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byMy Erotic Tail©

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(This story is read by Bamagirl (Deb), Thanks Deb)

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They run through the cornfields darting and sprinting. Dodging each other's grabs and playful slaps. Sue Ann, "Squealed," as Luke grazed her arm with a diving grasp. She jumped over to another row of corn and began running. Slightly off balance at first but soon was back to running full speed. Luke bolted down the narrow row between the growing corn quickly catching up to her.

Sue Ann turned to see him in hot pursuit. Just one row over and almost even with her. Their shoes pounded the earth as their legs ran as fast as they could. Gasping for breath and sucking in air they thundered through the cornfield. Their arms and legs slapped against the loose leaves of the corn stalks.

Luke made a leap of faith diving through the corn with outreached arms and tackling Sue Ann to the ground. The softly plowed earth cushioned their fall as they rolled together then stopped. Both were laughing and giggling with pounding hearts. Panting with red cheeks flushed from exhilaration.

"You said... If I catch you... I can... have you." Luke said out of breath.

Sue Ann smiled; her chest rose high then fell again from her deep breaths. Luke gazed into her eyes pondering her thoughts. Leaning slowly towards her with his lips. Sue Ann watched his every movement with anticipation. Lying with her back in the soft earth she wrapped her arms around him.

His lips pressed into hers lightly and gently. Caressing his tongue at her mouth's edge. Slightly licking while pressing more. Sue Ann's lips responded as her arms tightened they're hold. Slowly they pressed harder into each other with passions flaring. Sue Ann's hands roamed around Luke's body and gently held him while she swayed with his mouth's momentum.

Shaded by the tall corn stalks, they relished in each other's kisses. Luke's hand braved a grip of Sue Ann's breast. Lightly placing it on her mound and gently squeezing its plumpness. She pushed upwards to his hand's attention. Graciously their lips tasted each other. Their twirling tongues danced while their embrace became closer.

Luke felt her hand exploring and roaming along his upper thigh. Instinctively he pressed towards her attentive fingers. She lightly traced the fabric between his legs. His mouth hungrily ravaged her lips and tongue while she rubbed him harder. His grip on her breast became more tentative and rough as his desires became inflamed.

His fingers spider-walked down her stomach while lying to her side. Her hand joyfully rubbed his Jeans at his growing mound. Their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Franticly Luke unbuttoned his pants to free his stiffness. Spontaneously, Sue Ann wrapped her fingers around his hardness. Smiling just before he dove into her lips again.

His hand rubbed the outer edge of her cut-offs. Teasing with tender touches on her skin then rubbing the material sensually over her puffy lips. Sue Ann pressed to his toying fingers. Feeling their way under the cloth and caressing her folds. Pressing his finger deeper under the fabric and purging her wetness. Her hand tugged at his shaft gently with sliding glides along its length. His body stiffened as ecstasy surged although him.

His fingers rubbed her sensitive nub till he felt the wetness of her flowing juices. Excited by the touch he sucked at her neck while his own body responded to her playful fingers. His passions come in waves of urgency. Slightly jerking to her last few pulls of his relieved muscle.

"Ouch," She squealed as his excited mouth sucked her flesh intensely. Pulling from her and lying back into the earth spent. She smiled knowing she had pleased him. Her own lonesome, fire of desire feelings, was but a kindle for now.

"Wow, that was great Sue Ann." Luke said exhausted and relaxed. "We gotta be getting back soon?"

"Probably, I got Mary Beth on Assignment." Sue Ann replied still smiling.

"Assignment?" Luke questioned with a curious tone in his voice.


"Grandma, what's the longi-tude of Paris?" Mary Beth asked with her pad in her lap and her pencil in hand.

"What?" The old women spat while rocking in her rocker and husking fresh corn for supper. The front porch was shaded and a gentle breeze blew across the farm. The tall corn fields swayed with the winds that were passing. "I don't rightly know for sure, but them their people in Paris, Texas, do have themselves an attitude problem." Mary Beth jotted some words down on her note pad.

"Do you know its lati-tude?" Mary Beth asked curiously.

"Well; seems to me the longi-tude would be when their attitude last a long time. And their lati-tude would be like a spat. Hence the word Lat. Which is short for lat-er or later, and they get in a good mood right shortly." Grandma said smiling. Mary Beth's pencil rolled across the page with her taking notes.

"How deep is the ocean?" Mary Beth turned back to Grandma waiting for her answer. Her pigtails swung from their heads quick darting glance. Pencil poised and ready to write. Her eyes wide and a smile filled with enthusiasm.

"Deeper than your Uncle Ben's barn is tall, Honey." Grandma snickered. Mary Beth found delight in that answer and turned to write.

"How fast does the earth spin through space?" Mary Beth asked with an excited tone. Holding her pad with anticipation.

