tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 08

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 08


Carla Conner loved the way that her young lesbian lover, Sophie Webster sucked on her tongue. After a prolonged kiss, Carla would extend her tongue and Sophie would take it between her lips and suck gently at first, then with increasing pressure until Carla almost came.

After their original night of lesbian love, the two met up regularly to enjoy the Sapphic delights of sex with another woman.

As they kissed, Sophie was massaging Carla's breast through the silky fabric of her bra, whilst Carla's hand was embedded between the jean's clad legs of her eighteen year old lover.

They were into a very deep kiss when the door to Carla's apartment opened. Wrapped up in the passion, neither girl heard the door or noticed that Michelle Conner, Carla's sister-in-law had entered the room.

"What the hell," Michelle cried, "Carla, what do you think you are doing?"

Carla looked straight at her and replied, "well until you interrupted, I was enjoying feeling Sophie's lips on mine and her tongue doing incredible things in my mouth, not to mention her getting me real wet."

"I can see what your doing, but why? " exclaimed Michelle. "You're not gay, you're not a lesbian."

"I am," said Sophie, smiling at Michelle. Sophie then got up from the sofa and sat in a lounge chair.

Carla turned to Michelle. "No I am not gay, I love a stiff cock in me like any woman would."

"Not me." piped up Sophie.

"Shut up Sophie," both women said together .

Carla continued, "but there is something special about making love to another woman. The softness of the kisses, the feel of a tongue and lips on your nipples and down there," Carla pointed to the junction of Michelle's thighs. "A woman knows what another woman wants, so that's why."

"I can see the attraction, but its not for me I'm afraid." said Michelle.

She looked over to Carla, then to Sophie. The young girl was sat in the chair, legs apart and her hand slowly stroking herself through the denim.

The sight of Sophie rubbing her pussy seemed to have an impact on Michelle who sat down next to Carla, but kept glancing over at Sophie and especially at the damp patch that had appeared in her jeans.

Suddenly Carla stood, pulled Sophie to her feet and said, "Sophie and I are going to the bedroom now and we are going to make love. You have four choices . You can leave, watch TV until we have finished. Come in the bedroom and watch, I can tell you, it will be quite educational, or the option we both would prefer, you can join in, Ok?"

"Suits me," said Sophie, "I've never had a threesome."

With that, arms around the others waist, Carla and Sophie entered the bedroom, leaving the door ajar. Michelle stood in the middle of the room, her mind in a turmoil of indecision.

As the two of them kissed, they heard the door open slightly. Both looked up to see Michelle standing in the doorway. The sat up and Carla extended her hand to her sister-in-law who took it and sat with them on the bed.

"I'm still not sure." said Michelle

"Try it and if you don't like it, nothing lost. But after you have tasted Sophie's lips, you will be hooked."

"Ok then, what do I do?"

After removing her jeans, Sophie lay back on the bed and held out her arms. Michelle slowly lowered herself until she was laying on top of the young girl.

"I think you first girl on girl kiss should be with a true lesbian," said Carla, "so just kiss Sophie, nice and gentle, "

Michelle hesitated then lowered her lips to Sophie's. After a brief moment she lifted her head and said, "sorry, I can't do this."

Sophie then placed her hand on the back of Michelle's head and a little downward pressure moved their lips together again. This time Sophie parted her lips and let her tongue slide against Michelle's lips, then with a sigh of pleasure, felt Michelle's tongue slowly respond.

Beginning to enjoy the lips of another woman, Michelle felt Carla's hand slowly stroking the soft skin of her arm, causing her to move her mouth with greater force over Sophie's.

As they continued to kiss, Carla ran her hand over Sophie's thigh, then up and brushed over Michelle's breast, before sliding her fingers through the hair of her sister-in-law,

Wearing a short black dress, Michelle, was then placed face down on the bed as Sophie starting at the ankles, began to massage Michelle's legs, while Carla did the same to her naked shoulders.

Pushing the hem of the dress, Sophie exposed Michelle's buttocks and ran her hands over the smooth skin of the twin orbs of pleasure.

Carla then urged Sophie to lay on Michelle, she did and kissed the naked shoulders and then neck, ears and as Michelle turned, lips of the other girl. As she was doing this, Carla was caressing her body, with long sweeping strokes of her hand.

Positioning either side of Michelle, they kissed her face, then Sophie slipped down the zip of Michelle's dress. Michelle was now anxious to enjoy more and lifted her body allowing the dress to drop from her. As Carla undid, then removed the black bra, Sophie took Michelle's right breast in her hand, teasing the nipple to a hard nub. Carla, behind Michelle, cupped the breasts and Sophie took first one, then the other into her mouth, her tongue licking the nipples. At that moment, Michelle realised what the magic of lesbian love was.

Removing Michelle's dress, the other two girls set about covering her body with kisses. Carla taking the lips and breasts, while Sophie kissed the legs and around the inner thighs, covered by the black lacy panties.

Then Sophie moved up and concentrated on Michelle's breasts, while Carla kissed her deeply their tongues swirling around each others.

Then Michelle said, "my turn," and eased Sophie up onto her knees, lifting the skinny top she was wearing, revealing a lime green bra, which matched the girls panties. As Michelle kissed the skin below Sophie's bra Carla pushed the garment up, exposing Sophie's perfect pert breasts. With her hand at the side of Michelle's face she looked deep into her eyes as Michelle moved her lips onto her nipple and flicked the skin with a darting tongue. Sophie was overjoyed when Carla repeated the act on the other breast.

