Corn Fed


"Corn fed." That's what they had called her. Like the heifers Mr. McDermitt raised back home. Emma shook her head. She knew she wasn't ultra sleek like the models in the magazines and on the T V, but Lester had told her that wouldn't matter. Lester had said the agency would like her big titties, her full, round ass. 'Course, Lester said all sorts of nice things when he wanted her to suck his dick. Emma smiled to herself. What Lester didn't know was that he didn't need to say those nice things.

She would have sucked him anyway. She liked it. Her mind replayed the countless times she had gone to her knees inside the old Sunoco gas station where Lester worked. She saw again his veiny shaft, the shiny head, wet with her saliva. She could almost taste his semen, remembering the exciting feel of his throbbing member spurting in her mouth. Just thinking about Lester's little prick made her weak in the knees and wet between her thighs. "Two weeks," she thought. That was how long it had been since she had last taken his penis between her lips, last tasted the salty precum, last felt his hairy balls. She sighed, feeling the hunger.

The sun was bright as she exited the modeling agency's building. She was momentarily blinded. Even without the sun directly in her eyes she might not have seen him standing by the parking meter. Where Emma came from, negroes were almost invisible. "Excuse me," she said as she almost walked right into the man. He smiled at her. "No problem, miss." His words were lyrical, the tilt of his voice almost musical. She looked up shyly at his face, noting him devouring her with his eyes. And why shouldn't he? She had dressed to the nines for the interview with the agency.

Her halter top could barely contain her large breasts, the nipples still hard from her thoughts of Lester's cock, sticking almost through the thin white cotton. Her shorts were tight. She could feel the cheeks poking beneath the jean fabric. The red stiletto heels she wore accentuated the curves of her buttocks. She could never have gone out in public in such an outrageous outfit back home. But here in the city she was unknown and overlooked. Here she was free. Summoning up her resolve, she raised her eyes to meet the appreciative stare of the black man.

"I'm sorry," she apologized in what she considered to be her vampiest voice. "I suppose I should pay attention to where I'm going. It's just…. Well,…. It's…" her voice trailed off, little girl like. The man smiled. "Really, miss, you needn't apologize." His voice was a rich baritone, like the Darth Vader guy in that movie she had seen. She looked him up and down. His brown skin glistened with a light coating of perspiration, shining against his white shirt. The top two buttons were undone. She could see a few tight curls of his chest hair. His pants were tight. So tight! She inhaled reflexively as she noted the bulge extending from his crotch down his left leg. Was it true what she had been told by Irene Simpkins? Lester certainly never bulged like that! She suddenly decided to be bold. It was the city after all! Who knew her here?

"I'm just arrived," she said coyly, tilting her head down and looking up at his face in what she hoped was an openly sexual manner. "I mean, after what I just went through, I could sure use a drink and.. well, I don't know where ANY WHERE is…" Her heart jumped as the man took the bait.

"Perhaps you would care to accompany me then, Miss… ah…"

"Emma," she said, "Emma Jenkins, and you are?"

"Richard. Richard Washington."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Richard. And, yes, please. I could surely do with a drink."

"This way then," he said, holding out his arm. She linked hers through his, smiling at the thought of how audacious, how absolutely scandalous this sight would be back home.

She fell into step with him as he led her down the street.

As they walked down the busy street, arms linked, Emma was surprised to see that no one stopped to gawk, to point, to talk behind shielding hands. In fact, no one noticed the couple at all. They passed several dilapidated storefronts before stopping in front of a door.

"This is where I live," Richard told her, an almost sheepish look on his face. "We can go on about five blocks, that's how far to the nearest watering hole, or we can go up to my apartment. I've got some Killians in the fridge. If you don't want to, I understand."

"Don't be silly," she replied. "I don't think you are planning to rape me, are you?" Inside, she was shocked at her own brazenness.

"No, I hadn't planned on it anyway," he laughed.

They climbed the stairs and entered a small apartment. A stove, sink and refrigerator were along one wall, a small bed against another. Two windows let in the sun along the third wall, while the fourth contained a door to what Emma imagined was an equally small bathroom. Besides a television on a small table the room was devoid of furniture, save one chair. Next to it was a tall amplifier and an electric bass guitar.

