tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 04

Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 04


The wedding had been a strange affair. Bride and groom marrying for a bet, even for Coronation Street this was unheard of. The wedding reception at the Rovers afterwards left the girls from the factory with a mixture of feelings. On the one hand they were now resigned to having to fork out two days pay each to the charming Karen but on the other, they, like all ladies, love a good wedding. Steve and Karen had just gone home and Linda was talking to Bobbi. Bobbi had admired the red basque given to Karen by Linda as a honeymoon-wedding gift and was asking Linda where she had bought it, as she knew they did not manufacture it at Underworld.

"I bought it down precinct at that little sex shop on the corner" said Linda

"You went in there?" asked Bobbi surprised.." On your own?"

"Yeh, I often buy bits and bobs from there. The young lad behind the counter gets a kick out of watching me trying things on. He thinks I don't know he has a mirror rigged in the changing room."

"Fucking hell" said Bobbi "Dirty little bastard. Why don't you call the Police"

"Don't be fuckin daft" said Linda "That's the only reason I go there. He's fuckin' gorgeous. I love watching him sweat and wank off under his trousers while he watches my tits swingin' an' my bald pussy reflected in the glass for 'im. One of these days I'll give 'im more than a striptease!!"

"You dirty cow" replied Bobbi

"Anyway" said Linda… "I had a lot of trouble getting the right basque for Karen. I tried it on when I got home but I had to explain to Mike how to do up the lace at the back as I couldn't reach. SHIT!!"

"What is it?" asked Bobbi

"McDonald'll never lace it up the dumb bastard. Some start to their honeymoon, him fumbling about trying to do it up. I'd better get over there before they get down to anything and give her a hand. You comin' Bobbi."

"Yeh alright, I wouldn't miss seeing Karen in that basque. She'll be a fucking knockout"

The two girls left the Rovers without explaining where they were going, however Janice had heard the whole conversation and knowing Linda's reputation decided on a cunning plan…

Linda knocked at the door to Steve's flat and he answered a short time later still dressed in his wedding suit minus the jacket. He was carrying a champagne glass filled with the sparkling nectar.

"We're not too late then" said Linda.

"Too late, too late for what. This is supposed to be our fuckin honeymoon." Replied Steve.

"It won't be much of a honeymoon if Karen can't put on my surprise for you now let me in" said Linda marching straight in followed by Bobbi. Steve just stood stunned in the doorway as Linda grabbed Karen and hauled her through to the bedroom with Bobbi behind. They shut the door and a lot of giggling and laughter ensued. Steve sat down at the dining table and drank his champagne. What was going on he thought.

Linda had explained to Karen how difficult the basque was to get on and had unclasped the halter neck of the multicoloured dress she was wearing. The dress fell to the floor to reveal that Karen wore no underwear underneath. The magnificent voluptuousness of her well-formed body was instantly apparent to Linda and Bobbi.

"God Karen, you are really beautiful. So sexy" said Bobbi.

"Thanks Bobbi" said Karen deliberately cupping each of her large natural breasts and squeezing them provocatively. Linda urged her to step into the basque and pulled it up over the curves of her hips and onto those amazing tits. Once Linda had tied the lace at the rear of the basque she notice that Karen's tits were uneven. She grabbed the material with one hand and slipped her other inside the cup. She felt Karens warm stiffening nipple against the palm of her hand as she manoeuvred the large soft fleshy boob into position. Both tits now looked magnificent.

Linda swung round to Bobbi and said "What do you……" but she broke off mid-sentence when she saw Bobbi had sat down on the edge of the bed, hitched up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her lacy panties.

"You dirty bitch" said Karen. "You enjoying looking at my body?"

"I told you, you are beautiful" replied Bobbi.

Karen walked over to Bobbi. The basque she wore required panties to be worn which she still hadn't put on.

"Lick me then" said Karen raising one leg onto the bed next to Bobbi and offering her very hairy bush in Bobbi's face. Without hesitation Bobbi used the fingers of both hands to find Karens lips, pull them apart and begin flicking her tongue over her clitoris. Linda opened the bedroom door and ushered Steve to come through.

When Karen saw him she said "OK lover. Think you can handle the two of us?"

"Three of us " interrupted Linda as she removed her business suit jacket revealing her ample tits encased in a luxury black lace bra.

"Oh fuck, I've died and gone to heaven" stammered Steve.

The three girls pulled Steve onto the bed where they undressed him and tied his wrists to the headboard. They tied each leg to the bottom corner legs of the bed and then proceeded to lick him from head to foot.

