tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 07

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 07


Amber Kalirai lay on her bed. Her mind in a quandary with what to do with her life.

She had given up her law degree at university, for what? A dead end job in her dads corner shop. She had no love life since ruining Sophie and Sian's relationship. Any attempts at romance always seemed to end in disaster.

"Ah well Tom, it looks like me and you again," she said to herself.

She lifted the skinny vest top over her head. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed, the dark nipples standing proudly on the brown skin, the inheritance of her Indian ancestry.

Her hand moved inside the waistband of her white cotton panties and slid through the coarse black pubic hair until her fingers located the wet folds of her pussy and she began to masturbate.

She had long had a crush on Tom Cruise and him making love to her was also central to her sexual fantasies. In her mind Tom was kissing her, then spent age caressing and licking her nipples, then down into her thighs, he put his tongue deep into her. The fingers of her right hand were moving frantically inside her, whilst she pulled on her nipple with the other.

She came quite quickly, but was confused, in the build up to her orgasm, it hadn't been Tom Cruise that was performing exquisite cunninlingus on her, it had been her stepmother, Sunita Allahan.

As she recovered from quite an intense orgasm, Amber was confused. Sunita had not been the caring stepmother type. Always resenting the attention her husband Dev had piled on his elder daughter. So why have sexual images of her, was she a latent lesbian after all? Or was it her subconscious telling her that before she made any life moves, she needed to confront the Sunita problem and win over the affections of her dad's wife. Or perhaps both.

Her sleep was troubled, she could not get the image of her stepmother out of her head. Then next morning she saw her in the street and was slightly embarrassed when Sunita spoke to her.

"Hi Amber. I am glad I ran into you. Are you busy Thursday night?" asked the striking looking Indian woman.

"Err no, why" stammered Amber.

"Well, I have to work at the Rovers and your dad is away for the night, I need a babysitter for the twins."

A thought flashed through her mind, Sunita naked on a bed, legs spread and Amber lapping away on her wet pussy.

She gave her stepmother a big smile and said, "no problem, I will be delighted to help."

Thursday came and Amber left her flat feeling very nervous about what she had planned and that hoped she was to put into action later that night.

"Hi, its me." called out Amber as she let herself into the Allahan house.

Sunita was standing in the lounge. She wore a fairly short black skirt with black shiny tights and high heeled shoes. On top she had a white blouse that showed off her breasts to great effect as they pushed out within the white bra, clearly visible though the material. Her jet black hair was tied up on a bun. In short, she looked stunning.

"Wow, you look gorgeous, are you sure you are going to work? Exclaimed Amber.

"Why thank you miss, you look good too." Sunita replied, looking enviously at her stepdaughters slim figure.

Amber had dressed in a skinny vest top and a short mini skirt and trainers.

"The kids are in bed and asleep, so they will be no trouble" said Sunita, "There plenty of food and drink in the fridge.

"Sunita, just go, I know where stuff is."

Sunita smiled, picked up her bag and opened the door. Amber followed her and as the older woman exited the door, Amber pulled her back and kissed her on the cheek.

"What was that for? Asked Sunita, not used to shows of affection from Amber.

"Just want to be friends, OK?" replied Amber, as Sunita started on the short journey to the Rovers Return.

Amber settled down in front of the TV to do her homework. If tonight was going to work, she needed to know how two women made love.

Apart from the kiss with Sophie and a drunken episode with another student in London, Amber had no experience with another woman.

She had borrowed a lesbian porn film from a friend and watched in fascination as the two girls made love on the screen. She could not wait for Sunita to return and then try to seduce her.

Amber had dozed off and was awoken by Sunita gently shaking her arm.

"Wake up sleepy head," said Sunita.

Amber smiled at her stepmother as she stretched her arms, "time is it?"

"About half eleven,"

Amber saw her chance, "early yet, fancy a glass or two of wine?"

"I shouldn't really, but go on then."

Amber got a bottle of white wine from the fridge, two large glasses and sat down next to Sunita on the sofa.

They chatted for a while, then Amber asked, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Depends what it is," replied Sunita

"Do you and my dad still, you know, do it?"

