tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 06

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 06


"Hi Rosie, where are you?" asked her agent.

Rosie Webster replied, "just a bit of shopping on Oxford Street, why do you have something for me?"

Rosie's career in London was not going to badly, but after the initial reality TV show, she needed more work and openings in the glamour business.

Her agent said, "I have just received a call from John Sylvester, he is one of the top photographers in the country, he is looking for a girl for a new magazine and you seem to fit his profile."

"Oh my god, he's one of the best, I love his work, are you sure he wants me?" spluttered an excited Rosie.

"Wants to see you, that's all at the moment, he is probably looking at dozens of girls, if not hundreds, don't go building your hopes up." said the agent, trying to keep her feet firmly on the floor.

Later, back at the tiny flat she shared with two other girls, Rosie dreamt of the fame and fortune that could await her, if she were a John Sylvester model.

The shoot was arranged for the following week. Rosie was very nervous and apprehensive as she approached the studio. The receptionist was very nice and directed her to the second floor, where she was dismayed to see about another ten girls, all sort of her clone, sat anxiously waiting.

Finally her turn came around and she got to meet the great man. He was in his early forties and to Rosie's amazement was very attractive, very handsome in a George Clooney sort of way.

"Hi Rosie, good to meet you," said the photographer, shaking her hand and kissing her gently on the cheek.

"You to, I love your work, it would be a dream to work with you," gushed Rosie.

"Well, first impressions are good , you have the type of face and figure I am looking for."

Rosie was getting excited when Sylvester casually remarked, "I assume you have done full frontal nudity before."

"I have done topless, but not full nude," then quickly added, "but that's not a problem."

"Good, right lets do a few trial shots."

For the next half hour, Rosie was photographed, hundreds of times, all fully clothed and all very respectable. John, as she was asked to call him was thoroughly professional.

After they had finished he asked casually, "how do you keep your pubic hair?"

"Trimmed, fairly short, why?"

"The shoot is for a 1950's theme, sort of early Playboy, no shaved pussy in those days. If you get the job, you will need a full bush." said John.

"Check if you want." said Rosie cheekily, as she lifted the skirt she was wearing and pulled her white thong to one side.

"You have no inhibitions I see," said John as his fingers ran over the slight stubble of her pubic mound, visualising the flesh covered in crinkly black hair.

"I will let you know in a couple of days," was all John said as he again kissed her on the cheek as she left.

Rosie was on tenterhooks for the next few days. Then came the call that John had short listed her for the shoot.

A week later she was back at the studio. This time the shots were of her naked. She never had any inhibitions about her body and was quite comfortable laying naked on a sofa, with the crew all around her.

Again she had to wait for a decision. Then came the call that John wanted to see her for a final shoot, to decide between her and another girl, who got the job.

Rosie was asked to come to the studio at 7.00 pm. She thought this was strange, but assumed he had had a busy day. She did not know he had more than photography on his mind.

When she arrived at the studio, she was surprised to find him alone, no crew, no make up girl no-one but her and him.

"Where is everyone?" asked Rosie.

"I always work one on one when I am creating my final shots, I find the scenario far more creative and private, you don't mind do you?"

Rosie replied, "no not at all, when do we start?"

"I want to try to create the actual shoot as near as possible," said John, "You will find the clothes in the dressing room, just a little makeup will be alright, oh and by the way, there is a wig in there, your hair is to short for the look I am going for."

Rosie entered the small dressing room. She found the clothes she was to wear neatly folded on the table. She stripped off her clothes and admired her naked body in the full length mirror.

Pretty face, beautiful, full and natural breasts, tipped with adorable and very sensitive nipples. Nice flat belly and below, especially cultivated for John's shoot a triangle of perfect pubic hair. Her legs, not her strongest asset, were non the less, very, very nice.

"You look gorgeous , go out there and blow him away." she said to herself as she started to dress.

The outfit was very 1950's. A simple blue silk shirt with a similar colour skirt. Underneath a silky bra and panty set in a very delicate shade of pink. The bra had a front fastening, which Rosie had not seen before. A suspender belt in the same shade of pink with tan nylons, which felt super smooth and extremely sexy as Rosie slid them on. Stiletto heels completed the outfit, apart from the wig she slipped on last. The hair which felt real came midway down her back. A final check in the mirror and she was ready.

"Wow, you look sensational," said John as she emerged from the dressing room.

"Thank you kind sir, where do you want me?" replied Rosie.

"Over on the stage to begin with, then on the sofa , Ok?"

John started snapping as soon as Rosie walked slowly and seductively to the small raised area at the back of the studio. The camera, whirling as he recorded every movement of her young, hot and oh so sexy body.

As Rosie posed, fully clothed at this stage, John was clicking away, the camera catching her from every angle. John just kept repeating, "you are so beautiful, " filling her with confidence and a creeping feeling of infatuation for the man with the camera.

"Right, start slowly unzipping and removing the skirt," said John

Rosie did so and revealed her nylon clad legs.

"Wow, you really are amazing, that's a great look," John said as he continued to fire shot after shot at the young model.

"Ok, now slowly unbutton the shirt."

Rosie did as instructed and slowly revealed her body, John kept on firing off the camera.

