While Sarah was stunned, though, those clever leather hands were still at work on her anatomy, and she felt a shiver, the good kind of shiver, run through her body as that thumb stroked her clit. Her hips bucked, and her drunken libido was slowly stirred back to full strength by the scarecrow's hands.

Then the scarecrow slid his smooth leather finger out of her, moved his hands off of her loins, placing them instead on Sarah's hips. He guided her down off of the top of the sofa. She let him. She followed his lead, let him reposition her until she was kneeling, facing away from Jack, leaning with her forearms propped up on the end of the couch.

Sarah's buttocks were raised high in the air, her dress still hiked up, her vulnerable vulva available to the scarecrows whims and desires. She didn't know what it would do next. Well, she had some idea... but her lack of knowledge about the specifics gave her a chill, a spark of fright that spiced her experience.

Jack the Scarecrow might touch her again with his masculine hands. Or he might take her, might fuck her from behind like they were animals. Or he might leave, or laugh, or collapse back into a lifeless doll. He might try to harm her somehow, though she didn't think that would happen. Sarah had no idea whether to expect a trick or a treat in this unusual situation.

Then she felt leathery hands spreading her butt cheeks, exposing her most intimate regions completely. A thick fingertip stroked over her exposed anus, giving her a shiver of unfamiliar pleasure. She had never used that part of her sexually, not in masturbation and not with any lover. It was something forbidden, something taboo. It was something for dark fantasies, but not something to try in reality.

The finger continued downward, the tip sliding between her still-wet labia. Then it traveled back upward, stroking the puckered entrance to her ass, getting it moist with her fluids. The fingertip applied pressure, just a bit, enough to make her sphincter consider the notion of relaxing, of opening to let this strange visitor inside. Then the fingertip relaxed, her sphincter returning to its normal state of security.

Was the scarecrow going to do that? Was it going to slide a finger in there? Sarah's heart beat rapidly at the thought, part of her eager for the experience, part of her afraid of what the experience might entail. The hands left her body, and she felt something pushing against her, the tip teasing and prodding her wet sex. It was the scarecrow's corn cock.

The scarecrow grabbed her by her hips, and slowly, kernel by kernel, slid himself into her. His painstakingly slow speed gave her body full time to adjust to the sensation, to feel every ridge of the strange member that was slipping between her inner labia, starting to stretch the muscles that guarded her inner anatomy.

Slip. Slip. Slip. As each ridge, each row of hard corn slipped into her, her body tightened again to grasp at the groove between kernels. Sarah had heard of condoms that were "ribbed," supposedly "for her pleasure." She had never experienced the use of one, the feel of one, but Jack's unusual member was naturally ribbed, and he was certainly using it for her pleasure.

The narrow tip of the corn had no trouble sliding into Sarah's eager body, but the shaft widened and widened as it slid into her. Soon it was stretching her, almost painfully. It was wider than anything, than any cock or any toy, that Sarah had allowed inside of her before.

Jack pulled back, sliding back out of her (slip, slip, slip) until just the head of him was inside of her. Then he pulled on her hips and slid back into her, faster this time, slip-slip-slipping row after row, ridge after ridge of his shaft through her tight entrance and into her waiting body.

Sarah reached that point where she was stretched wide again, so fully, satisfyingly, almost frighteningly, stretched. This time, Jack kept going, kept thrusting forward, kept pulling her back onto him, until he was fully inside of her, walnuts gently bumping against her clit, making her gasp.

The scarecrow stayed there for a time, motionless, giving her body time to feel the length of him inside of her, feel the texture of his shaft filling her up inside. Then he pulled back out, slowly again, until he was almost outside of her... then thrust forward, once more sliding fully home into her. Then he repeated the motions, faster and faster as her body adjusted to his, until he was fucking her at a steady, almost frantic pace.

