tagIncest/TabooCornered in my Cubicle

Cornered in my Cubicle


I sat silently on the small wooden bench in the tiny cubicle, letting the cool drips of water fall from my hair onto the towel I held on my lap. I was hunched forward, shivering slightly as my body got used to the temperature out of the lukewarm swimming pool. The all-encompassing noise of a busy leisure centre filled my surroundings, but it only served to isolate me in my thoughts even further.

A soft knock on the cubicle door gave me butterflies in my stomach.

"Steven?" my twin sister whispered. "Are you in here?"

I reached forward and unlocked the door, but kept my eyes on the metal drain in the cubicle floor. The door opened slowly, as if she still wasn't sure it was me who was inside. She stepped in and turned closing the door. I was now gazing at her bright green flip-flops and matching toe-nails.

"You were not meant to see that. Please don't tell anyone what you saw." she pleaded, clearly embarrassed at what I had seen.

My eyes shifted up slightly. Her long slim legs were still glistening from the pool water, or perhaps it was sweat. Still unsure what to say, I fixed my gaze on her bikini bottoms.

"Rob's been very nice to me this year. To both of us in fact. I always got on very well with him." She explained.

I looked up at her face. "But he's so old..."

Amy slapped me before I could finish.

"How dare you say that about him! He's not that old. And anyway, I'm mature for my age. He understands me."

Her slap broke our eye contact so I looked back down at her body. At 18 she was certainly maturing into a fine young woman, but I wouldn't yet say mature. She was always more dominant than I was, and compared to her I had a far more sheltered life and reserved personality, but I always felt her rebelliousness was a sign of immaturity. There was another knock on the door.

"Are you two alright in there?" Rob spoke in a quiet but clearly nervous voice.

Amy opened the door and slipped outside again. I could hear them muttering things to each other but couldn't make out any words. I just sat there. Shivering. A few moments later the door opened briefly and Amy slipped back in holding her sports bag, towel and trainers.

"Well, now we have to get the bus home, thanks to you." She was clearly frustrated with me as she dumped her bag down on the bench beside me. "Rob's getting out of here."

I didn't move. I was still a bit shocked at catching them. I knew she was wilder than me, but I had assumed she was, like me, a virgin. We had always been taught that sex was for marriage only. Sitting in that cubicle, I felt so naïve.

"We need to hurry up and change. It's going to be dinner time before we get home now." she reminded me as she towelled herself down.

I stood up to dry myself off and she told me to turn away and keep my back to her while she took of her bikini. I faced the wall of the cubicle and waited.

A few moments later I felt her hand resting on my shoulder as she kept her balance. I realised she must have been stepping out of her bikini bottoms, and was almost certainly naked while leaning on me for support.

She released my shoulder and I heard her rummage around in her sports bag for a second or two.

"Shit!" she muttered quietly. I began to turn to see what was wrong when she snapped back at me "Don't look!"

I returned to my wall-gazing position. A couple of seconds later, I could hear her belt buckle jingling as she pulled on her jeans. Again some moments passed, before she said, "OK, you can turn around."

Her plain white t-shirt was quite clingy in places where her body wasn't completely dry. Seeing the clear shape of her boobs, I realised she must have forgotten to pack her underwear, as we always went to the pool wearing our swimming gear under our clothes.

She sat down on the bench to pull on her socks and told me to hurry up.

"Aren't you going to turn away?" I asked.

She smirked and glanced at my shorts. "Nothing I haven't seen before, Stevie". But as her gaze lingered a bit longer her smirk fell. I hadn't really noticed how much my shorts had been clinging to my skin. With my recent thoughts of her naked body using me as a support, I had a clear semi growing and she was eye-level with it. She looked back up at me. "Well, maybe it's been a while since I saw it last."

I picked up my towel and held it in front of me to hide my erection, but she snapped it back from me and put it in her bag. Her hand came up to my shorts and she slid the tip of her middle finger up and down the outline of my flinching dick. The material was so clingy she could make out the head and began circling it slowly with her finger. Without any further hesitation she suddenly grabbed the waist band of my shorts with both hands and yanked them down. My penis bounced upwards and she admired it for a few moments before looking up with a relishing smile to see my reaction. Without breaking eye contact she wrapped her hand around my stiffy.

