tagBDSMCori's Weekend at Chad's Ch. 06

Cori's Weekend at Chad's Ch. 06


CHAPTER 6: Cori's Pet Day

The next morning, Chad woke up and only Cori was in bed with him. He thought about banging her -- it was his first thought every time he saw her -- but he wondered about the others. So he went into the kitchen and found them there. They were drinking juice and eating toast.

"Sorry, we helped ourselves," Bev said. "Hope that's OK."

Both women were back in the clothes they had worn to the club last night.

"Of course," Chad said. "I can make some eggs or pancakes or something."

"No thanks," Danielle said. "But would you mind giving us a ride back to the club to get our cars?"

"Of course," Chad said. "Actually, I will have Gordon come pick you up."

Gordon arrived about 20 minutes later and Bev carried Danielle to the car, laying her on the back seat and then climbing on top of her. Chad and Gordon just grinned at one another and Gordon drove off with the two women making out in the back of his car.

Chad went back inside expecting to see Cori awake. But his tired little sex toy was still sound asleep. She looked so adorable, all curled up under the sheets. Slowly, he pulled the sheet back, exposing her perfect naked body. He gently eased into the bed next to her, letting his fingertips trail across her breasts and thighs and ass. He stroked her hair and her cheek. She was sound asleep, but as beautiful as if she was freshly showered and made up with a smoking hot dress. Her beauty was all natural. The clothes and toys all were part of the fun, but they weren't part of what made her special.

As he touched her and watched her breathing, he thought of all the things he had done to her this weekend. And of all the things he still intended to do. How many men dreamed of this sort of opportunity but never had it? He was so lucky. She was submissive, willing, gorgeous and sexy. She trusted him fully, fucked him enthusiastically and fulfilled his every desire and fantasy. There was no guilt, no shame, no harm and no limits. He couldn't think of a more perfect weekend.

He picked up his phone and started looking through the pictures and videos. What an amazing weekend. He got up and loaded them into his computer along with the images he had recorded on the higher quality video and digital cameras. His computer was set up to display images and videos on the large TV screen in his room. He started playing the videos, watching her get off as he fucked her.

He had the volume on and the sounds of their moans and groans filled the room. Soon, Cori started to stir. She heard the noises. They sounded familiar. She definitely recognized Chad's grunts. Slowly she raised up and opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the morning light.

"Good morning, Cori," Chad said. "Just watching some movies from the weekend. Want to watch with me?"

"Of course, Master Chad," Cori said groggily. Last night's drunken orgy had left her feeling drained and she had a bit of a headache. She sat up in bed next to Chad and watched herself fucking all those dildos on the wall, her body shiny with the oil, her eyes glazed over after the pina coladas. She looked wanton, sexy, slutty. Cori smiled. It was odd watching herself and it was hard for her not to be critical of her appearance or wonder why she made certain facial expressions. But she loved seeing how fully she threw herself into the whole thing. And when Chad would enter the picture, the joy on his face was unmistakable. "I put that smile on his face," she thought. That made her happy and proud.

She leaned in closer to Chad as they watched and she put her hands between her legs. Her nipples were hard. Watching this was very stimulating. Cori started to understand why guys liked watching porn so much. She touched his thigh and reached up and kissed him. He touched her breasts and she reached for his cock. It was starting to get hard. She stroked it slowly, gently, helping him get fully erect as they continued to kiss. She kept her other hand between her legs, touching herself.

"Woke up feeling naughty, huh kitten?" Chad smiled. "Put that double vibrator back in. That's better than your fingers."

Cori put the device back in, attaching it to her pussy and clit and Chad launched the app on his phone, turning the vibrations on so they alternated every few seconds from her pussy to her clit. They continued to watch the videos and look at some of the pictures. It was so peaceful just to sit there, calmly playing with one another, enjoying their weekend of sex as they warmed up for another round.

Chad kept getting harder and he grabbed the back of Cori's head and guided her down to his cock. She knew what to do, of course, and began lapping on the head and sucking down the shaft. Chad turned up the pace on the vibrator and the volume on the TV, making sure Cori could hear herself moaning as he fucked her on the screen.

