tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 13

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 13


Mary Taylor was almost reaching her climax. The eight inch cock moving in and out of her hot, wet and hairy pussy was doing its job perfectly.

"Come on George, just a few more and I will come like I've never come before" she squealed as the cock continued to slide.

Mary had her orgasm, a long and quite satisfying one as it happens. She relaxed on the bed in her camper van and withdrew the plastic cock from her pussy.

"Here let me finish you off," she said to her imaginary lover, tonight it was George Clooney, then she placed the plastic into her mouth and sucked her own juices off the phallic symbol.

Mary had not had a man for years. She satisfied herself by letting her vivid imagination conjure up images of famous handsome men fucking her crowded her mind whilst inserting her variety of dildos and vibrators into herself.

"I need a real man" she decided as she showered her fingers in her pussy, an image of Johnny Depp in her mind.

Mary was always the fat one. Bullied at school for not only being fat, but also for having a domineering mother, who would never let her mix, or take part in after school activities.

After leaving school Mary got a job in a bookshop and it was there she met Kurt. He was Danish and a student at Manchester University. He came to the shop one day, looking for an obscure book on film history. Mary was more than helpful and managed to find the book in the basement.

To her surprise, Kurt asked her to meet him for a coffee as a reward. Mary was eighteen and had never even been alone with a man, never mind anything else.

She was flustered, but after a little persuasion agreed to meet him.

The first date was a complete success. They had so many things in common and Mary readily agreed to go out with him again.

The first kiss was after an Art House movie in Manchester. It took Mary by surprise, but she loved the feel of Kurt's lips on hers and the tickling sensation caused by his moustache.

Mary was terrified that someone would see her and tell her mother, but as the relationship grew she became bolder and she was ready for the next step.

They sat in the park one Sunday afternoon just watching the world go by, when Mary said "I want to make love to you."

Kurt was astounded, where had that come from?"

"I do too my darling, but was afraid to ask" he whispered.

Ten minutes later they were naked in Kurt's bed.

Mary was conscious of her fat body but with Kurt sucking eagerly on her large plump breasts, she just lay back and enjoyed the sensation.

Kurt kissed her and gently parted her legs with his. She felt his penis pressing on her lips and the flash of pain as her thrust into her, then the sheer joy of her lover fucking her. Mary was in a kind of heaven.

After that they made love at every available opportunity. Kurt was an experienced lover and Mary a very willing pupil. He introduced her to oral sex and soon she was an expert cock sucker, delighting in taking his ejaculation on her face or breasts.

It all came to an end one day, when Mary's mother followed her to Kurt's flat and bribed his landlord to give her a key to his room. Kurt and Mary were naked on the bed, his cock in her mouth. As she sucked on the rigid flesh his fingers were playing deep inside her.

"Mary Taylor, you brazen hussy" It was as near to swearing Mrs Taylor had ever been.

"Mum" bleated Mary, and for some reason attempted to cover up her nakedness.

"You have five minutes, to dress and come home with me."

Mary was in a quandary; she loved Kurt, but could not bear to think about abandoning her mother.

She kissed Kurt good-by and said she was sorry.

That was nearly twenty years ago and she had not been with a man since.

As she dressed she weighed up her options where men were concerned. Norris Cole tried and failed. Ken Barlow not really her type. Owen, to rugged and not a nice man, she needed a gentleman.

At that moment Lewis Archer walked past the van.

"Why didn't think of him before? He's perfect" Mary said to herself

She had her target, now for a plan.

Mary was working for Norris in the shop when Lewis came in for his paper.

"Morning Mary, another fine day, Independent please"

Such class she thought. Not "The Sun" or any other trashy tabloids, a class paper for a classy gentleman.

"It's so nice to sell a quality paper for a change, do you always read it?" said Mary making Smalltalk.

"Yes, used to be "The Telegraph", but I prefer this."

Just then another customer came in the shop, leaving Mary frustrated as Lewis departed.

The brief encounter had hardened Mary's resolve and that night it was Lewis that filled her dreams as she fitfully tossed on her bed.

Two days later she saw Lewis on the street. Taking a deep breath she approached him.

"Hello Mary."

Mary swallowed and said. "Morning Lewis, can I ask you a very personal question."

In his charming way Lewis smiled and replied, "Of course"

"Is it true you used to be an escort?"

Lewis coloured slightly and replied "Yes, why do you ask?"

Ignoring the question Mary carried on, "Did you ever sleep with any of them?"

A flustered Lewis said "What's brought this on?"

"I want to hire you as an escort and to sleep with you." Mary said confidently, though hardly believing that she had just uttered those words.

"Young lady, I am not an escort anymore and anyway I love Audrey."

"I have money, how about £100" said Mary.

Lewis laughed and said "Go away Mary, I'm not interested."

"How about £500?"

That made Lewis think, £500 for what a quick fuck with the fat girl, easy money and who knows, she might just be OK.

"Make it £1000 and you're on"


"You're on Mary, just let me know when and where and I need the money in cash"

Mary smiled at Lewis and said, "You will earn every penny of that cash, I am going to fuck you to Kingdom come."

