tagBDSMCori's Weekend at Chad's Ch. 03

Cori's Weekend at Chad's Ch. 03


CHAPTER 3: Cori's Playground

Twenty minutes later, Chad had Cori on a reclining lawn chair like you would find at a pool or beach. He had taken off her gloves and untied her breasts and all she wore was the cat collar and ears. He had dried her off with a beach towel and placed another under her on the chair.

"The sun will feel good," he said. "I know you're sore. Let the sun make you feel better. I'm going to clean out the truck and prepare a couple of things. Don't worry, no one comes around here. It's just you and me all weekend. Hmm, but I do want to make sure you stay put and let that sun do its work."

He placed her arms on the arm rests and used leather belts to secure her wrists to the arm rests and her legs to the bottom of the chair. Then he took her bikini top, put the cloth under her breasts and pulled it up, squeezing her tits together as he tied the top tightly behind her neck. The cloth didn't cover any of her breasts, it was all underneath, pushing them up and together. Then, he wedged a tall, cold glass between her breasts, slapping a piece of duct tape across it to hold it in place. He filled the glass with a pina colada and stuck a long straw in it, placing it at her lips.

"Gotta have a little drink on a nice sunny day like this," he smiled. "Plus, a bit of alcohol will help loosen you up and help you not feel so sore. So, drink up and relax."

He put her sunglasses on her and watched her sip the cold drink as she sat there, her sucking lips about the only part of her body able to move.

Cori loved being able to relax, even if she was immobile. And the sun did feel nice and it was a really good drink. She was well-fucked, sore but unharmed and now being pampered in an odd and kinky way. This whole day was surreal and she wasn't sure if she was happy, freaked out or just along for the ride. But she wasn't scared any more. And she wasn't ashamed. She had cum hard and often. Her body didn't lie. There was something with all of this that really connected with her. Maybe Chad was right. Maybe this was what she really wanted. Not just on a kinky date night, but all the time. She supposed she would know for sure one way or the other when this crazy weekend was over. It was clear that Chad was going to stay in character and see it through to the very end. There would be no romantic cuddling in the next couple of days. Just bondage, hard fucking and kinky games. There were worse ways to spend a weekend, she thought. She wondered how many women would chastise her for being submissive and how many would want to take her place.

She sipped and watched as Chad unloaded the truck and cleaned out the back. Then he disappeared inside for a while, occasionally coming out to the barn to retrieve tools or other equipment, then go back inside. She could only imagine what he had in mind. She wondered what the cum from her coworkers was for, too. She assumed he had put it in the refrigerator or freezer. But who knew. For having all this come as a surprise to him today, it sure seemed like he had a plan. She realized he must have been fantasizing about all these things all along. When it finally became a reality, he simply took action, bringing all those kinky ideas to life.

She wondered what it must be like to have so many dark and kinky thoughts and not be able to communicate them or act them out. He bottled up so much inside. Now it was all coming out. He seemed happy, confident, his true self. It was sad that he had ever felt a need to hold that in. But she certainly understood why. Driving around town with a naked woman tied up in your truck was hardly conforming to the social norms. And it wasn't something you pitched a woman on a date or even as a pickup line at a bar. The level of trust needed was almost incomprehensible. Yet, she had expressed that to him and he had trusted her back. That was really special.

Chad came by and refilled her glass, kissing her hard on the mouth and squeezing her tits before he left again.

"Are you trying to get me drunk, master?" Cori asked, grinning.

"That's how I want you all weekend -- drunk, bound and horny," Chad said.

"Mission accomplished, master," she said. Cori had never seen Chad happier. It wasn't just the sex or her ability to turn him on. It was him being free to act and do as he pleased. Absolutely free. No judgements, no consequences, no resistance or accusations. Cori knew they were pushing way past the normal line, but she also knew he had no intention of hurting her. Dominating, humiliating, exposing and using -- yes, yes, yes and yes. But harming? Abusing? No and no. The line was thin and many would say he crossed it, but Cori was seeing this for what it was. Chad's ultimate dream coming to life. It turned her on and, frankly, she was proud to be part of it.

Now, that didn't erase the apprehension of what might come next, how much some of the bondage or fucking might hurt, who might see her. It was all very intimidating and scary, but in the way that a good haunted house or thrill ride is -- it was an exciting sort of fear, not a fear based on genuine peril.