I missed a breath. Her hand felt wonderful around my cock. I had never had anyone else touch my penis before, and it felt so much better than when I touched it myself. She pulled back the skin a little to reveal the head and then began stroking it back and forth, as I became fully hard.

My hands reached back to find the cubicle wall and I leaned my shoulders against it, as my sister calmly and gently massaged my hard-on. Her grip wasn't tight, but her touch was magical. I closed my eyes and let my head rest against the wall, lost in a blur of emotions. My breathing was getting heavier and a groan or two escaped as I gave myself over to my sister's control.

She released her hold on my dick and I waited, eyes closed for what was going to happen next. Maybe she just needed to switch hands. Maybe she would kiss it. Or lick it.

My eyes snapped open, though, when I heard her belt buckle jangling again. She was standing in front of me, her long t-shirt hanging down to her tanned thighs, as she heaped her jeans on the bench. She turned her back to me and lifted one leg onto the bench, leaning forward slightly.

"Remember what Rob was doing to me?" she asked as she lifted the back of her t-shirt over her smooth round ass. The more she leaned forward the bigger the pout her pussy lips gave me.

I held her hips and moved forward, my erect penis perfectly poised to enter her. I could see that, despite drying herself off, her pussy was glistening lightly. The head of my penis found the slit of her pussy like a magnet and I held my cock steady with one hand, as I pushed my hips forward and pulled her hips back. It slipped inside her easily, almost being sucked deeper once I had pushed the head passed her lips.

She took a deep breath and let out a quiet moan, doing a better job than me of remembering where we were.

My stomach was churning with nerves, and my body was trembling.

The connection we made, as her ass came back to meet my hips, with my stiff cock deep inside her body, was exhilarating. She was reaching down rubbing herself as well. I could feel her finger tips glancing off the underside of my cock as she played with the lips of her slippery pussy. She pressed her free hand up against the wall to balance herself as I began to slowly hump her. I tried to remember what Rob was doing to her, when I had pushed open her cubicle door a few minutes earlier.

I bucked my hips like he had been doing and felt my penis tingling as it pressed through her fleshy vagina. It felt amazing.

I suddenly felt my stomach tighten. It usually took much longer when I was alone, but I was so nervous it all happened in moments. I felt my penis throb and pulse a couple of times before I could feel the sensation of cum shooting through my dick and into her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her waist as I pressed my hips against her. It was so much more intense than my solo orgasms.

Her breathing paused. "Did you just cum?"

"I think I ... I might have" I replied, unsure if I had been supposed to.

"It's ok." she sounded disappointed, but at least she wasn't as angry as before.

"What should I do?" I asked, still inside her. Still holding her waist tight against me.

"Let go of me and pull out. We need to get home."

I slowly pulled out, amazed how soft my penis had become. I saw my cum oozing out of her and dripping down the inside of her thigh.

She kept her foot up on the bench until she had used my towel to wipe herself clean. She turned around and used the same towel to clean my flaccid cock giving it a squeeze and tug, clearly having done that before.

She rolled it up with our swimming gear and put it in her bag. I got dressed and she pulled her jeans on again.

When we were ready to leave, she smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

"Later on, I'll show you something you can do to me, ok?" she whispered. I had no idea what she meant, but I agreed and ushered her out of the cubicle.

We arrived home about half an hour later and rushed up to our rooms to dump our stuff before coming down to the dinner table, apologising for being late.

Mum was already sitting at the table waiting to tuck into the meal, while dad was through in his study, on the phone.

We sat down and got ready to begin when dad came in to join us. "That was your brother" he said to mum. "He apologises for leaving Amy and Steven at the pool, he had to rush off to deal with something, and couldn't give them a lift back." I looked at Amy.

"Typical Rob. You give him one job to do and he finds some reason to get out of it." mum complained.

Dad turned to Amy. "He sounded very sorry about leaving you to get the bus. He said he'll take you out for pizza and a movie on Friday if you like?"

Amy looked at me, and smiled. "Tell Uncle Rob 'Thanks', but, maybe some other time. Stevie and I are going swimming again on Friday."

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