tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 10

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 10


In the bathroom of The Rover Return, Eva Price was enjoying a well-earned soak, when her IPhone rang. Glancing at the screen she said, "Hi Mum."

Her mother Stella was in a luxury Manchester Hotel attending a brewery function that incurred an overnight stay.

"How did it go?" asked Stella.

"Fine mom, stop worrying, I'm a big girl now; I can run a pub for an evening."

"Is Karl there? Where are you? it seems strange."

"I'm in the lounge, it's a bad connection, I'll just shout him."

Eva turned and shouted "Karl," Then after a pause. "Hold on he's coming."

With that she handed the phone to Karl Munro, her mother's partner, who was sitting behind her in the bath.

"Hi love." Karl said calmly as he gazed at the soft smooth skin of Eva's naked back.

Stella said "Everything's fine then, no problems? I will see you in the morning, love you."

"Love you to," said Karl.

With that he handed the phone back to Eva who switched it off.

Karl and Eva began having sex almost as soon as he moved in with her and her mother when Eva was twenty. They could believe that they had been fucking for six years now and never been caught.

Hid hands slid around and cupped the full, firm breasts of the girl. The nipples sprang up into hard nubs of flesh as Karl rolled them between his fingers. Eva turned her head and placed her lips against his, her tongue sliding seductively into his mouth.

As they kissed, Eva moved her body closer to Karl's and could feel his hardness against her.

"Mm, that's nice," she said, "Is he ready for a little rub?"

As Eva turned in the tub, Karl eased up his body, his large erection breaking the surface of the water as he did so.

Eva reached down and took the eight inches of solid flesh into her soapy hand and began to massage it with slow strokes up and down its entire length.

As she did so she remembered the first time with Karl. Her mum had been with him for about two months and from the noises coming from the next door bedroom most nights they were enjoying a very active sex life.

Eva had just broken up from an intense sexual relationship and was getting very frustrated. Her nightly date with dildo's and vibrators were ok, but nothing like having a good hard cock in her pussy. Stella was away on a brewery course and when Karl arrived home from his taxi driving job they shared a bottle of wine.

A bit of alcohol induced flirting, followed by a kiss, led to Eva taking Karl by the hand and leading him to her bedroom.

Minutes later he had buried his cock deep into the pussy of his partner's daughter, something he had being doing ever since.

Now, six years later she still thrilled at the feel of the rigid flesh she now held in two hands.

Karl knew what was coming next as he placed his legs on the side of the bath and Eva eased between them. Still holding his cock she slowly moved her mouth towards the head and then with a large smile on her face took the bulbous gland between her lips. She was an accomplished cock sucker and delighted Karl by taking his full length into her hot mouth.

"Very good," said Karl as Eva looked up at him, eyes ablaze with lust.

Removing him for a moment, Eva replied, "Better than mummy?"

"Oh yes, far better." Karl lied, he had told Stella only last week that she gave the best blow jobs in the world.

Satisfied, Eva continued to suck and lick the rigid flesh for several more minutes, savouring the taste of the older man.

Karl felt near to coming as Eva's talented mouth continued to weave its magic so he lifted her head from his cock and said, "Your turn."

After a bit of contorting of their bodies, Eva with one foot in the bath, the other on the rim and her cheek pressed against the tiled wall, offered a superb view of her pussy to Karl.

Unlike her mother, Eva shaved her pubic hair so Karl salivated at the two puckered pussy lips his mouth was about to devour. Eva in anticipation of his long tongue lapping and probing inside her held her breath and waited.

The tip of Karl's tongue touched the soft lips and Eva let out a sigh. His tongue probed the silky smoothness of her inner lips and Eva was getting wetter by the second, secreting her love juice and coating Karl's tongue with the musky fluid.

When Karl felt Eva's orgasm begin to build, her inserted two fingers into her and began to furiously finger fuck his partner's daughter.

Eva came with a scream that could be heard halfway down the next street.

Without giving her a break, Karl quickly replaced his fingers with his cock. As he slid the whole length into her, Eva sighed and simply said "Oh yes."

Eva liked fucking in all positions, but doggy style was one of her favourites, especially as Karl was so long, the penetration he could achieve brought her immense pleasure.

Eva was by now on her knees in the bath, the water splashing over them as Karl continued his steady rhythm in and out of her wet pussy.

"Waters getting cold," she said "let's get out and continue on the floor."

They climbed out and Karl lay on the floor, his cock standing proud as Eva slowly lowered herself onto the rigid piece of flesh until all eight inches were buried deep inside her. Then using the bath and vanity unit to balance, slowly began to move up and down, her pussy lips sliding over the entire length of Karl's cock, coating it with the juices her desires were producing.

Karl withdrew after Eva's second orgasm and lifted the young woman onto the vanity unit.

She wrapped her legs around him as his cock once again found her hole and began its relentless pursuit of pleasure.

Eva liked this as it gave her the opportunity to kiss him, a thing she had always loved doing since that first stolen one, so long ago.

Eva could sense Karl building towards ejaculation and wanted him to come on her face, not her pussy. She eased him back and quickly slipped between his legs taking the still rock hard member in her hand and started to rub.

Karl came. The hot white fluid shot from the slit into Eva's mouth, a secondary spurt hit her directly between the eyes. The semen ran over her nose and dripped onto her heaving breasts.

Karl placed his cock on the end of her extended tongue and simply said "Suck it clean."

Eva knew he loved this part and took the knob end into her mouth and sucked every last droplet of his come into her mouth.

"Wow that was amazing," a breathless Karl said.

Eva, her face still covered in his jizz, looked up at him and said "still better than mummy?"

Thirty minutes later in Eva's bed as they made love slowly, she asked again.

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