As she neared the end of the second drink, her head began to spin. She had eaten very little and carried very little extra weight, so it didn't take a lot of alcohol for her to start the feel the effects. Chad approached and she looked up at him, glassy-eyed.

"My little pet is drunk I think," he smiled. "And I know when you get drunk you get horny. Are you horny, pet?"

"Fuck, yes," Cori said, slurring her speech. Her eyes dropped to his crotch.

"You forgot something," he said sternly.

Cori looked at him blankly. Then it clicked. "Master," she said. "Fuck yes, master. Will you please fuck me?"

"I've got lots and lots of cock for you," Chad said. He bent down and started untying her.

"Lots of cock?" Cori said, groggily. "Yum! But all I need is yours, master."

"That's true," Chad said. "But this is going to be a fun show for me. I'm going to watch you. Then, when I'm ready, I will fuck you, hard and deep, the way you need it."

"Yay!" Cori said. She was so drunk. It had hit her harder and more sudden than usual. The sun and sweat were added contributors, no doubt.

Chad helped her up but she was wobbly. He caught her, laughing. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her toward the house. Once inside, he took her into the spare bedroom. That's where he had been busy. He had created his own movie set, with three walls for Cori to act in and his cameras and lighting equipment facing them all. The "walls" consisted of the long side wall of the room, a large dresser turned around so the back faced the filming area and a large wooden trunk. Mounted on the wall, trunk and back of the dresser were the dildos and vibrators from the bag of sex toys. They were mounted at various heights and all were covered in the two different flavored lubes. On the floor between the walls was an inflatable child's pool with about two inches of oil in the bottom of it.

Cori gasped when she saw it all.

"It's play time, slut," Chad said. "Jump in the pool and get yourself all oily. Then, fuck yourself with all those dildos and vibrators on the wall. I'm going to turn on a little music and the cameras and I'll direct you. A couple of those dildos are filled with fake cum, so make sure you get all that. Remember, you are here to serve all cocks, even the fake ones."

"I love cock so much, master," Cori said.

"I know you do, my pet," he smiled. "Have fun."

Chad turned on a playlist of fast-paced hard rock songs for Cori to bang herself to. His video camera was mounted on a tripod and he filmed her through that while also taking many pictures with his phone and another professional grade digital camera.

Cori, still wearing the cat collar and ears, lay down in the pool and started rolling around, her hands caressing her body as she made sure she was covered in the warm, sweet-smelling oils. Chad put the camera down, leaving the one on the tripod rolling as he knelt next to the pool and caressed Cori's perfect body, squeezing her and rubbing oil all over her. He cupped her bald pussy and slid his finger inside her. He looked back at the camera, smiling as he played with his hot little toy, the dominant star of his own movie.

"Now, on your knees and back up to that one right there," Chad said, pointing to a large flesh-colored dildo mounted to the dresser. He got back up to his director position while Cori's drunken, lusty, carnal instincts took over. She pushed herself back against the dildo, crying out in pleasure as it filled her pussy.

"That's a big fat cock in there, slut," Chad said. "Fuck yourself hard. Ride that thing. Bang your little cunt."

Driven by the music, Chad's words and her drunken lust, Cori was a mindless fuck pet, humping wildly on the dildo, trying desperately to satisfy her needs.

"Now the vibrator next to it," Chad directed. Cori pulled away from the dildo, slid sideways and pushed her clit against the small pink vibrator. The position was awkward, though, so Chad pulled the vibrator off the wall and laid it on the side of the pool. He put a piece a duct tape across the middle of it to hold it in place. "Ride that, bitch."

Cori straddled the pool with the vibrator sliding between her pussy lips, teasing them and her clit as she ground and slid back and forth, cupping her breasts and pulling on her nipples. She was close to cumming. She was almost there. She was whimpering with sweet, high-pitched breaths and gasps. Almost there...

"Get off that thing and ride that one with the bumps on it," Chad said, purposely delaying her orgasm. He knew once she came, she would cum over and over again. He wanted her to, but he wanted to make her really work for that first one. It was so much fun tormenting her and watching her work that hard body. What a perfect female form she had. Her beauty was intimidating, intoxicating and mesmerizing. Cori was simply awe-inspiring. Chad realized in that moment that he loved and respected her more than anyone he'd ever met. It made him happy and sad all at once. And horny. Very horny.