Just as Cori's pretty lips went all the way down to his balls, Chad's phone rang. He looked. It was Heather. It wasn't really a surprise that she would call. He simply hadn't thought about it. Cori occupied his mind completely. He thought about declining the call, but then he smiled, muted the TV and told Cori, "don't stop."

He answered the phone with a cheery "Hello, babe," and Cori knew instantly who he was talking to. This was awkward, but her master had told her to keep sucking so she did. She assumed he would try to keep the conversation short, but instead he got into a lengthy, casual conversation, asking Heather about her weekend and making up stories about his own boring weekend.

"I didn't do much last night," Chad droned on. "Just watched a ball game. Wrong team one. It sucked."

As he was talking, Chad pulled his cock out of Cori's mouth and pushed it against his belly as he held out his balls. She smiled up at him, realizing he was talking to her and Heather at the same time. She went to work on them dutifully, sucking and licking the sperm-filled orbs, encouraging them to make another big juicy load for her. She wondered if Heather could hear her sucking and licking. She was trying to be quiet, but sucking cock and balls made a certain amount of noise, at least when you did it with the expertise and enthusiasm that Cori did.

Chad scooted down in the bed and spread his legs wide, pulling them back and exposing his ass. He touched down below his balls and nodded to her. "Yeah, I had one customer come in yesterday who wanted some nice new rims," Chad said, smiling at Cori as he emphasized the word "rims". She already knew what he wanted, but clearly the idea of telling her to give him a rim job while his girlfriend listened was a turn on for him.

Cori wasn't sure if it was the vibrator, the videos, Chad, or the knowledge that Heather could almost assuredly hear her providing oral pleasure to her boyfriend and just didn't realize what was happening. Regardless, this was all a turn on for her too. Cori felt it coming. The heat. The wetness. The humming inside her. The shortness of breath, the hardened nipples. She was almost there.

Chad realized it and lifter her chin, looking her in the eyes. He smiled looking at her as he spoke into the phone. "So, dinner tomorrow night. Are you coming?" He winked at Cori. She nodded. Yes, she was cumming. She bit her lip as she trembled, trying to remain quiet. She let out a gasp as the orgasm hit its peak. Her eyes grew wide and she looked up at Chad, worried that Heather had heard.

"Sorry, just some gas," Chad said, covering for her. "I had eggs this morning. You know how they make me feel."

Cori smiled at him, looked down at his big cock and playfully took it in her mouth. She winked at him as if to say, "I could cover my orgasm. Can you?"

She wasn't sure she should be enjoying this so much. Even though this was just sex for her and Chad, she knew Heather had real feelings for Chad. She wasn't like them. She wouldn't understand this open sexuality. Heather had only been in the Shop once since Cori started working there and Cori had hid in the back. Heather knew nothing about Cori and her relationship with the guys. As much as Cori's commitment was to Chad, she couldn't help but feel for Heather. She felt guilty that she was contributing to any pain that might come her way.

Chad seemed to be enjoying this though. Not in a cruel way, but like it was a challenge and he had accomplished something big. Cori tried to imagine what he was thinking and thought maybe he liked having the nice girl on the phone while the naughty slut licked his ass. A macho ego thing. It made sense to her. She didn't judge. She cared about him either way and she wanted to make him happy.

Chad finally hung up the phone and smiled at Cori. "That was intense," Chad said. Cori looked up at him and saw him look at the phone, a frown on his face. He looked angry and sad at the same time. It was a look of shame and guilt. He was a nice guy. Hurting Heather wasn't something he wanted to do. But he couldn't deny who he was. And he was a guy who liked bondage and role playing and being dominant -- all things his girlfriend wouldn't understand but that Cori would. He couldn't always have the best of both worlds, but who were these girls to tell him he couldn't have it today?

He grinned at Cori again, but this time there was an intensity to it. He looked like he wanted to eat her, Cori thought. She wasn't sure what he was going to do, but she was prepared for anything.

Chad pushed her back on the bed, pushed her legs up by her head, ripped out the vibrator and plunged into her pussy.

"You fucking little slut," he sneered. "You like being the homewrecker, the tramp. Don't you?"

"Yes, Master Chad," Cori whined. She didn't really think of herself like that, but she knew that's what he wanted to hear. What he needed to hear. He wanted to blame his actions on Heather's coldness and her sluttiness. Two bad bitches messing with his head. He would teach Heather a lesson by showing her what a man needed and Cori a lesson by fucking her like the little whore she was.