"Well honey, I don't rightly know. But it can't be to fast. Some nights I'll sit out here and gaze at the stars. There's a big bright one that hangs just over the cornfields, by the windmill's pump. I can go inside and do the dinner dishes and come back out and it ain't moved an inch." Grandma chuckled. Mary Beth looked confused, thinking about what to write for an answer. "What'cha doing there sweetie." Grandma nodded to Mary Beth's note pad.

"Oh, it's an Assignment." Mary Beth said proudly. "I gotta answer all these questions."

"My gosh child, they ask you fifth graders questions like that?" Grandma asked with concern. Mary Beth hesitated with rolling eyes.

"Yes ma'am," Mary Beth answered with her sweet and adorably charming southern drawl. "Next?" Mary Beth shot Grandma a glance to see if she was still attentive to her questions.

"By all means, ask away." Grandma said with a snicker. Taking another hand full of corn to shed their husks..

"What is the...huh...what's this word Grandma?" Mary Beth got up and went over to Grandma's side and pointed at the word on the tablet. Grandma tilted her head back and forth to adjust the bifocals to view the word.

"The Ultra-violet rays are measured by?" Grandma read. Then slowly glancing at the long list of questions scribbled on the note pad. My honey bunny, they ask them important questions at that school don't they?" Grandma asked trying to hold back a full-blown laugh.

"Yes ma'am, I'm in the smart class. With all the smart kids," Mary Beth boasted proudly. Grandma's grin grew wider till her ears perked up. Tilted her head and listened.

"Sue Ann? That you?" Grandma yelled out. Mary Beth turned her head sharply. Her pigtails swayed back and forth from her heads momentum. Grandma listened even harder. "I been hearing that squeaky board for thirty some odd years now. If that ain't Sue Ann in my house I reckon I better call Sheriff Johnson out." Grandma smiled and winked at Mary Beth. Causing Mary Beth to smile big.

The Front screen door opened and Sue Ann emerged from the house. Grandma never even looked up at her. "Yes ma'am, it's me." Sue Ann answered lightly as the screen door slammed shut as it had a million times before.

"Where you headed Peaches," Grandma asked curiously.

"To my room Grandma, I got an assignment I gotta do," Sue Ann said shyly.

"Why you coming in the back door honey? That's the long way around the house. Person's only got so many steps in life ya know, you gonna use up a lot of unnecessary steps going in that way." Grandma scolded playfully.

"Yes ma'am," Sue Ann answered lightly. "Well I better be getting to my Assignment." Sue Ann reached for the screen door.

"Hold on there a minute little lady. Have you a seat for a moment." Grandma ordered while breaking off a handful of corn silk. Sue Ann sat in the bench seat next to the front door looking into the house then back at grandma. "Now I know your almost 21 now..." Grandma started saying.

"I'm 20 Grandma." Sue Ann corrected her.

"20 or 21, give or take a year at my age it don't matter much. You're still a college girl ain't ya?" Grandma argued.

"Yes ma'am," Sue Ann replied politely.

"Well what is it them professors do that I need to be doing? Both you girls doing Assignments? And doing them too I might add. I can't get ya to carry eggs but them teachers got both of ya yearning and thirsting for knowledge. Well I give ya some knowledge ya need in life, not how deep is the ocean or how fast the earth moves through space." Mary Beth and Sue Ann were listening to Grandmas ramblings as they did so often when a lesson was about to be told to them.

"There's the earth, the sky and the twinkle in a little girls eye. The sun, the moon and the longing for a groom. The birds and the bees may please." Grandma looked at Sue Ann then Mary Beth. "With a song from a bird and the honey of a bee," She said smiling. "The longing for another is not a new thing. Been going on since the first man and women walked this earth. Been frolic going on in them cornfields since before man started making them in rows. But; be sure of your convictions, or children maybe your commitments," She said with a mysterious grin to Sue Ann.

"Yes ma'am." Sue Ann answered with an understanding note. Mary Beth stared with confusion but dared not to ask for having to hear more from grandma's wisdom that she rarely understood.

"Now come here and give me a hug," Grandma said to the girls and they both went to her with open arms. Wrapping hugs around each other. Grandma patted the girls on the back then gripped Sue Ann's shirt and turned her around. "Seems like those birds and bees have been busy on Assignment." Brushing the dirt off of Sue Ann's back. Sue Ann gasp and darted a look at Grandma to see her reaction. Grandma looked at her over her glasses.

"Them Cornfields have made more Johnson's than any bed I know'd." Grandma grabbed another handful of corn from her basket. "Perhaps you should clean up for supper sweetie," Grandma said with no smile. Sue Ann saw the opportunity to escape the lecture and bolted for the door. "Sue Ann?" Grandma said as Sue Ann opened the screen door.

"Yes ma'am." Sue Ann froze and turned around slowly hoping she wasn't called back for something else Grandma might have caught.

"You might want to help Mary Beth with her Assignment," Grandma said laughing. "She has some mighty hard questions and I don't know if I answered them right. You might want to check them before you send them in," She said with out looking at Sue Ann.

