tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 03

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 03


Tina McIntyre was feeling horny. Standing behind the bar of The Rovers return on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon gave her plenty of time to think.

How long was it since she had a good shag? Tina remembered, it was when she was dating Dr. Carter from the medical centre at the end of the street, he was really good in bed, making her come over and over again. Tina smiled to herself as she thought about sucking him and the way he loved to squirt his load all over her face. Pity he had been such a snob, wanting her to get "a proper career" when she was quite happy pulling pints.

Before him it had been Graham. Some people had thought Graham was really weird, but Tina had loved him and was broken hearted when he ran off with her Chinese friend Xian.

Since then her only lover had been her vibrator, which she used most nights in her cold and lonely bed.

After serving a couple of customers, Tina again began to daydream about a lover, when a remarkable thought crossed her mind, Tommy Duckworth.

Tommy was the man who had carried a torch for her since he moved into the street. Despite all his trying, Tina had resisted his charms, despite sharing a house for the past year.

Tina thought to herself, that Tommy was a good looking guy, a nice tight body and although, not the brightest, at least he made her laugh. "Why not?" she said aloud.

At the end of her shift she sent Tommy a text, "Not working tonight. Fancy a drink?"

Within a minute, Tommy had replied, a large smile on his face. Had his persistence and patience been rewarded?

As he valeted a car at Webster's garage, he could not keep the smile off his face, Tina at last and it had been her idea. He imagined seeing her naked. Not only was she very pretty, no make that gorgeous, but she had a body to die for, he was going to be one lucky boy. Then he had an awful thought, what if she was down and just needed a drinking buddy? His thoughts soon turned very black, was his fantasy just that?

Meanwhile at the other end of the street. Tina was also thinking to herself. I bet he thinks its just a drink, no nookie, no sex, it will be driving him crazy. Should I tell him I am going to fuck his brains out, or leave him steaming?

Tina smiled again to herself and quietly said, "the steam will not hurt him for a while.

They had arranged to meet at the Bistro at seven. Tommy was there early and enjoying a lager when Tina stepped through the door. His chin almost hit the floor. She liked amazing. Wearing a very tight red dress, cut just above the knees and very high red stiletto heels. But what amazed Tommy was the neckline, it barely concealed Tina's quite large breasts, the cleavage was fantastic. To top it all her hair was up, and her make up perfect. Any thoughts that this was just a buddy drink were soon dismissed.

Tommy said, "wow Tina, you look fantastic, I am so underdressed."

Tina looked at his T shirt, jeans and trainers and said ,"you sure are buddy, buy me a glass of wine and pop home to change, I feel really good about tonight, I want it and you to be special."

Tommy pulled a £20 note from his pocket slapped it on the bar and said, "give the lady what ever she wants," and dashed from the building.

Fifteen minutes later he re-appeared, looking very smart and ready to hit the town.

Manchester has a great night life and the couple hit the bars and clubs, enjoying each others company with Tommy unable to wipe the great smile from his face as he gazed at Tina, undoubtedly the best looking girl in town.

He didn't want to broach the subject of where they would spend the night. Tyrone, his landlord was away for the night at his partners parents, so he had the run of the house, but did not want to be presumptuous, despite the way Tina was dressed and had acted all night.

They took a taxi back to Wetherfield about midnight. In the cab Tommy slipped his arm around Tina's shoulder and she snuggled close to him. After a short while she lifted her head and moved her lips to his, it was their first kiss. Tina opened her mouth to him, his tongue sliding effortlessly over hers sending shudders of delight thorough her. They carried on kissing all the way to Wetherfield.

Tommy paid the driver, who gave him a wink, as much as to say "you are in there boy," Tommy desperately hoped so.

"Thanks for a great evening, I loved it," said Tommy nervously.

"Its not even begun yet, Ty's away and I know where your room is," she whispered in his ear as he fumbled with his keys.

Once in the door, they began to kiss, fiercely, months of pent up passion suddenly released. Climbing the stairs, they entered Tommy's room.

They kissed again, tongues signalling the urgency they both felt.

Tina unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers over the smooth skin of his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples, which she teased until the were erect. Then unbuttoning his belt eased down the zip and helped him out of his trousers. The bulge in his shorts told its own story and Tina was anxious for a sight of his manhood.

She was not disappointed, he was quite well endowed, not enormous but a nice size. Tina placed her fingers over him and as she reached for another deep kiss, began to roll the flesh in her hand, up and down, bringing a cry of "oh my god," from Tommy's lips.

Tina dropped to her knees, she took him into her mouth, sucking deeply on the engorged head. Tommy's dreams were coming true, the girl her had adored for months had his cock between her lips.

At the same time Tina was thinking how good Tommy tasted and of the nights when he was in the next room while she was stuffing the vibrator into her pussy instead of this magnificent piece of flesh. From the first one, as a sixteen year old, Tina had always loved sucking cock. The feeling of complete and utter control of the mans most sensitive organ, sent shivers of delight down her spine. Besides she also enjoyed the feel and taste within her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking, Tina released him and stood. Easing away from the bed where Tommy now lay, she walked slowly to the centre of the room, reached behind her and slowly slid down the zipper on her dress.