"I own every inch of you," Chad grunted. "Nasty little bitch. You are a slave to my cock. You thirst for my cum."

"Yes, Master Chad," Cori said. Then, on a hunch, she added, "I'm every little thing a man like you needs. A naughty slut with a naughty body."

Chad grinned like a movie villain. It was creepy and made Cori feel a bit scared. She liked being submissive. This feeling she didn't like so much. He was hammering her so hard she could feel the anger and frustration in his thrusts. He was grunting and moaning loudly, sounding more like an angry or wounded animal than even the horniest of men. His face was inches from hers, their noses almost touching, their eyes locked on one another. Chad's eyes were wide and wild, intense, looking right through her as he held her wrists pinned to the floor and drove into her, showing no signs of fatigue. She wanted to look away from his wild, crazy eyes, but she couldn't. He was too close, his eyes penetrating her just as fiercely as his cock. He consumed her in every way.

Being taken like this was scary, yes, but also exhilarating. There was nothing for Cori to do but to embrace the sheer pleasure his cock was providing. In her rattled head, she marveled at his power and stamina. He was so hard, so thick. If she didn't know better, she would say his cock was somehow bigger than normal. That's what the power and intensity created. A sense of being drilled and filled and Cori's body loved it. She started chanting "Master Chad, Master Chad" to match the rhythm of his thrusts. She had little breath or power as his body pinned hers, so her chants came out as breathy, gasping pleas, cries for pleasure and release.

Chad loved seeing and hearing Cori become so totally aroused and overwhelmed by what he was doing to her. He loved hearing her calling his name as her body undeniably responded to him. She was white hot all over, her body smoldering and steaming under and around him. He felt her release and watched her nostrils flare and eyes roll back in her head while her breathing stopped for a moment, her body consumed by orgasm.

The sight of Cori cumming injected Chad with another dose of adrenaline and the energy he needed to keep up is fervent pace. Cori couldn't believe he still wasn't slowing down. Even as her body peaked and receded, his tempo was unwavering. She prided herself on her control most times, but she could barely control her thoughts and emotions, let alone her body. So once again, that pounding cock stoked that fire inside her and she churned toward another orgasm.

Chad could see what was happening and Cori's wave of ecstasy overwhelmed him. It was so pure and beautiful and honest. And yes, fucking hot. Chad finally reached a point where the only option was to cum. All his frustration turned to desire and lust and the look in his eyes turned to need and sorrow. It was a rapid change of emotions. Cori could barely keep up with him. He needed therapy, but all she could offer was acceptance and submissiveness.

He pulled out and sprayed his cum on her belly, tits and face. It was a messy, sloppy load dumped on her dismissively, like she was cheap and dirty. Cori suddenly felt not threatened nor cheap, but simply inferior. It was a foreign, deflating feeling and she disliked Chad in that moment for making her feel that way.

As if to rub in the point both literally and figuratively, Chad scooped up a wad of his cum and rubbed it in her face. "That's what you needed, right slut?" he sneered. He wiped his cock dry in her hair and stomped off to the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on and got up slowly, stiff and sore. She went to the other bathroom and cleaned up. She was confused and exhausted. She got a much-needed drink of water and took some aspirin. Then she lay back on the bed and tried to fall asleep.


Despite her fatigue, she couldn't relax. While her body took a much-needed rest, her mind whirred, thinking about the intense fucking, the emotions, the dismissiveness. Had Chad felt it and meant it the way it felt to her? Or was he just horny and giving her a good hard fuck? Was she making too much of it? Should she say something when he came back or act like it had just been a fuck like any other? Would being quiet invite another such event? Or would saying something? And, despite her concerns, she had two massive orgasms. Was she complaining about nothing?

She lost track of time, lost in her thoughts, and barely registered that the door opening signaled Chad's return. She said nothing as he walked in, unable to read his expression. He was carrying a bag and approached her, his face blank. Wordlessly he opened the bag and began pulling things out of his bag. Over the next few minutes, he gagged her using Danielle's panties -- which had been happily donated by Bev who threw them out the window as Gordon drove off -- and laid her on her back in the bed. He turned her over and tied her hands behind her back.

