tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 11

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 11


In a five star hotel in the city centre, Stella Price was pouring another glass of rather good champagne into Tina McIntyre's glass.

Tina had been reluctant when Stella entered her into the Manchester "Bar- Maid of the Year" contest. But to her amazement she had finished third and thus the reason the champagne was flowing.

Stella looked at the beautiful young woman on the sofa in their bedroom at the hotel. She was stunning; her jet black hair was now cascading over her bare shoulders. She was wearing a black full length evening dress, daringly cut to reveal a good portion of her breasts, which seemed to Stella's eyes, just perfect.

Stella was wearing a fairly short, blue cocktail dress and looked great for a woman in her late forties.

"You look amazing and so sexy," Stella said to Tina. "Tommy is a lucky guy; I bet you have an amazing sex life."

Tina was a little taken aback by Stella's rather raunchy talk, but the champagne was having an effect and she replied. "We do actually, almost every night and not just, you know, fucking, but all kinds of stuff, it is really cool, he makes me come time after time, I love it." She continued, "what about you and Karl?"

Stella smiled and said, "I wish it were every night, but with him being a cabbie and working nights, well we have to fit in a quick fuck when we can, but that is not very often."

"Poor you, you must be so frustrated."

Stella said "I suppose I am, but I have my memories."

For a while the two women talked about previous boyfriends and lovers until Stella asked, out of the blue, "Have you ever been with another woman?"

Tina replied, "No," then went on "except for a drunken snog with Linda Patterson on her 18th in a club in town if that counts" Then asked, "Have you?"

"A couple actually."

Tina, the champagne now definitely making her more raunchy said, "Oh my god, who?"

"The first was a girl I worked with, I was 18, and had just given up Leanne, I was depressed and she comforted me. One night we were talking and I burst into tears, she put her arm around me and the next thing I remember was her kissing me and I responded. We spent the night in her bed and I must admit I enjoyed it."

Tina was enthralled at learning Stella's secret and urged her to tell more.

"It didn't last, I met Eve's dad and realised as much as I cared for her and enjoyed the sex I was happier with a few inches of man flesh inside me."

"Then who was the other one?" asked Tina

"Oh she was an area manager for Newton & Ridley. I had just started with the brewery and been given a grotty little pub to manage in a very bad area. Heather was my boss. She was in the early forties and very attractive, but also very gay. She made it clear that if I wanted to get on, then a few bedroom sessions with her would help."

Tina asked," So you went with her?"

"A year later I am running a fancy bar in the city centre, who says you can't fuck your way up the ladder."

"What happened to her?"

"She got promoted and shacked up with a model; last I heard they were still together."

Stella took the empty bottle and opened a new one. As the cork popped, Tina said "Are you trying to get me drunk?"

Stella smiled and poured the young woman a glass of the sparkling liquid and sat down close to her on the sofa and placed her hand on Tina's knee.

Tina placed her hand on Stella's and said, "Sorry, not my scene."

Stella noticed that she had not moved her hand and replied," It would be a shame to waste all this. The room, the champagne and just the two of us, no one would ever know."

Tina was still reluctant, but when Stella began to stroke her bare arm with long slow sweeps, the effect of the erotic talk and the best part of a bottle of good champagne began to lower her defences.

Sensing this Stella became a little more adventurous and began to rub across Tina's stomach and then very briefly over her breast and up to her neck.

Tina sighed and fell back onto the sofa. Stella seized the moment and dropped her hand down and lifted the hem of the full length dress and slid her hand swiftly up the leg of Tina and found the fabric of her panties. She began to rub.

"It's now or never." Tina thought to herself as she felt Stella's fingers rubbing along her pussy. She was getting moist and just wanted to go on, but still had doubts.

"Can we lie on the bed?" Tina asked, finally giving in to her needs.

Stella was overjoyed and led Tina by the hand to one of the large double beds in the room.

They lay on the bed and Stella ran her hand over Tina's body. She undid and removed necklace Tina was wearing and at the same time undid the bow that fastened Tina's halter style dress. As she lowered the dress, Tina instinctively held the fabric to her.

"Come on don't be shy," Stella encouraged, anxious to find out if Tina's breasts were as perfect as she imagined them to be.

"I don't know" said Tina. Though in her heart and mind she wanted Stella to see and feel them, suck on them. She lifted her hand as Stella pulled down the dress exposing Tina's right breast.

"Nice" was Stella's only comment as she lowered her mouth to the nipple and slowly licked at it with her tongue. She lifted her head and brought her lips to Tina's. They met in a soft sweet kiss.

Tina, momentarily moved away, but then eagerly moved her mouth over Stella's, her tongue probing deep into the older woman's mouth, as Stella gently caressed her breasts. Stella asked Tina to lie on her back and as she did so, Stella continued stroking her firm young breasts.

