tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 02

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 02


Sophie Webster was so depressed. Since her wedding to her lesbian girlfriend Sian, had ended in utter disaster, mainly due to her feelings for Amber Kalirai who she worked with in Amber's dads corner shop.

Since then she had fallen out with Amber and packed in her job at the shop. She was alone, jobless and seemingly without any way out.

She had tried for many jobs, but after dropping out of college, she had no real qualifications and serving kebabs, burgers or pizza's didn't appeal.

Walking home from yet another fruitless day's job seeking, she saw Carla Conner leaving her business premises, "Underworld"

"Hi Sophie, how are things with you?" asked Carla, a striking looking brunette in her mid thirties.

"Oh hi Carla." replied Sophie. "Well, I have no girl friend, therefore no love life, no job, therefore no money and my mother is sleeping with that sleazebag who raped you, so all in all my life is pretty grim at the moment."

"Sorry, I am sure, something or someone will turn up soon, and thanks for your support on the sleazebag, its appreciated.

Sophie was walking towards her house, when Carla called her back.

"Do you know anything about spreadsheets and word processors? Michelle has had to go to Ireland to look after her mother and she sees to that side of the business, it might only be a couple of weeks, but I could do with the help. " said Carla.

"I was doing business course at college before I quit, I could soon pick up things though, thanks." replied Sophie enthusiastically.

"Ok see you at nine in the morning then" said Carla.

Sophie was overjoyed and hugged Carla and planted a kiss on the older woman's cheek.

A quick learner, Sophie had soon mastered the "Underworld" computer system and Carla was very impressed.

A week after Sophie started working for Carla, a quotation for a potential large order was received.

"I need you to crunch some numbers for me Sophie, can you do that?"

Sophie replied, "well I will try to fit it in, but these projections are taking longer than I thought, I could stop over tonight if it will help."

"That would be great, I will pay you of course." said Carla.

A little later Carla said "how about bringing the laptop over to my place tonight, I could order take away and we can work in comfort."

"Suits me," replied Sophie.

Carla looked on in amazement as Sophie's fingers swept across he keyboard, inputting data and then announcing the projections had been finished, Carla was very impressed.

"There you are," said Sophie, "I think you will find those figures are very competitive."

Later that night in Carla's luxury apartment, the quotation finished, Sophie has just eaten the last of the takeaway pizza ad Carla was on her third very large glass of red wine, when Carla asked, "did you ever fancy boys?"

"Oh yes, I went out with a black guy from church, but as Christians we never went further than kissing,. Then Sian came along and I knew I was a lesbian, there is nothing to compare to making love to another woman."

"I wouldn't know." said Carla, her voice cracking with emotion.

"What, you've never made love to another woman?" Sophie said

"No, never, I've often thought about it, but it has just never happened, until now." Carla said smiling at the teenager before her.

Seizing the moment, Sophie leaned in to her boss and placed her lips gently on Carla's. Carla responded, pressing her lips to Sophie's and sliding her tongue into the young girls mouth.

It seemed the kiss would last forever, Sophie eager to please, kept her lips and tongue busy on Carla's mouth as the older woman enjoyed her first lesbian experience.

Sophie's hand strayed onto Carla's breast and she felt the nipple harden under her touch. With that Carla took Sophie's hand and led her towards her bedroom.

They did not make it, Outside the door, Sophie pushed Carla against the wall and kissed her deeply and with great passion. As they kissed, Sophie's hands were exploring Carla's body, as she lowered her hand between Carla's legs, she was thrilled to find the fabric of the jeans Carla was wearing was damp.

The finally made it into the bedroom and onto Carla's king size bed, a frenzy of lips and tongues. Sophie lifted Carla's top and for the first time and ran her fingers over the smooth skin as she did so, Carla had her hands cradling the nice pert arse of her young assistant.

They lay on the bed, legs entwined, hands seeking the others bodies and when Carla's hand first found Sophie's breast the young girl took her lips from Carla's and just said, "yes."

They continued to kiss, firstly Carla sucked on Sophie's tongue, as if it were a miniature penis, then after spending an age paying attention to Carla's neck, repaid her by repeating the act.

Sophie eased Carla onto her back and pulling aside her top, trailed her tongue along her shoulder to her neck and then down to the soft skin of the top of her breasts. Then pulling aside her top, exposed the white lacy bra. Sophie eased the cup and Carla's right breast was exposed, the nipple a deep red, stood erect as Sophie gazed at this wondrous sight with wanton lust on her mind.

Sophie attached her lips to the rigid flesh and began to suck, Carla was amazed at the sensation. Many times had men sucked her nipples and she thought the feeling was very nice, but this young lesbian girl was taking her into an unknown place sexually.

Needing more, Sophie lifted Carla's top over her head and quickly undid the fastenings on her bra. As Carla's breasts were exposed, Sophie quickly removed her own top and discarded the cute pink bra she was wearing.

With Sophie straddling her, Carla was soon experiencing a new sensation, she was licking, kissing and caressing another woman's breast. Sophie's nipples hardening and elongating under the silky smoothness of Carla's lips and tongue.