He put ankle-length, high-heeled boots on her feet. He attached a triangular gold chain with clips that attached to both nipples and her clit. The length of each segment of the chain was adjustable. He adjusted the length between the nipples to have some slack, allowing those beautiful breasts to bob and sway for him. But the length of the chains from her nipples to her clit he made much tighter, keeping it taut so there was a gentle tug on her most sensitive parts at all times.

He stood her up and put black cat ears on her head and used pink lipstick to paint the tip of her nose and whiskers on her cheeks. He blindfolded her with a black scarf and put a black dog collar with gold studs around her neck. Attached to it was a 10-foot long gold chain leash. He removed the gag and stuffed it inside Cori's pussy and untied wrists.

"On the floor," he barked, holding the leash.

"Yes, M—"

"You're a pet," he stopped her. "Part puppy, part kitten. I want to hear nothing from you except cute little meows and barks."

Cori almost laughed, but then caught herself, smiled and said, "Meow" in a sweet, high-pitched voice. She felt extremely relieved to hear Chad's voice, his tone much more normal and relaxed. He was back to playing with her, not humiliating. She was happy to be on equal footing and playing the game again. She climbed blindly down onto the floor on all fours and he led her by the leash into the living room. A large dog kennel sat in the middle of the floor. There was a pet bed and dish inside it. Moments later, she was inside it too with the door closed behind her. Only then did her remove the blindfold.

"This is your home today," Chad said. Cori meowed up at him in response. "Would you like some breakfast?" Cori meowed again, hoping he knew that meant she was saying yes.

Chad left and headed into the kitchen. Cori looked around her. The kennel was made for a large dog, so she had room to turn around, but she had to stay on all fours or curl up on the floor. There wasn't room to fully stretch out. She didn't really want to stretch out anyway. The more she stretched, the tighter the strain on those chains. She kept her knees under her and the chains as slack as possible. Sitting on her heels, with her cat ears and whiskers, she knew she probably looked a bit like a kitten sitting on its hind legs.

Cori wondered what Chad had in mind. Clearly, this was another fantasy that he had been prepared to act out for quite some time. It was silly, but kind of fun. For now. It wouldn't take long to get tired of this cage or the chains. But for now, role playing as a kitten or puppy was kind of fun. Chad was unique and creative, if nothing else. She wondered too why he had all this pet stuff. It seemed odd to have such a large kennel with no dog. She didn't know that most of the items, including the kennel, had been left behind by the previous homeowner who, in making a move to a small apartment, had downsized considerably and hadn't bothered with having a sale.

He came back carrying a dog bowl with a piece of toast in it. He slid it into the cage, smiling. She saw right away that the toast was covered. But it wasn't butter or jelly.

"Toast with cum," Chad smiled. "Lots of energy and protein for my pet. Now, I'm going to see how smart my pet is. Eat your breakfast -- no paws, of course -- and then tell me whose cum is on the toast."

Chad put a piece of paper next to the kennel. On the paper were the names of the guys from the shop, plus Garrett, with a colored circle next to each one. Blue was John, red was Ty, green was Ben and yellow was Garrett.

She looked at the paper, then up at Chad. He held up four colored rings and smiled. Then he pulled out his cock and slipped each of the rings over his shaft, pushing them down to his balls.

"When you're done with your toast, pull off the rings one at a time, then put the one you think matches the cum you ate in your bowl. Understand?"

Cori meowed, looking up at him with her beautiful wide eyes. Chad's cock got hard just looking at her.

Cori lowered her head and maneuvered the toast, finally capturing an edge in her teeth. She bit into it. The first couple of bites were dry, but the next one was saturated with cum. At least this was warm with the bread fresh out of the toaster. It tasted more like normal cum than the cum that had come straight out of the refrigerator. She still didn't recognize whose it was, but she was hungry and happily ate the toast with its unique spread.

Chad gave her a bowl of milk and she lapped at it like a kitten, washing down her meal. Then she looked up at him and he stuck his cock through the bars. She went down on him all the way until her lips found the first ring. She clamped her lips over it and started to pull it off. But it was very tight on his thick, rigid cock. It wasn't going to come off with one slurp. It took repeated head bobs, tightly wrapped lips and the full effort of her tongue to finally pull the first ring to the head of his cock.

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