tagGroup SexCornfield Costume Party

Cornfield Costume Party


The small farm tractor chugged along with loud pops and bangs, trudging on across the dusty path deeper into the cornfield. The familiar green tractor tugged behind it an old wooden trailer; from the looks of it hand made and never maintained nonetheless there was a load of passengers piled onto it. Just under a half dozen of them laid out on dirty wood and poised on bales of hay.

A man sat on a bale closest to the front of the trailer a cheesy fake roman helmet on his head, a strap coming down loosely fastened under his chin. He had a plastic chest plate formed to give the illusion he was a chiseled god, what made him more similar to a god was the thick meat that hung between his legs, if it wasn't nine inches it wasn't even one and it had a girth that made every girl in town squirm he knew. His prized possession hung freely beneath a pleated leather skirt, and a cheap pair of sandals was his grand finale of the costume.

He was looking ahead he could see the faint glow of torches radiate from a circle cut in the corn field up ahead. He looked around the other inhabitants of the hayride a small smile on his face; as usual most of them had started to lighten the mood already. A sweet little girl in a seductively low cut and high hemmed Tinkerbelle outfit and crouched on the floor of the wagon, light blonde hair flowing down her back and supple breasts pushing out of the costume. It must've been her first year attending because he would have remembered this girl, her face was buried in a fire fighters lap his costume consisting mostly of red and yellow vinyl. He had a helmet sitting next to him and his unzipped jacket revealed he really had the sculpted body to go with his costume.

Two girls sitting with their legs dangled off the back of the trailer had their arms wrapped tightly around one another, lips locks together in a deeply passionate kiss. They rubbed and groped at each other's bodies, hands slipping in and out of their costumes. One girl dressed as a nurse, a tight short white dress and white fishnet stockings and a headband on her head with a bright red cross. Her lover in a tied up plaid shirt and cut of jean shorts that if she weren't sitting on it he was sure would show everything but the hole of her ass, a cowboy hat laid upside down a few feet from them.

The tractor ground its way down to the lowest gear then shortly after making the last corner into the clearing squeaked to a halt. There was already a group of people here and so much stimulation he took a deep breath to soak it all in. He saw a man in a full body leather suit, only his genitals exposed through a cut open crotch area, tied to a board between two saw horses. A woman in leather herself, from the hat on her head with BITCH in silver lettering across it to the matching leather choker synched around her neck her corset and her heeled boots were all leather, she was holding a red candle a few inches about the bound mans cock and dripping the liquid wax across his sensitive areas. There was a long fold up table all the way across the clearing from where the tractor popped in where people seemed to be gathered. His attention fell to a small group of people near them, a few sets of two holding each other close, most of the girls with obvious globs of cum in their hair or half glued closed eyes, the whole lot looked worn down. He assumed these were early retirees of the night's events catching the hayride back out of this sexual adventure.

He was the last one on the trailer by the time he'd just glanced around the clearing and he stood making his way off, as he walked his endowed manhood hunger out from the shelter of his leather skirt. He stood at the rear of the trailer for a moment, watching Tinkerbelle lead the firefighter off towards the table like a puppy his cock wrapped in her soft little fingers. He gave a small chuckle as he looked past the old man driving the tractor, a farmer in overalls too concerned with his chewing tobacco to stop and take in any of this eye candy his daily get up would've won the costume contest had they been holding one tonight.

He was looking for an obvious opening somewhere when the tractor fired up and was pushed into first gear. The passengers now much less active than the group just dropped off. As the trailer swung around the cowboy hat rolled off of it landing near his feet. A smile spread across his lips as he reached down to pick it up, he held it by the brim as his eyes searched for then locked onto the plump ass with the cut of jean shorts riding way up it. He started towards the cowgirl with pep in his step.

He was a few feet behind her when he called out. " 'Scuse me miss, this your hat? " He held it up in front of himself but not out to her hoping shed come for it. She turned first, the soft flesh up her ample breasts jiggling as she popped her hip and put one hand on it. When her attention was caught up her friend turned too, her lips were painted the same sexy red that her headband cross was and leather pumps matched it all.

" Well it sure does look like it, what does a young lady do to thank such a gentleman around here. " She locked her eyes into his as she said it, a seductive tone taking over her voice and she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and pressing enamel into flesh. Her eyes broke from his to travel down his body, she spotted his thick head hanging below the skirt at the same time her nurse friend did and her grip on her bottom lip loosened.

" Or should I take care of it for her? " A hand came up to un button the top button of her tight dress that she hadn't cut off when altering the costume. Her cleavage immediately pushed the material apart, large firm breasts pushing up out of a white lace push up bra and fighting to escape the dress completely. The man stepped towards them reaching his hand up and out to push the hat down onto the cowgirl's head. He brought a hand to her cheek and his lips to the opposite cheek. A soft kiss on one side of her beautiful face and a rough thumb pushed between her soft lips into her warm mouth from the other side.

The nurse pressed her body into his, one hand moving immediately between his legs, through pleats of the skirt to grab at his impressive tool. She grabbed fingers around it squeezing and massaging it slowly up and down the shaft; her lips found the flesh his ear lobe and sucked it between them to nibble it softly. Her tongue trailed down his neck and she sunk to her knees, her free hand now moving to grab him by the thigh she pulled his dick out between leather pleats.