"I play in a band," Richard told her as he went to the refrigerator and retrieved two brown bottles. As he handed one to her, Emma brushed the back of his hand with her fingertips. Taking to bottle from his hand, she raised the mouth to her lips, hoping he would see her lips slide over the neck. The meaning of her actions were not lost on him. He reached out and slipped his hands along the exposed skin of her back. His fingers felt good sliding along the sweat moistened flesh. She moaned slightly and reached for his crotch. Her fingers found the zipper of his jeans and jerked quickly downward. She moved her hands to his waist band and pulled pants and boxers down to his ankles. A gasp escaped her lips as she saw what the pants had hidden.

Back in West Virginia, black snakes were common in rural areas. What she saw reminded her of nothing so much as those slithery yet harmless creatures. His cock was long, thick, black and shiny. It easily would make two of Lester's. She reached out and touched it, almost expecting it to slither away. It did not. Instead, it gently throbbed beneath her fingertips. Hesitantly, she touched the foreskin. Slowly she pulled it back. The head that emerged, turtlelike, was bulbous and pink. That surprised her. With all his darkness, she had not expected to find a pink head on Richard's penis.

"mmmmmm," he moaned as her fingers slid up and down the length of his shaft. She did not know what she expected it to feel like, but it felt little different from Lester's. She lowered her head, her tongue darting out. She quickly, expertly, ran the tip up and down the front of his shaft. The taste was different than Lester's, whether that was due to his blackness she did not know. He was definitely thicker. She had to open her mouth quite wide to slide the head in over her warm wet tongue. Richard's hands moved to the back of her head. He began to guide her up and down his shaft. She found that by relaxing her throat she could take most of him in. One of his hands slid to her neck, untying the top of her halter. The cloth feel free of her breasts, which swung penduously in front of her. Richard bent down, the tip of his cock still on her lips, and cupped her breasts in his hands. He guided them to his balls and began rubbing against them. An idea flickered in Emma's mind. Lester was too small to do this, but Richard… oh, Richard had more than enough. She put her hands on her breasts as Richard released them. Emma wrapped her tits around his hard shaft. She drooled down onto her cleavage, allowing the black snake to slide between her hot flesh. Each time the pink head rose to her face she licked it, right along the slit. Soon, Richard was pushing his buttocks, sliding his long cock up and down between her boobs, moaning as her tongue played with his slit. She released her breasts and grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing. The head seemed to grow even larger. She lowered her mouth over the top of his cock, pausing to look up at him with her bovine-like brown eyes. "I want to taste you. To swallow ever drop," she said. Then her mouth was on him, devouring him, sucking and sliding and slurping. He pumped, faster and faster, oblivious to her teeth. She was too accomplished at this to hurt him. He felt his balls tighten, felt the tingle begin to overwhelm him. "Now," he said, trying to pull her head off him. Instead, Emma went deeper, filling her mouth with his black flesh. She felt the jerk of the thick cock in her mouth, felt and tasted the first hot spurt of semen. Richard cried out, lost in his pleasure. She sucked harder, swallowing the first two loads of his cum before her mouth filled, overflowed. It spilled out around her lips, down his shaft, dripping onto her breasts. She pulled her mouth off him for a moment and pumped his shaft, milking more of his cum out onto her tits. She smiled, marveling at the white sticky liquid which covered his dark meat. Had she expected it to be brown, like chocolate milk? She giggled before putting his cock back into her mouth to suck the last of his juice from it. Finally, spent, Richard pulled free of her suction. She reached out and took his cock between her breasts, sliding it up and down along the cum that had dribbled there.

Her eyes looked up and met his. "Yum" she said, smiling.

"Oh, baby, that was the best I've ever had," Richard crooned. "Now it's your turn."

Her turn? Emma was confused. What did he mean? With Lester, once he finished it was over. What did Richard mean?

He reached down and slipped his hands under her arms, helping her to stand. He next untied the bottom of her halter, which fell to the floor. His fingers found the snap of her shorts and opened it. She slid out of them and stood naked, except for her heels, before him. The brown tuft of pubic hair, trimmed into a V, moved in the breeze coming through the window.

"My turn to say yum", Richard told her as he led her to the bed.

"Like back, darlin', and let the Doctor take over."