Cori was now standing up, trying to lift her pussy up high enough to mount the purple and black beast that was covered in ridges and bumps "for her pleasure". It was a massive dildo, a full foot long and thicker than her wrists. Chad had mounted it higher up and at an upward angle, so she would have to stand up with her back to the wall and ride up and down on it. He had guessed at the height and was pleased to see her just barely able to climb on by standing on her tip toes. He was also pleased to see how eagerly she dropped her pussy down onto it, her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure as she filled her pussy with the massive, ribbed dildo.

Cori was running on autopilot at this point. Fatigued and drunk and overwhelmed, her actions were all instinct now. She knew vaguely what was going on and what she was doing. She knew it felt good and that she needed more of it. She thought about her position, standing on tip toes, back arched, hips grinding and was thankful that she was so fit and flexible. She just wanted to get off before Chad made her move again. This dildo was perfect. It was so thick and rough and hitting just the right spot at just the right angle. She only needed another minute. She couldn't stop now. He would have to drag her off this thing.

Chad wasn't about to stop her this time. He was rubbing his crotch as he watched her. This was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. And he was getting it all on video to watch any time he wanted. Cori's lust was at a fever pitch. He had secured the dildos well, but he was afraid her tight little snatch was going to rip it right off the wall and hold onto it for the rest of her life, in one perpetual orgasm.

She finally came, keening and whimpering and holding her breath as her body trembled. She slumped forward, unable to lift herself off the dildo now, looking like she was impaled. Chad picked her head up and kissed her hard on the mouth, then slapped playfully at her hanging tits, looking over at the camera victoriously as he did so.

He lifted her off the dildo and laid her down in the pool. "Rest for a minute and roll around and get covered in more oil," he instructed. "Then get back to it. You have more dildos to go. There are always more cocks to serve, slut."

She rolled around as instructed, then got to her knees. Chad gave her some water, followed by a shot of tequila and then told her to slide back onto another dildo. She was in the corner now, the trunk to her right, the wall behind her as she remained on hands and knees.

"Now, fuck the one behind you and suck on the one to your right," Chad said. "These are the ones filled with cum. Don't stop until they both shoot all over you."

"Yes, master," Cori said, taking her position, first backing her pussy onto the dildo behind her, then sucking the one in front of her, appreciating the flavored oil that coated it.

"These things are designed to respond like real cocks," Chad said. "So fuck and suck them just like you would me. You always have to earn the cum. Even fake cum."

Cori pistoned herself back and forth, grinding back on one fake cock, then pushing forward and taking the other into her mouth. The one in her mouth tasted good and the one in her pussy felt good. Her head spun, her body tingled. Another orgasm awaited.

Chad approached, kneeling next to her, putting his hand on the back of her head and pushing it further down on the dildo with one hand while he slapped her ass with the other. He pushed her forward, pulling the dildo out of her pussy, then spread her ass cheeks and guided the dildo into her lubed, puckered little asshole. She pushed back, forcing herself to open up and take it. She was wet all over and so was the dildo, so it slid inside with relative ease, her tight ring closing like a vacuum around it.

"Remember, your pleasure is secondary," Chad said, his voice low but firm. "You want your pussy to be fucked. I understand. But these cocks want your mouth and your ass. So that's what you give them. The choice belongs to the owner of the cock. Understand?"

Cori's mouth was full but she nodded her head and mumbled a "yes, master."

"Good," Chad continued. "You might get to cum 10 times one day and the next I might not fuck anything but your ass and your mouth. I control when I cum and when you cum. Your body belongs to me, my pet. It exists for my pleasure. You exist for my pleasure. Now, please me and make these things dump their cum all over you."

Cori continued thrusting herself back and forth, still finding pleasure in the lusty activity despite the lack of attention to her pussy. She felt raw and dirty, yet natural. This felt good. Chad was happy. She was drunk and happy. Even the dildo filling her ass wasn't too uncomfortable.

