked up, she was circling her hard nipples with her fingers over the shirt. I reached one hand up under the shirt and started tweaking her nipples through the bra. The material was the same satin as the panties. I guessed they must have been a set. I have found that women with small breasts have extremely sensitive nipples. One girl I dated actually had an orgasm just from my tonguing her nipples. Julie must have been similar because she began convulsing, her hips thrusting forward as my tongue trilled her clit. Then something amazing happened. Her pussy actually ejaculated into my mouth. It was the weirdest thing. I have heard of women who can ejaculate, but never met one. She was writhing uncontrollably begging for me to stop as squirt after squirt of juice came gushing out of her. I opened my mouth and licked her up as she calmed down. My erection was bouncing from how turned on I was. I pulled back, my face covered in her juices. She kicked her panties off the end of her foot and onto my face. I used them to wipe my face off. The smell in them was so strong that I took a second to breathe it in.

"Wow you're a little pervert! You like my panties?" She gasped regaining her composure.

I pulled them off my face, "No, just love your taste."

"I don't care. That was amazing. Maybe tomorrow we can take care of you. It is already 6 though, and I am about to pass out. It is your shift again." She said this as she pulled my shirt off her head.

"What!" I replied furiously. "You can't leave me like this. What about me?"

"Now you know how we feel when you guys have your orgasm and then pass out. I tell you what. I'll make it up to you tonight after we both have had some sleep. Just promise me you won't masturbate before then. You have built up a lot of cum in those balls, and I don't want you to waste it." She stood up, grabbed her panties from the floor, pulled her skirt down and ducked under the booth before I could reply. I stood up from under the booth pulling on my shirt and looking for my sweat pants. She was standing on the outside of the booth with her panties and my sweats in her hands.

"Can I have my sweatpants back?"

"Not unless you promise."

"Promise what?" I replied half scared and half angry.

"Do you promise not to cum before tonight?"

"Absolutely. Anything. Just give me my sweats back."

"Anything?" Her devilish grin returned. She flung her panties at my face. "Prove it. I want you to wear my soaked panties for the rest of the day."

"You're crazy. No way." She turned and began walking out of the booth.

"Ok, then you will have to get back to your room without any pants." I knew I was in a bind.

"Alright, I'll do it. Just let me have my sweats back."

"Put them on then and then I'll give you back your sweats."


"Of course. I want to see you in them or how will I know you wore them all day."

I gave in and stepped one leg and then the other into them and pulled them up. The crotch was wet and sticky against my balls. The satin felt amazing against my cock. The head didn't quite fit and jutted out over the top of the panties. It jerked a few times uncontrollably and leaked some precum out that trailed down over the material.

"Apparently you are a bigger pervert than I thought. Your dick is betraying your protests. I think you like it."

"Can I have my sweatpants back now?"

"Turn around first. Let me see that little ass in those ruffles. I bet they look nice." I have a small but muscular frame and all my girlfriends loved my ass. I never understood women's infatuation with men's asses. A woman's ass you can grab, rub, lick, and if lucky enough – fuck. Regardless, I was red with embarrassment again, but turned around.

"Now can I have my pants?"

"You earned em." She tossed my sweatpants to me. "Don't take those panties off. Put the pants on over them." I did as she asked the bulge still obvious.

"You happy now?"

"Ecstatic. I am going to rock your world later. Remember, don't cum and don't take those off." She turned and walked away swaying her ass as she went. I sat through the longest 2 hour shift of my life. Every time I would start to go limp, I would move a little bit and the satin would caress my cock and balls and I was immediately rock hard again. I didn't know how I was going to make it back to my room without anyone noticing. The ruffles would probably be obvious even under my sweats and my erection would definitely be obvious. I couldn't hide both with my book bag. I just hoped that since it was now Saturday that nobody would be up and I wouldn't have to pass anyone on my way back to my room.

Luck was finally on my side and I made it back to my room without incident. Once inside I dropped my bag and noticed I had voicemail. One message on the recording, and it was Julie, "Hope you survived the night. Get some sleep if you can. Don't take off those panties. Meet me in the main cafeteria tonight at 8 and we'll see if I can't help you with your little problem. Maybe I'll wear something in black tonight. I'll be black and I'm sure you are already blue. See you then."

She was right, my balls were as blue as could be, but it would be worth it. Or would it?

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