She obeyed, the feel of the cool sheets nice against her wet skin. Richard knelt between her legs, on the floor. The heels of the shoes allowed her feet to touch the floor, barely. She felt his hands along the inside of her bare legs. The smooth calluses on his left hand… the bass. She felt his breath on her thigh as his fingers slid up towards her waiting cunt. She had had a man touch her there before, of course. Lester used to do so, often either just before or as she was blowing him, depending on her position. But it was far from pleasurable. His fumbling fingers were usually nothing more than an irritant. She had brought herself to orgasm many times, lying back on her big feather bed, letting her fingers play with her hard little clitoris. It was much the same feeling she got when Lester would shoot his load in her mouth. A nice little buzzing feeling. When Richard had come, the feeling was very similar, though more intense. She attributed that to the size of his cock, and the amount he had spewed into her. But now she was feeling something very different. As his fingers spread the lips of her labia, as his thumb circled around her clitoris, she began to feel a new sensation, as if a thousand butterflies were fluttering against her skin. She looked down, saw the top of his head, his "nappy" head as her daddy used to say when he railed against the "niggers" he saw on the TV. The feeling of fluttering increased as his fingers worked their magic. She felt one, then two, slip inside her, pushing in and up. Her head became light, an involuntary moan escaped her lips. Richard moved in closer, his breath sending shivers from her groin to her forehead. She felt a wet, soft tongue against her sensitive labia. Up, up to her clitoris. The room spun, things went dark, then light, then dark. Unconsciously she arched her back, pushing her sex down onto his mouth and nose. She cried out, nonsensical sounds coming from her as the room spun, as she felt an incredible sensation deep inside her core, pushing to get out, to explode. She lost sense of everything but the incredible feeling emanating from between her legs. Lights flashed inside her head, a huge wave of pleasure washed over her, carried her away, drenched her in ecstasy. Another wave followed, then a third, the most powerful of all. She felt as if she had passed out, perhaps even died. She must be in heaven, she realized, nothing on earth could be so pleasurable. Then it stopped. The waves receded, and she was left with a buzz of sheer pleasure, stronger than any she had ever experienced. She opened her eyes, saw the look of concern on Richard's face.

"Are you all right, momma?" he asked, slipping into stereotypical street talk.

She smiled, still too weak to speak.

"You tellin' me you ain't never had no orgasm before? Sheeeeeet!!! Cain't believe that! Not the way you suck cock!"

"Please," she whispered, "be real with me…"

"Sorry," he apologized. "Some white women I've been with, they like for me to talk the way they think WE talk."

"God, but you are wonderful, Richard!" Emma purred the words as he massaged her breasts and tummy.

"You haven't had the best yet, babe. Are you ready? Do you think you can handle it?" the way he asked, he wasn't bragging but speaking with real concern.

"I think so. No, I know so," Emma replied, feeling the burning between her legs. Richard's face glistened with her juices, she had never been so wet, so ready.

"On your knees, then, let me see your sweet ass" he ordered.


She did as she was told, facing the wall. She felt his hands on her buttocks, then the thick hot head of his cock against her labia. Could she handle it she wondered? She had never had anything so large in her before. The two times she and Lester had done it, well… and it only lasted a minute then anyway. Bobby Fairfax? She was too drunk that night to remember anything. It was only later, when the gossip reached her in algebra class, that she knew what she had done.

Explosions went off in her head. She screamed God knows what as his thick cock parted her, pushed in, spreading her legs wider on her knees, pushing slowly, filling her beyond filling. The orgasms she had experienced just minutes ago were nothing compared to this feeling. Again and again and again the intense pleasure, to indescribable for mere words, cascaded over her as Richard drove his cock in and out in and out over and over and over. She babbled, she cried, she laughed, and she screamed. Finally, when she felt she could take no more, a thick wet warmth flooded her vagina. Her nerves shuddered, feeling the jerking of his cock, the expulsion of his juices, the filling of her very essence. She fell forward onto the bed, her breasts holding her up slightly. She heard the loud plop of his cock coming free of her cunt. She felt the hot jism ooze out of her, down her thighs, onto the bed. Her body quivered in the afterglow. She rolled over, her breasts lolling to each side of her. Richard climbed above her, ran his sticky hot cock over her nipples. She motioned to him to move up. Her lips devoured his still hard cock, her tongue tasting his juice, combined with her. She held him in her mouth until he began to soften. Finally releasing him when he became totally flaccid. Even in that state, he was larger than Lester at his most erect. Richard slid down and nestled in beside her, stroking her head, her hair. She smiled at the contrast of his dark brown skin against her alabaster whiteness. She closed her eyes, thinking of Lester, and laughing. Finally, with the steady rhythm of Richard's breathing, she slept.

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