He worked his thumb in and out of the cowgirl's mouth each time pressing it to the back of her throat more firmly that the last. His hand now inside of her loosely tied up shirt, no bra made it easy to fondle her breast and pinch at her nipple tweaking it teasingly. The nurse fought to get the majority of his shaft to push into the back of her throat, the head alone stretching her out like she wasn't used to. Her hand wrapped around his shaft rubbed back and forth from her mouth to his body stroking him slowly.

His thumb buried into the bottom row of her teeth and his hand pulled from under her shirt leaving her tit behind to move to the top of her head pushing down on it too. She took the hint and sunk to her knees next to her sexy nurse friend. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked at his tool and pulled it from her mouth with a pop, she let go of his prick and left her hand on his thigh as she moved to put her free hand on the cowgirl next to hers ass. Fingers moving to push into the rim of her short jean shorts and push down her crack slowly running over her asshole and pushing up to explore into her slippery pink hole.

" Holy fuckin' shiiiiiit. " The fire fighter screamed this out in pleasure, the man with the nurse and cowgirl before he turned to investigate for a moment. Tinkerbelle was on her hand and knees and had a man with doctor's scrubs around his ankles balls to her chin with his cock rammed down her throat. The firefighter knelt behind her, stroking his cock fiercely, strings up cum strung between his softening cock head and the pools of hot cum on Tinkerbelle ass. The gladiator looked back down to the two girls before him, he couldn't see but the nurse had just used the cowgirls own lubricant to push the tips of two fingers into her asshole.

The cowgirl spit into her two empty hands twice and moved to wrap them both around the hard dock dangled before them, she slid them back twisting her hand and rubbing her saliva into the meat she pressed the head back to her friends lips. The nurse parted her lips and sucked the head into her wet oral cavity, the cowgirls hands smacked back and forth between the man and her lips and she slowly inched the large meat into her mouth.

The cowgirl let go of his cock with her hand and grabbed the nurse's wrist sliding her fingers from her ass and the hand out of her short, she moved to kneel behind the nurse. Grabbing a handful of hair in each hand she pulled the nurses head back off of the dick. With both of the nurses hands holding the man by the legs so he wouldn't get pushed backwards, the cowgirl started pushing the girls throat down onto the cock each time pushing into her head harder. Inch by inch his shaft disappeared farther and farther into the nurse's mouth.

She was just pulling inches of shaft in and out of the girl's mouth now, his fat head never coming out of the girl's throat. She made him throat fuck the man until his hand moved to grip at the back of her head to, as soon as he moved for this she let go of the nurses hair and crept back about a foot. The nurse slowly pulled back against the mans hands until the head popped from her lips and she looked up to him. Mascara ran down her face and smeared across her cheeks from eyes watering, her sexy red lipstick smeared on her face and his shaft. She batted her eyelashes at him and spoke softly. " You're gonna fuck her cunt now, since you're a gentleman and all."

The nurse moved towards the cowgirl and fell to her back on the ground, raising a hand and crooking a finger to call her over. The cowgirl unbuttoned her short sliding them down exposing a bar and cleanly shaven mound, she moved to straddle the nurse and leaned in pressing lips to lips and popping her ass up in the air. They tongue played between parted lips, the nurses hands rubbing up the other girls stomach and untying the shirt, the two side fallen open and her white breast and red nipples exposed to the air.

He bent his knees and knelt in, pressing his large swollen her up between the girl's juicy spread pussy and pushing on sliding the first few inches of shaft into her. She drew a sharp breath in as her hole was violated and the nurse pinched tight onto both of her nipples. He pushed himself into her until her was pushing his pelvis against hers and he started his withdrawal. She started to rock from his force as he thrust in and out of her now, her nose tip to tip with the other girls and rubbing against it. Her eyes closed tight and her breaths quick and shallow, she bucked back to meet with his thrusts now, her and the girls meshed together like one big pile of lusty flesh ground into the ground as they fucked the man.

" Uuuuuhhhhhhnnnn. " She shrieked it out, his moist walls flexing and releasing around his prick, thick juices coating it. She ground back against him enjoying the climax, her back arched now pushing herself up from the nurse more towards the man taking her from behind. He could feel himself twitching and throbbing inside of the girl as her tunnel twitched around him and he slipped his cock back out of her.

" I'm sorry ladies but I'm not ready to throw in the towel, not even just on round one yet. " He said it looking down to the nurse as the cowgirl had already fallen back into her; laying there on top of her. Straightening his knees and stepping from foot to foot for a minute as normal blood flow resumed it path. His cock stuck out straight from him through the leather skirt and still twitched suspended there.

" Sure thing babe, we'll be around. " The nurse offered in an understanding tone, after all good fuckings what everyone was here for. She ran fingers through the cowgirls head as she coaxed her out of her motionless state, she watched the gladiator man walk away now, making his way towards the table everyone eventually checked out.