As they kissed, Sophie lay back and with Carla rubbing her pussy through her jeans, said, "take them off,"

Carla popped the button on the waist and slowly eased down the zip. Sophie lifted her hips as Carla slipped the denim down her legs and off. Sophie was now wearing just a pair of simple black panties

Carla lay on her and while they kissed, tongue lapping on tongue, her hand moved down between Sophie's legs, her fingers moving along the panty covered vulva, while her mouth was devouring Sophie's breast.

Flicking back her hair, Carla rose and intimated to Sophie to open her legs, which she did with anticipation of some sublime oral sex.

Sophie pulled the fabric of her panties aside exposing her wet juicy pussy to Carla, to do what she was praying for.

Carla stared at the lips in front of her eyes, they glistened with the fluid Sophie had already produced. Many times men had gone down on her, some of them had not been bad, but now she was faced with being the provider of the pleasure, could she do it?

Seconds later, she had answered her own instincts, her tongue was buried deep inside the teen girl. Sophie was crying out in pleasure as she enjoyed the feel of lips and tongue on and in her pussy for the first time since she and Sian had split.

Carla was loving the feel and taste of female pussy and started to run her tongue all along the length of the soaking slit, then running into the thin strip of pubic hair that Sophie sported. She carried on sucking licking and kissing until Sophie experienced her first orgasm for months.

"Let me feel you," Sophie whispered in Carla's ear as she slid her mouth across Carla's face.

Carla knelt on the bed and undid her jeans. Sophie kissed her and as she did, she wet her fingers and slowly slid her hand into Carla's panties, through the coarseness of her pubic hair, before sliding a one finger into the wet space of her pussy, utter bliss.

As her fingers worked their way into Carla's eager pussy, Sophie moved her lips onto Carla's large breasts, taking the erect nipple between her teeth and biting gently on it, before sucking the teat between her lips. She could swear that as she did so, Carla emitted more vaginal fluid over her very active fingers.

Sophie then removed Carla's jeans, the panties soon following as the two women now lay naked on the bed.

Sophie kissed Carla deeply before taking a very sexy detour down her body. The neck, breasts, belly, and inner thighs were all covered in licks, kisses and tiny bites, before Sophie gazed at the object of her journey, Carla's wonderful pussy, topped with a beautiful triangle of jet black pubic hair.

She could not help noticing the difference between Carla and Sian, the only other person she had been this intimate with. Sian a natural blonde, was more smooth and lighter, Carla obviously older had darker outer lips, puckered and more fleshy than Sian, but delightful all the same. Sophie lowered her head.

As Sophie's tongue touched the outer lips of Carla's pussy, the musky smell filled her senses as she drove deeper inside. As with Sian, she seemed to know, just where to give pleasure. She homed in on her clitoris and was soon flicking at the most sensitive part of her body, Carla was in sexual heaven, and when Sophie licked her fingers and inserted two of them into her, then again began licking, her orgasm was soon racing through her body.

Sophie carried on licking and finger fucking Carla's now soaking wet pussy, until Carla came again, filling Sophie's mouth, with wonderful tasting pussy juice.

Kissing her way back up the other woman's body, Sophie attached her lips to Carla's and smeared them with her own juice, tongues working feverously against the other in sheer enjoyment.

Sophie began to rub her pussy against Carla's, this excited the older woman, who responded eagerly, thrusting her hips against the teens, her hands clasping Sophie's arse, pulling the girl ever closer, if that were possible. Even though she had never experimented with lesbian sex, Carla had seen enough girl on girl movies to know what to do next.

She straddled Sophie and placed her pussy directly over the young girls face. As Sophie sucked hungrily on the fleshy lips of Carla's pussy, Carla reached behind her and inserted fingers in Sophie with her right hand, while the left was stroking and squeezing her own breast.

Bucking as if being fucked, in effect she was by Sophie's surprisingly long tongue, Carla screamed as the most intense orgasm of her life, ripped through her body, followed seconds later by another of equal ferocity. Sophie's mouth was awash with the fluid dripping from the pussy. As Carla came down from the heights of ecstasy, Sophie gently kissed and licked the sensitive area of her inner thighs, before Carla adjusted her position and began to kiss Sophie, slowly but with great passion. The kissed for what seemed like an age.

Then Carla eased Sophie onto her front and proceeded to kiss her neck, nibble her ears all the while her breasts were rubbing against the sensitive skin of Sophie's back. Trailing her tongue along the contours of Sophie's spine, then again kissing her neck, Carla repeated this trail over and over, leaving Sophie begging for more.

The more came as Carl's tongue reached her arse, Sophie immediately assumed a kneeling position and Carla began to insert her tongue and fingers into Sophie's pussy from behind. Her hands were caressing the firm flesh of Sophie's cheeks one minute, then the next she was using them to spread her lips to expose more flesh to her insatiable mouth and tongue.

As Sophie climaxed again, the two women collapsed , sexually exhausted. It was gone midnight, they had been making love for over 3 hours yet it seemed to be but a passing moment.

"I must be getting home," said Sophie as she broke away from what must have been their thousandth kiss.

"Stay, please," implored Carla.

"I can't, my mother knows I was coming here, I can say the job, took longer tan I thought, but I can't stay."

"Ok, let me call you a cab," said Carla.

Sophie dressed, slowly, teasing Carla, who was laid back in the bed, her fingers working slowly in and out of her pussy. Hearing the cab arrive, Sophie leaned over her, kissed her goodnight and left without a word.

Next morning at work would be interesting she thought as she rode home.

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