Sarah was gripping the end of the couch, fingers clutching the sofa as she let out a series of grunting moans, one for each thrust that Jack made. At first, she was letting him do all the work, was simply along for the intriguing sensual ride. Then she got into the rhythm of his movements, and joined those movements by adding her own, lustfully thrusting back against Jack's thrusts, helping him go deeper and deeper inside of her, his nuts bouncing occasionally against her clitoris.

Sarah couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe any of this, but this was the best sex that she'd ever had. Jack's cock was thick, fulfilling her body in ways that she had never known, the countless ridges combining to feel like she was being penetrated a hundred times with each of his thrusts, to feel like a hundred cocks were leaving her as he pulled back.

The ridges slid back and forth inside of her, each one of them rubbing her g-spot, each of them finding other sensitive places she hadn't known even existed, and exploring them. Soon her grunting moans became gasps of pleasure, her body filling up with tingling sensations of erotic bliss. She was close to coming again, but could not quite get there without direct stimulation of her clit. The walnuts were not enough.

Sarah felt an arm reach around her, fingers gliding across her belly in order to find her clit. The fingers rubbed and played, but not forcefully enough to do more than to tease her, to driver her further into the depths of want, and need.

"Jack, PLEASE!!" She needed him to help her finish. She needed to come. Her body was primed for it, ready for it.

The hand pulled away, leaving her clitoris bare once more, untouched except for the occasional bump, bump from Jack's nuts. Then the fingers reappeared, sliding between her buttocks, leaving a wet trail that led to the center of her ass. His fingers were wet now, wet from her.

One of the fingers was teasing her there, softly rubbing, urgently pressing up against her asshole. Sarah was so turned on, so aching for erotic stimulation that the touches and presses sent her shivers of nervous pleasure. Oh, no, she thought, not...

Then the leathery finger was pressing into her. Just a little bit, just a fraction of an inch. Not even enough to fully cross the threshold of her tight anal entrance into the larger region inside. But it was more than had ever gone IN through that hole before.

The newness of the sensation, the naughtiness of it, the slight shame at the physical pleasure that it caused her, made Sarah's face flush. "Oh, no! Not that, Jack!" But she didn't mean it. There was no conviction in her voice, only wonder.

The finger stayed right where it was, the movements of her body as Jack kept thrusting into her made her body slide forward and back, onto then off of that rude finger that was spreading her own wetness into her anus. Then the finger started moving, slightly, started pressing forward as her body moved back, started moving back as her body moved forward.

The tip of the finger was sliding past the entrance to her ass now, just up to the first finger joint. In, and out. Forward, and back. She could still feel all the sensations coming from Jack's cock moving inside of her vagina, but the forefront of her attention was fixated on that secondary penetration, of the finger that was now gently fucking her ass.

Jack's member was stretching her entrance wide, filling her. Now his finger was doing the same to her second entrance, and the two intruders were making contact, rubbing against each other through the thin separation of her flesh. The finger was pushing her flesh tighter against the corn cock. The ridges of the cock were pressing her body even tighter around that finger. Each stimulation added to the other, enhancing it.

Sarah let out a grunt as the finger slid further in, a bit deeper with each stroke. It was moving in harmony with the cock, both sliding in, both sliding out, but the finger was bending, curving to explore its new, virgin environment, exploring places that had never been touched.

Sarah became aware of Jack's other hand, holding something next to her head. She caught the sight out of the corner of her eye, and she turned her head to look at the hand, at what it was holding. It was an ear of dried corn, one of the smaller decorations from the centerpiece on the coffee table. She didn't know what it meant, until the finger slid out of her ass.

Then that second cob disappeared, and Sarah tensed, knowing where it would reappear. She tried to relax her body, to make her sphincter limp and loose, to mentally prepare herself for what was next. Then the tip of that corn started pressing into her ass. Slip, slip, slip.