Tommy stared at the vision before him. Tina had allowed the red dress to slip to the floor and stood before him in a very sexy red bra and panty set, which almost matched the dress in colour.

As she reached behind her again, Tommy tried to visualise what he was about to see. Many times he had formed an image in his mind of what Tina's breasts would look like, was her pubic region natural, trimmed or shaved? As he lay countless nights in the next room his mind and body tormented by her nearness, he never dreamed that one day his prayers would be answered and that day had now arrived.

Tina unclipped the bra and let it fall. Tommy gasped, they were magnificent, perfect in every way, the nipples erect standing out proudly from deep pink aureoles. She slipped the panties off. He hardly dare look at her naked. The pubic hair was just a thin strip, over the most gorgeous pussy lips imaginable.

Tina walked slowly over to the bed aware of the effect she was having on him, climbed under the duvet and began a night nether of them would ever forget.

They began by wrapping their arms around the other and simply kissing. Deep long and oh so passionate kisses.

Tommy felt the delight of her breasts against his chest, his hands caressing the smooth skin of her arse, while Tina was thrilled at his firmness pressing into her groin.

Tommy eased her onto her back and carefully placed himself over her. He began by kissing her lips, then her neck and finally after months of fantasy, his lips were upon her breasts. He lapped slowly around the aroused nipple, teasing it then gently sucked on the erect flesh before repeating the actions on its twin.

Then moving down, his tongue snaked across her belly, down and down until his lips were poised at her pussy. His nostrils inhaled her scent, his eyes gloried at the sight of her lips and his ears heard her plead, "now, please, oh god just do it."

His tongue probed the outer lips, before he felt the smooth silky interior of her. The taste was just as he imagined, sweet and very erotic. Tina was a wet one, her pussy juices were flowing as he continued to lick and kiss her most intimate parts while his hand caressed her breasts.

Tina was loving the attention Tommy was giving her. She loved to be eaten. Some men had no idea, they thought they just shoved in their tongue, shoved in a couple of fingers and that was it. But Tommy knew his way around and she cried out in joy when the tip of his tongue flicked against her clitoris, yes the boy knew what it was all about.

He carried on administering the oral pleasure until Tina had her first orgasm of the night. A spectacular climax that screamed through her body.

Tommy kissed his way back up her body. The kiss he gave her coated her lips with her own pussy secretions, so very sexy.

Tina then repeated Tommy's journey down his body, kissing all the way with tiny fluttering kisses until she reached his cock, standing stiff and proud. She took him into her mouth, her lips closing over the blood filled end which she flicked with her tongue.

She then took him out of her mouth and licked up and down the shaft, coating it with the saliva she transferred from her mouth. Reinserting him, she sucked hard and deep for several minutes before again licking the full length. Going lower, she licked each of his balls, before sucking the tight each of the round orbs into her mouth. Tommy had never experienced this before and it drove him crazy.

Tina then licked and kissed his engorged cock again, before laying on her back and placing him between her breasts. Folding the breasts around him she moved the flesh causing a sexual friction whilst touching the top of his cock with her tongue as it emerged from the valley of pleasure.

Reluctantly Tommy eased his cock from her breasts, but not before she had rubbed the end against her nipples, coating them in the pre cum seeping from the end.

Finally the moment Tommy had dreamed of above all others. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Are we Ok, only I don't have a condom," said Tommy.

"Thank god for the pill then, now please fuck me." replied Tina breathlessly.

Tommy eased into her, inserting all the way.

"Oh that's so nice," sighed Tina after a few thrusts of Tommy's rock hard .

Tommy was to preoccupied with what he was doing to reply. Tina wrapped her legs around him enabling him to thrust deeper. This had the desired effect as another orgasm hit her.

As she relaxed, Tommy took the opportunity to withdraw and stop himself from ejaculating. A few moments later, Tina turned over and adopted a kneeling position, her arse cheeks pointing towards him, the lips of her pussy glistening invitingly, it was an invitation he could not refuse and gripping her hips, slid easily into her, deep and long. The sound that emitted from Tina's mouth, assured him she was enjoying the action as much as he was.

Tommy lasted as long as he could, but he was only human, he started to come.

Tina had sensed his ejaculation was close and wanted the finish to be he favourite way. She moved her body in such a way that he slipped from her. He was still kneeling when her sudden movement resulted in her taking him in her hand and rubbing the skin very quickly until the white sticky fluid sprayed out of the end, hitting her face in great blobs of sperm.

Tina then took the end into her mouth and devoured the last few drops from the quickly deflating penis. Then using her finger scooped the semen from her face and licked his come deep into her mouth.

Completely satisfied, Tina snuggled close to Tommy and whispered, "thank you, that was wonderful."

"No thank you , you have made all my dreams come true."

They fell asleep in each others arms.

They had made love for the first time, it would not be the last.

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