Tina simply moaned softly as Stella's hands worked their magic.

Stella kissed each nipple in turn before taking the now erect nubs between her lips and sucking eagerly on them.

The two kissed, long and deep kisses, tongues working against the other, lips parting briefly before again attaching themselves together.

Stella then pulled Tina's dress down over her thighs and exposed her flimsy white panties. The sight of the black hold up stockings and very high heeled shoes took Stella's breath away as she gazed down at the girl she was about to make love to.

As Stella began to kiss her body, Tina said, "I still don't know, I'm confused, my head says no, but my body wants it so badly."

Stella answered her predicament by moving her hand between Tina's legs and slowly rubbed the fabric of her panties causing the younger woman to gasp and pull Stella's mouth to hers in a long and passionate kiss.

Tina's hand instinctively moved to the juncture of her thighs and she began to slide her fingers over her now very moist panties. At the same time she pulled Stella onto her, their mouths melting into each other in a frenzy of lesbian kissing.

Stella then took Tina's hand and placed it into her panties. Tina's fingers touched the thin strip of her pubic hair, then the swollen lips of her pussy. Stella placed her hand on top of Tina's and moved over the soft skin, urging the younger girl to masturbate.

As Tina masturbated, Stella again began licking, kissing and sucking the beautiful breasts of her lover. She then finally removed Tina's white panties, leaving her naked apart from the black hold-ups.

Stella gazed down at the vision before her. Tina was one of the prettiest girls she had ever seen. The breasts were large for such a slight frame, but not too big to be un-natural; perfect was the word Stella would re-call later. The nipples, with nicely proportioned aureoles, were also perfect, sensitive to the touch and a sheer delight to roll the tongue around.

A perfectly flat belly and below a narrow strip of black pubic hair and pussy lips just screaming to be sucked.

A pair of long shapely legs completed the perfection of Tina's body.

Stella could not wait. After lapping her tongue around the pubic hair, she slowly moved her mouth to the lips, drinking in the musky aroma emitting from Tina, she placed her lips over vulva and began to probe with her tongue.

With long strokes she sent thrills of pleasure coursing through Tina's body. Never had the young girl felt so sexual. The thought of another woman performing on her like this had never crossed her mind, but as Stella's tongue reached as far as it could inside her, she never wanted it to stop.

Steel looked up, her lips glistening with the wetness of Tina's pussy. "Do you like it? She asked.

"Oh gods yes, don't stop," was the reply.

Stella did not need asking twice as she lowered her head again and proceeded to eat Tina for a long while.

Slowly, planting tiny kisses as she went, Stella was ready to kiss the young girl again. Tina thrilled as she tasted herself on Stella's lips and feasted on her bosses' tongue.

"I want to see you," Tina said, finally removing her mouth from Stella's

Stella knelt on the bed and reached behind her to unzip the cocktail dress. As it fell from her, Tina was astonished to see that Stella had quite firm, perfectly proportioned breasts. Stella kicked off the dress leaving her naked apart form a tiny purple G string.

She lay beside Tina and as they kissed Tina reached out and felt the naked flesh of another woman's breast for the first time. She loved it.

They kissed, Tina twirling Stella's nipple between her fingers as the flesh became very hard, while Stella's fingers were working their way into Tina's pussy.

Stella removed her G string and Tina was shocked to see that she had shaved off all her pubic hair, leaving her very pronounced pussy lips on very prominent display.

The two continued kissing, breasts rubbing together and Stella's fingers again inside Tina. Stella then became very passionate. She kissed Tina with increasing intensity, to which the young girl responded in kind. Stella feasted on Tina's beasts, her lips and tongue devouring the hard flesh of the nipple and sending Tina into a very long and intense orgasm.

As she came down from her climax, Tina slid her hand down between Stella's legs are over the hairless area of her pubic mound. Then very slowly began to rub the lips of another woman for the first time.

Stella was quick to encourage and moved her hand over Tina's and increased the speed of movement. She was not far behind Tina in the race to orgasm.

They relaxed in each other's arms exchanging the occasional kiss until Stella asked. "Did you ever try the 69 position?"

Tina laughed out loud, "What? It's my favourite with Tommy, I love to suck him while his tongue and fingers explore deep into me."

Stella did not reply, she simply adjusted her body and straddled Tina. The next moment, Tina had her first close up of Stella's pussy. It would not be the last.

Tina hesitated, but as she felt the hot breath of Stella on her engorged lips and then the fingers parting those lips and first touch of her tongue on her clitoris, she took the plunge and for the first time placed her mouth over another woman's pussy.

Stella's body jerked as Tina found a particularly sensitive spot inside her. The young girl instinctively picked up on this and applied greater pressure there. All this while Stella was doing all sorts of wonderful things with her tongue and then adding her fingers into the mix of sexual delights.