She the undid the fastening on her bra and ever so slowly lifted the cup away, exposing her right breast to the camera. Her hand slid slowly and seductively over the soft skin of her breast, the nipple hardening as her fingers brushed over it.

"You are so beautiful, you really are. Keep going, keep going, show me the other one," John said as he stared at the vision before him through the viewfinder.

Rosie exposed her left breast and discarded the bra. Then struck numerous poses showing her breasts to his hungry gaze.

John kept repeating the words "so beautiful," as Rosie slid the panties down and off. Now only wearing the belt, stockings and shoes, she felt so alive and increasingly horny, as the man taking the photo's kept telling her how wonderful she looked.

Rosie then moved over to the sofa. After a few shots of her sitting, she knelt and offered her backside to the camera. John cold not help but notice the lips of her pussy as she leaned over. She then slowly slid her hand over the cheek of her arse and pulling the lips aside, began to play with the wetness inside her.

John was amazed at the sexiness this young woman was demonstrating and he felt his erection growing as he continued to work the camera.

He then asked Rosie to lay on the sofa and spread her nylon clad legs and masturbate for him. She was only to happy to oblige, her fingers working slowly in and around her vagina. She moved her left hand to the breast and worked the nipple to an incredible hardness, all the time staring at the camera.

"Run your hands over your nipples," instructed John, "that's great, now look up and wet your lips."

Rosie very seductively ran her tongue over her lips, the effect was very erotic as John asked her to repeat over and over again.

He set the camera on a tripod and set it to automatic. He moved over to Rosie and straddled her naked body. He lowered his head and kissed her full on the mouth. She responded, but said "should we be doing this?"

"I want to make love to you." was his response, as he again kissed her, his tongue sliding into her mouth to be met with an equally responsive reaction from hers.

The camera kept on clicking, the flash illuminating their bodies as John cupped her breasts in his hands and pulled them up to his lips. He began to kiss, suck and lick on the hard nipples, bringing cries of pleasure from Rosie.

He moved down, across her flat belly and down to the hairy triangle of her womanhood. Then to Rosie's delight, parted her lips with his tongue and applied that organ of pleasure to her innermost self.

She squealed with sheer delight when the tip of his tongue found her clitoris and set in motion what turned out to be a very long and mind blowing orgasm.

John was obviously very experienced at cunnilingus, alternating between rapid flicks of his tongue and long slow sweeps of the length of her pussy, both techniques bringing Rosie the utmost pleasure.

John then stood and pulled Rosie towards him. She lifted the hem of his shirt and as he removed the item, began kissing his well muscled body. He lowered his head to hers and they kissed with great passion before Rosie again kissed his body, this time her hands were loosening his belt.

John lay back on the sofa, now naked, as Rosie gently stroked his engorged penis with her long slender fingers. As her tongue slowly wrapped itself around the bulbous head, the camera clicked and flashed, recording the act for all time.

Rosie took him deep into her mouth her large brown eyes fixed on his handsome face as his rock hard cock nudged the back of her throat. The camera flashed again.

She was performing one of the great blow jobs of his life. Her mouth lips and tongue were instinctively finding the exact spots that brought him the greatest pleasure.

She took just the tip and played around with it in her mouth for minutes, before holding the same tip in her hand, covered the entire length with great sweeping motions of her tongue. Then taking each of his balls in turn, sucked the tight sack into her mouth.

Then after licking slowly up his full length,, began to again slide his manhood between her full lips and into her hot, eager mouth.

Rosie then straddled John. Holding his penis in her hand she slowly lowered herself onto him until the pubic hair at the base of his, merged with hers. She slowly ground her pelvis causing John to shout out, "oh god, that is so wonderful, don't stop."

She had no intension of stopping, this was the most enjoyable sex she had ever had. As Rosie was riding him, John reached out and took both breasts in his hands, tweaking the nipples until they stood out like bullets from the deep pink aureoles.

Rosie kept repeating over and over again, just two words, "oh yes," as John's cock speared into her, bringing her delights she had not known before.

John gently lifted her off and lay her on her side. Then with her right leg raised, entered her from behind as his right hand played delightfully with her breast.

John was near to his climax as Rosie implored him the fuck her harder as orgasm's raced through her body.

Finally he withdrew and splashed his hot load on her pubic hair and lower belly. As he squeezed the last drop from his cock, Rosie helped by taking the penis from him and with two hands, smeared the last drops into her pubes.

John again dropped down onto her naked body and they kissed, then kissed again and again.

After a while, just lying in each others arms, Rosie asked "what happens now?"

John replied, "I don't know, I will have a look at the shots in the cold light of day and decide between you and Amelia."

"And just who is Amelia?" asked Rosie.

"The girl I photographed and fucked last night," said John nonchalantly , "though you were a better fuck, she photographed very well."

Rosie pushed him off her and rising ran to the dressing room and in tears quickly dressed.

As she headed for the door John called out. "it's the game love, it's the way to get on." the coolly added, "I will let you know if I want you for the job,"

Rosie got to the door, tears still streaming down her face said one word back at him "bastard,"

Rosie cried herself to sleep, thinking of how naïve she had been. Then cheered herself up by saying, "but it was a really good fuck."

She heard no more from John after that night, but a few months later saw a model named Amelia in a new magazine. "Bitch" was her comment.

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