He had to see what kind of wares had been donated and brought for people to take full advantage of. He came upon the table his eyes running over it, cock softening some and losing some of the extremity at which it stood. He browsed over the assorted dildos and butt plugs, anal beads feather ticklers. The table had definitely been ravaged all ready and he assumed there were plenty of toys scattered around the many men and women's holes in the clearing and probably many had snuck off into the cornfield.

He came to a part of the table with a variety of solid rings various metal ones, latex ones of all colors, some had vibrating bullets or French ticklers on one side, and they all came in all sizes. He reached out picking up one of the bigger steel ones and held it in his hand. He spat a large gob of spit into his palm rubbing it all over the steel and bringing the circle down to the head of his dick. He worked it down the shaft as far as he could until trimmed pubes got wrapped into the steel and it strangled his cock.

It immediately started to swell back up to full force, veins bulging and popping, the shaft ticking as blood pumped into the tool but was restrained from exiting back out on its proper course. His normally large cock was now a monster looking for shelter. The couple that started past him was definitely and interesting one. The girl that was leading had long jet-black hair with watching lipstick and eyeliner. Pale white skin from her face to her breasts that popped out of a cinched tight velvet corset. Black and white striped tights covered her legs to her heavy looking patent leather combat boots. What stuck out from her costume the most was the large black strap on cinched around her waist and between her legs, it looked like a cock with a large mushroom head veins running down it and a large plastic ball sack at the base.

In her delicate looking fingers was a small strip of leather, a chain running from it. The other end of the chain was slipped to a leather and steel spiked dog collar. The collar was around a thicker girls neck and that, a black on black ball gag and a large black butt plug were all she wore. She was shaven down completely, ever her head was smoothly shaven but the butt plug stretching out her anus had long coarse hair protruding from the flat end it brought attention to the fact the girl was in a dog costume even if she was in nothing at all.

" See something you like? " The mistress asked it sweetly and seductively but there was nothing quiet or shy behind the girl at all. She doubled up the chain taking it by the middle and smacking the girl across the ass with the leather strap handle. " You wanna fuck her gaping asshole mister? " She leaned in a bit further and unclipped the girl; she came to his side and knelt up leaning into him rubbing the ball gag up his leg like a dog lapping at a face.

She took the quickened pulsing of the mans cock as a yes and reached in wrapping a finger around the leather collar and using it to pull the slave girl to her feet and to the table. She spun her around and sat her on the table, sitting her on her butt plug to push it further into her anal cavity. The girl on the table brought her legs up to put her feet and the table and slouched back pushing her ass out and exposing her butt plug. The mistress took the tail of the butt plug and slowly pulled it from the girl with, swinging it by the hair and tossing it to the table. The large plug landed with a plop, the girls asshole was red and open, void of light where it was gaping open and you couldn't see into her anus.

He moved to the table before her, adjusting his skirt so as to not interrupt the ass fucking. He put his swollen head to the open hole and pushed it in with ease, even his large cock slid right up the girl's loose cavity. He was buried cock-ring deep into the slave girls ass as he started pumping, his cock twitching and flexing as it hadn't completely forgot about the girls earlier. The slave girl took him by the wrist and coaxed him into taking her hands and leaning into her, his palms into her for his upper body support.

He was buried hilt deep in her when her eyes widened and she pulled him closer holding him tight. The chain was between his teeth with a click and it was pulled back into his jaw, pressing his tongue down into the bottom of his mouth he had to breath through his nose not to gag. The girl was pulling him forward to the table so he went with the chains direction and tried to jerk backwards, this is when he found the skinnier girl was gagging him with the chain because she had her strap on aimed to him. With the initial jerk the plastic cock head had pressed between his cheeks and against his anal opening.

Trapped, if he fought forward he basically surrendered to the thicker girl, backwards and he was fucking himself literally. He pressed into the girl's asshole as the mistress pressing into his anus urged him forward. It stung and tore as she stretched him beyond his limits as he'd done so many times before. A gasp and cry muffled by the chain made their attempt to escape his lungs but failed. If he had succeeded in crying out would anyone notice or say anything in a place where people were being bound and sodomized left and right. Would anything differentiate between his cries of pain and their cries of ecstasy it was all so similar.

The mistress pulled back on her strap on some then pushed back forward with it again, feeling his anus jerk along the un-lubed plastic shaft, she was smiling to herself and looking into the slave girls eyes. As she pushed farther and farther into him he went weaker and weaker, his useless attempts at fighting subsided. She had worked most of the fake dick inside him and was pushing him heartily into her slave's asshole now making him grind her.

He could feel the pressure on his colon; it accompanied the tearing burning sensation throughout his anus. Too many things going on, too many sensations his body was tweaking out. His cock flexed and jumped, spewing thick warm cum deep into the thick girls asshole his large cock forcing it to seep out around the cock ring, his dick still buried in her as it started going soft.

The mistress didn't give up though She had him overpowered now and she wrapped the chain around his head in his teeth so as not to have to use so much force to gag him and she kept at working him over. She hadn't a clue how long shed put him through this but he gave into it he was hers now. He pressed his eyes closed tight as the mistress buried his face in the slave girls shoulder and pressed the plastic black balls into the mans fleshy drained ball sack.

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