As Sophie removed her bra, the other two kissed briefly, before retuning their lips to the breasts of the younger girl. While Michelle went down over Sophie's belly, Carla and Sophie kissed deeply, before pushing Michelle back onto the bed.

Sophie and Carla kissed, their bare breasts crushing together, the nipples friction making the nubs solid as they rubbed together. At the same time Carla had her hand between Sophie's legs from behind, vigorously rubbing the pussy lips through the now soaking panties.

Then Sophie rose, taking Michelle's panties, she slowly removed them, leaving Michelle completely naked.

Now involved totally, Michelle spread her legs. Carla licking her fingers, ran them over the lips and neatly trimmed black pubic hair.

"Oh yes, that is so good, don't stop." said Michelle breathlessly.

As Sophie kissed the inner thighs, taking in the musky smell that Michelle was producing in her passion. Then finally as Carla was covering her back with kisses, Sophie finally eased her tongue between Michelle's pussy lips, causing the other girl to sigh and say "my god, Sophie, that is wonderful."

Sophie eased her face from its feast and said, "lay back, enjoy, I haven't started yet."

Sophie inserted her tongue back into Michelle, exploring the interior of her pussy. She slowly moved her lips over the outer lips, kissing and pussy licking at the same time.

Meanwhile Carla was finally undressing. She stripped off her top, removed the red bra, releasing her large plump breasts. Then slowly removed her trousers, leaving her in just a tiny pair of red panties. As she watched, Sophie continued to feast on Michelle's pussy.

Sophie again moved up Michelle's body, kissing and licking the soft skin of her belly and breasts before meeting her lips with Michelle's. Laying between Micelle's legs, Sophie rubbed her pubic mound against the other girls, their pubic hairs intertwining as they ground their hips together. As they were ding this, Carla had positioned herself over Sophie's arse, taking a handful of the flesh and taking it into her mouth., her finger inserted into Sophie's pussy, she started to finger fuck her.

Carla then offered her fingers, coated in Sophie's pussy cream, to Michelle, who eagerly sucked it off, her first taste of another woman. She reinserted her fingers and finger fucked Sophie until the young girl had the first orgasm of the night.

Carla suggested that Sophie should now get the pussy pleasure, Sophie quickly agreed and lay on her back, legs spread, pussy lips, glistening beneath the triangle of light brown pubic hair.

Carla licked her fingers and told Michelle to do the same. She then trailed a single finger down Sophie's lips, exposing the clitoral hood, with Sophie's clitoris showing clearly. Nodding at Michelle, the other girl placed her finger on another female's vagina for the first time. Michelle started to finger fuck Sophie as Carla kissed and licked her inner thighs, sending tremors of delight through Sophie's body.

Then Carla joined Michelle at the pussy, both girls licking at the lips, a new lesbian experience for Sophie and she was loving it.

Carla left Michelle to eat Sophie and began to kiss the young girl, whilst her hand played with her clitoris. Michelle was loving the new sexual adventure and had no regrets on her decision. to come into the bedroom.

Carla then after kissing Michelle passionately, asked the other girls to lay back, side by side and spread their legs. Then Sophie and Michelle kissed, while Carla buried her head between firstly Michelle's and then Sophie's legs, sucking and licking one of the girls pussy lips, while finger fucking the other and feasting on the cream both were producing in large quantities.

The three of them carried on kissing, caressing and stroking each others bodies. Carla concentrating on Michelle's pussy, while Sophie was feasting on her lips, neck, belly and of course those wonderful and perfect breasts tipped with the deep pink nipples which she now sucked between her lips.

Carla sat up and slid off her soaking red panties. Sophie placed her hand on her pussy and pushed a finger inside. Carla placed her fingers either side of her lips and pulled them apart, revealing the pink interior of her vagina, surrounded by a mass of black pubic hair and simply said, "suck me,"

Sophie didn't need a second invitation as she buried her tongue deep inside Carla. Meanwhile Michelle was caressing the soft skin of Sophie's back and arse and while in that area, slid a finger into Sophie's pussy. The three of them were in sexual paradise.

Carla now had her supported legs in the air as Sophie continued to suck on her pussy. Michelle craving some more lesbian kisses, climbed over te younger girl and placed her mouth firmly over Carla's, her tongue teasing and probing deep into her sister-in-laws mouth.

Then changing places, Michelle had no hesitation when her lips were adjacent to Carla's pussy. She licked down the full length of the slit, taking in the sight, smell and taste of her brothers former wife, before pushing both tongue and fingers deep inside her. Carla came, her fluids cascading from her, coating Michelle and without stimulation, she climaxed as well.

Then it was Sophie's turn. On her back, Michelle between her legs, sucking and licking her pussy, Carla gnawing away at her nipples, sex didn't get much better than this for a committed lesbian.

Michelle wanted kisses and Sophie was only to happy to provide them. As the to kissed deeply, they were grinding their pubic areas together in a frenzy. Michelle's arse was in the air and Carla took the opportunity to cover it in licks and kisses, while at the same time, finger fucking her to another orgasm.

The three of them carried on kissing, sucking nipples, sucking pussy's, finger fucking each other to orgasm after orgasm, until they fell into an exhausted heap in the middle of the bed.

Panting for breath and all covered in a sheen of sex induced sweat, they unwound by slowly stroking each others sated bodies, until they fell into a deep sexually induced sleep.

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