Now Sarah was being fucked by two ears of corn, one large, one much smaller. Jack was alternating the twin fuckings now, thrusting his hips forward to penetrate her with his big cock, then thrusting his hand forward while his hips pulled back, penetrating her with his smaller cock. Now there was no cessation, no moment when one of Jack's cocks wasn't thrusting into her, no moment when one of his cocks wasn't sliding out of her. Just as one part of her was being filled, another part was being left empty and wanting.

The twin sensations, the dissonance of being penetrated and left simultaneously, of being filled and emptied simultaneously, again, and again, and again... it was all too much for Sarah's mind and body to bear.

Sarah exploded into such a deep, long orgasm that it seemed almost to be in slow motion. It was if she could see it coming at her, sweeping her away in a blast of pure sensation and pleasure. She reached that part where she knew that it was inevitable, where she had crossed the brink and her body couldn't stop itself.

Normally that peak happened right before she came, but this time there seemed to be a long moment of anticipation between the two points, a moment of almost dread, as Sarah felt like she had bitten off more than she could possibly chew. She felt her approaching orgasm like it was a leviathan rising up from the deep, like she was about to experience something that entirely dwarfed her, something dark, and huge. Something godlike.

Then she heard her grunts becoming deeper, more drawn out. The noises being drawn from her body were almost inhuman. Then those noises faded from her consciousness as her orgasm detonated inside of her, as if two bombs had been set off right next to each other. The pleasure emanating from her ass joined the pleasure from her pussy, both merging in that thin veil of flesh that separated the two cocks within her.

Pleasure blasted outward from there, shockwaves of it ripping down her legs and up her spine. Her body thrashed and bucked, and she could feel herself still making those inhuman lustful sounds that she could no longer even hear, and Sarah lost herself for a while, her identity itself blasted away in the blissful explosion that Jack had triggered within her.

When she came back to her body, to that sweetly aching, pulsing puppet of nerves and flesh that she called home, she realized that she was on the floor now, lying on her back. The coffee table had been pushed or kicked several feet away. Candy, wine, and decorations were scattered on her living room floor.

She was still being fucked. Jack was on top of her now, in missionary position. The second cob was missing, no longer in her ass, but Jack's primary member was pumping in and out of her at a frantic, inhuman speed. Sarah could feel a heat building up inside of her, sweet sensual friction making Jack's cock feel like it was catching fire.

She wrapped her arms around his cloth shoulders, the heady high of her afterglow making her feel giddy and satisfied. Jack's cock was still sending ripples of pleasure through her with every stroke, and those strokes were coming faster and faster. Sarah knew she wasn't going to reach another orgasm, that she'd probably climaxed a week's worth at one time. She didn't care. She simply relaxed underneath him, enjoying the experiences that the night had brought her

Jack's face was staring down at her, his grin impossibly wide. His face was many things: it was sweet, it was scary, it was dark, it was fun. His face was Halloween itself, and as she stared deep into that face, it also stared deep into her.

The face contorted, and she could tell that Jack was getting close, that he was going to have his moment. She urged her languid hips to move, to help him reach his peak, and watched his face as he got closer, and closer, and closer...

Then Jack was pulling out of her, kneeling over her chest, his cock pointed right at her face. She opened her mouth wide, and there was an explosion of whiteness that covered her, and the sound of a hundred tiny explosions overlapping each other.

The whiteness covered her entire face, blinding her eyes, filling her open mouth with a familiar taste. Popcorn. Sarah felt Jack's weight leave her body, and she wiped exploded kernels off of her.

She sat up, chewing the mouthful of popcorn that Jack had ejaculated into her when he'd had his own blissful explosion. Salty, but still sweet and tasty.

Jack's body lay next to her on the floor, his cock not exactly wilted, but still spent. It was just a bare corncob now, his kernels all spent. His eyes and mouth were closed. Somehow, Sarah knew that he'd be sleeping until next year.

She knew that she'd take him out of the closet then, and after the kids had gone to sleep, she'd get a bottle of pumpkin wine, pull Jack's fully restored cock back out of his pants, and watch some movies again.

And then, the spirit of Halloween would fill her up again.

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