Sue Ann sank in thought, this old wise women was on to her every move. "And Luke?" Grandma yelled, then looked at Sue Ann and smiled. "You best be getting home leasing you be staying for supper."

In the house you could hear a faint voice, "Yes Ma'am." Sue Ann shot into the house with out looking Grandma's way. Going down the main hall of the house she slapped Luke in the chest as she approached him.

"Why'd you say anything?" Sue Ann spat as she headed out the back door with Luke right behind her. She stomped around to the side of the house. Leaning her back against it and folding her arms with deep thoughts. Luke was right next to her the whole way. Sue Ann huffed while contemplating her ventures and her Grandmother's witty ways.

"So what now?" Luke asked hastily.

"Come here," Sue Ann grabs Luke by the shirt and heads for the fields. Pulling and partially dragging him behind her. Swiftly she dove between the rows of tall corn. After a few yards of dashing around the stalks long branches. Sue Ann spins around and mashes her lips into Luke's, embracing tightly.

Wrapping her arms around his neck and planting a long hard kiss on his lips. Raising her leg up and wrapping it around him tightly. Driving her body into him eagerly. Pressing her breast firmly to his chest. Surging her hips forward and grinding deeply into Luke's crotch.

Sue Ann pulled back her head and gasp for air. Looking directly into Luke's eyes, gazing deeply into his two blue pools. A smile crawled across her face when she felt his cock's urgency calling, by growing. She tightly held him while pressing even more on his stiffening mound. Beginning to sway over his muscle with glides and pumps into him.

Luke fell back pulling Sue Ann with him. His desires were a-flamed as his heart pounded with ecstasy surging through his veins. Pulling wildly at her shirt to come off as they landed in the soft earth. Luke took the falls impact as Sue Ann fell lightly on top of him. Then sitting up and straddled over him. Pulling her shirt off completely.

Luke hungrily ravished her breast, removing her bra and sucking her tits excitedly. Gripping them firmly and tugging on them while sucking her nipples. She grinded and pressed into his crotch with her body's drives. Sitting up higher and bouncing on his muscle. Luke lay back gripping her hips and guiding her driving humps.

Reaching down undoing his pants, Sue Ann feverishly fingered his Jean's zipper. Jerking them downward as she raised up a bit. His cock sprung to freedom with towering projection. Sue Ann looked at it hungrily as she pulled her shorts off. Gripping his shaft lightly and poising it to her as she slid on him gently. Luke held her tightly, while pushing himself to meet her sinking glide.

Pumping at each other with short pumps while they fit into each other. Mashing their mouths as their bodies clashed together. Passion arose between them while they pressed into the other vigorously. Tongues twirling and breaths gasping while they moved their heads from side to side.

Luke thrust upward while Sue Ann grinded her hips on his hardened muscle. Gasping for breath and rapidly humping each other while they gripped tightly. Sue Ann placed her hands on Luke's chest as she swiveled her hips back and forth. Luke held her tightly, quivering while he came. She gazed at him smiling when she felt the warmth deeply. Slowing her strides and pivoting her waist.

She drove a few short grinding thrusts upon him when she released her juices. Luke felt the flow of the wet warmness as it trailed down and around his balls. Laying into each other embraced.

Their hearts pounded loudly as the warmth grew between them. Sue Ann darted a kiss upon Luke's lips then sprang to her feet. Pulling her shorts back up then retrieving her shirt and bra.

"I'll call ya, bout seven," Sue Ann said while pulling her shirt over her head.

"Ok," Luke replied smiling. He just lay there watching her. She Ran out of the cornfield and went in the back door of the house before he finally got to his feet. Then he went home.

Sue Ann tiptoed across the wooden floor of the long hall. Quietly making her way to the stairs. Reaching for the banister as she ascended the steps, the front door opened. Sue Ann's eyes shot towards the sound of the squeaky hinges. Then she darted up the steps quickly.

Grandma come in with Mary Beth. Grandma carried a pan of cleaned corn while Mary Beth carried the brown bag of dispensed husks. Grandma looked up the stairs as she walk down the hall. A sly grin come across her face as she yelled out, "I don't hear that water running."

"How'd you get so smart Grandma?" Mary Beth asked in her chipper way.

"Oh sugar, I ain't smart. I just know how a house is suppose to sound," She replied with a radiant smile. Grandma and Mary Beth heard the sound of the upstairs shower come on and looked at each. The two giggled as they entered the kitchen and returned to the task of making supper.

"Grandma?" Mary Beth asked with a serious tone.

"Yea baby girl?"

"After supper can we go watch that star you told me about and see how long it takes it to move?" Mary Beth asked in ernest.

"Sure sweetie," Grandma answered smiling with delight.

The smell of a homecooked meal filled the house again that night. As did the sounds of a happy home. They watched the stars slowly rise then they slowly slipped into slumber. There on the farm, in the middle of ... cornfields.

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