After obtaining his mobile number, she turned on her heels a spring in her step leaving an astonished Lewis shaking his head.

Two days later, Lewis received a call giving him instructions as to where Mary would pick him up for their assignation.

Exactly on time Mary pulled up in her motor home and Lewis climbed into the passenger seat.

"Ready for me?" asked Mary excitedly.

Coldly Lewis replied "Have you got the money?"

"Glove compartment" said Mary

Lewis opened the glove compartment and pocketed the envelope containing his fee.

"Where are we going?" he asked as Mary expertly manoeuvred the large vehicle down some extremely narrow country lanes.

"A very quiet little spot I know, not far now" replied Mary.

A few hundred yards later she pulled into a very narrow opening and parked the van in a very secluded wooded area.

"Here we are, just go to the bedroom and make yourself comfy, I will be along shortly" Mary said, smiling broadly at him.

Lewis found his way to the quite comfortable bedroom on the van and stripped down to a pair of black silk boxer shorts and lay on top of the duvet.

Mary entered the room. She was wearing a rather hideous lilac satin nightie which on first sight almost Lewis to laugh out loud

She lay next to him and immediately placed her mouth on his and they began to kiss quite passionately. Lewis was pleasantly surprised; Mary was a very good kisser and was doing things with her tongue that were a distant memory to him.

As soon as the kissing started, Mary moved her hand down to his boxer's and began to stroke his ever growing erection. At the same time Lewis had slipped the string like strap of the nightie over Mary's plump shoulder and slid his hand over her quite substantial right breast.

Lewis had always been a breast man and the item he was now caressing was quite a breast. The nipple brown and erect at his first touch was surrounded by a large darker aureole. He thought to himself that this could be quite enjoyable, in addition to being well paid.

Mary slid her hand inside his boxer's and wrapped her hand around his now fully erect cock. "Shall we see what you taste like?" she asked.

Before Lewis could answer she licked around the head before taking him deep into her mouth and began to fellate him. Those hours of practice with her plastic friends were paying off, here was a real life cock nudging the back of her throat and it felt great.

She licked and sucked every centimetre of his cock, taking it out of her mouth, licking and sucking on the bulbous head before plunging it back fully into her mouth.

She adjusted her position so she was kneeling between his legs. Allowing the other strap of her nightie to fall, she revealed her spectacular breasts to his gaze. Lewis reached for them but before he could, Mary had bent to again take him in her mouth and began a long and sensual period of exquisite cock sucking. Eventually she let him go and asked if he wanted a "Titty fuck" Lewis was very eager to sample the delights of her large breasts encircling his penis and placed the organ between the twin mounds.

As he slid between her breasts, Mary poked out her tongue and licked the head as it appeared, causing amusement to them both.

Mary again sucked him; it seemed she could not get enough of his manhood into her mouth.

She then sat up and swiftly removed the nightie. She was naked before him. He had had more beautiful women and certainly slimmer ones, but for years had never had one so eager and so expert at giving sexual pleasure.

Mary continued to suck expertly on his cock before straddling him and as he held it, slowly impaled herself on his organ.

Lewis lay still as Mary moved slowly moved her hips sliding the hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. Lewis was slightly put off by the excess rolls of fat around the girl's belly, but the pleasure she was giving and receiving soon banished the thoughts and he began respond enthusiastically.

Mary began to move faster and soon she had her first real fuck orgasm since that last night with Kurt.

As she came, she squealed loudly and her pussy was flooded with her juices which coated his cock.

"Taste your come on my cock." Lewis commanded and Mary eagerly obeyed, licking her come from the hard flesh before plunging it deep into her mouth.

She lay on her back and spread her legs. Lewis positioned himself between them and aimed his cock at the pink lips just visible through the thick coarse hair surrounding her entrance to her now extremely wet vagina.

Long thrusts in and out, Lewis had fucked hundreds of women in his time and was an expert at maintaining a steady rhythm. Which he knew sent most women wild.

Mary came and shortly after came again. It was the first multiple she had enjoyed since a memorable night with Tom Cruise and an eight inch dildo.

Lewis was finally reaching his climax. He stood at the edge of the bed, slowly rubbing his cock gazing down at the fat girl below him, one hands playing teasingly with the nipple on her right breast, while the fingers of her other hand were sliding in and out of her pussy.

A breathless Lewis asked. "Where do you want it?"

Mary spinning around very nimbly for a big girl said, "All over my face please."

Lewis obliged. His hot jizz erupted from his cock and splashed in big globules from Mary's hairline onto her nose and eyes with the last drops covering her lips. She took the cock in her hand and put the globular end into her mouth and sucked the last remnants from it.

Lewis lay back down beside her and cuddled her as she prised every last drop of him from her face and with a cheeky grin on her chubby face swallowed it all.

As Mary drove them back to Weatherfield, Lewis considered his day. He had enjoyed one of the more unusual sexual encounters of his life and got paid for it. Not a bad day's work.

As she dropped him off, Mary alone with her thoughts, was scheming her next move. "I think I'll try a girl" she said to herself.

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