Apparently, both her holes were equally pleasing to the dildos, as both began spurting at virtually the same time. As soon as they did, she pulled off both of them and let the fake white cream spray all over her face and ass. It was a ridiculously large amount, more than any normal orgasm, and made a great show for the camera.

"Nicely done, pet," Chad said. "You've earned the right to cum. And those two dildos are the last ones." He pointed to two mounted right above one another in the middle of the wall. One was large, about 9 inches, and thick. The other was the same length, but twice as thick. It was fatter than any Cori had ever seen.

"The bottom one goes in your pussy," Chad said. "The top one goes in your ass."

Cori's eyes grew wide. There was no way it would fit. "But master, it's..."

"It's going in your ass," Chad interrupted. "This is a bit of pleasure and pain. Every time you want to push back to please that pussy, you also have to push back and take this beast up your little ass. Hurts so good, right bitch?"

"Yes, master," Cori said. She took her position, thinking of the first time Ty had insisted on fucking her ass. How his massive cock had split her open, filled her up. It had hurt, but he had loved it so much that she enjoyed pleasing him. She thought about the same thing with Chad now. He wanted to see that thing go inside her. It would please him. Her job was to please him and she loved her job. Focus on her pussy, focus on Chad's pleasure, ignore the rest, she told herself.

Chad guided her back, watching the dildos fill her overmatched holes. It came to him that there was nothing Cori wasn't willing to do for him. He felt bad that he had doubted her. But not at all for what he was going to do to her this weekend.

He watched with delight as she slid back and forth on the dildos, groaning and grunting, pleasure and pain in her voice, her eyes, her movements. She was grinding her pussy because she wanted it so bad. But every time she started to get into it and really start humping, the dildo in her ass went just a little too far too fast and she cried out as she stretched to her limits.

"Don't stop," Chad said, slapping her ass. "Keep going until you cum. Go as slow or fast as you want. We've got all night. But you will cum before you get off those things."

Chad stood up and took off his shorts and t-shirt, naked now alongside her, his cock hard. He rubbed it against the soft warm flesh of her hip and thigh as she surged back and forth. Her rhythm was erratic as one part of her body told her to stop and another told her to keep going. Two different instincts. Two different needs. A battle of will. Mind over matter. Obedience over independence. Pussy over ass. Pleasure over pain.

She kept grinding, kept humping. She liked the feel of Chad's cock sliding along her side. She liked him pinching her nipples and pulling her hair and slapping her ass. And she liked that dildo hitting the right spots inside her. Pleasure was slowly but surely winning out. Somehow Chad had known it would. She shouldn't have doubted him. She wouldn't any more. Not all weekend. No matter how crazy things got. If Chad said it would feel good, that she could take it and that things would be all right, she would believe him. He was her master. Her protector. Her giver of pain, yes, but mostly of pleasure.

She reached that point. She came. She didn't try to fake it and Chad knew she was really cumming. He'd seen it many times with Cori. She couldn't fool him if she wanted to. He watched her up close, her back arched, biting her lips, nostrils flaring, hips thrusting, body trembling. It was the most beautiful thing in the world to watch Cori Banks cum. Chad just sat back and took it all in.

He waited until she slumped and her body went lax. Then he pushed her off the dildos and got behind her. He grabbed her hair and pulled, arching her back as he pushed his cock into her ass. It was gaped open from the dildo and he plugged the hole instantly. He fucked her hard, pounding her relentlessly, her weakened body like a rag doll beneath him. He pulled out and plunged into her pussy. It was on fire. He drilled into her, pushing her head down, using her head and shoulders as leverage as he fucked her as fast and hard as he could. She came again. Then another time. And again. Her orgasms were like a string of firecrackers, one pop after another. He hammered her the whole time, his ego swelling as he made his rag doll little pet slut cum all over his cock.

"Yeah, bitch," he grunted. "Cum all over me. You little slut. You cum the second my cock plugs your holes. And you can't stop, can you? Little cum bucket fuck toy. Nympho slut. Cum, cum, cum."

He came too, flooding her pussy with his load, holding her hair as he drove into the hilt and held his cock there, his cum oozing out in spurts, his balls pressed against her pussy. When he was done, he pulled out with a wet, suction sound and rolled her over. He straddled her chest and pushed his cock into her mouth.

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