To copy Stella's technique, Tina parted her boss's lips and inserted a single finger into Stella and began to move it slowly in and out of her pussy. The digit was soon coated in the juice of Stella which Tina smeared over the arse cheeks of the other woman, then again delved deep into her with both fingers and tongue.

Tina loved the experience of lesbian lovemaking and as her enjoyment and confidence grew she became a little experimental. Before her eyes, above the wet lips of the vagina, Tina saw the small puckered hole of Stella's anus. She wet her finger, in Stella's pussy and proceeded to run it around the butt hole.

"Oh that's nice," murmured Stella as she briefly took her mouth from Tina's pussy. Encouraged Tina forced her finger into the hole and began an in and out movement. Stella was taken back to her days with her area manager; finger fucking her bum hole had been one of her favourite sexual activities.

As Tina's finger worked Stella's butt, her thumb was deep in her pussy, the twin stimulations driving her to lick faster at Tina's pussy, until both came together in a long and mutual orgasm.

They lay side by side, fingers running over hot sticky naked skin until Tina said "I have to pee," got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. Feeling completely at ease with the situation she paused at the bathroom door and asked, "Want to watch?"

Stella did not need asking twice. She stood at the bathroom door as Tina straddled the toilet and let a stream of hot golden urine splash into the water. The bathroom had a bidet so she sat astride it and let her hand wash her pussy with the hot water. Stella thought it was one of the most erotic sights she had ever seen.

"You want to go?" Tina asked

Stella replied, "Might as well as I'm here."

As Stella squatted on the toilet, Tina came over and placing her hand between the other woman's legs, allowed the hot stream of pee, to run between her fingers. She then very sexily licked the fluid from each finger.

Stella was speechless.

Tina turned back to the bedroom saying. "Now I want to fuck some more, OK?" Stella was only too happy to comply.

They kissed for a long time, content to kiss and run hands over each other's naked flesh. Then Stella got up from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Tina looked puzzled, and then the pretty face lit up as Stella walked back in carrying a rather large vibrator.

"Always carry a spare in case of emergencies, "said Stella as she climbed back onto the bed.

Tina lay back in anticipation as Stella firstly licked and bit her nipples into an incredible hardness, then kissed her all the way down to the pussy, throbbing with anticipation. The older woman then carefully inserted the gently pulsating plastic vibrator slowly into Tina.

"Well?" asked Stella.

"Wonderful" said a very excited Tina," But not as good as my Tommy," she added.

For the next twenty minutes Stella paid absolute attention to Tina's pussy. The vibrator was either inside, its gentle undulations bringing sensations to Tina's vagina that she had never experienced before, or Stella was rubbing the tip around Tina's extended and very sensitive clitoris, while her fingers were working in the deep, wet depths of the young girl's pussy.

Tina had orgasm after orgasm, never had she come so often and with such intensity.

Finally Stella moved up to kiss Tina after which she flopped back on the bed and spread her legs and invited Tina to go down on her. Tina was only too happy to comply.

She spent an age kissing and licking Stella's breasts. The hard nub of the nipple feeling wonderful as the flesh slid along her tongue, the faint aroma of perspiration from Stella's sweaty body, being a surprising turn on as she continued to feast on the forty something breasts.

Trailing her tongue down her bosses body, Tina moved her lips over the bare skin of her pubic mound, her tongue sliding over the shaved stubble and then down into the pouting lips.

She parted the lips with her fingers and proceeded to lick the soft inner flesh, her senses taking in the aromas and taste of another woman as her fingers eased their way into the warm inviting passage of Stella.

Tina licked and sucked on Stella's pussy, bringing several long and satisfying orgasms along the way, before reaching for the vibrator on the bedside cabinet.

As she turned it on, the buzz brought a smile to Stella's face, who said "You naughty girl, what are you going to do with that?"

She got her answer as Tina gently probed around her clitoris with the vibrating tip of the battery operated device of pleasure.

Stella was overwhelmed with the sexual expertise of Tina, she claimed never to have been with another woman before, but the incredible things she was doing with her fingers, lips, tongue and the sex toy, were sending her body racing from sensational body ripping orgasms to even more intense ones.

At the time of these multiple climax's Tina was enjoying eating and playing with the soft lips and smooth skin of Stella's pussy and lapping up her secretions like a cat that had been starved of cream.

Finally, Tina moved back to Stella's lips, but not before covering every inch of sensitive flesh from pussy to mouth.

As they kissed, Stella tasted her own secretions from the lips and tongue of her young barmaid.

They fell into a deep sexually induced sleep, in each other's arms.

At first light, Tina awoke. She pulled back the sheet that was covering her and Stella. Gazing down at the naked body of her boss she smiled to herself and attached her lips to Stella's left nipple. Stella roused from her sleep and simply said, "That's nice."

Tina carried on.

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