"Tell us Steve" said Karen "What shall we do. We need instructions."

"OK Linda, remove Bobbi's clothes slowly"

Steve watched as the half-dressed Linda seductively pulled Bobbi's pale blue wool jumper which had so effectively until now shaped her average sized but perfectly proportioned breasts, over her head.. To their amazement she wore no bra. Her tits were so firm they supported themselves. Bobbi grabbed Linda by the long black hair and pulled her lips to her left breast. Suck my nipple Linda. Linda began sucking and licking at the black girl's erect nipple.

Meanwhile Karen had notice her husband's small cock had hardened and moved gently in pulsating rhythms as he watched the other two. Karen took his shaft into her mouth and easily took his full length into her throat.

Bobbi stood up and slipped off her skirt and panties and on Steve's instructions, she unzipped Linda's skirt and pulled the tight pencil skirt over Linda's hips onto the ground. There stood Linda and Bobbi, starkers in front of him. He could hold back no longer. As Karen sucked on his cock he exploded cum into her mouth. At first she gagged but then he could hear the familiar sound of her swallowing his seed. He had been amazed right from their first fuck how Karen loved to swallow cum.

"Naughty Boy" said Linda when she saw what he had done. "I guess you are not qualified to give us instructions. We will now decide what happens to you. Blindfold him girls"

Steve pleaded with them. He said he would be ready again in a few minutes with all this stimulation.

"Please don't blindfold me, " he said but his protestations were ignored. A scarf was tied tightly across his face.

Karen was not satisfied and as Linda had noticed this she told her to lie next to Steve. Steve felt her naked body next to his and felt hands grip his legs as Linda supported herself before going down on Karen's pussy. He could hear the lapping and smell the distinctive smell of hot eaten pussy. He begged them to let him see but instead Bobbi lay on the other side of him and took his cock in her hand. He felt her tits resting on his arm.

"I'll describe what they are doing Steve" said Bobbi.

"No no I want to watch pleaded Steve.

"Linda's tongue is deep inside your new brides wet pussy. She is lapping like a cat at milk. Karen is squeezing and pinching her hard nipples. Oh you should see this Steve" teased Bobbi as she slowly rubbed his now limp cock back into life.

""Now they've stopped Steve and one of them is sucking your cock. Can you guess who?"

Steve was writhing restrained on the bed in ecstasy as a very expert tongue worked its way up the now semi-hard cock and over the tip. "Oh now she's licking your balls while the other rams a dildo in and out her ass.

"What who where Pleeeeaaassee" screamed Steve.

"Not yet" said Bobbi as she saw Steve's cock reach maximum erection once more. One of them is about to use your cock. She wants it in her ass. Would you like that Steve.

"Yes just tell me who or let me see please"

Bobbi began kissing and licking Steve's face as he felt his cock being manipulated with expert hands into a tight lubricated hole. It felt incredible. His body was now under the caresses of what felt like a dozen hands. His cock was inside a fantastic tight asshole and he was being ridden expertly by the asshole's owner whoever she was.

He could hear all sorts of noises in the room. Furniture being bumped, moans of ecstasy and Bobbi had gone from his side.

Suddenly the blindfold was pulled from his eyes and the sight that he saw made him explode his cum into the ass of the person on top. There in the corner of the room was Karen bent over the dressing table being butt-fucked by Linda wearing a strap-on dildo and beside Steve on the floor was Bobbi, legs wide open being fucked by Dev from the corner shop who laughed as he saw the look on Steve's face. But the sight that would stay with him and change him forever was that of Vikram riding his cock facing him, his enormous Asian cock in his hand exploded cum onto Steve's face. Immediately the girls pounce, Linda licked and sucked Vik's cock dry whilst Karen licked off his cum from Steve's stunned face.

Dev was the first to speak. " This was all a set up my old son" he said in his usual derogatory fashion " You have fucked over so many people in this area that they are all sick and tired of you. Now revenge is ours on behalf of all you have taken for a ride"

Vik said " You've fucked me every other way now you've fucked me the only way I really wanted. How do you feel"

"Wel actually Vik. Your ass is so nice and tight, I wouldn't mind going for it again."

"Fucking typical " said Dev.

The party continued with Steve's now bi-sexual consent. Nobody had noticed the figure looking through the bedroom window with a camcorder in her hand. It was Janice. She had borrowed ladders and now had the kind of blackmail evidence against so many neighbours that would make her all-powerful in the street.

She left the scene feeling pleased with herself but with a very damp patch in her knickers. She watched the video as soon as she got home!!

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