Sunita replied, "I'm not forty yet, of course we do, though not as often theses days, your dad has a problem."

"My dad can't get it up, you must be going mad" exclaimed Amber

The wine going to her head, Sunita let it out, "It's frustrating, I haven't come in weeks, I don't know what I am going to do."

Amber spotted the opening , "another man?"

"No I couldn't be unfaithful,"

"Another woman, girl?"

"Where am I going to get another woman?" said Sunita

"Here." replied Amber, moving her lips close to her stepmothers. Their lips met briefly, then Sunita turned her head.

"Amber, what are you doing?"

"I am trying to kiss you, I find you very attractive, don't you want to kiss me? Said Amber

"I'm your stepmother and I am not a lesbian, no I don't want to kiss you."

Amber did not give up. She took Sunita's hand and intertwined her fingers with her own. Sunita did not withdraw them and looked deep into the eyes of her stepdaughter. Encouraged Amber released her fingers and used the index finger to lift Sunita's chin and again placed her lips on those of the older woman. This time Sunita did not pull away and gently nuzzled her lips against Amber's.

Moving her lips across Sunita's cheek and onto her neck, Amber heard a sigh of pleasure as her lips slid over the soft skin of Sunita's neck. At the same time she moved her hand down and brushed the palm over the right breast of her stepmother.

This time it was Sunita who moved her lips to Amber's, her hand stroking her face as she kissed the young girl passionately, her tongue snaking into Ambers mouth and finding a tongue eager to share in the pleasure of the kiss.

Sunita broke the kiss, she reached out and trailed her fingers over the soft skin of Amber's chest before allowing the fingers to trace over the swell of Amber's bra-less breasts, hidden below her vest.

They kissed again as Amber undid the top few buttons of Sunita's blouse and ran her fingers across the swell of the substantial breasts.

Sunita's head was spinning, she was feeling guilty, she shouldn't be doing this with her stepdaughter, but the sexual tension, building by the minute was to powerful to resist. She gave in.

Amber suddenly stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" said a startled Sunita.

"Bed, are you coming?" said Amber slowly climbing the stairs. At the top she turned and placed a finger in her mouth. She slowly let it out and then made a kissing motion and as she smiled at Sunita, disappeared into the bedroom.

Sunita slowly climbed the stairs, telling herself on every step to stop, but the thought of the delights awaiting in her bedroom forced the negatives from her mind.

Entering the room, Sunita saw Amber sitting on the double bed she shared with her husband, the girls father

She climbed on the bed, into the arms of the young girl, their lips met as they fell back.

"Sorry I can't, not in Dev's bed," said Sunita

"Your tense here let me give you a massage," said Amber, slowly removing Sunita's blouse.

"OK, that might help me relax," she replied.

Amber massaged Sunita's back and shoulders for about five minutes. Feeling the woman relax beneath her fingers, Amber moved on to the next stage. She removed the mini skirt, then the tiny panties.

"What are you doing?" asked Sunita, still face down on the bed.

"Just getting comfortable," replied Amber as she pulled the vest over her head, leaving her completely naked. She felt wonderful.

Amber straddled Sunita and continued to stroke the soft skin of her back and shoulders.

Sunita turned her head and seeing Amber's naked breast, its dark nipple standing hard and proud said "oh my god, that's so good, and you are so beautiful."

Amber lay on Sunita's back, pulled her hair to one side and began to kiss her neck, her tongue in long sweeping moves covering every inch of that soft brown skin. She then moved her lips onto her shoulder and then traced kisses down the spine , sending Sunita into delirious thoughts of her sexy step daughter.

She then kissed all the way back up before kissing the right side of Sunita's neck, her hand snaking round to cup her breast , the nipple hard against her fingers through the flimsy material of the bra. Sunita turned her head attaching her lips to Amber's, her tongue eagerly lapping at that of her stepdaughter.

Amber unclipped the bra and as the item fell from Sunita's breasts, Amber cupped them and continued to plant soft gentle kisses on he back of her neck.

Sunita rolled onto her side and Amber immediately took the nipple of her left breast between her lips. Sucking hungrily on the hard nipple Amber began stroking Sunita's leg and backside her hand sliding along the smooth material.

