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I eye myself in the full-length mirror that hung behind my office door. I gently smooth the creases from my black pin-striped suit. The powers of the modern day woman enable me to wear a more feminine version of the business suit predominantly worn by men. I learned to appreciate this with each proud glimpse of myself in one of my suits. On a day like this, I would wear no blouse underneath the jacket. There were no meetings, lunches, nothing expected of a more professional version of what I currently wore. I smile at my reflection before peering down at my chest which revealed a peek of chocolate-colored skin as well as some cleavage. My boobs are looking mighty fine today, I thought to myself as I eyed my gorgeous figure.

I hear the familiar sound of a page coming in through the speakerphone. The equally familiar voice of my secretary informs me of your arrival. A small smirk formed on my glossed lips as I grant you entrance into my office. What a lovely surprise, for I had not expected your visit. Soon, a knock sounds at the door, and I know that it is you.

"Come in!" I call out to you as I take a seat on the edge of my desk. I watch you enter, the small smirk not yet leaving my face. "Hello, stranger." I begin as you cross the threshold of space towards me. Without a single word, you stand in front of me, an expectant look on your face as your eyes travel down the length of my 5'5" frame. I slowly lick my lips as I watch your heated gaze take in greedily the sight before you. I slowly part my legs invitingly.

You step forward, enclosing the space between us. I open my mouth to speak, but you hush me with a kiss, a passionate kiss. The intensity of it drove my senses wild and I reach up, wrapping my arms around your neck, urging you closer to me. I find myself pulling you down onto the desk as I laid back, not breaking the passionate gesture. I bring one leg up, wrapping it around your torso for further support as I deepen the kiss further.

You unbutton my jacket, revealing my supple breasts that stood attentively, aching to be touched. You oblige, cupping a single breast in your palm, kneading my flesh, causing me to moan in pleasure. I arch my back slightly beneath your touch, which leaves a blazing trail on my skin.

You withdraw from the kiss before trailing a series of hot kisses down my collarbone and the nape of my neck. I tilt my head slightly, exposing more of my neck to you. I remove my hold on you to unfasten the buttons of your collared shirt, exposing the chiseled muscles of your torso. I lick my lips in appreciation as my eyes settle on your abdomen.

I am distracted by this vision, but you removed me from my present thought as you take one of my nipples into your mouth. I suck in a breath, having been caught off guard, and I release it with a soft moan. One of your hands finds comfort on the side of my waist, while the other rests against the side of my thigh. I find myself craving for you to be inside me, wanting to feel you everywhere at once.

I trace my fingertips down your chiseled abs, pausing at your belt buckle for a moment. I could feel you rolling my nipple in your mouth with your tongue, and I grab my bottom lip in my teeth to suppress an audible moan. I had to remind myself that I could be heard, but I had begun to reach the point of not caring. I unbuckle your belt and pull it through the loops of your slacks in one swift movement. I toss the belt aside before unfastening your slacks, pushing them down along with your boxers.

You read my actions and unbutton my pants, sliding them down my hips and legs, forcing my leg from around you. You repeat the action with my panties, discarding them on the floor. You lift my leg, placing it on your shoulder as you insert the tip of your swollen member into my depths. I am wet with anticipation, my eyes pleading with you to end this sweet torture. After a few moments you oblige, your brown eyes locking with my own.

You penetrate my depths as you thrust your manhood into me, eliciting cries and sounds of pleasure from us both. I reach out for something to hold on to for support, finding nothing but you. I gently rake my nails across your back, leaving traces of red behind on your creamy skin. Sheer ecstasy rippled through my very being, and I was oblivious to the sounds of various objects being knocked off of my desk.

I could tell you were holding back, wanting me to come before you released. Pushed over the edge, I gave in to my orgasm, quivering slightly as a result. I moan your name, and moments after I can feel you fill me with your essence. My chest heaves slightly against you as we fight for composure. You rest your head against my chest, spent. I had no idea you planned to visit, but now I'm just glad you came.

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