Sunita was not far from her orgasm as Amber continued to suck and lick her nipple.

"Oh, that is so good, don't stop, please don't stop, Oh my god I'm coming." with that an orgasm the likes of which she hadn't experienced for years, raced through her body.

Amber left Sunita's breast and moved her mouth to hers, tongues again slid one over the other, before she again moved to the large, oh so soft and suckable brown skinned breasts and carried on licking and kissing them.

As Amber moved down, kissing and licking Sunita's belly, Sunita took her hand and slowly took each of her fingers into her mouth, sucking the digit like a miniature penis.

Amber unzipped Sunita's skirt and slid it over her hips. Following this the tights were removed leaving Sunita wearing just a pair of black panties.

Lifting Sunita's right leg onto her shoulder, Amber took her toes between her lips, sucking softly on them. Then beginning at the ankle she planted a trail of kisses up the leg of the other woman. As she reached her thighs, Sunita instinctively rolled onto one side allowing Amber to kiss the soft skin of her arse. She was in a place sexually, she had never been before.

Amber moved Sunita's legs apart and began, to the delight of the older woman began to kiss the soft skin of her inner thighs, taking in the muskiness emitting from her now wet panties. Amber then moved her mouth over the panty clad pussy of her stepmother and traced the outline of the slit with her tongue.

"Oh yes," followed by a series of unintelligible noises was all that Amber was hearing as she moved up, kissed Sunita's belly before pulling down the waist of the panties, revealing Sunita's thick bush of pubic hair, which Amber covered with her mouth, sucking strands into her mouth.

After another short period of kissing Sunita's inner thighs, Amber removed the black panties and gazed at the dark puckered lips of Sunita's pussy. Fighting the desire to immediately plunge her tongue in there, Amber went back to the inner thighs, which she knew drove Sunita wild.

Finally she placed her mouth on Sunita's pussy and to her stepmothers great delight licked along the wet lips before plunging her tongue into the soft folds of the pussy.

Amber was also experiencing new sensations as she explored another woman's vagina for the first time with tongue, lips and fingers.

Sunita, head back moaning in ecstasy, her thighs thrusting as if trying to cram her vagina deep into Amber's mouth. She was coming over and over again as Amber sucked, licked and finger fucked her for a long, long time.

Finally Amber left the paradise that was Sunita's pussy. With her chin resting on her pubes she smiled at Sunita her mouth and most of the rest of her face was coated in a mixture of Sunita's pussy juice and her own saliva.

This mixture was soon smeared on Sunita's breasts and then her lips as she tasted herself, via her step daughters hungry lips.

As they kissed, Amber's fingers worked furiously in Sunita, bringing her to another mind blowing climax.

Then with Amber still on top, took her step daughters small breast in her hand, rubbing the nipple until it became hard, then for the first time Sunita, placed her lips onto the nipple of another woman. As she sucked, Sunita ran her hands over Amber's pert and tight arse cheeks.

Sunita then rolled Amber onto her back, without breaking the kiss they were enjoying. Laying on the young girl she kissed her neck, then back to her lips. Breast was crushed against breast, while their pubic mounds ground together, hairs mingling in a sexual frenzy.

Sunita moved down Amber's body, her lips and tongue paying homage to her breasts, then slowly trailed down to the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, then pausing for just a second ran her tongue down the length of Amber's pussy, before slowly inserting it deep inside her. Her fingers, long and slender began to finger fuck Amber, whilst her tongue flicked at the extended clitoris, bringing the best orgasm of Amber's young life, racing through her body.

Sunita carried on eating Amber's pussy for a while, then eager to taste her lips again began a long sensuous session of kissing, the two of them exploring every intimate part of the others body, with fingers, tongues and to Sunita's utter delight, toes, as Amber recalled a scene from her lesbian movie and inserted her big toe into Sunita's now soaking pussy.

Exhausted, the two fell asleep in each others arms.

As dawn broke, Sunita awoke to the sensation her nipple being sucked on by Amber.

Lifting her lips from the extended bud, Amber whispered, "morning mum, want to fuck?"

Sunita did.

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